Trump-Putin-topmøde kunne forandre verden!
LaRouchePAC Internationale
Webcast, 29. juni, 2018

Dagens store nyhed er, at dato og sted for det historiske Trump-Putin-topmøde nu er fastsat. Dette møde, der har været udskudt så længe, har været så længe undervejs, vil nu finde sted i Helsinki, Finland, den 16. juli, 2018.

Engelsk udskrift:  

LaRouche PAC Friday Webcast, June 29, 2018


MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good afternoon, it’s June 29, 2018.  My name
is Matthew Ogden, and you’re watching our weekly Friday evening
broadcast from
The big breaking news for today is that the date and the
location is now determined for the historic Trump-Putin summit.
This meeting, which has been long deferred, a long time coming,
will now be taking place in Helsinki, Finland on July 16, 2018.
This, as you can see from our title image, promises to be an
extraordinary and historic event.  “Trump-Putin Summit Could
Change the World!”  An announcement was posted on the White House
website yesterday when the details of this meeting were revealed.
As you can see here, it reads:
“President Donald J. Trump and President Vladimir Putin of
the Russian Federation will meet on July 16, 2018 in Helsinki,
Finland.”  “Statement from the Press Secretary on a Bilateral
Meeting Between the United States and Russia.”  It read:  “The
two leaders will discuss relations between the United States and
Russia and a range of national security issues.”  A similar
announcement was posted on the Kremlin press service website,
which was along very similar lines.  This one read:  “Vladimir
Putin and US President Donald Trump will meet in Helsinki on July
16th.  The two Presidents will discuss Russian-US relations and
their further development, as well as current international
We know that there are many such issues which can be
discussed and are very important and will be discussed between
the President of the United States and the President of the
Russian Federation, including the situation in Syria, the
situation in Ukraine, and the mounting tensions around the
nuclear arms race and situations that are similar.  Also, we can
maybe presume that the situation in North Korea will be a subject
of the discussion between these two Presidents, because both of
them have been very intimately involved in bringing this
situation forward to the breakthrough that has now been achieved.
Now, President Trump himself, speaking with reporters on
Wednesday, so before the details of the summit were actually
announced, and before the official announcement was made;
President Trump had a discussion with reporters.  He reiterated
his commitment to working not only with Russia, but with China.
So, this is what President Trump had to say:  “As I’ve said from
day one, getting along with Russia and with China and with
everybody, is a very good thing.  It’s good for the world, it’s
good for us, it’s good for everybody.”  This is precisely what
we’ve been saying here at LaRouche PAC.  It’s this kind of great
power relationship — the United States, China, Russia, put India
into the mix there, and this is exactly what Lyndon LaRouche has
been campaigning for, for years under the rubric of this Four
Powers Agreement; that we have to escape from this geopolitical
“lose-lose” kind of drive for hegemony and say No.  This is now a
new system that the world is embracing, and the United States,
Russia, China, and other great powers should have a “win-win”
relationship.  It’s only through this kind of collaboration
between these leading powers of the world that you can resolve
the outstanding, looming issues and challenges which have been
threatening world peace and security.  North Korea is a perfect
example, and we can assume that the other such hotspots and
conflict zones can also be resolved in just such a manner;
exactly what Helga LaRouche has called over the past two weeks
“the Singapore model”.
The fact that this meeting is actually going to be taking
place in a little bit over two weeks from today, this fact is
huge.  This meeting has sent the entire trans-Atlantic
geopolitical establishment into a state of absolute hysteria.  It
was precisely this sort of face-to-face summit meeting between
President Trump and President Putin which the entire Mueller
Russia-gate probe was aimed at preventing.  But despite a year
and a half of witch hunts and propaganda, this so-called
investigation is yielding zero evidence at this point of
so-called “Russian collusion” in meddling with the elections.
Despite this attempted coup against President Trump and the
intended rapprochement between the United States and Russia,
despite these efforts this meeting is going forward, and is
poised to be just as historic and potentially even more historic
than the last big summit President Trump had; the one between
himself and Chairman Kim Jong-un in Singapore.
Let me just go through a couple of examples of the absolute
hysterical reaction that we’re seeing in the British and Western
mainstream press to this announcement.  Here’s an example in the
{Guardian} newspaper.  Headline:  “UK Nervous over Unpredictable
Trump Summit with Putin”.  Subhead:  “British diplomats fear
impulsive US President will make Russia a personal offer and
leave Europe in the lurch.”  So, that’s a picture of Trump and
Theresa May.  Then, {The Atlantic} had a similar headline:  “The
Trump-Putin Summit: What the Europeans Fear!”  And here’s one in
{Vanity Fair}:  “|’This Plays to Russia’s Advantage!’ As Trump
Salivates over Putin, Allies Fear Another Diplomatic Disaster.”
And then the subhead there, which you may or may not be able to
read, says the following: “Just as Trump blew off the G-7 and ran
straight into Kim’s arms, experts worry the President will clash
with NATO and find sucker in Putin. ‘The fact is, that he is
meeting with Putin right afterwards, and the Putin meeting is
going to go really well,’ said one analyst.  “And NATO, quite
possibly, is going to be as bad as G-7.’|”
So there you can see, they’re drawing the direct parallel to
what happened when President Trump attended the G-7 meeting in
Canada and said this institution is irrelevant.  He said Russia
should be a member and we should return this to the status of the
G-8.  And he left early and got on a plane to go to Singapore to
meet with Kim Jong-un, where he made much more significant
history.  As that article was saying, the exact same kind of
scenario could happen with the NATO summit; where Trump says this
is irrelevant, and instead goes and meets with President Putin in
Helsinki.  And says, we need a new security architecture.  That
would be a good thing, and not a bad thing.  The other headlines
include the {New York Times}: “As Summit Nears, NATO Allies Have
One Main Worry — Trump”.  And then the {Washington Post} had a
very similar headline: “NATO Members Worry as White House Plans
Trump-Putin Summit”.
What’s interesting is that this is not intended to just be
a one-off meeting.  This is intended to be the first in a
continuing series of such high-level President-to-President
bilateral summits.  According to reports, US National Security
Advisor John Bolton, who was just in Moscow on June 27th to
conduct the preliminary rounds of planning for this upcoming
summit between Trump and Putin, Bolton told a press conference
that it would be possible that President Trump might follow up
this meeting by going and attending the Eastern Economic Forum in
Vladivostok, Russia, on September 11-13th.  So, the month
following, have a follow-up meeting, during which he would have
another opportunity to sit down with Putin and follow up on what
they will discuss during the Helsinki summit on July 16th.  This
in and of itself is a very significant thing.  The meeting itself
is the so-called “deliverable”; that this is the opening of an
important relationship.  Just as we saw the developing friendship
between President Trump and President Xi Jinping with first the
Mar-a-Lago summit and then President Trump’s personal visit to
Beijing for the state visit-plus.  We may see a similar process
now beginning to unfold between President Trump and President
So, let me just play a short clip from a webcast that Helga
Zepp-LaRouche broadcast earlier this week.  This was broadcast
before the official announcement confirming the date and the
location of this Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.  But what you’ll
hear is her emphasis on the extraordinary strategic importance of
this upcoming meeting.  So, here’s what Helga Zepp-LaRouche had
to say:


:  I think it’s of strategic
importance, because obviously, Trump feels somehow freed, with
Russiagate turning into Muellergate, with the very successful
Singapore summit [with Kim Jong-un], so I think this is a very,
very important development.
But just clinically, I want to mention the fact that the
German conservative daily {Die Welt} says this summit would be
the absolute catastrophe, because there would be the danger that
Trump and Putin would make an agreement, whereby the NATO
maneuvers in Eastern Europe are reduced and that Trump would
portray himself as the big peace-maker.  [laughs]  That shows you
how absolutely crazy this neo-liberal/neo-conservative on both
sides of the Atlantic is: What could anybody who likes to have
world peace wish better than that Russia and the United States,
which after all are the two most powerful nuclear forces on the
planet, if they could come to a strategic agreement?
So, this is a very important, good development.  And
obviously, this will now occur after the NATO summit and after
Trump’s short trip to Great Britain, but I think my absolute
hunch would be that the two presidents will hit it off very well,
because they have basically a better understanding of the
strategic situation, than their critics.  So that is good
This is exactly what should happen, that you have an
increasing cooperation among the largest powers in the world:
the United States, China, Russia, and as we discussed earlier,
there is also some slower motion on the side of India, to come to
such an agreement.  They have a good relationship with the United
States anyway, and also with Russia, but now they are working
more closely with China.
I can only repeat it:  Those people who are used to thinking
in terms of geopolitical blueprints, or paradigms, they should
really understand that in the world which has so many problems
and so many urgent tasks to solve, the best thing is really if
the large powers find a strategic understanding and hopefully,
eventually will work together to solve all of these problems.
And those people are still caught up in the old, geopolitical,
zero-sum game — one wins, the other one must lose — this is a
completely ridiculous, old-fashioned, outdated idea.  I have
called, at the beginning of the year, that this year must become
the year when geopolitics is overcome, and with China’s New Silk
Road, you have already a win-win model of relations, where
everybody wins. So I would just urge people to rethink the way
they look at the world….
Now, I’m just having the pleasure of reading a very nice
book which the Schiller Institute published.  It’s “The New Silk
Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, Vol. II}, just fresh off the
printer, and it has all the conceptions in it for what is
necessary to immediately start these large-scale development
projects.  So I would really think there may be more people who
would want to know what is in this book.

OGDEN:  Now, as we speak, Helga Zepp-LaRouche is beginning
to address an international conference which will be held this
weekend in Germany, sponsored by the Schiller Institute.  We’ll
have much more coverage of this conference for you over the
weekend as it proceeds.  You can expect further in-depth reports
during our Monday broadcast here on  But one of
the highlights of that conference is the official release of that
new special report that you just saw Helga mention and hold up.
“The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge, Volume II.  A
Shared Future for Humanity.”  This was published by the Schiller
Institute and it’s an extraordinary follow-on to a similar report
on that same subject which was published now four years ago.
What I’d like to do is read you some excerpts from Helga
Zepp-LaRouche’s introduction that is published as the Preface to
this report, which she wrote to situate the entire contents of
this very extensive report.  So, here’s what Helga LaRouche’s
introduction is to this new special report:
“The spirit of the New Silk Road has changed the world for
the better much more thoroughly than the trans-Atlantic sector
has even remotely understood until now.  Since Chinese President
Xi Jinping placed the New Silk Road on the agenda in September
2013 in Kazakhstan, optimism on an unprecedented scale has swept
over the developing countries in particular.  A sense that
poverty and under-development can be overcome in the foreseeable
future, thanks to Chinese investments in infrastructure,
industry, and agriculture.  Geopolitically-oriented circles in
the West have not understood that China is implementing a new
model of international policy which tackles the deficit which the
legacy of colonialism and imperialism has bequeathed up to this
day; the absolute lack of development.  And because China is thus
addressing the existential needs of billions of people, that
policy is likely to be the greatest revolution in the history of
“In the nearly four years that have elapsed since the
release of the first 374-page comprehensive study, ‘The New Silk
Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge’, in December 2014, numerous
projects that were conceptualized in that report have been
carried out.  Others, such as the Transaqua Project for the
revitalization of Lake Chad and the development of a waterway
system for 12 African countries have been agreed upon by the
governments involved, and feasibility studies are being drawn up.
China’s Belt and Road Initiative has become the largest
infrastructure program in human history.  The Belt and Road Forum
in May 2017 brought together 29 heads of state and government,
and more than 1200 representatives from more than 140 nations,
including this author [Helga Zepp-LaRouche herself].  Hundreds of
conferences and seminars on this subject have been held around
the world, and more and more countries see that their economic
opportunities lie in becoming a hub for the New Silk Road and the
Maritime Silk Road for the 21st Century.
“However, it is not only the enormous economic perspectives
derived from economic cooperation on a ‘win-win’ basis that have
fundamentally changed the overall strategic situation, but also
— and above all — Xi Jinping’s idea of a ‘community of shared
future for mankind’.  With the Silk Road initiative and the idea
of a ‘community of shared future for mankind’, Xi Jinping has
developed a totally new model for relations among the nations of
the world which supersedes the previous geopolitical rivalries of
the blocs with the higher idea of one, single mankind, whose
sovereign states cooperate with one another to their mutual
benefit.  As Xi Jinping explained in his October 8, 2017 report
to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he
is pursuing the vision of initiating developments by 2050 that
allow for the peaceful coexistence of all sovereign nations on
Earth, and a happy life for people.  Largely unnoticed or
disregarded by the euro-centric or America-centric view of the
mainstream media, is the fact that entirely new strategic
orientations are developing in Asia as a result of this grand
design and that Asian countries are in the process of overcoming
past historical antagonisms and working out a new type of
cooperation.  Numerous countries which were played against each
other until recently in geopolitical scenarios, now see a much
more promising perspective in a strategic realignment of
cooperation for mutual benefit and for a higher idea of the
common development of all mankind.
“The historical breakthrough that President Trump and
Chairman Kim Jong-un were able to achieve in Singapore on June
12th, involving an agreement on full nuclear disarmament in
return for security guarantees which China wants to help provide,
as well as the lifting of sanctions and North Korea’s economic
development, would have been unthinkable without the spirit of
the New Silk Road that has triggered throughout Asia the
optimistic mindset that genuine changes for the better are,
indeed, possible.  The economic modernization of North Korea
pledged by Trump, Russia, and China, which will make it
‘prosperous and wealthy’ corresponds to the intention discussed
at the inter-Korean summit between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un in
April, and prior to that at the Eastern Economic Union forum in
Vladivostok in September 2017.  Both Koreas are to be included in
the integration of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the Eurasian
Economic Union, including the connection of the future
trans-Korean railway to the Trans-Siberian Railway and to China’s
transportation network.
“Another good example of this is the policy change in Japan
and in India.  Following a two-day summit between President Xi
Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April of this
year, the two most populous states in the world recalibrated
their relations to each other.  Speaking at the Shangri-la
Dialogue in Singapore on June 1st, Modi appealed to the world to
rise above divisions and rivalries, and to opt instead to work
together.  He referred to the deep conceptions of Vedantic
philosophy going back to the Vedas and Upanishads of ancient
India; namely the idea of the ‘essential oneness of all’ and the
idea that every individual soul is that being in full and not
part of that being.  Modi concluded, ‘This world is at a
crossroads.  There are temptations of the worst lessons of
history, but there is also a path of wisdom.  It summons us to a
higher purpose; to rise above a narrow view of our interests and
recognize that each of us can serve our interests better when we
work together as equals in the larger good of all nations.  I am
here to urge all to take that path.’
“Xi Jinping has developed a new model for relations among
major powers based on the principles of absolute respect for the
sovereignty of others, of non-interference in internal affairs,
and respect for the respective other political and social system.
From this standpoint, it is most fortunate that President Trump
and President Xi, from the very first meeting of the former and
the latter at Mar-a-Lago in April 2017, established an
exceptionally friendly relationship with one another.  Xi
returned the invitation to Trump’s private residence with a state
visit-plus for Trump to China in November.  Despite all the
tensions with China over differences of opinion as to how to
overcome the trade deficit, Trump has repeatedly called Xi a good
friend.  But it is above all the historic breakthrough with North
Korea that would have simply been unthinkable without the
relationship between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.
“The world is changing dramatically, and the change is happening
in Asia.  The new era must be based on the best traditions of all
the cultures involved.  In China, Confucius stand for the ideal
of self-perfection through lifelong learning and ennoblement of
the character as a precondition of harmonious coexistence in the
family, the nation, and among nations.  The notion of the mandate
of heaven implies that the duty of government is to ensure the
common good.  In Indian culture, this corresponds to the idea of
dharma; the idea that universal laws set the rules for shaping
relations on Earth; i.e., that the cosmic order is also valid on
Earth.  For European civilization, which America belongs to, the
equivalent is the humanist tradition.  An expression of this
approach are the ideas of Nicholas von Cusa, the {Coincidentia
Oppositorum}; that is, that human reason is capable of a higher
level of thinking on which the contradictions of the intellect
are resolved.  Order in the macrocosm is only possible if all the
microcosms develop in the best possible way and to their mutual
benefit.  The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia is built on this
foundation, which gave rise to international law; as is the
philosophy of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Friedrich Schiller.
In Russia, the same basic principle is expressed in the idea of
Vladimir Vernadsky that the significance of the noosphere is
constantly increasing over that of the biosphere; and that
therefore, the role of creative reason as a physical power
“The spirit of a new beginning, the cultural optimism about
imminent breakthroughs in fundamental research and an
unprecedented dynamic towards the betterment of mankind’s living
conditions, all this characterizes the development in Asia.  And
this optimism has long since rubbed off on Latin America and
Africa.  We in Europe and the United States should recognize and
exploit the tremendous potential it will mean for our economies
if we join in this win-win cooperation.  Provided we count on
qualitative innovation as a source of social wealth,
collaboration with the New Silk Road is by no means a threat.  On
the contrary, it offers us the urgently needed chance to
rediscover our true identity.”
Now, this is the introduction, or an excerpt from the
introduction that Helga Zepp-LaRouche wrote to this new report
which, as I mentioned, is just being debuted and released this
weekend at the major Schiller Institute in Germany.  This report,
as you can see, is available and will be circulated.  It’s
something you should definitely get your copy of.  We’ll let you
know how you can access that once that’s available.  As you can
see, this report, “The New Silk Road Becomes the World
Land-Bridge”, lays out the blueprint for this New Paradigm of
civilization.  Emphatically this is not written from the
standpoint of dry observation as an outsider.  This is written
from the standpoint of the intellectual leaders of this New
Paradigm — Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Lyndon LaRouche, the LaRouche
movement — which planted the seeds for what we’re now seeing
emerging as this dominant dynamic on the globe today, all the way
back as we reviewed on our Monday broadcast, all the way back in
the early 1990s; but really going back through the ’80s, and
including into the 1970s when Lyndon LaRouche first proposed in
1975 the idea of a new international economic order in the form
of his International Development Bank.  You can trace the
heredity of that idea all the way to what we’re now seeing
emerging with this New Silk Road which is now becoming this
global dynamic — the World Land-Bridge.
As Helga Zepp-LaRouche said in that introduction, this is
cause for extraordinary optimism, but we must absolutely fight to
bring the United States and Europe into this new, emerging
dynamic.  This cannot exist as an adversarial geopolitical
rivalry on this planet.  Neither one of these paradigms can
survive.  As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against
itself cannot stand.”  You cannot continue to have this
trans-Atlantic, hegemonic type of geopolitical containment
operation against China, Russia, and these other emerging
economies, and still expect that this New Paradigm will continue
to march forward.  That will bring us to the cusp of another
World War, just as we observed with World War I at the beginning
of the 20th Century.  This is the so-called Thucydides Trap.
Rather, these countries of Western Europe and the United States
must recognize that this new win-win dynamic is the pathway
toward a shared future for mankind where we can finally overcome
the adolescence of mankind and overcome this idea that war is
even a possibility for resolving disputes between nations.  In
the age of thermonuclear weapons, you can no longer have that
option.  That’s why it’s absolutely laughable, as Helga
Zepp-LaRouche said, for those in the Western mainstream media to
say, “Oh, it’s a horrible thing for Trump and Putin to meeting,
because they might strike a peace deal.”  That’s a ridiculous
criticism.  In fact, as President Trump has said repeatedly, this
kind of relationship between the United States and Russia, and
also between the United States and China, and between the United
States and everybody else, is a very good thing.  Not only for
those countries, but for the entire world.
So, with that said, here in the United States, we must
continue our campaign for the United States to join this emerging
New Paradigm.  As we’ve documented repeatedly, our driving force,
our number one agenda here in the United States, is the LaRouche
PAC 2018 Campaign to Win the Future.  Here you can see,
LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery.  This is the New
Paradigm for mankind.  The United States must join the New Silk
Road.  It’s available.  This is the campaign page —  You can get a copy of this platform which is in
mass circulation in the United States, and also become an active
member of this entire Campaign 2018.
When we launched this campaign months back, we said this is
what’s going to be shaping and determining the agenda for the
mid-term elections.  Well, the mid-term elections are ongoing,
and what we’re seeing is that indeed, we are in the midst of a
very fluid and dynamic situation in the politics here in the
United States.  As we said in the introduction to this pamphlet,
this LaRouche PAC 2018 Campaign to Win the Future, the 2016
elections — which not only elected President Trump above 12
other establishment Republicans; but also saw that Bernie Sanders
almost secured the Democratic nomination, if it were not for the
political machinations and the massive rigging of that primary by
the Hillary campaign — this was a demonstration that party
politics as usual, establishment politics as usual, was over in
this country.  Go back four years.  Lyndon LaRouche was already
forecasting that that would occur.  In his 90th birthday address,
Lyndon LaRouche said that in 2012; look, the age of establishment
party politics as we know it is over.  We’re seeing the brewing
of a revolt, an insurgency among the American people, where
they’re going to reject the party establishment of both political
parties.  Well, that was not just a one-time occurrence in 2016.
What we’re watching now is that we are indeed in the midst of an
ongoing revolt by the American people against this establishment
geopolitics, Wall Street crowd; a revolt which is continuing to
pervade and upend both parties.  So, demonstrating that the Trump
insurgency, the insurgency that carried Trump to number one in
the Republican Party, and almost carried Bernie Sanders to become
the nominee in the Democratic Party — again, were it not for the
rigging by the Hillary Clinton campaign — a demonstration that
this is continuing we saw unfolding over the course of this week
in Tuesday’s primaries.  We saw a couple of very surprising, big
political upsets on the Republican side, including in South
Carolina where Henry McMaster won this primary.  He was endorsed
at the last minute by President Trump in a move that the entire
media establishment said was a huge mistake.  He did, indeed,
come out on top.  Similar situations occurred elsewhere in
Republican primaries.  But even bigger than those results, were
the shocking, surprising results in the Democratic primary in the
Bronx-Queens district in New York City.  This seat has been held
for 20 years by Joe Crowley, who was considered to be
next-in-line to become Speaker of the House behind Nancy Pelosi
if the Democrats regained the majority in the House of
Representatives.  Crowley never had a primary opponent; he
doesn’t even live in the district.  His family reported had moved
out of New York City and had bought a house outside of
Washington, DC.  But for the first time ever, he faced a primary
opponent, and his primary opponent was a 28-year old Latina
woman, a daughter of a Puerto Rican and a former volunteer with
the Bernie Sanders by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  In
this campaign, Crowley, who’s got deep pockets and huge
connections to Wall Street, spent $3.4 million in the campaign.
Ocasio-Cortez only spent $200,000.  In an absolute shocking
victory, Ocasio-Cortez on election night on Tuesday, came out far
ahead of Crowley; and not only upset his pathway to becoming the
next Speaker of the House, but proved that nobody is safe among
the Democratic establishment; just as nobody is safe among the
Republican establishment.  It’s being compared to Doug Brat’s
victory over Eric Cantor here in Virginia a few years back, which
was seen as a bellwether in fact for what later happened in 2016.
But to be honest, this is much bigger, indeed.  And it shows you
that the revolution that was going on inside the Democratic Party
in 2016 is indeed continuing.  Just to note, Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez, if she does win the November general elections, as
she almost 100% will, will also become the youngest woman to be
serving in the US House of Representatives.
Helga Zepp-LaRouche actually addressed this victory by
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the stunning defeat of Joe Crowley
at a later point during her webcast earlier this week.  I would
like to just play you that short excerpt from Helga LaRouche’s


:  This Crowley campaign with $3
million, and this 28-year-old woman who won the primary, she only
have $300,000 for the campaign. And she campaigned on the fact
that Crowley was a tool of Wall Street, and obviously this was
the main argument why she won the election.
So, I think it is a quite good reason to think that not
everything is controlled by the financial oligarchy, that money
no longer buys every seat, which it used to do for a long time,
and that there is the chance to really change the situation in
the world for the better.
Now, I want to end by again asking you to join the Schiller
Institute, join a Renaissance movement, and help us to distribute
these ideas, so that more people can share and join in this
optimism, that man {is} indeed greater than his destiny, and that
if many people of good will are joining forces together, that —
as Schiller says in one of his writings about the revolt of the
Netherlands from Spain — that you can bring down even the arm of
the strongest tyrant by uniting for a good plan.
So please, unite with us, and let’s really move civilization
in a better domain.

OGDEN:  So, that’s a very optimistic note from Helga
LaRouche.  And this indeed proves that we are in very fertile for
a political revolution in this country.  Do not get trapped into
thinking in partisan terms.  Do not allow yourself to get sucked
down into that level.  Think on the level that Helga
Zepp-LaRouche just said; if people around the world can unite
around a good plan, around the policies which are urgently
necessary to resolve the crisis which we’re now facing, we can
move history forward and we can overcome our destiny.
So, what is that good plan?  What is the program to unite
around?  That’s the entire core purpose of the LaRouche PAC 2018
Campaign to Win the Future.  LaRouche’s Four Laws:
Glass-Steagall.  Shut down this Wall Street casino.  Erect a
firewall; protect the legitimate banking operations in commercial
banking in the United States as a means of protecting us from the
probability of a trans-Atlantic meltdown of this casino economy.
Then use that to completely recreate the financial processes here
in the United States by reinstituting the Hamiltonian idea of a
national bank.  A Third National Bank, or a revival of, what
Franklin Roosevelt did with the Reconstruction Finance
Corporation, to use the credit creation capabilities of the
Federal government to direct trillions of dollars of credit
directly into great projects like we’re seeing in China and
China’s building in Africa and elsewhere.  Great projects to
rebuild the United States, to employ the American population in
high productivity, highly skilled, high paying jobs; and to use
that to increase the productivity and the living standards of the
United States.  Then the entire way that that can be directed
forward into the future is to adopt a vision; a vision of space
exploration, breakthroughs in the frontiers of science and
technology, including fusion power and all the derivatives of
that kind of scientific breakthrough.  From that standpoint, the
United States can join this emerging New Paradigm for a common
future for all humanity.
So, that’s the vision.  We’re in the middle of an ongoing
political revolution in this country, and it requires leaders,
citizens in this country who are able to overcome this idea of
partisanship and party politics as usual and say No.  We will
unite our efforts towards this common destiny, towards these
common aims.  And do that here in the United States, and then
also do that among nations abroad.  That’s the New Paradigm of
politics here in the United States and that’s the New Paradigm of
international relations on this planet.
We’re living in very exciting times; very historic times.  I
think that this conference that’s happening this weekend in
Germany could not be scheduled to be occurring at a more timely
moment in world history.  You can look forward to some very
exciting updates from that, and I’m sure that there will be
countless numbers of emerging developments that are going to be
occurring on the global stage as well.  So, by all means, become
active in what we’re doing; join our 2018 Campaign to Win the
Future; get a copy of this new special report, Volume 2 of “The
New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge.”  And stay tuned to, because we have a lot of work to do.  Thank you
very much, and we’ll see you on Monday.