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SPECIAL International LaRouchePAC webcast onsdag,
den 23. december 2015 –
Til en nation på randen af en finanskatastrofe

SPECIAL International LaRouchePAC webcast onsdag,
den 23. december 2015 –
Til en nation på randen af en finanskatastrofe

Matthew Ogden: God aften, det er den 23. december 2015, Lillejuleaften. Jeg er Matthew Ogden, og jeg byder jer velkommen til det, der under normale omstændigheder ville være vores regulære Fredags-webcast; vi har imidlertid besluttet at udsende denne begivenhed allerede i aften pga. den aktuelle nødsituation. Vi har altså i aften en nødudsendelse af LaRouchePAC webcast, her, onsdag aften, den 23. december. Jeg vil lige sige, at vi umiddelbart efter aftenens udsendelse også afholder ’Fireside Chat’ live med hr. Lyndon LaRouche i hele USA; det begynder kl. 9pm Eastern time. Det vil jeg sige noget mere om, om lidt.

Men for at komme i gang med aftenens diskussion vil jeg introducere vore to gæster her i aften. Jeg har Jeffrey Steinberg med os over Google on Air; han er chefredaktør for Executive Intelligence Review (EIR). Vi har også Diane Sare med os, der er medlem af LaRouchePAC Komite for Politisk Strategi, som er med os fra New Jersey, ligeledes over Google video.

Hvis I har fulgt med på LarouchePAC websiden i løbet af de seneste timer, har I set den nøderklæring, der er blevet udsendt; den er i bogstavelig forstand blevet udlagt på vores webside for få timer siden og cirkulerer nu via de sociale medier og i fysisk form, som et flyveblad på Manhattans gader og andre steder i USA.

Engelsk udskrift.  


MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good evening, it’s December 23, 2015, the day before Christmas Eve.  My name is Matthew Ogden, and you’re joining us for what would normally be our regular Friday evening LaRouche PAC webcast; however, we have decided to pre-broadcast this event tonight because of the emergency nature of the current situation.  So, what you’re watching is an emergency broadcast of the LaRouche PAC webcast, here Wednesday night, December 23rd. Now, I’ll just say right off the bat, immediately following the broadcast of this event, there will be a live Fireside Chat, which will be occurring across the United States with Lyndon LaRouche; which will be initiated at 9pm Eastern time.  I will say more about that in a moment.

But in order to start off tonight’s discussion, first I would like to introduce the two guests that we have joining us tonight.  I have Jeff Steinberg joining us over Google on Air; he’s the executive editor of Executive Intelligence Review. And we also have Diane Sare, who is a member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, whose joining us currently from New Jersey; she is also joining us over Google video.

Now, if you have seen the LaRouche PAC website in the recent hours, you’ve seen an emergency statement that’s been issued; it was issued on the LaRouche PAC website literally just hours ago, and it is now currently circulating via social media, and in physical form as a leaflet on the streets of Manhattan and elsewhere across the United States.  The title of that statement is, “Emergency Christmas Eve Message: January 1st Is Doomsday! Only an FDR Action Can Save You”.  What I’m going to do is, I’m going to read that leaflet in full, and then I’m going to introduce Jeff Steinberg so that he can give us a little bit more of a sense that both he and Diane had a chance to participate in just a few hours ago this morning, with both Lyndon LaRouche and Helga LaRouche.  So, the text of this emergency statement reads as follows:

“President Barack Obama and the entire U.S. Congress have betrayed you, the American people, by refusing, out of cowardice, to take the necessary emergency actions to prevent the greatest financial and economic crash — far worse than 1929 and 2008 — from happening in the hours and days just ahead. Unless you, the American people, stand up and demand immediate action, the nation and much of mankind is facing catastrophe at the start of the New Year.

“The entire trans-Atlantic financial system is about to blow. In just the past few weeks, $15 billion in junk and investment grade bonds have been wiped out. This is but a harbinger of an imminent total crash of the trans-Atlantic financial bubble. As of January 1, 2016, a $72 billion debt bubble is set to explode in Puerto Rico. Congress had the opportunity to act to prevent this before leaving town, but failed to act.

“An estimated $5 trillion in debt, tied to the collapsing U.S. domestic shale oil and gas sector is blowing up. In Western Canada, this bubble has already been shattered, triggering the loss of 100,000 jobs in 2015  the equivalent of 750,000 jobs lost in the United States — a crash of the real estate market, and a social breakdown. That same crisis is coming to the United States, at an accelerating rate, but on a much larger scale.

“In Europe, starting on January 1, 2016, new laws go into effect, eliminating all protections for bank depositors, who will have their savings stolen under ‘bail-in’ regulations, as has already happened in Cyprus. More than 10,000 Italian depositors had their savings ‘bailed in’ [expropriated] in the collapse of four banks this month. The same measures are included in the Dodd-Frank bill here in the United States. If your bank collapses, your life savings can be stolen to save the bank. It can and will happen here, thanks to the cowardice and corruption of your elected officials, who have kept you in the dark and violated their oaths of office.

“Congress had the chance, before leaving town, to prevent this now onrushing crisis. They were warned. They could have passed bills, already introduced in both Houses of Congress, to reinstate Glass-Steagall, the FDR legislation that broke up the Depression era too-big-to-fail banks, by separating commercial banking from all of the gambling activities. But Congress was bought out by Wall Street and failed you. President Obama is a wholly-owned creature of Wall Street and London. Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt, and they intend to cling to power by stealing your money, wiping out your health care, and shutting down what is left of the real economy. Within days or weeks, you could be facing food shortages, hyperinflation and a complete breakdown of everything you think of as normal.

“President Obama, on behalf of Wall Street and London, is also provoking confrontation with Russia; driving the world towards global war, a war that some top American and Russian military commanders warn could rapidly become a war of thermonuclear extinction.

“On January 1, 2016, under U.S. and International Monetary Fund approval, Ukraine will default on $3 billion in debt to Russia, an act of open Western provocation against Moscow, on top of the already ongoing sanctions, the eastward expansion of NATO, and other acts of direct military provocation.

“This is all deadly serious. The world is on the cusp of a worse than Great Depression crash and a new world war. You must now act because your elected officials have abandoned you out of cowardice and corruption. They, along with President Obama, richly deserve your derision and anger, for their cowardly behavior.

“There are solutions readily available. Wall Street must be shut down immediately. Not one penny more to bail out these criminals! Congress must remove Wall Street puppet Barack Obama from office, through impeachment or through invoking the 25th Amendment, which provides for the removal of a President from office who is mentally unfit to continue to serve. Glass-Steagall must be immediately reinstated, and a series of initiatives must be taken, all modeled on what the great American President Franklin Roosevelt did in his first months in office, to create millions of productive jobs, rebuild the nations collapsed infrastructure, and restore the nations dignity.

“Congress can take these actions in a matter of hours, but they will only act in time if you wake up and demand it.

“The alternative is Hell on Earth, by the start of the New Year. Do you, your friends, your neighbors, have the moral fitness to survive? That is the question on your table this Christmas Eve.”

And as I said, the text of that statement is available on the LaRouche PAC website, and it is your prerogative to get that out to everybody that you can over the coming hours.  And as I said at the beginning of the broadcast, immediately following this live broadcast, at 9pm Eastern time, there will be an emergency live Fireside Chat with Mr. Lyndon LaRouche; beginning at 9pm Eastern time, which you can get on via phone.  And if you don’t know the details on that, get in touch with our LaRouche PAC office in your area, and they can get you further details.

So, let me introduce Jeff Steinberg, of Executive Intelligence Review, to go over a little bit more in detail what the discussion was with Mr. Lyndon LaRouche this morning.

JEFFREY STEINBERG:  Thank you, Matt.  There’s a few other [inaud; 09:33] because I think that the picture of the financial [inaud; 09:39] is clear.  Many people out there already have a whiff of it; but the imperative is the immediacy of the situation.  It’s a situation that will blow up at any moment once we get into the first of next year; where we’ve just indicated some of the particular events that will be happening in the first days of the year.  All told, there is more than $1.5 quadrillion of gambling debt that has been piled up since the time of the 2008 crisis; and it’s all set to blow.  The epicenter of it is the United States and Western Europe.

Now, there’s some additional elements that have to be put into the picture, so that you, the American people, have a complete estimate of just how critical a moment we have arrived at.  Number one, the question must be asked whether or not the attacks by the Islamic State in Paris on November 13th, more recently in San Bernardino, California, represent the Reichstag Fire events of the early 21st Century.  We know that these jihadist networks have been created and promoted by leading nations of this western combination; starting with the British, with Saudi Arabia.  There are factions here in the United States that have been explicitly involved — al-Qaeda, the Nusra front, the Islamic State — all on behalf of the commitment to among other things, overthrow the Assad government in Syria.  So, in effect, what we are looking at is a capability that has been unleashed in Europe and in the United States, under the control of certain Western circles; with the intention being to create the circumstances to put into place the kind of police state that will be necessary to deal with the social chaos and the drive for global confrontation that’s immediately before us.  Secondly, the other events around the COP21 conference on global warming, revealed that the Papacy, the Pope himself, have been won over to a figure who can only be described as a Satanic figure — John Schellnhüber; a knight of the British Empire, whose policies which have now been adopted by the Pope, would see the elimination of the vast majority of humanity through a series of [inaud; 12:37] combined with the war danger and combined with the economic catastrophes that are in the works as we go into this blow-out period right after the first of January.

The point is, that you, the American people, have been lied to; your elected officials have failed you miserably.  And the net effect is that it’s not encumbent upon you, a moment before midnight, to take the kind of decisive action that is now urgently required.  Congress can return to Washington, but will only do so if you put the fear of God in their hearts; if you stand up this Christmas season and demand that they take the kind of emergency actions that are the only course of action at this moment that can avoid this absolute catastrophic situation that is potentially hours or days away.  Congress can go back to Washington and repudiate Wall Street.  There’s nothing to be afraid of in Wall Street, because they are hopelessly and irreversibly bankrupt.  It’s the fear of the unknown that is prompting members of Congress to capitulate and to allow the continuation of the Obama Presidency, which is an affront to the nation; and to allow Wall Street to still dictate terms in Washington.

We’re now at the point where the consequences of toleration for those actions and those policies and those political personalities is doom for the United States and the whole trans-Atlantic region, and perhaps the world if we degenerate into conditions of thermonuclear war.  So, this is an extraordinary moment; and it’s something that requires the action of leading citizens of this republic.  Your elected officials, starting with the President of the United States, have behaved like British traitors, and not like the patriotic figures who are supposed to be serving in the highest positions in the land.

So, it now falls on your shoulders to take the actions that would seem at this moment to be highly impractical; but which, in reality are the only practical measures if you want to survive and prosper going into this new year.  The solutions are clearly there; bankrupt Wall Street — it’s already gone.  Launch the kind of legislative initiatives; we saw how effective it was from the early moments of the Franklin Roosevelt Presidency.  Those policies offered the guidelines for actions to be taken today! Congress on its own will not do it; they’ve demonstrated that by fleeing Washington last week.  I’ll just close by saying that the day before Washington left town, I was in DC on Capitol Hill; I personally spoke to at least 40 individual members of Congress. In every single instance, they were fully aware of the junk bond blow-out, of the other economic catastrophes, of the imminent blow-out of the oil and gas shale sector; yet they were running for the hills.  They ignored and dodged the responsibilities on their shoulders.  So, now it falls on our shoulders and yours to face the reality squarely; and take the kinds of emergency actions that can save the day even at this late moment.

OGDEN:  Thank you very much, Jeff.  And I think if you take the 1933 precedent and look at the fact that what was at that point the largest financial crash in the trans-Atlantic in world history, fascism swept Europe.  And in the vacuum that would have existed had Franklin Roosevelt not been the President, and not taken the emergency actions that he had taken at that point to shut down Wall Street and to mobilize the productive powers of the American people, fascism very well could have come to America, too.  So, as we look at that precedent, I think it’s important to take very seriously what Mr. LaRouche has done over the course of the last year, to mobilize what is a kernel of leadership in what he’s calling the leverage point or the focal point of the mobilization necessary to change the policies, which is New York City in Manhattan.

For those of you who had the chance to listen to the LaRouche Policy Committee this past Monday, you’ll know that Mr. LaRouche put a major premium on a series of musical performances that took place in New York City over the course of last weekend. These were two concerts of Handel’s Messiah that were sponsored by the  Schiller Institute and were co-sponsored by the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture.  Diane can say more about that.  This was the program.  The first one was held on Saturday at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Brooklyn; and the second one was held on Sunday in the Upper West Side of Manhattan at All Souls Unitarian Church.  So, I’m going to introduce Diane Sare to go a little bit more into the importance of those events, and what the implications of what is happening in Manhattan right now are, going forward.

DIANE SARE:  Hi.  Well, I can say these two musical events were completely extraordinary in quality and in effect.  And it is the effect that approximately a little over a year ago, in October 2014, Mr. LaRouche made the decision to revive our organization in New York City.  And this is very important in the history of the United States, because it was from New York City that Alexander Hamilton waged a critical battle to unify the United States against states’ rightists like Thomas Jefferson and others; what has become the modern Wall Street and British Empire legacy today.  So, there is a crucial role that has to be played; and you see in the population of New York City — I was thinking about what Jeff was just referencing with ISIS and so on — you have these terror attacks of September 11th.  And the American people were to be stampeded into regime change, into war in Iraq, war in Libya, war everywhere; and the population of New York held one of the biggest anti-Iraq invasion demonstrations in the country in 2003 under the Bush administration.

So here we are at a similar moment of peril, where the population across the country is inclined to be deeply pessimistic.  We’ve had 15 years of Bush and Obama; the standard of living has collapsed; half a million middle-aged Americans have died unnecessarily.  And you get a response very frequently of pessimism; everyone watching this I’m sure has had the experience of talking to your next-door neighbor, talking to your friends.  “We have to throw Obama out of office; we have to get Glass-Steagall; we have to organize the transcontinental rail grid in the United States; fusion.”  People say, “Oh, that’ll never happen.  Oh you can’t do it; oh they’re too corrupt.”  This I would say if very similar to the battle in 1776 being faced by George Washington, who had lost every battle from the Declaration of Independence until Christmas.  And the population of the United States as they were at that time, was not overwhelmingly in support of breaking from the British Empire; they were finding it not to be worth the effort.  New Jersey, which was the last place he had retreated from to get across the Delaware, was completely under the control of the Hessians and Tories; and therefore, his decision to cross the Delaware on Christmas was not simply anti-pragmatic, but it went against everything that the majority of popular opinion held in that day.  But he knew that this had to be done; and was able to invoke a certain inspired response from the tattered, weather-beaten, impoverished soldiers he was leading.

Now, the population of Manhattan is perhaps not as bedraggled as George Washington’s army at that time; but we have all been under an incredible cultural and moral depravity which Mr. LaRouche has mentioned, you see in the young people and so on.  So, the way we organized these concerts — the one in Brooklyn was in an historic old church, which was closely tied to the circles of Mother Cabrini, for people who know her, she was organizing the Italian immigrants into the United States; setting up nursery schools, schools, hospitals and things like that.  And the concert in Manhattan was at All Souls Unitarian Church, which has a certain legacy in terms of support for the Union Army, hospitals and reconstruction; and later, the civil rights movement.  And what occurred is that we went into the community, organizing for a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Verdi scientific tuning; held together by a chorus made up of people of New York City and our Schiller Institute organizers from New York, New Jersey, Virginia.  Matt, you were playing the bassoon in the orchestra; but it was part of the population getting together.  And many of the people in the audience had been people who had been through the chorus and decided that perhaps it wasn’t for them, but they wanted to be engaged in this.  So, we had over a thousand people in attendance.  And the response — First of all, the lower tuning and the work done by John Sigerson on the question of placement, created a very obvious difference. And the people who attended who had comments — we asked people to leave us their contact information, tell us how they found out about the event, and then add any comments that they had.  And people were saying things like “We could hear the chorus in a way we hadn’t heard before; the quality of sound was much warmer than we expected.  It was on a professional level.”  And John pointed out that in a sense, we are above a professional level, because we’re not interested — that’s sort of an antiseptic sort of idea — but this is human intervention that brings the population together.  Very much as it was at the time when Handel wrote and performed the Messiah; the first performance was in Dublin, Ireland.  And it was done to address a question of poverty and to raise funds for an orphanage and alleviate indebtedness.

Hamilton was in circles of Jonathan Swift and others; and apparently Benjamin Franklin had been at a performance of the Messiah conducted by Handel himself.  So, this piece itself, the concept of it, the relationship between man the Creator, between human kind and the creation of the universe; and a celebration of that is what is urgently needed to pull the population together.  And to create a quality of leadership that can respond in a moral way to this crisis; unlike the despicable behavior of this stinking bunch of gutless cowards in the Congress, who as Jeff just described, knowing that the collapse is onrushing, would be rushing home for the holidays rather than to stay and take the actions necessary to protect the American population.

So, a process has been unleashed now, which has to be accelerated; it cannot be allowed to develop at the pace at which it’s developing, which is fine, except that the entire system is prepared to implode on January 1st or January 2nd.  So, the question is, to take the strength from this and the principle of this and use it to rally our forces across the United States and across the world to address the situation facing mankind today.

OGDEN:  Thank you very much.  And the video and audio of one or both of these concerts that occurred in New York last weekend, should be available very soon; so we encourage everybody to have that be part of what you do over the coming days.  One note of correction:  Apparently the fact that Benjamin Franklin attended a performance of the Messiah conducted by Handel is not quite confirmed; however, we do know that he did attend a performance of the Messiah.  And I think that Handel’s revolutionary call to action, “Let us break the bonds asunder, and cast their yokes from upon us,” is something that gained actuality in Benjamin Franklin’s and George Washington’s American Revolution.  So, it’s a very appropriate rallying call for today.

So, what I’d like to do, is appeal to everybody to take the text of the leaflet that I read at the beginning of this broadcast, the “Emergency Christmas Eve Message:  January 1st is Doomsday!  Only an FDR Action Can Save You” and distribute this as widely as you can over the coming days.  This should be the subject of discussion at family dinners, at other events that are taking place over the course of the next 24-48 hours.  And also, become a part of this discussion in the next few minutes. Beginning right at the conclusion of this broadcast tonight at 9pm Eastern time, will be a live, emergency Fireside Chat that Mr. LaRouche will be conducting with the American people.  This is what’s normally taking place on Thursday nights; but if you have the access number, you can access that also.  If you do not know how to participate in that; get in touch with the LaRouche PAC office nearest to you, and you can get the information on this Fireside Chat.

So, I think we’ve laid out the picture very clearly. January 1st is, in fact, a deadline; you have the Puerto Rican bond default, you have the default that’s been pushed by the IMF and the United States by Ukraine on $3 billion worth of debt that they have going to Russia, as a direct provocation.  And you have the January 1st deadline in which the new bail-in laws are going to be coming into effect in Europe; bail-in laws that have already killed people in Italy and have expropriated 10,000 Italian depositors money in that area.  You have the collapse of the shale oil and the junk bond bubbles.  You already have hundreds of thousands lost in Canada; this is coming to the United States.  All of this is coming down now; and the measures that are necessary, the solutions are available.  An immediate shutting down of Wall Street; an immediate reorganization of this entire bankrupt financial system through Glass-Steagall; an immediate mobilization of the entire American workforce, much in the same way that Franklin Roosevelt did it; the removal of this warmonger Barack Obama from office; and an addressing of the fact that the entire trans-Atlantic region has become dominated by a British monarchy which is obsessed with a genocidal idea that we need to reduce the world’s population and cast people back into the state of mere beasts.

So this is the reality as we approach the end of 2015 and the first few hours of 2016.  And it is incumbent upon you to take what has been presented here tonight, and to act on it immediately; all the tools are available to you.  We implore you to go directly from this webcast here to participate in the live discussion, the Fireside Chat with Mr. LaRouche which is beginning in just a few minutes.

So, I’d like to thank all of you for joining us here tonight; and I’d like to thank both Jeffrey Steinberg and Diane Sare for being our guests on this broadcast.  So, please stay tuned to larouchepac.com over the coming hours and days.

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