- The Musical Offering  

 A Musical Pedagogical Workshop by J.S. Bach,


The Musical Geometry of Bach's Puzzle Canons



By Michelle Rasmussen             Comments appreciated, and Questions: si@schillerinstitut.dk

Author of "Bach, Mozart and the 'Musical Midwife"       The Schiller Institute in Denmark    The Schiller Institute in the USA


Part 1 -- Prologue: Bach presents a Musical Offering

Part 2 -- On the concept of transformation principles in music

Part 3 --Bach's Puzzle Canon Workshop


Canon 1

Canon 2

Canon 3

Canon 4

Canon 5

Canon 6

Canon 7

Canon 8

Canon 9

  Canon 10


Part 4 -- Conclusion


Part 5 -- Epilogue: The case of  Felix Mendelssohn's entry in Hans Christian Andersen's Album



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