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SPECIAL LaRouchePAC webcast 30. december 2015:
Det er ét minut før midnat; vi
må gennemtvinge handling nu!

SPECIAL LaRouchePAC webcast 30. december 2015:
Det er ét minut før midnat; vi
må gennemtvinge handling nu!

Engelsk Udskrift. Vi står nu på tærsklen til året 2016, og hr. LaRouche advarer om, at dette er en af de farligste perioder i nyere historisk tid. Vi står over for en umiddelbart forestående nedsmeltning af det transatlantiske finanssystem, med mindre der tages skridt til de nødvendige og presserende forholdsregler for at forhindre dette. Vi står også over for en umiddelbart, overhængende konfrontation mellem USA under Obama, og bade Rusland og Kina, der, hvis den får lov til at udløses, ville føre til en global, atomar storbrand.

Engelsk udskrift.

SPECIAL International LaRouche PAC Webcast Wednesday December 30 2015


MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. It’s December 30, 2015. My name
is Matthew Ogden and you’re watching an emergency New Year’s Eve
broadcast here from larouchepac.com. I’m joined in the studio
tonight by both Jeffrey Steinberg from {Executive Intelligence
Review}, and Benjamin Deniston from the LaRouche PAC Science
Team, and this broadcast is immediately following a meeting that
the three of us had earlier this morning with both Lyndon
LaRouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche.
Now, right off the bat, I want to emphasize that immediately
following the conclusion of this broadcast here tonight, there
will be a live question and answer session with Mr. Lyndon
LaRouche personally, which is taking place as a broadcast of the
regular weekly LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat. Many of you may have
participated in this before. It’s a national telephone
discussion, which takes place at 9 o’clock Eastern Time. If you
do not yet have the information on that, please contact the
LaRouche PAC national office.
Again, let me just emphasize: Immediately upon the
conclusion of this broadcast, we encourage you to participate in
this live Fireside Chat with Mr. Lyndon LaRouche.
Now, to begin our broadcast tonight, let me just summarize
very quickly what you’re about to hear. Obviously, we’re on the
threshold of the end of 2015, and the beginning of 2016, and Mr.
Lyndon LaRouche is warning that this is among one of the most
dangerous periods in recently recorded history. We have the
impending blow-out of the trans-Atlantic financial system, if the
necessary urgent measures to prevent that are not taken. And we
also have the impending, looming confrontation between the United
States, under Obama, and both Russia and China, which, if it were
allowed to be unleashed, would lead to a global thermonuclear
Now 2015, I think, can best be summarized by a series of
failures that have been taken by those who should be the
responsible leadership of the United States. Number one — the
failure to have effectively opposed and defied Obama’s unlawful
violations of the United States Constitution, which are indeed
impeachable offenses. Number two — the failure, going all the
way back to 2007-2008, to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, and to
reorganize and shut down the entire Wall Street casino
speculative system. Number three — the failure, going all the
way back to 2000-2001, to dismantle and expose the Saudi-British
apparatus that was responsible for the terrorism of September 11,
2001, and continue to exist, and continue to plague the world
with the increasing threat of this kind of terror. And number
four — perhaps most fundamentally, the failure to fundamentally
reverse the 100-year trend toward scientific and cultural
degeneration, which has reigned increasingly since the turn of
the 20th Century. This has brought the entire trans-Atlantic,
extended European system to the point of an existential breakdown
crisis, and this will not be addressed unless we address the
fundamentally failed model which has reigned over the last 100 to
120 years.
Now, this will be the subject of a much broader discussion
later in the broadcast, but I think it sets us up directly for
our first question, which was the subject of a lot of discussion
earlier today with Mr. LaRouche.
The question is our institutional question for the evening,
which addressed exactly this coming, looming failure of the
extended European system. The question reads as follows:

“Mr. LaRouche. Columnist Leo McKinstrie in an article featured by the
{Daily Telegraph} predicted that 2016 could be the year that the
EU falls apart. What are your thoughts on the EU’s immigration
and economic challenges in 2016?”

So, in order to answer that question directly, and also to
give us a broader context from the discussion earlier today with
Mr. LaRouche, I’d like to ask Jeff Steinberg to come to the


Thanks, Matt. I would say that, barring a
dramatic change in policy, really a revolutionary change in
policy, the future of the European Union is absolutely doomed,
and that what we’re looking at is the fact, as of January 1,
under the diktats of the European Union, under agreements that
were reached at the very outset of the Obama Administration
during the very first meeting of the Group of 20, a system of
bail-in has been established. It goes into effect in Europe,
European-wide, as of the 1st of January of 2016. In the United
States it has already been policy, although the overwhelming
majority of Americans have no idea of this. In fact, most members
of Congress don’t even know that Section 2 of the Dodd-Frank bill
of 2010, which was written on Wall Street, and dictated through
the likes of the Obama White House and people like Barney Frank
on Capitol Hill, already provides for bail-in.
What this means is that, as financial institutions go
through a spiralling collapse, which is already underway —
you’ve had quite a number of hedge funds, a number of European
regional banks in Italy and elsewhere, have already collapsed in
recent weeks and months. Under bail-in, depositors’ funds,
bondholders’ money, shareholders’ funds in those banks will be
looted as the first step towards trying to salvage a system that
is already hopefully and irreversibly bankrupt. In other words,
the entire trans-Atlantic region is on the very edge of
extinction. The danger of a complete catastrophic financial
collapse is imminent, as of the beginning of next week. Friday
obviously, New Year’s Day, the banks are closed; the weekend
they’re closed. But as of January 4, Monday, this coming Monday,
anything goes; and there is an increasing likelihood that the
whole trans-Atlantic system will blow up in the early days, if
not the early weeks of 2016.
Now, those are knowable and virtually irrefutable facts.
It’s been widely discussed in the trans-Atlantic financial press.
The {Daily Telegraph} article referenced in the institutional
question is but one of the recent flurry of articles that have
basically said, 2015 was a nightmare, but 2016 will be radically
worse, and could be the end of the system, the European Union,
and most trans-Atlantic nation-states as we know them.
There’s a report today in the international edition of
{Handelsblatt}, the major German financial daily newspaper, which
talks about a proliferation of zombie banks in Europe, and says,
get on with the bail-in immediately. The whole system is coming
apart. Yes, it’s Mediterranean regional banks, but it’s German
banks as well, and therefore we’ve got to take advantage of these
new laws, and literally loot the population to the point that
there’s nothing left to loot. That’s the significance of policies
that go into effect as of the first of January.
Now, the discussion that we had with Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche
today took this question up from a very different standpoint.
Because the appropriate question that really must be asked right
now, well, if these facts are known, if the doom of the
trans-Atlantic financial system is widely known and understood,
then why is it that nothing is being done to stop it from
happening? Why is it that Congress did not stay in Washington to
enact Glass-Steagall, before they left for the Christmas recess?
That would have meant the doom of Wall Street. It would have
bankrupted the entire British system, and set forward at least an
initial framework for beginning an economic recovery, modelled on
the policies of Franklin Roosevelt.
Why in the case of Europe, is there toleration for the
continuing existence of a Eurozone which was bankrupt
conceptually from the day it was created? Why is there a
continuing toleration for a European Commission in Brussels, and
a European Union, that is a purely destructive, virtually a
Satanic institution? What is there toleration and a tip-toeing
around the fact that the Pope, in his encyclical on global
warming, embraced a British policy of population genocide?
Well, the simple answer comes down to the fact that the
population of the trans-Atlantic region has become generally
very, very stupid, very corrupt, very immoral, bordering on
Satanic. In fact, some leading political figures in the
trans-Atlantic — Schäuble in Germany, Blair in Britain and the
whole Blair tradition, the entire Bush-Obama succession of
presidential administrations over the last 15 years in the United
States — these could all very appropriately and scientifically
be defined as outright Satanic.
This was the point that Mr. LaRouche was making
But to understand why we have reached this point, you can’t
just look at explanations that date back a week, or a month, or
even a decade. You can’t look at 2008, or the end of
Glass-Steagall in 1999, and appreciate why these things happened,
unless you’re willing to take a much longer-term and deeper look
at the actual roots of this entire degeneration of the
trans-Atlantic region. It goes back to the transition from the
19th to the 20th Century.
Look at the 19th Century. You had enormous scientific
breakthroughs. You had the work of Gauss, you had the work of
Riemann. You had the revolution in Classical culture through the
likes of Beethoven, of Brahms, of Schubert, of Schumann. The 19th
Century was a period of a Renaissance in the trans-Atlantic
region. In the domain of politics, you had the emergence of
Germany as a modern and sovereign nation-state under American
System economic policies during the period of Bismarck. There was
a spreading, a proliferation, of the Hamiltonian concepts of how
to build a nation-state, and how to create truly cooperative
relationships among modern nations.
Today, most everyone alive is familiar with the fact that
China has initiated a “One Belt, One Road” policy, otherwise
known as the New Silk Road, as the Eurasian Land-Bridge, and that
this policy offers a tremendous opportunity for the integration
and economic development of not just the Eurasian region, but the
Eurasian region stretching into Africa. Through the prospect of
the Bering Straits tunnel program, which has been on the books
since the end of the 19th [Century], you could integrate the
entire Western Hemisphere into this Eurasian-African development
Well, the fact of the matter is that these ideas were not
only prevalent, but were being fully implemented in the last
decades of the 19th Century. You had in 1869 the completion of
Lincoln’s great project to bind the nation together under the
Transcontinental Railroad. Although Lincoln was assassinated by
the British, precisely for those policies of saving the Union and
going on for this kind of economic development, those policies
nevertheless continued, and were realized.
President Ulysses S. Grant was the continuation in many
respects of the policies represented by President Lincoln. You
had leading American friends and advisers working closely with
Bismarck in Germany. Bismarck, in his office as Chancellor, had a
portrait of Ulysses S. Grant on the wall. They visited together
when Grant made his world tour following his Presidency. In
Russia, beginning in 1890, you had the construction of the
Trans-Siberian Railroad. Many of the American Army Corps of
Engineers participated in that project, which was completed by
the end of the 1890s. The original locomotive that was the first
to pass along the Trans-Siberian Railroad was built in
You had a flourishing of international collaboration for
great projects of development. Bismarck himself had the Berlin to
Baghdad rail project. In France, under Hanotaux and Carnot, you
had plans for a crisscrossing of the African continent with
railroads. You had the Paris to Vladivostok planned rail routes.
Czar Nicholas himself proposed in the 1890s that there should be
a bridge or tunnel across the Bering Straits, to establish the
obvious and natural links between the Western Hemisphere, and the
Eurasia. You had Sun Yat-sen in China, during the transition into
the 20th Century, and in the 1870s you had the Meiji Restoration
in Japan. Again, leading American advisers were involved in all
of these projects.
What was the response? There was a proliferation of
Classical culture, of great Classical musical composition. There
were scientific breakthroughs. The work of Riemann anticipated a
20th Century that should have been an era of man beginning to
venture out into the Solar System, and on into the Galaxy, to
make great discoveries about the nature of mankind in the
universe. Instead, the British Empire stepped in decisively.
You had the British manipulation of regional wars throughout
Eurasia. You had the Japanese wars against China, the Japanese
wars against Russia. You had wars in the Balkans. You had the
Crimean War, and ultimately the British strategy was to destroy
the American System expansion into Eurasia, by launching what
came to be known as World War I.
On a much more profound level, individuals like Lord
Bertrand Russell launched a vicious assault against the
foundations of science that had been established through people
like Kepler, like Gauss, like Riemann. Earlier, [people] like
Leibniz, and before that, Nicholas of Cusa, and back in the
Renaissance, Brunelleschi. This entire sweep of scientific
progress coming out the Renaissance was crushed and destroyed,
and a tyranny was established. Europe went through one of the
most hellacious wars in history in World War I. Atrocious crimes
were committed. Cities were destroyed. Populations were ruined.
At the end of that war, the Versailles Treaty imposed a
looting scheme on Germany that led inevitably to another world
war; in effect, the First World War never really ended. There was
an interwar period of preparation for the next phase of that war.
Science was destroyed. Education came under vicious attack
because the Classical culture tradition that had been alive in
the 19th Century, was destroyed in the sweep of cultural
pessimism that hit Europe and the United States throughout the
20th Century.
The British resorted frequently to political assassinations
of leading figures. You had the assassination of Sadi Carnot in
France; you had the assassination of William McKinley in the
United States, following off of the assassination earlier of
Abraham Lincoln and, in fact, going all the way back to Aaron
Burr’s assassination, for the British, of Alexander Hamilton.
You had the assault on science as I indicated, through the
work of Bertrand Russell and his cohorts in the Solvay
Conferences, to where you could say that the entire sweep of the
20th Century — now well into the 21st Century — the only truly
sovereign scientific genius of that entire period was Albert
Einstein.  There were engineering discoveries, but the general
course of science was a digression, not an advancement.  So, we
find ourselves today with a population in the trans-Atlantic
region that has been deprived of a competent education; with each
successive generation the degeneration has accelerated.  At one
point, it was something important to be a physicist or a
bio-chemist; now, if you study these areas, you’re told that it’s
a waste of time and that the only true science is computer
So, we’ve got this process of cultural, educational,
scientific degeneration; and about the only point during the
entire 20th Century when you had any kind of significant pushback
against the trend line, was during the Presidency of Franklin
Roosevelt.  And if the truth be told, the assault against the
policies of Franklin Roosevelt had already reached the point
where his Presidency had been destroyed even before his untimely
death.  The Republican Party was used as one of the instruments
of that destruction; the FBI emerged as the literally blackmail
arm of Wall Street, deployed against Franklin Roosevelt.  So, you
had effectively only a brief period in the entire sweep of the
20th Century, where there were genuinely American System policies
being carried out here in the United States; the place of origin
of those concepts.  Now you look at the last 15 years, it makes
sense how it is that a degenerate population could vote in a
George W. Bush; could then follow that up by voting in a Barack
Obama.  And then tolerate the bail-out of Wall Street after the
2008 crash; could tolerate President Obama openly holding kill
meetings at the White House every Tuesday, to map out the latest
targets for assassination.  There is no accounting for how many
American citizens have been assassinated under Obama orders
without any due process, or without any even public
So, it’s very important today to realize that the current
generations are the fruits of 100 years or more of persistent,
cultural moral degeneration in which science has been destroyed.
Now, this is not irreversible, because human beings are
fundamentally creative; but it’s very important to recognize that
we are at a minute before midnight.  And the reality is, that we
have very few opportunities left to buy the time to turn this
situation around.  If President Obama remains in office as this
financial blow-out hits, then the prospects of being able to
avert a catastrophic destruction and a degeneration into chaos
across the entire trans-Atlantic region converge on zero.  And
that’s if we are lucky enough, through the strong leadership in
China and Russia, to avoid the kind of thermonuclear war that
Matt mentioned a few moments ago; because that is the policy of
the British Empire.  And President Obama is really not a
President of the United States; he’s a stooge of that British
Empire system.
Now, that system is, itself, bankrupt and doomed; but they
are more prepared to bring the entire population of mankind down
with them, if there’s a prospect of them genuinely losing power.
So, there are a few options:  The removal of President Obama is
absolutely existentially essential.  The immediate re-instatement
of Glass-Steagall as the concrete measure that wipes out Wall
Street’s existence; and along with it, wipes out the power of the
City of London and the power of the British Empire.  These are
the measures that have to be taken in the immediate days ahead.
As soon as the new year commences, we are already well into the
danger zone, where there is no alternative left to those critical
actions.  The question is whether or not there will be enough of
a return of reality to where the successive degeneration of
thinking among leading strata and the general population of the
trans-Atlantic region, reaches a point where the threat is so
immediate and existential that the right steps will be taken.  Up
until this moment, that has not happened; and therefore, we go
into the new year facing the greatest peril that mankind has
faced probably in history.

OGDEN:  Very quickly, I just want to address one thing, and
ask Jeff to comment on it briefly before we get to Ben Deniston.
But the bail-in law that is going into effect in Europe on
January 1st — just within a few hours — is something that as
Jeff said, is already written into the law in the United States;
in Dodd-Frank, Title II, where derivatives get priority and
people’s deposits are no longer protected as they formerly were.
Now the architect of this law is none other than Barney Frank;
who, despite the fact that he is no longer an active member of
Congress, is still playing a very active and destructive role
within the politics of the United States as an agent of the Wall
Street faction inside the Democrat Party.  And as one of the
leading proponents of the lies that are being told against
Glass-Steagall; for example, in an article which exposes the fact
that Barney Frank is one of the leading economic advisors of the
Hillary Clinton campaign.  Hillary Clinton being up to this
point, an opponent of the restoration of Glass-Steagall.  Barney
Frank says, “The Glass-Steagall debate is an artificial debate at
this point.  It’s 85 years old.  Most people can see if it had an
effect, it wouldn’t have stopped AIG; it wouldn’t have stopped
sub-prime mortgages that shouldn’t have been granted.  This is
the lie that has been used for the last five years or more
against the restoration of Glass-Steagall; and I think that I
would Jeff to address this just very quickly.  When Franklin
Roosevelt became President, he became President despite the fact
that most of the leadership of his own party were agents of the
Wall Street interests; and he had to, in order to both secure the
nomination and also in order to win the election as the United
States President, had to identify and root out exactly who were
serving the interests of Wall Street in the leadership of his own
If we’re going to save the United States, Obama has to be
identified as an agent of those Wall Street interests; Barney
Frank as well, and others.  And I would just like Jeff to comment
very quickly what Mr. LaRouche’s remarks were concerning how we
can restore the Franklin Roosevelt precedent on an emergency
basis right now, in opposition to these agents of the Wall Street
interests who are dominating the Democratic Party as we see it
right now, as well as the Republican Party.

STEINBERG:  Well, I think that you’ve got to take the case
of Barney Frank as a perfect example of what I was discussing
just a few moments ago.  Long before the Glass-Steagall which
Barney Frank personally played a leading role in, and long before
the 2008 crisis, Barney Frank got in a whole lot of trouble
because his roommate, his lover was running a pedophile
prostitution ring out of his apartment.  And this was not
something that was a deep dark secret; it came out in all of the
major Washington DC and related newspapers at the time.  The fact
that there was a toleration for this kind of person, this kind of
behavior, is indicative of the deeper cultural issues that I
addressed earlier.  In effect, Barney Frank was the Roy Cohn of
the Democratic Party.
So, I think that the measures themselves are clear and
straightforward; there are bills in both houses of Congress to
re-instate Glass-Steagall.  The very first act of business when
Congress returns next week should be a debate and vote and
immediate passage of Glass-Steagall.  Time is running out; it may
even be that as of Monday of next week, we see the first
explosions, the detonations of this crash.  Glass-Steagall merely
clears the decks; it means that undercapitalized commercial banks
can be restored, and all of the zombie debt of Wall Street, all
of the derivatives, all of the other kinds of exotic financial
instruments that are un-payable and worthless, are going to be
written off the books.  And as a result of that, Wall Street will
disintegrate; the power of Wall Street to dictate terms to
Congress will disintegrate.  And I think along with the
disintegration of Wall Street, you will see an immediate meltdown
of the Obama Presidency.
But once you’ve re-instated Glass-Steagall, all you’ve done
is created a clean platform to begin a much more significant and
challenging process.  There has to be a massive emission of new
Federal credits into the commercial banking system, for
ear-marked projects of real economic development, job creation.
We’ve got to have a clear concept of reversing the last 100 years
of decline in productivity of labor power here in the United
States, in Europe.  So, we’ve got to develop, on the model of
Franklin Roosevelt, a series of initiatives that will create
jobs, that will rebuild infrastructure; but on a higher level.
We’ve got to do several other things as well.  Number one,
we’ve got to really launch a serious revival of science; we’ve
got to basically revive all of the NASA programs.  We’ve got to
conquer the final remaining steps towards having thermonuclear
fusion power.  These are big projects, and they’re more
challenging today than they were 20 or 30 years ago.  When
President Kennedy announced that we were going to put a man on
the Moon before the end of the decade, and launched the Apollo
project, there was a scientific capability still in place to have
done that.  That capability has been severely, severely eroded;
so we’re going to have to do an enormous amount of rebuilding.
In a sense, the productive powers of labor today are less than
they were on the day Franklin Roosevelt took office as President
in March of 1933.
We’ve got to launch a cultural revival.  We had a foretaste
of what can and must be done in the Handel’s {Messiah} concerts
that took place in Manhattan and Brooklyn one week ago.  They
were a shining example of how you can begin to draw out the
humanity in people, using Classical music as a medium to do that.
So, all of these things have to be done; but they will not happen
if the American people don’t immediately develop the moral
courage to face reality.  To face the fact that it’s a minute
before midnight; and take the necessary steps, starting with
removing this President from office, re-instating Glass-Steagall,
and going on from there.

OGDEN:  Now, let me just announce that, as many of the
viewers of this webcast may already know, the LaRouche Political
Action Committee has released a new very important Special
Report, which is entitled “The United States Joins the New Silk
Road; a Hamiltonian Vision for an Economic Renaissance”.  This is
a supplement to the much longer report that was published by
{Executive Intelligence Review} a number of months ago, called
“The New Silk Road Becomes the Eurasian Land-Bridge”.  And this
specifically addresses the role the United States must play in
this development perspective for the entire globe.  The
electronic version of this is available on the LaRouche PAC
website; however, we do intend to print a large number of
physical copies of this to get out across the United States,
particularly in Manhattan and elsewhere.
Now, I’m going to ask Benjamin Deniston to address some of
the crucial factors that are contained within this report, which
apply directly to what’s been discussed here tonight.  But let me
just put it into the context of the fact that if you look at over
just the last few days, there has been a concerted propaganda
effort in some of the leading United States media, in order to
slander China, and especially China’s President Xi Jinping; who
as you all probably know has made the Silk Road policy, the One
Belt-One Road policy as he calls it, the cornerstone policy of
the Chinese economic development perspective.  Now, the Chinese
Foreign Minister responded to these slanders that have been
appearing in the {New York Times} yesterday, and today in the
{Washington Post}; saying the One Belt-One Road policy, the Silk
Road policy, which was put forward two years ago, has now
attracted the interest of more than 60 countries and other
organizations along the One Belt-One Road corridor, who have
responded positively to participate in its initiative.  And he
stated, “Many countries have signed cooperation agreements or
reach consensus on aligning their strategies for development with
China.  These include multi-lateral and bilateral cooperation
projects.  Emphatically, the One Belt-One Road initiative is not
a tool for geopolitics,” the Foreign Ministry said.  “China has
not political motives to seek in so-called ‘spheres of
influence’.  The principle is that of jointly building the
initiative in order to meet the interests of all, and to deepen
cooperation in various fields of development along the One
Belt-One Road corridor in order to achieve win-win results.”
Now, it’s exactly this principle of the “win-win” policy
which serves as the principle behind the composition of this
Special Report; why the United States must join the New Silk
Road.  And if you just look over the last 8-16 years of the
United States, the period defined by the Obama Presidency, and
then preceding that, the Bush/Cheney Presidency, and compare it
to a similar period in China, you can see exactly what the effect
of these two opposite policies have been.  During Obama’s
Presidency, you’ve had a substantial increase in poverty in the
United States; where prior to Obama’s Presidency, 37 million
Americans were officially living in poverty.  Now, that’s risen
to 47 million Americans.  Prior to Obama’s Presidency, those
receiving food stamps were 28 million; now that has risen to 47
million.  And currently, one in every five children in the United
States, lives below the Federal poverty line.  And if you look at
blacks, African-Americans, that’s two out of every five children
live below the Federal poverty line.  Compare that to what
China’s done over the last decade, over the last several decades.
Over the last 30 years, China has lifted 600 million people out
of poverty; they have built 11,000 miles of high-speed rail in
scarcely a decade, and they have plans on the books to triple
that number of miles by the year 2020.  In comparison, the United
States has a grand total of just over 450 miles of so-called high
speed rail, and it barely fits the definition.
Now, as people might recall, during the APEC summit of 2014,
contrary to this being a geopolitical strategy on the part of Xi
Jinping for some sort of revival of Chinese imperialism — as is
being claimed by the {New York Times} and the {Washington Post}
— Xi Jinping actually offered to President Obama that the United
States could join this New Silk Road policy in addition to the
new Asian Infrastructure Development Bank policy.  This was an
offer to say you can participate in this win-win policy.  Now, of
course, Obama has not reciprocated that offer, but we can see the
foundations for a completely new vision of international economic
and strategic relationships among nations; based on this win-win
policy.  So, that is the substance of this new report from
LaRouche PAC, “The United States Joins the New Silk Road”; and
that’s what I want to ask Ben Deniston to elaborate on in a
little bit more depth in the conclusion of tonight’s broadcast.

BENJAMIN DENISTON:  Thanks, Matthew.  I think just picking
up off of what Matthew said, I think that’s the most —
obviously, if you believe the media today in the United States,
I’ve got some unfortunate news for you.  This is ridiculous
propaganda that’s been coming out, attacking China, attacking
Russia.  So, if you still believe that stuff, you’ve got to start
reading our website much more in depth and thoroughly.
This is ridiculous; this is an offer to the United States to
join in a new orientation for the planet.  And I think this
report we put out is — not only should you read this, you should
be circulating this to your friends, to your neighbors.  This is
a life or death issue for the United States right now; this is an
opportunity for us to actually save our nation by moving into a
new future of cooperation and development.  So, we have put out
now what’s on the site, and what we’re asking you to contribute
to support the printing of, is a life or death roadmap for the
United States to join into this new orientation led by China,
Russia and other nations.
I just want to take a couple of minutes just to emphasize
the importance of this offer.  Because as Matt said, this is
explicitly not a geopolitical move by China; this is not an
attempt to defeat the United States.  This is not an attempt by
China, or China in cooperation with Russia, to control resources
to the detriment of the United States; or to control regions of
the planet to the detriment of the United States.  This, as was
stated repeatedly, explicitly by China, is based on a conception
of win-win cooperation.  And understanding that the development
of fundamental science for mankind in cooperation with different
nations, creates a net increase in the amount of wealth and
resources available to everybody.  And we’re at the point in
mankind’s development that if we don’t rise to a level of
international relations and global cooperation premised on that
understanding, we’re not going to be able to exist as a species
on this planet.  If we continue this mode of geopolitical
conflict, we’ll destroy ourselves; as Obama is threatening to do
right now.
But as Mr. LaRouche was discussing on Monday earlier this
week, there is a true higher form of natural law that we have to
come to now organize ourselves around; to rise to.  And that is,
mankind’s fundamental nature is to progress, is to develop; this
idea of win-win cooperation.  I think you see maybe the most
stark difference between China’s orientation, the New Silk Road
orientation, premised on this idea of win-win cooperation and
development; and you compare that to what the Pope is now
supporting with this Green policy, with this British Malthusian,
global population reduction program.  Premised somehow on this
insane idea that the climate never changes unless mankind eats a
hamburger or drives his car around the corner or something
ridiculous like that.  You have this typification of the
genocidal, zero-growth imperial policy, with this Green movement,
with this climate change fraud.  And with the Pope now supporting
this entire fraud; on the one side typifying the evil of this
anti-human anti-mankind view, which needs to be eliminated,
versus this other direction that’s now available for us.
But the fundamental premise of the whole thing is that
mankind has to progress, that creative progress is not just nice;
it’s not just good, it is absolutely necessary for mankind to
exist.  If we ever stop progressing, society degenerates like
we’ve been discussing here; like the 20th Century typifies,
already shows us.  If you stop progressing, society destroys
itself.  But progress not in mathematical forms, not in logical
forms, but the type of unique, human, creative scientific
progress typified by Kepler, typified by Einstein.  That that’s
what’s been attacked by Russell; attacked by this British
imperial system, attacked throughout the 20th Century.  It’s this
understanding of human creativity as a unique principle in the
universe that is the only substance; the cause of what enables
mankind to act differently than animals, to fundamentally
increase his relationship to the universe.  As we’ve discussed,
to in effect, begin to separate himself from being just an
Earth-based species; and being able to exist in the universe by
mediating his existence through his relationship with the Solar
System as a whole.  That’s a creative act that doesn’t come from
the fraudulent type of science that Bertrand Russell had
attempted to impose on the world; that comes from a unique form
of human creative generation, unique acts of the human mind that
do not come from sense perception, do not come from your
empirical study of the world.  But come from human creativity per
se; the process of human creative development, which again, has
been attacked throughout the 20th Century.  So that I think is
the challenge we have; is not just to reverse the degeneration
that’s occurred.  But we need a new fundamental law of human
creative progress to rise as the guide stone for where mankind
must go.  Mr. LaRouche has been explicit on this; we’re not just
talking about reversing some policy.  Mankind’s survival today
depends upon a new Renaissance.  A new creation of a higher
understanding of mankind’s nature and unique purpose and mission
in this universe as a creative force going into the Solar System.
Going beyond the Solar System into the Galaxy; and understanding
that it is something unique about the human mind and its creative
potential that gives mankind the ability to do that.  So, this is
not just about reversing some bad policy; this is about
developing a positive conception, a new discovery of what it is
that enables mankind to progress.  What it is that enables
mankind to fulfill his true nature; what it is that makes mankind
a unique force on this planet.  A potential that no animal
species exhibits.  If we don’t understand that, it we don’t
premise the future on a new pursuit of those capabilities,
mankind is not going to make it.  Because that is what defines
our existence; that is what defines the future.  And if we don’t
rise to that level, as Mr. LaRouche has been warning, we’re not
going to make it through the current crisis.
So, I think that’s the challenge we have before us.  And I
would refer back to Mr. LaRouche’s remarks on Monday, in his
discussion with the Policy Committee on the LaRouche PAC website.
We have to come forward with this higher conception of the true
natural law that mankind must rise to; and I think we have to
come to it today.

OGDEN:  I would like to thank both Jeff Steinberg and Ben
Deniston very much for joining me here tonight.  Again, the full
contents of this “US Must Join the New Silk Road” report is
available on the LaRouche PAC website; but we would ask you to
donate and make sure that this can be spread as widely as
possible.  This is a crucial document for the future of the
United States.
Now, as I announced at the very beginning of this broadcast,
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there will be a live question and answer session with Mr. Lyndon
LaRouche on the normal channels of the Fireside Chat.  This is a
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