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Nazistiske angrebsenheder lancerer nyt angreb mod
leder af Ukraines Progressive Socialistparti Natalia Vitrenko

Nazistiske angrebsenheder lancerer nyt angreb mod
leder af Ukraines Progressive Socialistparti Natalia Vitrenko

12. maj, 2017 – Tidligt om morgenen den 9. maj blev den ukrainske politiske leder og formand for Ukraines Progressive Socialistparti (UPS), Natalia Vitrenko, holdt som fange i sin egen lejlighed af neonazistiske gangstere (det Nationale Corps, tidligere Azov), sanktioneret af regimet, og som truede hende fysisk og forhindrede hende i at forlade lejligheden. Det samme skete med Vladimir Marchenko i hans lejlighed.

De har udstedt diverse erklæringer og har specifikke anmodninger om støtteaktioner for at offentliggøre disse angreb og den fortsatte krænkelse af talefriheden, osv., i Ukraine efter kuppet. En video, Natalia optog uden for sin lejligheds dør efter hændelsen, og som viser Azov’s graffiti, kan ses her:


Russisksprogede udgivelser har links fra hendes webside, http://www.vitrenko.org/

Her følger 2 dokumenter:

  • Erklæringen af 9. maj, udstedt af Natalia Vitrenko og Vladimir Marchenko (engelsk)


To the President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko

Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine V. Hrytsak

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine O. Avakov

Human Rights Ombudsmen of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine V.

Unchained Nazis Commit Acts of Terror Against Vitrenko and
Marchenko on May 9.

I have addressed you repeatedly, stating that the inaction
of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies with regard to Ukrainian
Nazis has created the conditions for them to carry out political
harassment, vigilantism, and murder against journalists,
political figures, and citizens of Ukraine, whose political views
and values do not coincide with their Nazi ideology. There are
countless examples, from the May 2, 2014 tragedy in Odessa to the
murders of O. Buzyna, O. Kalashnikov, P. Sheremet, et al. The
Ukrainian regime’s proclamations of the European values of
freedom of speech, freedom for opposition activity, freedom of
expression, and political pluralism, in reality have turned out
to be empty words and false promises to cover up the monstrous
reality, that the Ukrainian Nazis are out of control and are
going unpunished, while law enforcement agencies do nothing to
defend the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, including
opposition politicians, under the Constitution and under
[international] Conventions.
On May 4, 2017, on the eve of the celebration of the Great
Victory [in World War II], I personally wrote to you, demanding
that you defend our rights and freedoms, and indeed our lives,
from physical reprisals by the Nazis, whose threats had come out
in the media, as I indicated in my Appeal. Despite my Appeal,
once again the law enforcement agencies took no action.
As a result, at 7:30 a.m. on May 9 my apartment doorbell
began to ring, and demands to open the door were made by a group
of people representing the “National Corps.” They demanded that I
refrain from taking part in the day’s mass rallies and that I
stop supporting the Russian world. The doorbell-ringing and
threats by the Nazis were continuous. I called the police, who
arrived after one hour and determined that offensive graffiti had
been painted on the door of my apartment and that the Nazis were
continuing to blockade it.
At 8:00 a.m. on the same day a group of 15 armed men
attacked my deputy, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the 1st, 2nd
and 3rd Convocations Vladimir Marchenko. First they blocked the
driveway of the building where Marchenko lives with his family,
and then they physically pushed aside the concierge, broke into
the building, and went upstairs to Marchenko’s apartment. They
began to ring the doorbell and demanded the door be opened, and
then cut off the lights and started smashing the door and trying
to break the lock. They spray-painted the door with some kind of
poisonous paint, the smell from which (or from some kind of gas)
got into the apartment. At that time, in addition to Vladimir
Romanovich (Marchenko), his wife and daughter, also his two minor
grandchildren were in the apartment, and were naturally
Vladimir Marchenko had to call the police. After half an
hour, one person arrived, who was absolutely incapable of
dispersing the blockade, defending V. Marchenko’s family from
Nazi threats and insults, or allowing freedom of movement for all
the members of the family. Or did the police have no intention of
doing those things?!
I demand an immediate investigation of the acts of terror
committed against me and Marchenko, and criminal prosecution of
both the organizers of these depredations and those who carried
them out. I demand the protection of our rights and freedoms,
including security. Consider this statement of mine to be an
official statement to the police from me personally and from
Vladimir Romanovich Marchenko.

Chairman of the PSPU Natalia Vitrenko
May 9, 2017
MAY 4, 2017

To the Federal Chancellor of Germany A. Merkel
President of the Russian Federation V. Putin
President of the USA D. Trump
President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko
Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yu. Lutsenko
Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine V. Hrytsak
Human Rights Ombudsman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine V.

Dear heads of state and authorized representatives of the
Ukrainian government,

As the leader of a Ukrainian opposition party, People’s
Deputy of Ukraine of the 2nd and 3rd Convocations, and candidate
for the Presidency of Ukraine in 1999 and 2004, I am compelled to
appeal to you to review the situation around the gross violation
of the rights of citizens of Ukraine to freedom of speech,
freedom of thought, freedom of expression of their views and
convictions, freedom of association in political parties and
public organizations, and freedom of assembly for the peaceful
conduct of actions, rallies and demonstrations.
These rights and freedoms are not only norms of the
Constitution Of Ukraine (articles 34, 36, 39), but are also
international obligations of Ukraine in accordance with the
European Convention on Human Rights and the Pact on Civil and
Political Rights, both of which have been ratified by our

The present appeal is motivated by the publicly displayed
lawlessness of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, who are threatening
Ukrainian citizens, including me personally, with reprisals in
connection with the upcoming Victory Day, marking the victory of
the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.
The law enforcement agencies are not only failing to stop
the aggressive attacks by representatives of right-wing radical
political forces, but are themselves taking an active part in
intimidating the citizens of Ukraine, for whom May 9 is not only
a national holiday, but a day of remembrance and respect for the
heroism of our glorious fathers, grandfathers, and
great-grandfathers, who gave their lives to defeat Hitlers
Nazism, liberated our land, and in a coalition with other
countries freed the entire world from fascism.

I cite just three examples of the threats and intimidation,
disseminated in the Ukrainian media:
1. Right Sector Press Secretary Artyom Skoropadsky stated in
a commentary for Obozrevatel: “Provocations, of course, are a
possibility. The Kremlin likes to exploit such events, dedicated
to so-called shared aspects of history. As for our participation,
of course we won’t be tearing St. Georges Ribbons off old men,
even if they come here. That’s their business. But if any scum
like [Communist Party leader] Symonenko or Vitrenko comes
crawling out, people who opening support Moscow, then we’ll act,
shall we say, using our methods,” commented Skoropadsky.
(Source: http://amdn.news/budiem-dieistvovat-nashimi-
2. Ukrainian nationalists are planning to impede the holding
of the Immortal Regiment action in Kiev on May 9, says Mykola
Kokhanivsky, leader of the OUN [Organization of Ukrainian
Nationalists] Volunteer Movement, a nationalist organization. “On
May 9 the communists and their supporters in Kiev will once again
stage this march, which originated in Moscow and is called the
Immortal Regiment We will not permit the red hydra to infiltrate
Kiev!” Kokhanivsky wrote in Facebook. He reported that the
nationalists are planning to hold their own action in Kiev on May
9, under the name “Mortal Regiment” [or “Death Regiment” —
Translator]. (Source:
3. These Ukrainians are prepared not only to continue the
blood-letting, but they are also publicly warning about their
right to kill and to punish. On the TV channel 112 Ukraine Ilya
Kiva, adviser to [Minister of Internal Affairs] Avakov and
grandson of a Hero of the Soviet Union, stated: “We can no longer
expect certain people to return to normalcy and reality. But they
are our citizens, and we must be able to co-exist with them. I am
talking about people who love to shout mindlessly, `peace, labor,
May,’ but we have enough experience, enough in numbers and
forces, and, most important, we have a rudder that will smash and
crush any open moves by these lovers of the `Russian world’.
There will be fewer of them, and we shall make them afraid. All
these lovers of the `Russian world’ and this post-Soviet plague,
first they’ll experience fear, and along with that will be born
love of Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation.”
(Source: http://odnarodyna.org/content/pervomayskiy-opyt-

The media, abetted by Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies (or
in cahoots with them), is without question conducting
informational and political terror, making Ukrainian citizens who
have beliefs different from those of the neo-Nazis into targets
for physical reprisals.
Sticking loathsome labels on me and people like me,
humiliating us by vulgarizing our sincere convictions and values
as orders from Moscow these are the methods used to prepare the
public for harassment and physical reprisals against us.
I think that the world community knows about the [2014] tragedies of May 2 in Odessa and May 9 in Mariupol, and about
many other things during these past three years in Ukraine,
testifying to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis’ lawlessness and
unrestrained actions, which they do with impunity. And the
Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, which are obligated to defend
the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine, do nothing.

It is my deep conviction, that if the world community fails
to condemn these processes in Ukraine and to force the President
of Ukraine and its law enforcement agencies to carry out their
obligations to defend the rights and freedoms of the citizens of
Ukraine and to put a stop to the activity of the right-wing
radicals, then a Nazi state will be formed in the center of
Europe in the near future, and this will give rise to a Third
World War.

Chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine,

Natalia Vitrenko

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