Webcast med Helga Zepp- LaRouche:
With NATO In Disarray, Use Hersh Revelations to Build Movement for Durable Peace

The revelation from acclaimed journalist Seymour Hersh that the U.S. was behind the explosions which hit the North Stream pipelines raises a series of issues which open the potential to end the war. As NATO defense ministers meet, there are signs of deep problems within the alliance, including the lack of an industrial base needed for the long war to weaken Russia that many had intended. Hersh’s reporting not only makes Germany a “global laughing stock” over its silence and inability to defend its security and economic interests, but makes clear this was an “act of war,” exhibiting the recklessness” of the Global NATO policy.

This is fueling a mobilization of anti-war forces, with a potential to break through the “left-right” profiles that keep opponents of the war divided. Zepp-LaRouche urged viewers to join the marches and demos in all countries. She announced that the Schiller Institute will sponsor Zoom meetings in the next two weeks, one on the broader implications of the Hersh story, the other on the urgency of breaking the sanctions policy increasing the death and suffering in Syria.

In conclusion, she reviewed her thinking behind her drafting of the Ten Fundamental Principles to create a durable peace. These are not a laundry list of policy points, but the basis of the kind of deliberative process which engages people in the manner of philosophical thinking which can produce the transformation in the population necessary for such a durable peace. She called on viewers to send her their thoughts on these principles, as part of that dialogue.