Bøger af Lyndon LaRouche og hans medarbejdere,
som kan bestilles via Amazon eller Schiller Instituttet i Danmark

Her er en oversigt med nye og genudgivne bøger fra LaRouche-bevægelsen . Bøger markeret med et “*” er tilgængelige fra Amazons Print on Demand system. De andre bøger kan også bestilles gennem Amazon.com

Nogle af bøgerne kan bestilles direkte fra Schiller Instituttet i Danmark. Ring +45 53 57 00 51 for at høre, om vi har dem på lager.


A Fifty Year Development Policy for the Indian Pacific Ocean Basins, af Lyndon LaRouche

A Manual on the Rudiments of Tuning and Registration*

Against the Current!  A Critique of the Trade Policy of the German Realm from the Standpoint of Carey’s Researches*

Cold Fusion:  Challenge to U.S. Science Policy, af Lyndon LaRouche

Colonize Space:  Open the Age of Reason

Development Is The Name For Peace

Earth’s Next Fifty Years:  EIR Edition*, af Lyndon LaRouche

Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom, Vol. I*

Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom, Vol. III*

Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom, Vol. III*

Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom, Vol. IV*

How The International Development Bank Will Work, af Lyndon LaRouche

How The Nation Was Won*

How We Got To The Moon (Amazon only)

Now, Are You Ready To Learn Economics?*, af Lyndon LaRouche

Poetry is the Science of Reason*, af Lyndon LaRouche og W. Allen Salisbury 

Reflections of an American Political Prisoner

Saint Augustine, Father of African and European Civilization

So You Wish To Learn All About Economics?*, af Lyndon LaRouche

Stop Club of Rome Genocide in Africa!*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Case of Walter Lippmann*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Civil War and the American System*

The Economics of the Noosphere*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The EIR’s Policy of Republican Grand Strategy of the United States*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Four Powers*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Hitler Book*

The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land Bridge

The Political Economy of the American Revolution

The Power of Reason 1988*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Renaissance and the Idea of Progress

The Science of Christian Economics*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The State of Our Union:  The End of our Delusion*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The Toynbee Factor in British Grand Strategy*, af Lyndon LaRouche

The U.S.-Russian Entente That Saved the Union*

The Vision of Hamilton*

There Are No Limits To Growth*, af Lyndon LaRouche

Toward a New Council of Florence*

Treason In America

Why Credit Can Be Greatly Expanded Without Adding To Inflation*, af Lyndon LaRouche