Britiske provokationer under Falsk Flag
sætter faren for krig på Rød Alarm.
Helga Zepp-LaRouche i Internationalt
Strategisk Webcast, 12. april, 2018

I skrivende stund, hvor denne meddelelse går ud ved middagstid på USA’s østkyst den 10. april, er der »rød alarm« over muligheden for, at en generel krig i de kommende dage bryder ud pga. en række provokationer, der kommer fra Det britiske Imperiums højeste niveauer. Med forsøget på at give Rusland skylden for den angivelige forgiftning af den britiske dobbeltagent Skripal og hans datter, og som kollapsede, da eksperter fra UK’s laboratorium for kemiske våben i Porton Down ikke kunne bekræfte, at stoffet, der blev brugt mod Skripal og datter, kom fra Rusland, blev de Londonbaserede »Hvide Hjelme« udkommanderet og hævdede – uden beviser – at syriske regeringsstyrker brugte kemiske våben i Ghouta. Dette udløste krav i FN’s Sikkerhedsråd om aktion mod Syrien, men også mod Iran og Rusland – et krav, der kom fra briterne, franskmændene og USA’s neokonservative.

Tredje provokation var raidet mod præsident Trumps personlige advokat Michael Cohens kontor, baseret på en henvisning fra den særlige anklager Robert Mueller, relateret til anklagerne imod Trump fra pornostjernen Stormy Daniels. Selv om Muellers efterforskning af Cohen intet har at gøre med beskyldninger om, at Trump indgik et ’aftalt spil’ med Putin for at vinde valget i 2016, så er kilden til alle tre provokationer den samme – de er alle en del af kampagnen fra City of Londons imperiekræfter og deres neokonservative allierede på Wall Street, for at forhindre Trump i at lykkes med sit kampagneløfte om at afslutte krige for regimeskifte og skabe en positiv samarbejdsrelation med Ruslands præsident Putin.

En publikation fra LaRouche Politiske Aktionskomite kaldte raidet mod Cohens kontor for »et direkte forsøg på at afpresse denne præsident [Trump] ind i den krig, han blev valgt til at stoppe«. Helga Zepp-LaRouche sagde om denne situation, at vi »sidder på en krudttønde«.

Her følger engelsk udskrift af videoen: 



Schiller Institute New Paradigm Webcast, April 12, 2018
With Helga Zepp-LaRouche

– British False Flag Provocations Put War Danger –
– at “Red Alert” Level –

Harley SCHLANGER:  Hello, I’m Harley Schlanger with the
Schiller Institute and welcome to today’s international webcast
featuring our founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche.
Since Monday, our organization has been on a Red Alert
status, given the escalation of the danger of an all-out breaking
out, following the most recent provocations coming from the
British Empire.  Helga, in an earlier statement this week, said
we’re sitting on a powder keg, and this has to do with the
threats to go to war against Syria, to attack or even punish
Assad, even possibly to punish the Russians, as President Trump
indicated in a tweet earlier this week.  So, we’re still sitting
on a powder keg, and Helga, despite being ill, is here for a
brief period, so she can give us the picture and the strategy for
the mobilization to stop this escalating war danger.  So Helga, I
turn it over to you, now.

HELGA  ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Yeah, we are indeed in a very
dangerous situation, which could get out of control in no time.
And just to underline that point, this tweet by President Trump
which made the headlines internationally everywhere, namely,
Russia, the missiles are coming.  That turns out to be a reaction
to a fake news! The background of this story is, that about a
week ago, the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, gave an interview
where he supposedly said that any attack on Syria would be
answered by a full military reaction by Russia.
Now, it turns out that that interview which appeared on
Hezbollah TV [Al Manar] and was translated into Arabic was
mistranslated, and referred to an earlier remark which General
Valery Gerasimov, the Chief of Staff of the Russian had made,
where he said, that if there is an attack on a Russian soldier in
Syria, that Russia would react.  So, it was not that any attack
on Syria would be met with a Russian retaliation, but if the
lives of Russian soldiers would be attacked, which is a huge
But obviously, that was the trigger point for Trump to send
out this tweet.  But it also shows you that in this environment
of complete orchestration of fake news, false flag attacks,
secret service manipulation of all kinds, how easy it is to stage
an incident and how things can get out of control.
We are right now not off the war danger.  It’s still unclear
what will happen.  Yesterday at the White House briefing,
apparently it was said that “all options are on the table.”
Theresa May meets with her cabinet  — supposedly according to
media reports, which are not very reliable, but it’s the only
source we have on that  — to decide if the British would
participate in a U.S. military attack.  Now, the U.S. warship
{USS Donald Cook} is 100 km from Tartus, which is the Russian
military port in Syria, and another U.S. warship has left
Norfolk, and is on the way already since several days.
Now, since Russia has full air control over Syria, and Syria
has also extremely effective missile defense systems, if there is
a U.S. missile attack on Syria, it could be right in a
confrontation between the two nuclear powers, the United States
and Russia.  So I can only urge you, all of you who are watching
this program, you should join our mobilization.  In every
parliament in the world where you are, get your congressman, get
your deputy to intervene and make sure the respective governments
are completely distancing themselves, that there is a public
debate and investigation.  And we must really have a total
mobilization against this war danger.

SCHLANGER:  It’s really important, I think that people also
have a sense of the continuity of this threat, because what we’ve
been covering here in the last few weeks, it started with the
fake news from Theresa May and Boris Johnson, in which they
accused the Russians of trying to poison a former spy, Sergei
Skripal and his daughter.  When that fell apart, when the British
chemical warfare experts said they could not determine that the
origin of this chemical weapon was from Russia, as soon as that
falls apart, we see an escalation with the so-called chemical
weapons usage in East Ghouta, in Douma, Syria.
Now, it occurs also at precisely the point that Donald Trump
said he’s prepared to pull the United States troops out of Syria
entirely! So, as some of the Russians are saying, I think it’s
worth, Helga, for you to go through some of what the Russians
have been saying on this, including Putin — but that they’ve
said that it’s very obvious that this is a scripted assault
against Russia and against Trump.
So what are we hearing from the Russians?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of
Russia just reported that Russian ABC specialists have been or
are in Douma, and they inspected both the material of the
so-called chemical weapons and also the patients in the hospital,
and they confirmed what earlier representatives of the Red
Crescent Society had said, that there was absolutely no trace of
chemical weapons, and also no sign that patients in the hospital
had been injured by such a weapon.
Now, that is, again, pointing to the fact that the entire
information about this so-called incident came from the White
Helmets, an organization which is entirely funded by the British
government and in part, also by the [State Department] USAID.
And various whistleblowers have documented that this is an
organization which is very close to the jihadists, and that they
have completely staged this affair.
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov also said that Russia had
signs of a planned provocation for the past month, and that they
have given this information to both the UN Security Council and
the OPCW, so that it was known that this was in preparation; and
also that the jihadists had, in various cities, dug tunnels under
cities, out of which they then operated with explosive materials,
mixed with chemical weapons.  This thing is such an obvious case
of a false-flag operation, that, if this is being used for a
pretext to launch an attack, then we’re really in World War III,
because this is obviously designed to target Russia.  And I would
even say, it did not start with the Skripal case, it started with
the Russiagate against Trump which fell apart completely.
Now the Skripal case also has fallen apart, because the OPCW
was just in Salisbury.  They investigated the material which was
used in the Skripal attack, and they said they were not able to
identify either that it was Novichok — they didn’t mention that
name — nor the origin of it.
Now, the OPCW, that’s their whole purpose of existence, has
been visiting every country, every laboratory, so they have
samples of every chemical substance, of every nerve gas, so they
could compare it, and obviously, they could not identify that it
comes from Russia, so it doesn’t come from Russia. So this case
is also falling apart.
So I think it’s really important that people see the
continuity, as you say, of these lies, which are designed to be a
war preparation for a war against Russia.  There is no other
explanation possible.

SCHLANGER:  And it’s a war against Russia that’s designed to
sabotage President Trump’s policy of working with Putin, working
with Russia, cooperation against terrorism.  And also, as Trump
noted in one of his tweets, economic cooperation.
There’s also, General Mattis, the U.S. Defense Secretary,
who us urging caution, saying we have to wait until we can see
that there’s some evidence of this.  Mattis came out after the
April 2017 false flag against, which led to a U.S. attack, and
said there was no evidence of chemical weapons, or that it was
the Assad government.  So we’re seeing a certain amount of
backing away; and very importantly, the former British Ambassador
to Syria, Peter Ford, and also the former United Kingdom
Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, both of whom have been
very outspoken on this, warned that this is a crazy escalation to
What should people do?  You have voices coming out now,
there are people who want to know what to do.  What are we doing
as part of our mobilization?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  We have various appeals, one in Germany
which you will find in German on our website there
[]; we have one on the American
site of our colleagues from LaRouche PAC
20180410-enough-final.pdf] and both of these appeals should be
used to mobilize every parliament around the world.  In the
United States, our colleagues there are mobilizing.  They have
already distributed tens of thousands of leaflets; they have
contacted everybody in the Congress; they have a general
mobilization.  They’re doing similar things in Europe.  But I
think we really have to take it very seriously
The former German highest military officer, Gen. Harald
Kujat, gave three interviews today to different TV stations,
where he made the point, which I can only fully endorse, that we
are confronted with a political class which is incapable of
calculating the consequences of their deeds, and that therefore
the danger is that they will sleepwalk into a Third World War,
just as it happened in the case of the First World War.  And I
may not shar all the reasons why this is so; he says this is an
unfortunate combination of an inexperienced French President; a
Prime Minister in Great Britain who has tremendous domestic
problems; an erratic American President, but then he blasts the
German government, that rather than trying to calm the situation
down, that Merkel is actually heating it up!  I mean, this is
incredible!  Germany was destroyed two times in the world wars,
and now we have a Chancellor, who is immediately defending May in
her accusations; who is immediately condoning that Assad must be
the guilty one.  And General Kujat puts Merkel on the spot, and
says, she should intervene [against war].
Now, I think the problem is that these politicians are
really incapable of recognizing what they are doing, and
therefore I think we need to really have a full-fledged
mobilization, in depth, of all the parliamentarians of every
country where you are:  You should use these materials and demand
that all the governments are completely coming out against this,
that they should denounce the false-flag operations.
And we should not forget, there is a German judge whose name
is Peter Vonnahme, who was a judge in a Bavarian court until
2007; and he pointed to the fact that there is a continuity in
all of these provocations, with the obvious aim of regime-change
in Russia.  And then he points to the fact, asking, have people
forgotten the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which led to the Vietnam
War?  Or the case of the so-called babies ripped out of the
incubators in Kuwait, which led to the pretext to attack Iraq [in
1990]? Or the “yellowcake” case in the case of Niger, where
Saddam Hussein supposedly bought yellowcake uranium, which was
another pretext for a war against Iraq [2003]?  Or, the so-called
“Operation Horseshoe” incident, which led to the Kosovo
intervention [1999]?  Now, all these things were orchestrated and
fabricated, and I think we must have a discussion, who is doing
that?  It’s not enough that Tony Blair apologized for the Iraq
war — I mean, these wars have cost {millions} of people their
lives! And I think it is high time that these people are being
called to justice, because this is just too much, and has been
going on for too long.

SCHLANGER:  I’m glad you mentioned Tony Blair, because he’s
one of the people saying that Theresa May doesn’t have to go to
the Parliament, and she should immediate join the coalition with
Macron and Trump, and start bombing in Syria.  So Blair is a war
criminal, whose time has come to be brought before a tribunal.
Now, the picture wouldn’t be complete without us just
getting into this question of going back to what you said was the
initial phase, which is Russiagate.  There was a development,
right in the middle of the Syria mobilization, with the Southern
District of New York U.S. Attorney launching an FBI raid against
Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for something
that was referred by Mueller, which has {nothing whatsoever} to
do with Russiagate.
Helga, how do you see this?  we’ve basically said, this is
part of a blackmail operation against Trump.  How do you see this

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think it discredits Mueller even more,
because it’s very obvious that this whole Russiagate is falling
apart, or has fallen apart, and now he has shifted what clearly
is not in his mandate [as Special Counsel], by going into a
fishing expedition on a so-called sex story that Trump was
supposedly involved in with some pornographic movie star.  And
obviously, this is so out of order, that I think it should fall
back on Mueller.
It is also very important, what the famous Harvard lawyer,
Alan Dershowitz said, that this is a complete violation of the
U.S. Constitution, the Fourth and the Sixth Amendment.  I think
he is a Democrat, but he blasts the silence of the Democrats and
even the silence of the ACLU, that they do not react.  And he
says, “this is black day for the client-lawyer relations,” and
obviously, it’s one of the many things which absolutely must be
Now, we should note the fact that Congressman Nunes had to
go so far as to threat impeachment against FBI Director Wray and
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, because they were
blocking to submit data and documents to the Congressional
oversight committees.  Now, they finally did give two pages in a
relatively unredacted form, which referred to the origins of the
Trump investigation.
So, I think there will be more about that, but I can only
reiterate my call:  We should absolutely mobilize with the
Schiller Institute.  Join the Schiller Institute, become an
active member.  It is very important that we build a movement to
improve relations among nations, to create a New Paradigm, to
have absolute condemnation of this war danger, and establish a
decent relationship with Russia, China and among all nations on
this planet, which is absolutely possible, as we have discussed
many times on this show.
But it requires more people to become active, and therefore,
I again invite you: Join the Schiller Institute and help us in
this mobilization.

SCHLANGER:  And we’ll be putting a number up on the screen
for the White House, so people can make calls to the White House.
And also to the Congress [Capitol Hill Switchboard:
202-224-2131], because there are congressmen, such as Thomas
Massie [R-KY] and others, who are demanding that nothing be done
without the Congress being consulted.
I just wanted to throw one other thing in, which is that in
spite of the danger of the situation, it’s good to see there are
some people who are keeping their sense of humor:  Maria
Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry,
said about Trump’s tweet about “smart” missiles, that if they’re
really “smart” they’ll go after the terrorists who are the ones
responsible for the false flag chemical weapons scare.
Helga, thanks for taking the time and making the effort,
even though you’re ill, to join us today, and to bring this
forward:  We are still on a Red Alert, and it’s very significant
that you took the time and put this out.  Is there anything you
want to add?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  No, I think that’s what we have to do.

SCHLANGER:  OK, very good. So we’ll see you next week.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  OK, till next week.