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Helga Zepp-LaRouche konfronterer de falske
aksiomer fra krigspartiet og de nyliberale.
Schiller Instituttets ugentlige webcast med
Helga Zepp-LaRouche den 11. marts 2021

Helga Zepp-LaRouche konfronterer de falske
aksiomer fra krigspartiet og de nyliberale.
Schiller Instituttets ugentlige webcast med
Helga Zepp-LaRouche den 11. marts 2021

I sin ugentlige dialog uddybede Helga Zepp-LaRouche hvordan åben dialog, snarere end profileret reaktion, er nøglen til at håndtere de kriser, som menneskeheden står overfor. De tre hovedtemaer hun behandlede var:

Den voksende modstand imod den store nulstilling (Great Reset) og den grønne New Deal;

Hvordan de fejl, der er begået i de vestlige lande i håndteringen af​​pandemien – inklusive benægtelse – har ført til en dybere krise, mens den "tredje bølge" nu rammer Vesteuropa;

Hvordan de unilateralistiske krigshøges anti-kinesiske propagandakampagne sætter Vesten på en farlig krigssti, baseret på falsk propaganda fra det militære industrielle kompleks.  

Hun opfordrede seerne til at deltage i Schiller Instituttets kommende todages videokonference, der åbnes med et panel om at vende tilbagegangen i den klassiske kultur i Vesten, hvilket har bidraget til, at manges godtroenhed over for løgnene fra krigshøgene og de nyliberale.


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Helga Zepp LaRouche Takes on the False Axioms of The War Party and Neo-liberals

The LaRouche Organization Weekly Dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Thursday, March 11, 2021

HARLEY SCHLANGER: Hello, I’m Harley Schlanger. Welcome to our weekly dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche the founder and chairwoman of the Schiller Institute. Today is March 11, 2021.

One of the interesting things that’s happened in the last days, is the emergence of what you might call an opposition grouping to the Green New Deal, with the legal suit filed by 12 states against the Executive Order by Joe Biden, declaring basically an emergency order on climate change and the Green New Deal. It wasn’t quite a bill, yet, but it’s quite interesting, isn’t it, Helga?

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: I think this is very promising, because the Attorney General of Missouri, a man called Eric Schmitt is taking the lead on that, on behalf of these 12 states, and the arguments they’re making are quite truthful, and they apply to Europe in the same way as they apply to the United States, basically saying that these policies, which really are the Great Reset and the Green Deal, they destroy the work of generations, they attack every household, every family; they destroy industry, agriculture; and they would drive up energy prices, they would destroy jobs. So they are really on the march forward to defeat that. Now, we have to see where this goes. But this legal action immediately had a very revitalizing effect on the farmers in those states and other states. And I think it would be extremely important that people in Europe who are affected by the same atrocity, but I have not seen anything like that in terms of really speaking out, that the Great Reset will only help the speculators, it will only help the hedge funds, and the very rich to become more rich, and the poor to become poorer. I would wish that this is being taken up as well.

Now, I think the Great Reset, [“The Great Leap Backward: LaRouche Exposes the Green New Deal”] which is the report we published some weeks ago, which is now coming out in the form of mass pamphlets in several countries, this is biggest assault on the living standard and the character of the European nations and the United States as industrial nations, and it will completely cause chaos. I would encourage people to both look at our report, which has all the background on where this comes from, because most people, even if they oppose it, they are not quite clear about the oligarchical nature of this policy; but at the same time, take some example by the action of these 12 states in the United States and formulate similar opposition.

SCHLANGER: Just so people know, they’re challenging the Executive Order 13990, which mandates green reset policies. What they’ve said is that this will damage manufacturing, decrease the electricity supply, suppress agriculture, and increase poverty, meaning increased expenses to the states; they’re saying hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and they claim the White House does not have the power to make policy in these areas, that it should be in the Congress. So that is quite an interesting development.

But meanwhile, we have John Kerry jetting over to Brussels to be welcomed back to the fold of the Paris Climate Agreement by von der Leyen and the European Commission.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes, this is quite outrageous. What Kerry actually said is that even the Paris Agreement is not enough, that with the present policies which are already completely insane, there still would be a warming up of the Earth of 3.6°F, which is not supported by fact at all, and even the CO₂ connection is very dubious. If John Kerry was so much concerned about that, I mean, there would be one easy thing to reduce the CO₂ emissions, he could shut down the military-industry complex. Because one Eurofighter in one hour emits 11 tons of CO₂. So if you really wanted to go after the climate problem, then we could reduce these incredibly dangerous and provocative military maneuvers which are taking place all the time. But that is obviously not the real issue.

And if you then look at another aspect, namely, the absolute hysteria by the German media in particular around the 10th anniversary of the incident at Fukushima, where if you would believe what some of these radio reports and media reports were saying, this was the ultimate proof that nuclear energy is dangerous. But the reality is, that while more than 20,000 people died in Fukushima and elsewhere, none of them died as a result of nuclear radiation, but they all died as a result of the tsunami and the earthquake in Tohoku triggering that tsunami. So this is really incredible. In Germany we have a politician, Norbert Röttgen, who is the head of the CDU and foreign policy commission in the Bundestag, he went out of his way to say, “no renaissance of nuclear energy, and only all renewable. And look at it, all these hedge funds and all these major player are now investing in solar and renewable, isn’t that the proof that this is a good thing?”

Well, the reality is the Great Reset is an investment in the biggest bubble and the biggest swindle, because if you invest in CO₂ emission titles, you are investing in something which in reality does not exist, other than that it will completely destroy the economy.

Now, we have pointed out many times to the fact that that insanity affects only the so-called “Western” countries, because Putin, at the same time had a meeting with some of his ministers, and he basically said that Russia is going to increase its coal production and 50% of that will be exported to Asia. [http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/65085] And, naturally, the Chinese intend to have 50% of their energy supply by 2050 still coming from coal, while going heavily into nuclear energy.

And the Chinese, on the other side, they just announced that they will soon start the first commercial high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTR). This is a technology which was developed in Germany by Professor Schulten from Jülich, and because it was politically unrealizable in Germany, Professor Schulten gave the entire technology to the Chinese, because he said this technology is too precious, so rather give to the Chinese than not have it developed. Now, if you want to have a really safe nuclear energy, then you go to high-temperature reactors, which, for physical reasons turn off immediately if there is the slightest irregularity.

This just shows you that behind all of this, the so-called “climate” question, the anti-nuclear question, there are quite different motives, namely, to reduce the population: And that is what is not being accepted by Russia and China. And we have discussed many times in the past, and I want to repeat it, this self-destruction of the West by deindustrializing, by bringing back the level of industry and agriculture to the time of the preindustrial era, means the West is weakening itself. And naturally, this increases the war danger, because Russia and China have no intention of doing likewise, and therefore the so-called “threat of the rise of China” will be increasingly an issue. So these things have all kinds of strategic implications, that people who normally think about these questions are not really thinking through.

SCHLANGER: And we’ll take up the broader geopolitical question on this in a moment, but I think it’s interesting for people in especially the West, who don’t like the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, to realize that there are allies around the world, including Russia and China; and that’s part of the reason the geopoliticians of the empire are trying to provoke war between the East and the West.

We’ll come to that in a moment. I think we should move to the question of the pandemic, where it’s clear that the situation in Europe, in particular, but also in sections of the third world, has moved into a new phase, particularly in countries like Italy, Germany. What information do you have on this, Helga?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: For all those people who said the pandemic is just an invention and it doesn’t exist, the reality is, because of the failure of the governments to deal with it in an efficient way—and I’m saying this knowing that many people will have a nervous breakdown when I say it—but, contrary to the Asians, not only China, but most of the Asians who dealt with the outbreak of the pandemic extremely efficiently and had low death rates, in most of the rest of the world the pandemic is completely out of control. Maybe the most dangerous situation is in Brazil, where a new strain has developed. You have practically the entire health system at its limit; all the ICU units are filled; and the situation is practically out of control. And the former President Lula da Silva, who was just freed of all accusations in the courts, basically said that present President Jair Bolsonaro is an imbecile the way he criminally dealt with the situation, playing it down, by not providing the measures needed.

So, how you have a situation in which the largest country in Latin America, which borders with almost all nations of South America—not all of them, but most of them—is becoming a hotbed of an eruption of the pandemic. But if you go to Europe, it does not look much better. You have a situation in Italy, where now there are more than 100,000 who have died—and Italy only has 60 million people! So, in reality that means the death rate in Italy is even a little bit higher than that in the United States! All of Europe has 560,000 who died. Now, that’s quite a big number.

So then you have a situation where many countries are now taking resolute measures, because they see that the EU Commission utterly failed. They failed a year ago, to get the masks; then they failed the get the vaccines. They ordered the vaccines much too late, while the United States, Great Britain, Israel, ordered immediately, not thinking about the costs—what did the EU do? They have a woman there, an Italian, who is in charge of doing this, who has no medical background; she’s an interpreter, therefore she’s completely incompetent. So she bargained to get a better price and she missed the boat. So therefore, now the vaccines in Europe are late, and that is a situation where now many countries are turning to Russia, to China. For example, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán from Hungary ordered a Hungarian plane to go to Beijing, fill it up with 550,000 doses of vaccine, and bring it back to Hungary. The same is happening in the Czech Republic, where there is a big internal brawl, where some politicians say, “we will not have our people die; we will go to Russia and get Sputnik V.” And the same is happening with Denmark and Austria, where the prime ministers, respectively the Chancellor of Austria went to Israel to consult with Netanyahu about what Israel did that was right, because they have almost the entire population vaccinated already.

Now the unity of the EU is completely disappeared, because in this situation, responsible national leaders insisted we have to protect our population, and if the EU is incapable of dealing with it, we will go to Russia, we’ll go to China, and we will take their offers to get the vaccines from there.

This is a very interesting development, and it just shows you that the mistake which was made by the EU, rather than thinking about the people, they followed their ideology, by saying, this is a perfect opportunity where we can assert the power of the EU by having more centralization, so no nation should order vaccines themselves, we’ll all do it centrally. But then they completely ruined it! They did not think of increasing the production of the vaccine production capability, they gave it to the private firms and bargained for a lower price. So by turning to the supranational construction of the EU, not thinking of the interest of the members, not putting the common good first but going to the free market ideology, they completely ruined it. And the populations are really getting mad. People are right now realizing that their livelihood is ruined, their jobs are ruined, the death rates are high. And this comes now on top of the fact that obviously, all the back and forth, lockdowns a little bit, then going back and forth, has not worked.

So in Germany, where you had a medium hard lockdown, which was supposed to be loosened by the end of March; this now becomes very dubious, because just today, the Robert Koch Institute stated that the third wave has arrived. Yesterday there were 14,000 new infections. This is also getting out of control, and it probably has to do with the new strains that are much more infectious.

The Prime Minister of Finland was warning that the way this is going, they are very concerned about the coming fall, the coming spring a year from now, and expressing the worry that the pandemic will be with us for many years to come.

I think this brings up what Dr. Tedros from the World Health Organization has been saying, that in light of this—and we are not even talking about what is happening in Africa, and some parts of Asia—that all the patents must be lifted for the time being, that the pharmaceutical concerns should not be allowed to looked at it from the standpoint of profit, but that there has to be a maximum production, and increase of production and an international cooperation. If people want to compensate these pharmaceutical firms, if governments want to do that, they can, but the question of protecting these patents should not be in the way of responding to this pandemic in the most powerful way possible, and that would be to make the vaccines a common good, and not think about profit in this situation.

That also underlines what the Schiller Institute has been saying from the very beginning, that only if we have a world health system, a modern health system in every single country, not one can be left behind, because as it is now becoming clear, if you don’t vaccinate, and test, and do contact tracing, and all of these measures, then the danger of mutations of new variants is developing and it comes back so that even the vaccines may be ineffective in those countries which have them.

So it’s really a race against time, and this idea to only take care of the rich countries and not pay attention to the poor countries, is a boomerang, and we are seeing right now that it can completely backfire. So I would really urge all of you to work with the Schiller Institute for the idea of a modern health system in every single country, work with the Committee of the Coincidence of Opposites; these are mostly doctors, nurses, and other people working with the Schiller Institute, to try to apply the kinds of methods, to address the famine, because you can’t deal with the pandemic when you have an expanding world famine at the same time, which is, according to the World Food Program threatening 300 million people this year! These two questions have to be tackled together, and you have to have a modern health system going together with overcoming poverty and underdevelopment in the developing countries, or else we will not get out of this.

SCHLANGER: Just a quick correction, you said 870 million deaths in Europe. I think it’s about 560,000.

But what I think is interesting from this discussion is that if you look at what we’ve discussed so far, in the opposition to the Great Reset and also the cooperation that’s coming from Russia and China, you have a real potential for collaboration now, between Western countries with Russia and China. And yet, we still have in the United States, coming from the British geopolitical networks, a lot of—well, provocations aimed at China in particular. And many people don’t fully understand this and are going with a knee-jerk reaction against China, in a sense, the same way they were going into a knee-jerk reaction against Russia around Russiagate.

There are some meetings coming up between the Biden administration and China, but there’s also a lot of harsh rhetoric, so, how do you see this thing shaping up, in terms of the U.S.-China perspective?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: For anybody who does not have geopolitical spectacles on their nose, would see that unless the two largest economies in the world, the United States and China, are working together to tackle these problems, like the pandemic, like the poverty, like the famine, the world will be a miserable place! And therefore, what some of these military doctrines which declare Russia and China the “enemy,” are doing is really stupid. One can say more harsh words than that, but the minimum one can say is that they’re completely stupid.

There was just now a hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee, where Admiral Davidson, who’s the commander of the Indo-Pacific basically blasted China that they are oppressive toward the domestic policy and aggressive in the Indo-Pacific, threatening every country there, on and on like that—and it’s just very dangerous and part of a propaganda which in the end result can only lead to war.

Now, many people, and this is being brought up by people we are talking to in the organizing a lot, both in the United States and in Europe, who say, “but, yeah, China is this, and that.” Well, let me discuss a couple of facts: Before the Tiananmen Square in 1989, the image of Chinese in the United States was very positive. More than 80% had a positive idea about the Chinese people; then this Tiananmen Square massacre happened and the Chinese government in the meantime said that maybe the way they dealt with it was too harsh, but on the other side, one should also see very clearly that this was a first color revolution! And many of these protesters, these students, they turn out to be in think tanks in the United States. So this is like what is being done in Hong Kong, or what was done with the Orange Revolution in Ukraine or later the Maidan in Ukraine. I mean, this was a color revolution.

China protected the unity of its state. But people should just take a look at what is happening: First of all, there is absolutely no proof that China spread the virus deliberately. That has been a propaganda which was cooked up by the same geopolitical faction which really wants to contain the rise of China. China was able to deal with the virus extremely efficiently. They went into a very hard quarantine in Wuhan for two months. They built all these hospitals, they did testing, contact tracing, quarantine, and they got it completely under control. And now, when it flares up, it’s relatively easy, because they use modern electronics to trace people and isolate the people who are infected and it does not spread.

That was the reason why China in 2020, was practically the only country which had a significant economic growth, +2%. They want to have, and they will have 6% growth this year. While all the other nations, the United States, the European nations, all had collapses of 8%, 10% or something like that. And China is now set to become the engine of the economic recovery worldwide, if nations basically recognize the chance which lies in that.

People should just re-think: China in the Cultural Revolution and most of the 20th century before that, was dirt poor. Mostly very backward agriculture, people had a very low living standard. Many people died in the Cultural Revolution. And then, when Deng Xiaoping started to open up, the reform and opening-up policies, implementing the policies of Friedrich List, the German economist, and really also the American System of economy, by concentrating on the increase of the productivity of the population as the source of wealth, they made the most spectacular improvement by using what Lyndon LaRouche, my late husband, would call the “machine-tool principle”: By recognizing that innovation, the discovery of universal physical principles, as scientific and technological progress, when you apply that in the production it increases productivity and with that, you increase the wealth, the living standard, the longevity of people. And that is how China has uplifted 850 million out of poverty, created a growing, happy middle class of people who have a clear, positive idea about the future.

And China is continuously betting on the most advanced technologies: We talked about space mission to the far side of the Moon, the Mars mission, and now China has concluded together with Russia an agreement to jointly develop the Moon, Moon villages; and China will have, next year, their own space station in 2022. They already said, they were excluded from the Artemis mission, but their Chinese space station will be a model for international cooperation; it will be open for any country that wants to cooperate.

So, what do you want to criticize about that, when the people are getting better? Their living standard is improving. Most people are happy with what the government is doing. The young people are motivated to study, to learn, the government is putting a lot of emphasis on the aesthetical education, because, as Xi Jinping said, the aesthetical education is extremely important because it produces beautiful minds. They just declared the Teachers Day, or they changed the Teachers Day of education, from Sept. 14 to Sept. 28, because that’s the birthday of Confucius.

So, if you look at the reality of what China is doing, they are doing a lot of things absolutely right, and the people who are accusing China of all these horrible things, of “internal oppression, external aggression”—well, I want to say that this is, for the most part, a projection of their own evil thoughts of the accusers. And that is all you can say about it, because, ask any developing country—ask the people in Africa, in Latin America, in the Caribbean, in most Asian countries what they think about the win-win cooperation with China? They say it’s good for China, but it’s also good for us! The West is nowhere, Europeans are not building railways, Americans are not building industrial parks, so, it is simply like that.

I really wanted to say that, because I know it’s very controversial, but I can assure you, I’m not saying that for any reason but that this is my complete conviction, which, I have formed my opinion over almost half a century—actually 50 years, because I was in China the first time in 1971, and I have visited many times in between. And I have seen with my own eyes the transformation of this country. And, one also has to say, at the same time, the United States and Europe are not progressing. In Europe, you don’t see positive changes; in the United States, the infrastructure is collapsing.

So people should stop having these ideological spectacle, and look at the world for what it is, and they will be much more productive.

SCHLANGER: Just a couple of points on this double standard: Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, talking about the “rules-based order” said that “China is challenging all the rules, values and relationships that make the world work the way we want it”: That’s the unilateralism. That’s the British geopolitical doctrine that after the fall of communism in 1990, the world has to come under a U.S.-dominated “rules-based order.” And anyone who goes against that gets crushed.

Now, similarly, you mentioned Adm. Philip Davidson. He accused China of “engaging in efforts to coerce, corrupt and collapse governments.” This coming from a U.S. military official, when what have we been doing repeatedly in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in targetting Belarus and other countries? So this double standard we see all the time. And this is something people don’t think about when they get into a knee-jerk reaction against China.

The Schiller Institute is going to be sponsoring a conference on March 20-21, a two-day online conference, taking up this question of the direction of the Biden administration, after two months in office. And I encourage people to go to the Schiller Institute website, https://schillerinstitute.nationbuilder.com/20210320-conference, to register for that.

Helga, do you have anything else to add?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes. I think this coming conference will be extremely fascinating. The first panel, we decided to reverse the usual order, and every time we’ve had a conference in the past, we always said, when we had the cultural panel, usually at the end, that this was really the most important, and why don’t we put this at the beginning? This time we will do that: We will discuss the absolute crisis of education, so all the teachers and parents, professors are invited to participate. We will discuss the true dialogue of civilization, how nations can work together, and how the torch of progress was really passed from one civilization and one culture to the next, and this gives us many, many clues. We will talk about Dante, 700th anniversary of the birth of Dante. Naturally, it’s still the Year of Beethoven, so we will have a lot of music, beautiful poetry. So that will be the first panel, you should absolutely subscribe to and watch.

Then we will have an extremely important discussion on the strategic situation. We have already important speakers from the major countries, the United States, Russia, China, European countries, Africa.

And then we will have a panel on Sunday, March 21, devoted especially to Southwest Asia, because this is a region of the world which has an incredible danger—Yemen, 20 million people are in danger of dying from hunger! Syria, a country which is starving to death. You have a situation in Afghanistan, very dangerous. Iraq, dangerous, but potentially good. So, we will have a whole panel with speakers from these countries on the dangers, but also how to fix it, by expanding the New Silk Road from Iran to Egypt, to Turkey, into Europe, rebuilding Syria, rebuilding the war-torn countries. Basically, undoing the damage which was done through the endless wars, because the suffering of the people this region has to end. There will also be some discussion about the East European developments and the Indo-Pacific.

This will be a very important strategic discussion, and then we will end with the work of the Committee of the Coincidence of Opposites. And that hopefully will give you all a perspective for how to get out of this crisis. So you should really participate in this conference, and spread the knowledge that it will be taking place as far as you can.

SCHLANGER: So you can register for it at https://schillerinstitute.nationbuilder.com/20210320-conference. It’s March 20-21, a week from this coming Saturday and Sunday. Helga, thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you again next week.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Till next week.

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