POLITISK ORIENTERING den 16. april 2021:
Vestens civilisationskrise: krig eller fred gennem udvikling

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Schiller Instituttet · Vestens civilisationskrise: krig eller fred gennem udvikling

POLITISK ORIENTERGING den 4. marts 2021:
Det er ikke i Israel, men i samarbejde med Kina og Rusland,
at COVID-19 og andre problemer løses

Med formand Tom Gillesberg


Lyd: (Der er ingen lyd i et par korte udfald, hvor der blev stillet spørgsmål.)

Schiller Instituttet · Det er ikke i Israel, men i samarbejde med Kina og Rusland, at COVID-19 og andre problemer løses

Dødsfald fra strømsvigt i Texas er et forvarsel om hvad der vil ske,
hvis der kommer en Grøn New Deal.
Schiller Instituttets ugentlige webcast med
Helga Zepp-LaRouche, den 17. februar 2021



I sin ugentlige dialog advarede Helga Zepp-LaRouche om, at de totalt unødvendige dødsfald og lidelser i Texas og andre amerikanske delstater på grund af en polarkoldfront giver et tegn på hvad der vil ske, hvis den ”store nulstilling” og dens grønne New Deal ikke stoppes. Disse dødsfald er ikke resultatet af en "naturkatastrofe", men en advarsel om hvad for en fremtid vi står overfor, hvis nedlæggelsen af​​ kul- og atomkraftbaseret elektricitetsproduktion ikke tilbagerulles. Den nye EIR-rapport, ”The Great Leap Backwards” ("Det store spring bagud"), giver både en analyse af de tydelige farer ved at vedtage en grøn dagsorden, og et alternativ baseret på hendes afdøde mands, Lyndon LaRouches, videnskabelige idéer.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche diskuterede også, hvordan kampagnen for konfrontation med Rusland og Kina udsætter menneskeheden for truslen om atomkrig på et tidspunkt, hvor samarbejde ikke kun er bydende nødvendigt, men også opnåeligt. Hvis NATO insisterer på sanktioner mod Rusland over den meget opblæste Navalny-affære, burde nationer som Tyskland, Frankrig og Italien forlade NATO. Tilsvarende viser EU’s manglende evne til at beskytte sine borgere mod COVID-pandemien ved igen at forkludre leveringen af ​​vacciner, at denne form for overnational institution ikke er i stand til at sørge for borgernes behov – en fiasko, der også ses i de sandsynlige ødelæggende virkninger af dets kampagne for en europæisk Grøn New Deal, hvilket kunne føre til en nedbrydning af det europæiske energinet.

Hun stillede de økonomiske og strategiske tragedier, der udvikler sig i de transatlantiske nationer, i modsætning til det optimistiske potentiale i de tre samtidige rummissioner til Mars. Det faktum, at De forenede arabiske Emirater startede sit rumprogram for kun seks år siden, giver håb om at, med internationalt videnskabeligt samarbejde, kan nationer bevæge sig hen imod en fredelig udforskning af vores univers, med enorme fordele for alle.

Afskrift på engelsk:

Deaths from Power Outages in Texas Give a Foretaste of Things To Come with the Green New Deal

The LaRouche Organization Webcast with Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

HARLEY SCHLANGER: Hello, I’m Harley Schlanger with our weekly dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder and chairwoman of the Schiller Institute. It’s February 17, 2021, and Helga, we have an extremely dramatic development, which seems ironically to coincide with the release of our Special Report, and that is the cold front that has hit Texas, leaving between 3 and 4 million people freezing in the dark. This is really quite dramatic, isn’t it?

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes, it is actually very horrible, because already 26 people died. Now, this is incredible, and you have the state of Texas, where the wind turbines froze up, the solar panels were covered with snow, so the energy production went down from an average of 25,000 MW to only 12,000 MW, and naturally you have blackouts, not only in Texas, but now there are rolling blackouts in 14 other states in the United States.

Now, this is absolutely unnecessary, and it’s not a natural catastrophe. People should not look at it this way, because if you had normal coal-generated energy and nuclear energy, you would not have this situation, so people should not say this is a “natural” catastrophe. Because I would rather say, if we want to have a good note about it, we should take it was a warning from St. Peter, a warning sign what could happen with the weather if you don’t have the energy required to deal with it.

Since we have this new report out, “The Great Leap Backward—LaRouche Exposes the Green New Deal,” and the Great Reset, there we have warnings in it, that this will lead to blackouts and the blackouts could be even more dramatic. We have the case of the EU, where studies were made by the scientific advisory service to the German Parliament, already nine years ago, that you could have a collapse of the entire European energy grid, and that would have much more devastating consequences that even this. But this is bad enough. I think 4 million people in Texas, in the U.S., and 5 million people in the north of Mexico are without electricity. Now, that means people can die in the cold, they can die of the effects of it in various ways, and I think it’s quite important that the former governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who was also the Energy Secretary in the Trump administration, blasted this in a very powerful way, saying that if you cut out coal, if you cut out nuclear energy, then you are completely dependent on an ideologically based energy policy, and people are dying! And that is what would happen if you have an energy policy defined by such people as AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and the like.

So, this is a very serious warning, and I can only advise people to get the Special Report EIR has put out, because the consequences of what the Great Reset would do, the Texas developments give you a meager foretaste of the kind of economic collapse which would result as a consequence of the implementation of this policy. And this could lead to very dramatic developments, social chaos; it would have a devastating effect on the strategic situation, because some parts of the world are not so stupid—Japan, for example, when they had a snowstorm, I think it was last December, the Energy Minister immediately said that Japan must turn back on all of its nuclear plants; and obviously, Russia, China, India, they are all massively investing in the production of fission energy, of the third generation fission energy, and naturally, very much emphasis on fusion power [research]. But the idea that the world can live without coal plants, modern coal plants which are absolutely environmentally friendly, I think this is really an illusion and must be corrected immediately.

SCHLANGER: One of the things I found most interesting, is that Rick Perry, in his discussion also mentioned the advances of nuclear fusion, so that’s a very good sign that there are at least some people thinking.

But Helga we have another problem that this comes up against, which is the absolute dysfunction of the political parties in the United States, with a feud going on in the Republican Party which broke out this week; with the Democrats somewhat chaotic and stuck with nothing but the Green New Deal. How does this look to you?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: It looks very worrisome, because also the fact that Kamala Harris is now conducting foreign policy with President Biden resting in Camp David. This has caused the raising of quite some eyebrows, because normally a Vice President participates maybe, in overseas phone calls, but here, Kamala Harris is conducting foreign policy all by herself. So the question is, in what condition is President Biden? Naturally, the situation in the Republican Party is one of utmost chaos.

And I think the only way how this can be addressed, is that we have to organize with The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute to really promote, absolutely, the solutions of my late husband Lyndon LaRouche, and hopefully large segments of the population will understand that a change of the paradigm is absolutely necessary. At this point, the only voice of reason is really coming from The LaRouche Organization and the policies promoted by my late husband. But it needs a broad mobilization of the population to change the course of these developments.

SCHLANGER: One of the things that The LaRouche Organization is doing is conducting a series of dialogues, such as the one from last Saturday on U.S. Russia policy. [https://laroucheorganization.nationbuilder.com/forum_worsening_u_s_russian_relations_reverse_them_with_new_paradigm_or_face_nuclear_war] It is clear that the war machine that was never removed under President Trump is now back on all gears, targetting Russia and China. Where do you see this headed?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: It is extremely dangerous. We had the Atlantic Council Paper, “The Longer Telegram,” so-called, basically referring to the “long telegram” paper by George Kennan from 1946, now referring to the need to have regime change against China, especially targetting Xi Jinping to be toppled. Now, if you put yourself in the shoes of such a government as China, and you hear that coming from the largest nuclear power, and probably still the largest economy in the world, it has consequences. It leads to a hardening of positions. And in a certain sense, this is going on against Russia, with the Navalny campaign. So I think it’s quite interesting that Prof. Lyle Goldstein, who is from the Naval War College, he made a couple of warnings, both in the radio and also in the Washington Times, basically saying that this is leading to a situation where there is practically a warlike situation between the United States and Russia, and that the people who are pushing the Navalny campaign should be aware of the fact, is it really in the interest of the West to have a very sizable nuclear power like Russia to have chaos, or is it not in the interest of the Western countries, that the nuclear weapons of Russia should be under the control of a stable, unified force—I mean, just imagine, you have a civil war in Russia and then these nuclear weapons would get into the hands of some strange, terrorist kind of forces!

I think that there is actually the need to really be aware of that, and come to the conclusion that this whole policy of sanctions against Russia is not functioning; this was, for example, just made as a statement by the head of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy [https://www.ifw-kiel.de/], Mr. Gabriel Felbermayr, who said that the whole idea of sanctions against Russia does not function, because you don’t get countries like China, or India, or other partners of Russia to cooperate, so therefore, the only forces which are hurt by the sanctions, is, in this case, emphatically Germany. So, this whole policy of geopolitical confrontation can only lead to a complete catastrophe, if it is pursued.

SCHLANGER: There’s also a very sharp warning coming from Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, about the policies of the EU, which are definitely part of this anti-Russian grouping.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes. He said that if this is stopped, if these sanctions are not stopped, that Russia is prepared to break off all relations to the EU. Now, there was a rather stupid article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, basically pooh-poohing it, saying this is just meant to cause people to now say, “Oh, we should do something now that this doesn’t happen.” But these liberals, and the FAZ is full of them, they don’t understand the connection between cause and effect, but these policies, as I said, they lead to dramatic changes.

I mean, if you put yourself in the shoes of Russia and China, what is the natural consequence of these policies coming from the U.S., from the EU, from Great Britain? Already in October 2020, at the annual Valdai conference, Putin raised the possibility—this is not the first time it was raised, but he raised it publicly at this Valdai conference—the possibility of a Russian-Chinese military alliance. And this was brought up again on Feb. 4, this year, in a meeting between Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, and Sergey Lavrov, discussing this option. Now, Putin in some context, also said it’s not necessary, but obviously, it would be a major change in the strategic situation. What it would do is, it would protect China, if China would sort of come under the nuclear umbrella of the Russian nuclear forces, which are sizable, they’re extremely modernized; Putin had introduced these new weapons systems, the hypersonic missiles, the nuclear-powered submarines—all weapons systems which sort of make the previous plans for a global missile defense system by the U.S. and by NATO obsolete; obviously, all these countries are working high-speed in their own hypersonic missiles, so it’s a dangerous arms race.

But, it would mean, if China would come under the nuclear umbrella of Russia, it would completely change the situation for good; it would basically make a limited nuclear attack on China impossible, unless you want to have World War III all the way. It would basically allow China a greater flexibility in dealing with the problems in the South China Sea, in respect to Taiwan. It would definitely have an incredible signal effect on all the countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. It would basically give them assurance that there can be a peaceful win-win cooperation.

Now, obviously, the efforts by the U.S. is to counter that, and that was going on already with the Trump administration, Pompeo and Esper, to build the Quad, that is, the Indo-Pacific alliance, trying to pull India into an alliance with the United States against Russia and China. But that is the kind of geopolitical games which really is what led to World War I and World War II, and I think it is really something we have to overcome: Because if this kind of geopolitical maneuvering is going on, the Damocles Sword of nuclear extinction hangs over the world. And people should really wake up.

The only consequence for European nations is to stop the sanctions campaign against Russia, to stop supporting Navalny, who is—it’s a typical Western intelligence-promoted operation for regime change in Russia. I think his support in Russia is very little. He has maybe a few hundreds of supporters—that looks big when they go on the street—but in reality it’s a very tiny fraction of the Russian population, and as we discussed previously, Ahurkov, one of the campaign managers of Navalny had begged the British second in command in the Moscow Embassy for money so they could do these operations. This is really something which should not happen! Regime change policy is a complete interference into the sovereignty of a country, and it is what Obama and Tony Blair were doing, the so-called “humanitarian interventions,” “spreading democracy”; democracy has gotten a very bad name as a result. And what should happen instead, is that the European nations, like Germany, France, Italy and others should leave NATO and rethink what is their security interest. I think we need to discuss a new security architecture, and that must represent the security interests of every single country on the planet, if we want to overcome the danger of nuclear war.

So, I think the consequence of this is to really leave the kind of NATO alliance, which has become obsolete in any case, after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and right now, the idea to expand NATO as a global force, is really—it will lead to World War III if it’s not stopped.

SCHLANGER: You mentioned China possibly going into an alliance with Russia: The Chinese made a threat that they may withhold rare earth materials that are necessary for aircraft construction and other kinds of defense contracting. How serious is that threat?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Well, I think it’s being seriously looked at. I think the Chinese government has started an investigation, exactly of what the effect would be, as you say, on the military sector, on the production of fighter jets, and if this escalation increases, one could actually see that happening. That would be a sort of nuclear bomb, but it would be one of these signs of a prewar situation if it happens.

SCHLANGER: And speaking of pre-war, we’re seeing a number of developments in Southwest Asia around Yemen, also around Syria with the Israeli strikes on Syria, threats to Iran. How does this situation look from your standpoint?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: The situation in Yemen is a complete tragedy, and also I can only say the world community which allows this to happen—I mean, the Yemen population is the worst humanitarian catastrophe in years; it’s escalating; everybody knows it, nobody does anything decisive about it. Right now you have 2 million Yemeni children under the age of 5 who are in acute malnutrition; 400,000 of those are in acute severe malnutrition, which is acute danger of starvation. Now how easy would it be to tell the Saudis, “you open the ports, you allow the entrance of food aid,” and if the EU and the United States and some other countries would really put their foot down, it could be remedied, practically in a week! The fact that this is not happening, I really think that the EU policies on the question of refugees, what they have done with Frontex [EU’s border guard] backing and participating in the pushback operations against refugees, all of these policies are completely inhuman, and I think any nation in Europe that wants to have a decent policy should leave the EU! The EU and NATO, right now, are really alliances which are completely against the interests of the member states, and there is no need to have a bureaucracy in Brussels.

Look what they did in terms of getting vaccines: Ursula von der Leyen is a complete failure; this woman was a problem when she German Defense Minister. Now her record as the so-called President of EU Commission is a disaster. Why does she not resign? She should resign! And I think the European nations should leave the EU and form an alliance as republics of “fatherlands” as de Gaulle was calling for it, and you can have a multinational cooperation for the development of Africa, for the reconstruction of Southwest Asia, and you don’t need a supranational bureaucracy.

These things have to be remedied, and these policies are clearly not in the interests of the European nations. And in the case of Yemen, I really appeal to all of your viewers—that is, you—to help to change the policy in respect to this genocide which is going on before our very eyes.

SCHLANGER: Now, speaking of the EU, we have the man from the British royal yacht Britannia, who is now moving into power in Italy, Mario Draghi, former head of the European Central Bank: This is just another disaster, and he’s committing himself to the entire policy of so-called “monetary integration.” Is this going to go over in Italy?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: We have to see. Right now, you have the Lega being in the government, and they have one minister post; I think one big test case will be what happens to the Messina Bridge and also the Taranto steel plant, which Draghi basically wants to shut down, and the EU wants to shut down: This steel plant is the production facility which could actually produce the amount of steel needed for the Messina Bridge [to Sicily], which obviously would completely change the dynamic in terms of the Mezzogiorno, bringing real development to Southern Italy and Sicily. And the Lega basically wants to convince Draghi to go ahead with this bridge. Let’s see how this plays out: Draghi made his first speech in the Senate which was unfortunately, everything one could expect. He made the absurd statement saying that the more there is European integration, the more Italian, the Italians become. He also called for Schumpeter-like “creative destruction,” saying that some industries are not worth saving. So this is exactly what one could expect from somebody who has been in the ECB for many years, and demanding all kinds of “reforms” which created the problems in which Italy right now finds itself. So this does not look good.

SCHLANGER: To conclude, we want to go back to this question of Lyndon LaRouche’s solutions, and you’ve been speaking very enthusiastically about the development of the space program in the United Arab Emirates. We now have a Chinese mission on Mars, and as of tomorrow, there will be U.S. rover landing on Mars. How significant is this? This really does represent—when you talk about the Texas situation being the foretaste of the bad things that could come from the Great Reset, doesn’t this project around Mars give us a foretaste of the good things that could come out of international scientific cooperation?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Obviously. Look, for the Mars missions—I’m still most impressed by this U.A.E. operation, because this was a Mars mission which was only started, I think six years ago; so, in an incredible speed, they caught up, at least with Japanese help, but nevertheless, and they have now an spacecraft in Mars orbit. This shows you that any developing nation—after all the Gulf States only discovered oil less than 30 years ago—and turned from total desert states into, in some cases, states which are really doing quite remarkable things, in terms of for example, the Emirates have an island which they irrigated and turned into beautiful gardens and forests. And when my husband and I were in Abu Dhabi in 2002, he made a speech there on the future of oil; this was organized by the Zayed Center. And he basically said, look, forget oil as a fossil fuel, it’s too precious and should be used for chemical production, for pharmaceutical production, and use the revenue to invest in the production of water, that will green the deserts. [https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2002/eirv29n23-20020614/eirv29n23-20020614_006-the_middle_east_as_a_strategic_c-lar.pdf]

And he advised basically to go for innovation and leapfrog—and this is exactly what the Emirates have done, and other Gulf States are going in a similar direction. They are cooperating with China on the Belt and Road Initiative, and now you have this Mars mission.

Now, if you think what incredible technologies are opened up with space research and space travel, we have seen it many years ago with the Apollo Project, where it’s often cited that every cent investment brought back fourteen cents in terms of value as computers, as all kinds of spinoff products. But we are now on the verge of getting fusion power as a propulsion, which is the only way how human beings could safely get to Mars. There is discussion about studying the weather patterns, the underground water, the traces of life. And obviously, not only manned Mars missions are what is being looked at, but also a village on the Moon, a city on Mars, creating the conditions for longer term existence of man on these planets, as a stepping stone for future interstellar travel. Now, that means that the character of humanity will completely be transformed, because it’s very clear that once you undertake such endeavors, you cannot have a geopolitical war on Mars, or else you will not live, and you will not exist.

And the kind of international cooperation among astronauts which we have seen on the International Space Station (ISS), that is the model for the future cooperation among nations, like the United States, Russia, China, India, Europe—the best policy of Europe is their work on ESA, the European Space Agency, where its head, Mr. Jan Wörner, is enthusiastically speaking about the village on the Moon all the time; and ESA has just put out a request for young people to be trained as astronauts. That program should be enlarged. Europe should have a much, much larger space program, and if a small country like the Emirates can have a Mars mission, why cannot Germany have a Mars mission on its own? You know, Germany right now is in place 27, in terms of the number of people being vaccinated; the Emirates are in place 6 or 7.

So there’s something right which the Emirates are doing, and something fundamentally wrong what Germany is doing and the EU is doing. However, this is the future, and if mankind is supposed to live as an immortal species—and that was a notion which was coined by my late husband—because we are different from other species, because we have creative reason. We can solve any problem through scientific and technological breakthroughs, by discovering new laws of the universe. And since our mind is the most advanced part of that universe, there is all the reason for optimism that once we attune our own existence and our own practice with the laws of the universe, our chances to become the immortal species is absolutely there. But it does require space travel as a precondition, and I think this idea of nations working together to discover the beautiful secrets of the universe, that gives you a taste of what the future of man can look like, when we decide to become adults.

SCHLANGER: Well, Helga, it’s always good to end with a healthy dose of optimism, as you just did. For our viewers, let me remind you: You can get the new report “A Great Leap Backward—LaRouche Exposes the Green New Deal” on why we have to defeat the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, go to https://schillerinstitute.com and get an invoice for it.

And Helga, I guess that’s what we have now, so we’ll see you next week.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: And join the Schiller Institute!

Schiller Instituttet tager på det kraftigste afstand fra Men in Black

Schiller Instituttet pressemeddelelse den 25. januar 2021

25. januar 2021 — Schiller Instituttet i Danmark tager på det kraftigste afstand fra de holdninger, demonstrationer og aktiviteter, der er foregået under betegnelsen "Men in Black".

Schiller Instituttet har været meget aktive for at sikre en effektiv bekæmpelse af COVID-19-pandemien (se udtalelsen Operation virus ud af skindpelsen fra den 30. marts 2020, og for at sikre, at vi både i Danmark og internationalt kan få oprustet sundhedssystemerne – både med henblik på at få nedkæmpet COVID-19-pandemien og forhindre andre pandemier som måtte true menneskeheden i fremtiden.

Schiller Instituttet har støttet den internationale indsats for at få udviklet vacciner imod COVID-19 og ønsker dem udbredt hurtigst muligt i Danmark og i resten af verden.

Vi beklager, at et tidligere medlem i Schiller Instituttet og kandidat for Schiller Instituttets Venner, Christian B. Olesen, har valgt at være aktiv i Men in Black, som det blandt andet kunne læses i dagbladet Politiken den 24. januar 2021. Christian var medlem i Schiller Instituttet indtil november 2020, men har aldrig diskuteret Men in Black med Schiller Instituttet. Så længe han fortsat er aktiv i og deler holdninger med Men in Black er han ikke velkommen igen i Schiller Instituttet.

Tom Gillesberg
Formand for Schiller Instituttet i Danmark

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POLITISK ORIENTERING den 20. november 2020:
Hvis præsident Trump besejrer valgsvindlen
får vi en anden og bedre verden Posted 46 minutes ago

Med formand Tom Gillesberg


Schiller Instituttet · Hvis præsident Trump besejrer valgsvindlen får vi en anden og bedre verden

POLITISK ORIENTERING den 23. oktober 2020:
Vil USA’s valg være overvågningningsapparatets kup imod præsident Trump?

Med formand Tom Gillesberg.


Schiller Instituttet · Vil USA’s valg være overvågningningsapparatets kup imod præsident Trump?

Schiller Instituttets videokonference
PANEL III d. 6. sept. video og engelsk afskrift:
Bælte- og Vejinitiativet bliver til Verdenslandbroen & Franklin D. Roosevelts uafsluttede projekt:

1. Dennis Small (USA), latin-amerikansk redaktør, EIR

2. Dr. Natalia Vitrenko (Ukraine), præsident for Progressive Socialist Party, tidligere parlamentsmedlem og præsidentkandidat

3. Michele Geraci (Italien), tidligere minister for økonomisk udvikling

4. Hassan Daud Butt (Pakistan), tidligere projektdirektør, CPEC; Administrerende direktør for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Board of Investment & Trade

5. Marcelo Muñoz (Spanien), grundlægger og præsident emeritus for Cátedra China, dekan for spanske forretningsmænd i Kina

6. Dr. Björn Peters (Tyskland), fysiker, iværksætter og politisk rådgiver inden for energi, bæredygtighed og råvarer

7. Spørgsmål og svar, del 1

8. Dr. Joycelyn Elders (USA), tidligere chef for USA’s sundhedsvæsen m.m.

9. Marlette Kyssama-Nsona (Republikken Congo), farmaceutisk kemiker, politisk leder af Panafrican League UMOJA og specialist i folkesundhedsspørgsmål

10. Spørgsmål og svar, del 2

Hvordan valget kan vindes: Vær sikker på at ’hvis’ sker 

5. august (EIRNS) – Tilbage i februar, 2017, næppe to uger efter at Præsident Donald Trump var taget i ed som præsident, udtalte Schiller Instituttets grundlægger, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, at Trump kunne blive den største præsident i USA’s historie, hvis han fulgte op på sit løfte om at skabe samarbejdsorienteret forhold med Rusland og Kina, og at arbejdede med disse og andre nationer om det Nye Silkevejs-projekt, for at fremkalde et Nyt Paradigme af økonomisk udvikling for hele menneskeheden, på linje med det beskrevne af Lyndon LaRouche i hans dokument af 08.06.2014, ”Fire nye love for at redde USA nu! Ikke en mulighed, men en nødvendighed”.

Den Britiske Imperium genkendte dette samme potentiale i Præsident Trump og tog en offentlig ed om, at de aldrig ville tillade noget som helst i den retning at ske – at en anden periode for Trump måtte forhindres for enhver pris, som det blev udtrykt af det engelske overhus i december, 2018. Briterne, med deres Obama-administration, samt andre aktiver, skabte den infame ”Russiagate” løgn ud af den tynde luft, for at prøve at sænke Trumps præsidentskab. Den store ”Rusland-Rusland-Rusland”-løgn – at Rusland havde hacket den Demokratiske Nationale Komités computere, for at give valgsejren til en ”medsammensvoren” Trump – er nu blevet miskrediteret vidt og bredt, og med den stadige aktivitet fra LaRouchePAC, Bill Binney, Roger Stone og andre, kunne den bryde sammen hvert eneste øjeblik. Men de samme britiske imperie netværker har nu opdigtet den store ”Kina-Kina-Kina”-løgn – at Kina er årsagen til COVID-19-pandemien, som de eksporterede og er ansvarlige for millioner af dødsfald – for at sikre at verdens to største økonomier ikke samarbejder for at sætte en stopper for den globale pandemi og fortsætte derfra til reorganisering af hele det globale, bankerotte finanssystem.

Udenrigsminister Mike Pompeo har haft den førende rolle i at udbrede Kina-Kina-Kina-løgnen – samt de destruktive handlinger baseret derpå – og Præsident Trump selv har delvist adopteret dette, i det mindste i offentligheden. Som en konsekvens er de amerikansk-kinesiske relationer ved at løbe ud af kontrol, som hver side eskalerer tonen i meningsudvekslingen. På samme tid er pandemien og den økonomiske krise også ved at løbe ud af kontrol, og skaber præcis den slags omstændigheder, som briterne søger for at sikre at Trump taber valget i november.

I denne tynde strategiske atmosfære offentliggjorde det halvofficielle kinesiske dagblad, Global Times, d. 31. juli, en leder, som var et tydeligt signal af en ny slags, som, hvis han ønsker at vinde valget i november, tilskynder Præsident Trump til, ikke at skyde skylden for forværringen af COVID-19 og den økonomiske krise i USA på Kina og andre, men burde i stedet konfrontere disse kriser direkte gennem et samarbejde med Kina. ”Lav justeringer tidligere,” skrev de, og ”slutte sig sammen med Kina”.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche tog tilbuddet op i går.

Hun kommenterede at ”lederen i Global Times er perfekt. Amerikansk-kinesisk-samarbejde angående pandemien er måden hvorpå den strategiske diskussion opløftes til en fælles tilgang. Dette må gøres for at skabe det miljø, således at et hastetopmøde mellem de fem permanente medlemmer af FN’s sikkerhedsråds (P5) kan afholdes senest i september, for at diskutere nødvendigheden af en ny økonomisk og sikkerhedsarkitektur for planeten”. Helga Zepp-LaRouche fortsatte ved at advare at ”hvis tonen i den nuværende meningsudveksling forværres, vil vi ikke være i stand til at have et topmøde overhovedet eller, hvis vi gør, vil det ikke være en succes. Den strategiske situation løber hurtigt ud af kontrol, ikke kun hvad amerikansk-kinesiske relationer angår, men ligeså i andre relationer. Præsident Trump har ingen intention om at føre krig, men i det nuværende miljø med før-krigs-retorik, og det Britiske Imperiums hensigt om at fremprovokere konflikten, kunne enhver fejlberegning føre til krig.

Denne stilling er langt værre end de fleste mennesker er klar til emotionelt at acceptere. Vi må rette op på dette og få regeringer og befolkninger til at vågne op til den eksistentielle trussel frembragt af pandemien og chokbølgerne som kommer fra den”. 

Zepp-LaRouche understregede at ”dette er den eneste måde hvorpå Trumps valgsejr kan sikres. Grupper for og imod Trump må i samme grad indse, at krisen må konfronteres og overvindes før valget. Vi har brug for et internationalt kor af nationer, der kræver et sådant samarbejde, særligt mellem USA og Kina. Vi har brug for et stigende antal af stemmer for et P5-hastetopmøde. Som jeg ofte har sagt kan Trump blive en af de største amerikanske præsidenter, hvis han tager de nødvendige skridt. Det er vores ansvar at sørge for at dette ’hvis’ rent faktisk sker”. 





Larmende tavshed fra de ‘større medier’, men sandheden giver genlyd:
Der var intet ‘russisk hack’ – overvågningsstaten afsløret

4. august (EIRNS) — De stærke afsløringer om, at der ikke var noget “russisk hack” i 2016, samt relaterede afsløringer, der er kommet frem i de sidste to ugers presse-begivenheder og webinarer, som er blevet afholdt af LaRouchePAC og Schiller Instituttet i USA, bliver stadig mødt med tordnende tavshed fra de etablerede medier (med få undtagelser inkl. Newsweek og the Washington Times), på trods af de overbevisende cv’er for Roger Stone, den mangeårige politiske konsulent for præsident Donald Trump, der ændrede straffen for Stones uretmæssige retssag i sidste måned, samt William Binney, den tidligere tekniske direktør for USA’s Nationale Sikkerhedsagenturs afdeling for analyse og rapportering om globale geopolitiske og militære det amerikanskeanliggender. Ikke overraskende, selvfølgelig; men mørklægningen indtil videre viser kun den skyhøje risiko, der er forbundet med at lade nogen af disse oplysninger blive bredt anerkendt som sandfærdige.

De faktiske kendsgerninger der viser, at hele Russiagate-operationen blev brygget sammen imod det amerikanske præsidentskab og præsident Trump af Obama-relaterede efterretningskredse, der er forbundet med briterne, vil sprænge  valg i 2020 vidt åbent, og forpurre det britiske imperiums globale geopolitik. Det vil også gøre det klart hvordan, hvorfor og af hvem operationen med falske anklager mod Lyndon LaRouche blev udført, og hvorfor LaRouches navn må renses.

Betydningen af at få udbredt dette billede vidt og bredt – og så hurtigt som muligt – blev påpeget i dag ved Consortium News’ offentliggørelse af et nyt memorandum, der blev udgivet den 3. august af Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) – (en organisation af tidligere efterretningsofficerer -red.). Dokumentet med titlen: “VIPS-memo til Nancy Pelosi – Hackede Rusland DNC’s e-mails?” er en grundig tilbagevisning af løgnene om masseødelæggelsesvåben i Irak, som blev fortalt for at retfærdiggøre krigen mod Irak og andre efter år 2001, samt løgnene om den formodede russiske hacking af DNC og John Podestas computere i 2016. Årsagen til at VIPS rettede deres dokumentation til ‘Madam Speaker’, formand for Repræsentanternes Hus, er at Pelosi den 31. juli udtrykte frustration over, at der i dag ikke kommer nogle detaljer ud om, hvorledes russerne påvirker valget i USA i 2020! VIPS, som inkluderer Bill Binney og andre specialister, forklarede høfligt, at de løgnere, der var involveret i 2016 (og tidligere), såsom James Clapper, James Comey, m.fl., er bekymrede for at blive sat i fængsel. De er blevet sparket ud og har grund til at frygte at skulle tilbringe tid bag tremmer. Derfor, ‘Madam Speaker’, ”kan fraværet af de ønskede detaljer simpelthen skyldes mangelen på troværdige informationer om betydelig russisk indblanding, og fraværet af Clappers embedsmænd til at trylle dem frem. Med andre ord vil nutidens efterretningsadministratorer – i modsætning til deres forgængere – sikkert ikke kunne finde fældende beviser mod Rusland, som ‘ikke rigtig var der”.

Baggrunden for disse salver af sandheder er de kombinerede kriser af pandemien, hungersnød, økonomisk sammenbrud og konflikter. På verdensplan rapporteres der officielt over 18 millioner tilfælde af COVID-19, rent faktisk yderligere mange millioner, hvilket skaber nødsituationer fra Australien til Europa. I USA skaber mønstre af ‘spredning i lokalsamfund’ problemer og lidelser på tværs af alle sektorer, fra skolegang til forarbejdning af fødevarer. National Governors Association har anmodet om en forlængelse af den føderale støtte til Nationalgarden, der nu tæller 25.000 i alle stater. I Det hvide Hus er der nu obligatorisk stikprøve-test af alt personale, efter at en fødevare-arbejder blev fundet SARS-CoV-2 positiv i sidste uge; og den nationale sikkerhedsrådgiver, Robert O’Brien, har været i karantæne med virussen indtil i dag.

Situationen for fødevareforsyning forværres drastisk for millioner af mennesker. I slutningen af juli rejste direktør for Verdens Fødevareprogram, David Beasley, til Ecuador og besøgte deres forsyningsmæssige knudepunktet i Panama, hvorfra ikke kun mad, men også anti-pandemisk materiale sendes over hele Amerika. Den 28. juli udsendte han en advarsel om, at 16 millioner mennesker i Syd- og Mellemamerika og Caribien nu er absolut afhængige af den daglige fødevarehjælp, hvilket er en stigning i år fra 4,3 millioner. Han appellerede for nødhjælp på 328 millioner $.

Endelig, i stedet for at fremme internationale samarbejdsrelationer vedrørende disse og indenlandske økonomiske kriser, er den britisk orienterede krigsfraktion i USA i fuld galop fremad imod konflikt. Blandt de seneste skridt mod Kina blev der annonceret endnu flere sanktioner fra udenrigs- og finansministeriet den 3. august, denne gang rettet mod virksomheder og enkeltpersoner i Xinjiang, hvor de anklages for krænkelser af uighurernes menneskerettigheder. En gruppering i Kongressen udsendte også denne uge en frist til de store amerikanske universiteter, Harvard, Penn, Yale og mange andre, om at de har en frist indtil mandag 10. august til at fremlægge dokumentation for, om de får finansiering fra “fjendtligt indstillede” udenlandske nationer. Hvad disse træk indebærer, er krig, hvad enten de involverede er bevidste om det eller ej. Denne risiko blev beskrevet i en erklæring fra det russiske udenrigsministerium i dag, på den første årsdag for USA’s tilbagetrækning fra INF-traktaten om mellemdistance-atomraketter. Erklæringen advarede om, at den amerikanske udvidelse af landbaserede missiler mod Rusland og andre krigsførende handlinger tvinger Rusland til modforanstaltninger. Erklæringen gentog imidlertid, at politiske og diplomatiske forbindelser stadig er et alternativ.

Dette alternativ er nedfældet i forslaget fra den russiske præsident Vladimir Putin om et P5-topmøde meget snart (med de fem permanente medlemslande i FN’s sikkerhedsråd). Præsident Trump og Putin har talt om en dagsorden for mødet. En sådan samling af statsoverhoveder er presserende – det ville være vigtigt allerede inden september. For at fremme dette perspektiv, og for at stoppe kupplanerne mod Trump og det amerikanske præsidentskab, udsendte LaRouchePAC i dag et nyt dokument. Ligesom med topmødet er der ingen tid at spilde. Ingen grund til at vente til valget i november! Spred budskabet: LaRouchePAC’s 2020 Terms of Battle: Secure the American Revolution, Crush the British Empire” 

POLITISK ORIENTERING den 5. august 2020:
COVID-19 på vej ud af kontrol og
det samme er tilfældet med den internationale økonomi og strategi

Med formand Tom Gillesberg.


Schiller Instituttet · COVID-19 på vej ud af kontrol og det samme er tilfældet med den internationale økonomi og strategi

NYHEDSORIENTERING JUNI-JULI 2020: Et 4-magts-topmøde
for global genopbygning nu!

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Frontlinjerne er nu tydeligt optegnede
– bliv en del af kampen, deltag i Schiller Instituttets konference på lørdag

24. juni (EIRNS) – Hele verden er i stigende grad konfronteret med den virkelighed, at den gamle verdensorden er brudt sammen og aldrig igen vil genopstå.

• Det transatlantiske finanssystem, centreret i City of London og Wall Street, er klinisk set bankerot, eftersom den amerikanske centralbank (Federal Reserve) og den europæiske centralbank allerede har optaget 7 billioner $, i dollars og euro, i deres bankbøger, det meste blot i de sidste par måneder, i et afsindigt forsøg på at lappe den næsten 2 billiarder $ store derivatboble, samt de hurtigt kollapsende markeder for virksomhedsobligationer og realkreditlån.

• Coronavirusset topper i USA, mens Brasilien, Chile og Indiens trues med et kollaps af deres offentlige sundhedssystemer. Andre lande, specielt i Afrika, står over for et holocaust, fra kombinationen af virusset, de sammenbrudte fødevarekæder og en græshoppeplage.

• Udenrigsminister Pompeo omtaler dagligt Kina som et ondskabsfuldt imperium, der forsøger at overtage verden, og anklager Beijing med den fuldt ud gendrevne løgn, at de med overlæg udsendte fly fulde af smittede personer ud i hele verden, for at forårsage massedød og økonomisk kollaps. Hvis dette havde noget på sig, ville det i sandhed have været en krigshandling, så man må konkludere, at Pompeo og krigsfraktionen, både republikanere og demokrater, er villige til, eller sågar ivrige efter, en militærkonfrontation mod Kina.

• Det interne, anarkistiske kaos i USA, en jakobinsk mobilisering (efter den jakobinske terror under Den franske Revolution –red.) finansieret af Soros, Ford-Stiftelsen og andre Wall Street-enheder, har åbent erklæret, at dets formål er at fjerne præsidenten fra sit embede før valget i november – dvs. at dette er tredje fase af kupforsøget mod Præsident Donald Trump, som EIR har dokumenteret fra begyndelsen.

Dagens offentliggørelse af notater, taget af et ledende offer for det såkaldte ”Trump-sindsforvirringssymptom”, Peter Strzok, beviser, at den tidligere præsident Barack Obama og tidligere vicepræsident Joe Biden direkte beordrede den ulovlige brug af justitsministeriet til at fabrikere snavs om den nyvalgte præsident, Donald Trumps, toprådgivere – specielt hans nationale sikkerhedsrådgiver, general Michael Flynn. En appeldomstol beordrede også, at sagen mod Flynn øjeblikkeligt bliver trukket tilbage.

På trods af de anti-kinesiske krigsråb, som kommer fra Pompeo, sendte Præsident Trump ham sidste uge af sted for at mødes med Kinas vigtigste embedsmand for udenrigspolitik, Yang Jiechi; et møde som varede over syv timer, og blev beskrevet som ”konstruktivt” af kineserne. På lignende vis sendte Trump i mandags den nye amerikanske forhandler for våbenkontrol, Marshall Billingslea, til at mødes med Ruslands stedfortrædende forsvarsminister, Sergei Ryabkov; et møde som varede 10 timer, og ledte til planer for amerikansk-russiske arbejdsgrupper for at påbegynde regelmæssige konsultationer om våbenkontrol, rumfart og andre strategiske områder, indenfor den næste måned.

Budskabet er klart: på trods af den krigslignende retorik fra sit kabinet, siger Trump til Rusland og Kina, at han ønsker forhandlinger.

Aldrig har dette været mere presserende end i dag. Præsident Vladimir Putins offentliggørelse sidste uge af sit længe ventede studie om årsagerne til og konsekvenserne af 2. Verdenskrig, tager, med begreber der ligger tæt op af Lyndon LaRouches analyse over de sidste 50 år, fat på hvordan briterne påtvang Tyskland dødelige krigsskadeserstatninger efter 1. Verdenskrig, hvilket skabte betingelserne for at fanatikere som Hitler kunne mobilisere den forarmede og rasende befolkning til at blive nazistiske mordere. Derefter afviste briterne Stalins forsøg på at skabe en anti-nazistisk pagt med briterne og franskmændene, og valgte i stedet at give efter for Hitlers overtagelse af Tjekkoslovakiet, hvilket tilskyndede nazisterne til at ”vende deres opmærksomhed mod Øst, således at Tyskland og Sovjetunionen uundgåeligt ville støde sammen og bløde hinanden i stykker”. Nu, advarer Putin, kunne læren fra den krig – den ”største tragedie i menneskehedens historie” – blive spildt af det igangværende sammenbrud af den kollektive sikkerhed.

I dag fejrede russerne de Allieredes sejr over nazisterne for 75 år siden med en militærparade på den Røde Plads. Soldater fra Kina og Indien deltog i paraden, mens udenrigsministre fra de tre store nationer i går mødtes (på trods af den farlige forværring af de indisk-kinesiske relationer efter den blodige grænsekonflikt i denne måned) for at vise deres fælles støtte til den nødvendige, kollektive sikkerhed, påkrævet for at forhindre en ny krig – en krig som ville være endnu mere tragisk og dødelig i denne atomvåbnenes tidsalder.

Schiller Instituttets internet-konference nu på lørdag, 27. juni, kl. 16:00 (dansk tid) under overskriften: ”Vil menneskeheden gå fremad eller fortabes? Fremtiden kræver et ‘firemagts-tomøde’ nu”, er måden for alle, der, med Friedrich Schiller, tror på at vi alle må være ”patrioter af vores nation og borgere af verden”, til at deltage i denne eksistentielle kamp for menneskehedens fremtid.


Tilmeld dig her for at få opdateringer og et link sendt direkte til din e-mail.

Eller bare se konferencen live her.

Eller bagefter her.

POLITISK ORIENTERING den 18. juni 2020:
COVID-19 vil være her en tid.
4-magtsalliance kan sikre samarbejde om global økonomisk opbygning.

Med formand Tom Gillesberg


Schiller Instituttet · COVID-19 vil være her en tid. 4-magtsalliance kan sikre samarbejde om global økonomisk opbygning

Den ’store løgn’ kan forårsage atomkrig

Den 26. maj (EIRNS) — Amerikanerne (og verden) husker godt G.W. Bush-administrationens ‘store løgn’, da Bush og hans kontrollør, Tony Blair, bryggede den store løgn om masseødelæggelsesvåben i Irak, og slap en række folkemorderiske regimeskifte-krige løs, der ødelagde Mellemøsten og drev millioner af flygtninge til Europa og andre steder. Præsident Donald Trump identificerede korrekt denne løgn som årsagen til Amerikas værste fejltagelse i moderne historie, måske i hele dens historie. EIR afslørede denne særlige løgn på det tidspunkt det skete, og behøvede ikke de empiriske beviser, der fremkom efter invasionen. Se “The ‘Ignoble Liars’ Behind Bush’s Deadly Iraq War,” April 18, 2003 (‘De uværdige løgnere bag Bush’ dødelige Irak-krig’)

 Den næste ‘store løgn’, også udspringende fra britisk efterretningstjeneste, er nu også blevet afsløret – den med ‘Rusland-Trumps aftalte spil’ og ‘det russiske hack af Demokraternes computere’. Frigivelsen af kongreshøringerne vedrørende ‘Russiagate’ har bevist hvad EIR demonstrerede fra begyndelsen – der var intet aftalt spil, og der var intet russisk hack. Mange af de ansvarlige står nu næsten helt sikkert over for kriminelle anklager for deres forræderiske samarbejde med MI6 og GCHQ i et kupforsøg mod USA. Atter engang, ved hjælp af kompetent efterretningsanalyse vidste læsere af EIR dette længe før ‘den rygende pistol’ viste sig. Se “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him,” Sept. 27, 2017 (Robert Mueller er en amoralsk juridisk snigmorder: Han vil udføre sit job, hvis I tillader det).

 Så nu har vi så ‘den store løgn’ nummer tre – fra nøjagtigt den samme bande løgnere og forrædere – med en smule variation: “Kina forårsagede pandemien, Kina sendte smittede mennesker rundt i verden for at ødelægge økonomier og dræbe mennesker, Kina vil tage verden fra os”! De samme britiske kilder, pligtskyldigst bakket op af den amerikanske presse, den amerikanske kongres og krigshøgene inden for Trump-administrationen, kræver, at præsidenten falder til patten eller står over for en ”vred befolkning”, der vil stemme ham ud af embedet – hvilket i sig selv er endnu en løgn. Igen advarede EIR nationen: Se “End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt against China and President Trump,” November 2019 (’Stop den McCarthy-agtige heksejagt på Kina og præsident Trump’)

 Niveauet for informationskrigsførelse i Chinagate er feberagtig. Det er blot nødvendigt for befolkningen at tage fat på den kendsgerning, at en krig med Kina, eller endog bare en “afkobling” fra Kina, ikke vil løse noget. LaRouchePAC har nu offentliggjort en rapport “The LaRouche Plan To Reopen the U.S. Economy: The World Needs 1.5 Billion New, Productive Jobs,” (’LaRouche-planen for genåbning af den amerikanske økonomi: Verden har brug for 1.5 milliard nye produktive arbejdspladser’), som giver en reel løsning, én der begrebsmæssigt blev præsenteret af Lyndon LaRouche gentagne gange i løbet af de sidste 50 år, men som ikke længere kan udsættes. Vilkår som under en mørk tidsalder er allerede ved at feje hen over Sydamerika, Afrika og endda dele af USA og Europa. En kamp med et usynligt virus og det lige så dødbringende spekulative virus, der spreder sig fra de tåbelige bestræbelser på at dække over det fallerede vestlige finanssystem, kræver den samme form for samarbejde, som blev organiseret af Franklin Roosevelt for 80 år siden for at besejre fascismen. Samarbejde mellem Rusland, Kina og USA var afgørende for at vinde den krig, lige som det er for at vinde slaget med COVID-19 og det økonomiske sammenbrud.

 Hvad LaRouchePAC-rapporten gør klart er, at der ikke vil komme nogen økonomisk genopretning i USA, med mindre verden bringes ud af britisk imperialistisk dominans – dvs. der må skabes 1,5 milliarder arbejdspladser over hele verden for endelig at opbygge de tidligere koloniale lande til moderne industrilande.

 Ikke flere løgne. Udbred LaRouchePAC-rapporten overalt og afslør og bekæmp krigspartiet, så præsidenten kan vende tilbage til sin oprindelige hensigt om at være venner med Rusland og Kina og fuldende et nyt paradigme for menneskeheden.


POLITISK ORIENTERING den 30. april 2020:
Kun samarbejde – ikke krig – kan sikre sejr over COVID-19 og den økonomiske nedtur.
Svagt lyd. Skru venligst op for lyden på din enhed og YouTube skærmen.

Med formand Tom Gillesberg


Schiller Instituttet · Kun samarbejde – ikke krig – kan sikre sejr over COVID-19 og den økonomiske nedtur

Kinas budskab til USA: ’Det er aldrig for sent at tage hinanden i hånden i kampen mod den virkelige fjende’

19. april 2020 (EIRNS) – Det er overskriften på hjemmesiden for det semi-officielle China Daily, 19. april, som svar på den nylige bølge af fabrikationer og angreb på Kina, for alt fra angiveligt at lyve om antallet af landets COVID-19-dødsfald til at undlade at informere verden om udbruddet af coronavirus på rettidig vis, til endog at have dyrket coronavirusset i et laboratorium i Wuhan, og sidenhen at have anvendt det som et biologisk våben mod Vesten. Det sidste eksempel på sådant farligt vanvid kommer fra den tidligere borgmester i New York City, Rudy Giuliani, der i går fortalte radioværten John Catsimatidis, at Kina “sendte over en million mennesker ud i verden – 1,5 millioner – næsten som ‘ambassadører’ der bar sygdommen. Hvad er der i vejen med dem, John? De har ingen samvittighed.”

Som EIRNS udførligt har dokumenteret, stammer disse angreb på Kina – ligesom ‘Russiagate’ før dem – fra britisk efterretningsvirksomhed, og er blevet hvidvasket i USA af korrupte elementer i amerikanske efterretningstjenester, moralsk afstumpede neokonservative og massemedierne. Som førhen, med det nu diskrediterede ”Rusland-Rusland-Rusland”-mantra, har den nuværende “Kina-Kina-Kina”-kampagne præsident Donald Trump i sigtekornet, i et forsøg på at få ham til at købe løgnen helt eller delvist, og derved forhindre ham i at udvikle et samarbejde med præsidenterne Xi Jinping fra Kina og Vladimir Putin fra Rusland, en alliance der kunne begynde at tackle den række af hidtil usete globale problemer, som planeten står overfor, startende med coronavirus-pandemien.

Som Schiller Instituttets grundlægger, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, understregede i sit internationale ugentlige webcast den 15. april: ”De [Kina] har tilbudt samarbejde på grundlag af et win-win-samarbejde. De har tilbudt USA et specielt stormagtforhold. Og det er en absolut absurd idé, at man kan forhindre et land på 1,4 milliarder mennesker, som har bestemt sig for gå videre på grundlag af videnskabelige og teknologiske fremskridt – og har bevist, at denne metode fungerer ved at løfte 850 millioner mennesker ud af fattigdom, og derefter er begyndt på at tilbyde fordelen ved en sådan tilgang til andre lande gennem Bælte- og Vejinitiativet – at man kan stoppe det, bortset fra ved en atomkrig! Og det er åbenbart, desværre, hvad nogle mennesker er parate til at eksperimentere med.”

“Denne kampagne styres helt klart af britisk efterretningstjeneste”, understregede Zepp-LaRouche. ”Jeg synes det er meget farligt, og det er meget dumt. Og jeg synes det burde stoppe, og folk skal virkelig ikke lade sig tage ved næsen af disse løgnagtige massemedier, der intet har med journalistik at gøre. De er i virkeligheden bare fortroppen i efterretningssamfundet og forsøger at fodre os med propaganda for at fremme deres mål.”

Hvad lederen i China Daily udtrykker, er sandt: Det er ikke for sent at gå sammen i kampen mod den virkelige fjende. Faktisk afhænger selve menneskehedens eksistens nu af en sådan alliance, for at feje det destruktive gamle paradigme af banen, og etablere et nyt paradigme, der er centreret om menneskehedens kreativitet som sådan – hvilket er det centrale emne på Schiller Instituttets konference i næste weekend – den 25. til 26. april.

Britisk efterretningsvæsen vil have dig i krig mod Kina, og imod Trump

17. april 2020 (EIRNS) – For at vide hvad der skal gøres i denne krise, er det afgørende at lytte til Helga Zepp-LaRouches hovedtale på Schiller Instituttets kommende konference, 25.-26. april. Hendes udtalelse, 15. april, sporede de ”farlige og dumme” forsøg på at give Kina skylden for coronavirusset tilbage til deres oprindelse: britisk efterretningsvæsen. Kinas ambassade i Tyskland samlede op på Helga Zepp-LaRouches udtalelse i dag, hvor de afslørede Londons Henry Jackson-Selskab for angrebene på Kina, publiceret i den tyske frokostavis Bild-Zeitung.

Det neokonservative Henry Jackson-Selskab, som forsøger at få USA og Europa til at sagsøge Kina for 3,7 milliarder $ og til at gå i krigsberedskab mod dem, blev påbegyndt under den daværende chef for den Britiske hemmelige Efterretningstjeneste, også kaldet MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove. Dearlove er den selvsamme agent, som gav den daværende britiske premierminister, Tony Blair, ”dossieret om irakiske ødelæggelsesvåben” for krig, og som gav den fyrede CIA-leder John Brennan og den fyrede FBI-chef James Comey det forfalskede ”Steele-dossier” til den såkaldte ”Russiagate.” Dearloves efterfølger i MI6, Sir John Sawers, angreb i denne uge gentagne gange Kina for angivelig tilbageholdelse af information angående coronavirusset.

Hvorfor gør London dette? Det ser sig nødsaget til at måtte adskille præsidenterne Donald Trump, Xi Jinping og Vladimir Putin, der i en række konference- og telefonopkald for tre uger siden var begyndt at diskutere et samarbejde til at støtte hinanden og andre nationer, i første omgang imod COVID-19-pandemien.

Hvis man falder for det britiske, geopolitiske ”kneb”, da vil man sikkert også falde for de større amerikanske mediers rænkespind med at bebrejde Trump for virus-dødsfaldene; man saboterer hans forsøg på at mobilisere USA til handling mod COVID-19 i USA og globalt.

Denne præsidentielle mission, som er afgørende, er en enorm opgave: Det indebærer at vende 50 års nedskæring af den reelle levestandard for at tilgodese finansmarkedernes fordringer på Wall Street og i City of London. I 1971 forudsagde Lyndon LaRouche en økonomisk depression, nedskæringer og i sidste ende pandemier, fordi briterne havde succes med at tvinge Præsident Richard Nixon væk fra guldreserve-systemet og med at ødelægge Franklin Roosevelts Bretton Woods-system. LaRouche gav en kommentar for 20 år tiden, der i dag til fulde er blevet bekræftet: ”Liberalismen må dø nu, således at menneskeheden og vores civilisation kan leve.” Han mente britisk liberalisme, frihandel og finanskasinoet.

Se på omkostningerne for Amerika, netop nu, af ikke at have en nationalbank, der kan udstede national valuta. Med USA’s industrielle produktion pludselig nede med måske 30-40% og reel arbejdsløshed hurtigt oppe på 25%, som i 1930ernes store depression, betragt de tiltag, som tages for amerikaneres økonomiske genoprettelse, og for Wall Streets finansielle opsving.

For Wall Street: Centralbanken sænkede d. 15. marts dens kapitalrente til nul og påbegyndte ”kvantitative lempelser” i en størrelsesorden af 700 milliarder $ til opkøb af obligationer. Den bekendtgjorde i ugen forinden en række lånefaciliteter til banker og ”skyggebanker”, begyndende reelt den 7. marts. Alle disse faciliteter trådte øjeblikkeligt i kraft.

For nationen: Præsident Trumps anstrengelser for at mobilisere produktion og erhvervelse af medicinsk udstyr og infrastruktur i den offentlige sundhedssektor begyndte d. 14 marts, og blev til dette formål understøttet af 200 milliarder $ i en lovgivning fra Kongressen, som han underskrev d. 18. marts. Men det var alt. Ingen hjælp til husholdninger, små og mellemstore firmaer, industrier eller landbruget blev vedtaget og underskrevet før d. 27. marts; yderligere begyndte størstedelen af hjælpen og lån til erhvervslivet, som de lovgav for, først at komme omkring d. 10. april – mere end en måned efter at USA’s centralbank begyndte at redde finansmarkederne. Pr. 16. april – seks uger efter at centralbanken gik i aktion for finansmarkederne – kan de fleste små firmaer stadig ikke få lån til dækning af lønninger, og meget af hjælpen til husstande er stadig ikke blevet modtaget.

Således stiger kommercielle skrotobligationer og børsmarkeder nu, mens produktionen styrtdykker, og millioner af husstande, små firmaer og landmænd stadig venter på understøttelse eller markedshjælp; der er omfattende misligholdelse af realkreditlån og realkreditudlånere går fallit, huspriser falder.

For verden: Effekten er graverende. Det monetære dollarbaserede pengesystem med flydende valutakurser fungerer således, at disse redningspakker til finansmarkederne og sammenbruddet af produktion og efterspørgsel får dollaren til at stige – et par procent i forhold til industrilandes valutaer, men 15-30% ift. de fleste udviklingslandes valutaer. Kombineret med kapitalflugt til dollaren, uden sikring gennem valuta- eller kapitalkontrol i dette system, medfører dette et gevaldigt slag til disse udviklingslandes økonomier, efterhånden som COVID-19-pandemien rammer dem.

Og den amerikanske centralbanks dominans og fokus på omgående handling på Wall Street vegne, efterlader den amerikanske økonomi uden kredit til at iværksætte absolut nødvendig produktion – af offentlige sundhedsmæssig infrastruktur og medicinske forsyninger til disse nationer. Det er den slags initiativer, som præsidenterne Trump, Xi og Putin begyndte at diskutere sent i marts måned, da den britiske ”liberale” elite – ondskabsfuldt – gik i gang med at spille deres nationer ud mod hinanden.

Vi må mobilisere for at overvinde en ny mørk tidsalder.
Schiller Instituttets ugentlige webcast med Helga Zepp-LaRouche den 15. apri 2020

Det er kun idiotiske og selvbedragne folk der ikke indser, at vi står overfor en mørk tidsalder, medmindre vi mobiliserer for at etablere et nyt globalt sundhedssystem, indledte Helga Zepp LaRouche med at sige i denne uges webcast for Schiller Instituttet. Coronavirus-pandemien, som rammer nu, mens kasinoøkonomien er ved at falde sammen, kræver en total ændret tankegang.

Dette repræsenterer en moralsk test for menneskeheden, da der er mange som tror, at vi kan vende ryggen til fattige lande, eller værre, de indædte malthusianere der vil have befolkningsreduktion, og fortsætter med at insistere på at profit må prioriteres højere end menneskeliv. Hun opfordrede seere til at deltage i Schiller Instituttets mobilisering for et Nyt Paradigme, baseret på en kamp for
menneskehedens fælles interesser.

“Symptomerne på en mørk tidsalder er over alt”, sagde hun, idet hun pegede på eksempler som dem på plejehjem eller fænglser som er smittede og døende. Hun sagde, at hun forstår den smerte forårsaget af nedlukningen, enlige mødre hjemme uden nogen indkomst, små virksomheder som går nedenom, men at prøve på at komme tilbage til en “normal” tilstand øger risikoen for en endnu værre katastrofe, end den vi står overfor nu.

Lær ad hvad Kina og andre asiatiske lande gjorde for at håndtere pandemien. Bestræbelserne på at give Kina skylden for den globale pandemi er idiotisk, amoralsk og uærlig, tilføjede hun, idet hun understregede de sædvanlige mistænkte fra City of London og britisk efterretningsvæsen, som værende dem der fører an. Hun præsenterede den virkelige kronologi over den kinesiske mobilisering for at opdage hvad dette nye virus er og formidle dette videre til andre.

Det var Vestens arrogance, ikke et kinesisk røgslør, som har skylden. Den reelle antikinesiske kampagne har intet med coronavirus at gøre, men at Kinas fremkomst truer de neoliberale og geopolitikernes unipolære verdensorden.

Hun tilskyndede seerne til at støtte vores opfordring til en “Apollo-projekt”-mobilisering og for at organisere for Schiller Instituttets konference den 25.-26. april.


Afskrift på engelsk:

“We Must Mobilize To Defeat A Dark Age”

HARLEY SCHLANGER: Hello, I’m Harley Schlanger, with the Schiller Institute and welcome to our weekly webcast with our founder and President Helga Zepp-LaRouche. It’s April 15, 2020.

We’re clearly in the middle of a situation in which decisions are being made about what to do with the coronavirus, what to do with the economy. There are new reports coming out that the virus pandemic is spreading into different areas, including Africa and India. So Helga, how do you want to address this problem? Why don’t you go ahead and give us a picture of what you have?

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE: The situation really starts to look like a Dark Age, and I really wonder how long it takes some of these people who believe that this whole thing is just like a “flu,” or just a plot to impose world dictatorship, when they will realize this is a pandemic. And that because of the combination of the economic policies and the financial system failing, there is a real danger of a Dark Age. And those people who have not yet thought about it, should look at Decameron by Boccaccio, how he describes the Black Death in the 14th century: Because we are clearly, even in the so-called advanced sector, reaching, very quickly, such images. For example, in New Jersey, the authorities basically say that if people get sick in nursing homes, they should not be brought to the hospitals, because there is no space for them. Then you have an increasing number, for example, there is one nursing home in Richmond, Virginia, where out of 160 or so inhabitants, more than 120 are sick; 40 of them have died already. And a similar picture is developing in many nursing homes. Even in France, you have such situations, and in Italy, where people die at home, and they’re not being found. And then later they are being discovered. But especially, if the staff in nursing homes become infected, this is taking such a terrible development. Also, centers of juvenile delinquents in the United States, there is a very high ratio. The prison population and the staff in the jails and prisons are very much in danger and there is a high infection rate.

So then, you also have a situation where there is a collapse of the food supply. There was a food distribution in Nairobi, Kenya, where there was not enough food for the many people who were in need, and a riot broke out, and the riot police intervened with tear gas, causing these people to flee. A similar situation exists in many places, even in San Antonio, Texas, there was a food distribution through cars, and a line of 2,000 cars stretched out and in the end there was not enough food.

Similar situations are clearly threatening all over the place, and while the governments in the developing sector, in many instances have reacted more quickly than the so-called “Western” governments, because they had had Ebola, and other epidemics and disease outbreaks, so they did have early lockdown, but this is not sustainable. If you are sitting in a shack in Africa, with 10 people crowded in the same room, there is no point if you are being told to stay home, and you also cannot self-isolate. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed, who is otherwise doing an excellent job, he basically said, it’s not sustainable; we cannot keep these measures up. The same goes, naturally, for India, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi just announced another extension by three weeks of the lockdown; but we had seen already these absolutely incredible scenes where service workers who only make income a day at a time, because everything is shut down in the service economy, they are trying to get back to the countryside, getting into overfilled buses, being stopped by police. The same is the situation in the favelas in Brazil.

I think the symptoms of a Dark Age are everywhere, and whoever does not want to see that is just morally unfit, because the only way how we can react to this situation is by doing exactly what the international Schiller Institute is doing: Namely, we are making a huge campaign to change the system, to build up a health system in every country, not just reconstructing health systems in the United States, Germany, France and other countries that used to have good health systems before the privatization over the last 30 years: But we need such a health system, on the top level in every single country, and that is the moral test for humanity to come out of this crisis.

SCHLANGER: Helga, one of the things that has happened in the last few days, is there has been aid being transferred from China, from elsewhere: There are these “Solidarity Flights” now going into Africa. This is small, but it does indicate the right direction, at least in terms of the immediate emergency, doesn’t it?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yes. This was very good. This was organized between the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy, whom I just mentioned earlier; then also the Jack Ma Foundation from China, the African Union, the World Health Organization, World Food Program, and it was a full planeload of all medical supplies, and very urgently needed and most welcomed. And from Addis Ababa, it was then distributed to all other African nations. And there is the intention to build up similar hubs all over the world.

But if you look at the amount of money involved, it was in the low three-digit hundred millions, and what would be needed, is naturally several orders of magnitude more; and that is obviously the big challenge, right now. So, that is why I want you to join our campaign, because we need to have a completely news system: Because, with the present casino economy, and just private donations, this will not be sufficient. You have to create a new credit system; you have to have a national bank in every country to issue credit for the construction, not only of a health system, but also of a corresponding infrastructure, and the beginning of real development, industrialization and the development of agriculture. And that can only be done with a New Bretton Woods system. And you know, there are many calls right now, emerging: In Latin America, for example, the President of Argentina Alberto Fernández said the old system clearly failed, we need a new system. There are calls for a Glass-Steagall banking separation. There are even calls for a New Bretton Woods system, coming from one of the former collaborators and employees of the Banque de France, the French central bank.

But we need this to be on the agenda immediately: Because this pandemic will not go away. As it looks now, it will be with us for at least — at least a year, until vaccines come online, and it may be longer.

SCHLANGER: Helga, one of the things that is most striking is the pressure that’s being put on governments in the Western countries to reopen the economy. Clearly, there’s a lot of suffering going on, but this was an economic crisis that preexisted before the pandemic. What are your thoughts about this pressure coming, in many cases from bankers, but also from small businesses to reopen the economy quickly. I think the French have announced they’ll be sending children back to school in the beginning of May — what are your thoughts about this?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Well, I understand the pain for many people, who are cramped in small apartments, single mothers with yelling children, small businessmen who are losing their business, people losing their jobs — it’s a terrible crisis. But, at this point, if you loosen the economy too early, if you open up too quickly, it’s almost guaranteed that it will come back and be much more costly, than if you had followed what the Chinese did in Wuhan. And I can only repeat: If you open up now the economy now, without having a real testing of the population — and by testing, I don’t mean just the people who have symptoms. You have to do trial and error testing in supposedly unaffected areas, just to get a broad overview of what the condition of infection is, because if you’re not testing, you have no idea how widespread the infection is. Then, you have to have absolute protection of the population, you have to have a full supply of medical staff, medical facilities, protective clothes for the population whenever they go to a public function, like to work or shopping. All of these measures have to be in place beforehand. And I don’t think we have reached that condition yet. And there are many warnings that if you open up too early, you may pay a much higher price.

And naturally — and I’m not saying this goes for everybody — but it’s also very clear, some people could not care less about the developing sector and the population, and they couldnt care less about the elderly; and there is this very Nazi-like, Malthusian axiom, where people just think there are too many people anyway, and it’s a good thing that this is happening! I know that this is the case for some people, because they been speaking out quite openly, like Jeremy Warner, I think is his name, from the Daily Telegraph on March 3, wrote it quite openly like that.

So I think that we really have to fight for the adoption of what was learned in Asia in general — it was not just China, but China did the most efficient job, but it was in Singapore and South Korea, and I think that the Asian reaction was much, much more serious, than the Europeans or the Americans in their reaction. So, we have to really study what the Chinese did right, and just replicate it, because they have clearly have proven that they could defeat this virus in Wuhan. And naturally, such absolutely horrible ideas — fascist ideas — like “herd immunity”: “herd immunity,” if you have an infection rate of only 1%, well, that’s a lot of people dying! And some people take that into account, and just, you know, write if off. But I think the right way, is to try to completely wipe out the virus, and that requires harsh measures and not to loosen up too early.

SCHLANGER: And speaking of wiping out the virus, we have the other virus, which is that of the bailouts under way to keep the casino economy in business. It’s not going to work, is it, if you go ahead with the idea that we’re going to “go back to the old system,” because the old system was collapsing. It collapsed in 2008, and it was collapsing again back in September. That’s why there’s a real demand from you and the Schiller Institute, that we have a global health system, which includes economic policies. There’s an idiocy of the idea that we have to make a payday tomorrow, without thinking about the fact that the system itself is collapsed.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: It’s almost like vultures eating off corpses: If you see right now that the very firm which is supposed to manage the trillion bail-out package of the Federal Reserve, BlackRock, they are basically gloating and bragging that they’re running this whole thing now. And I think that the idea that you can pump money, and the Federal Reserve and the other central banks are now buying everything! They’re buying junk bonds! There is a junk bond revival, and all kinds of financial charlatans are advising their customers, “now is the time to buy junk bonds, you will make a fortune!” Well, you know, this is really the last straw before the collapse of the whole system in a hyperinflationary collapse. And it’s really nasty! Because, the rating agencies are downgrading the developing countries, Argentina and such countries, and it’s really a brutal fight where these vultures are trying to make the last round of profit, to make the rich richer, and this is reaching a point where you cannot do this, because you will cause riots, you will cause social upheaval, and as this pandemic gets worse, real social chaos is threatening.

So, the only way how this can be answered, is by implementing Glass-Steagall, now, before, for example the oil shale sector in the United States is completely at the verge of collapse, the oil price did not go up, even after Trump and Putin and the Saudis tried to have some arrangements; the oil price as of today, I think, somewhere at $20/barrel, and this is absolutely a timebomb. And therefore, we have to have, now, a Glass-Steagall reorganization, and the whole package that was proposed by my late husband in 2014: National Bank, New Bretton Woods, and reorganize the whole system. Make a new credit system, and then we can finance this, and we can restart the economy, after the pandemic is under control. And there has to be such a change! Because we cannot continue with this insane casino economy, which is causing havoc all over the world. It was that casino economy, which destroyed the health system, by privatizing it; it was that system which kept the developing countries down and prevented their development; and that is what gave rise to these pandemics.

So if people do not recognize that we have to change our ways, now, I think that this is the moral test, if the human species is capable to survive or not.

SCHLANGER: Another area to look at, you had mentioned to study what the Chinese did to deal with the pandemic. They’re also beginning to reopen the economy, but they’re doing it on the basis of continuing the Belt and Road Initiative, the infrastructure development. And yet, what we’re seeing from key networks in the West is the most vicious anti-China campaign, and this is something that you’ve been calling out. Where does this come from?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: I think it comes from a deep-seated geopolitical view that the rise of China necessarily means the downfall of the United States or the West in general. And I think that that view is a wrong view. China has, at no point threatened to replace the United States as the hegemonic power. They have offered cooperation on the basis of a win-win cooperation. They have offered to the United States a special great power relationship. And it is an absolutely absurd idea that one can prevent a country of 1.4 billion people, which has determined that it wants to go the road of scientific and technological progress, and has proven that that method functions, by lifting 850 million people out of poverty, and then, is starting to offer the advantage of such an approach, that you can stop that, other than by nuclear war! And that is, obviously, what some people are willing to play with.

China is not an aggressive force. But naturally, it does threaten the idea of a unipolar world order, which some neo-cons and British elements in the period after the collapse of the Soviet Union had tried to impose, and doing so by interventionist wars: The Bush Administration and then Obama, they did all of these interventionist wars, with the idea of regime change, color revolution, and that has gotten us to the crisis we have now in Southwest Asia and the refugee crisis.

But, you know, the idea that you have to stop the rise of China is very dangerous. And we see it right now that this campaign is absolutely led by British intelligence — as a matter of fact, the former head of MI6 came out yesterday, and after President Trump, unfortunately, very terrible, cancelled the funding of the WHO, by blaming them that they would have been responsible for many deaths, that they did misinform the United States — I don’t even want to comment on that, because it’s just factually not correct — this former British MI6 person said, that Trump should not have focussed on the WHO, but on China. And the Henry Jackson Society [in the U.K.], which is a totally neo-con, one of the worst reactionary institutions you can imagine, they came out and made a bill where they said that they want to sue China, so that China would have to pay for all the costs which have resulted as a result of the pandemic!

Now, the fact that the German tabloid Bildzeitung is publishing this today on page 2, the full story, quoting the Henry Jackson Society, having a long list of bills, you know, what was the cost for the taxi drivers, for the hotel owners, just 20 categories, that China should pay that — after yesterday, Pompeo on page 3 listed the whole arguments against China — that is the final proof that this Bild tabloid is part of the Integrity Initiative — formally or not, I don’t care — but de facto they’re spreading the propaganda of the British Empire. I mean, they just proved that in the last days, if it was necessary to still have a proof.

But they’re trying to hype up the population against China, and it is factually absolutely not true! I’ll just give you the figures, because, when they say that China was “hiding” information about the virus, it is factually not true. The first cases of some new, unknown disease became known in Wuhan on the Dec. 23 [2019]. Then, on Dec. 30th, they reported a suspicious number of people having pneumonia. Then on Jan. 3, the Chinese national health commission gave out guidelines how to treat these cases. And on Jan. 4, already, those medical people in Wuhan contacted their U.S. counterparts and the WHO and informed them about that. Then, three days later, on Jan. 7, the medical scientific personnel in Wuhan were able, for the first time, to isolate the coronavirus strain, and this was praised then by the whole international medical community, for the extraordinary speed in which they succeeded to isolate this new strain.

So, I think that that is the record. And I remember, because we paid attention to it when it happened.

And at that point, already, given the fact that there was SARS and MERS before, the Western governments could have absolutely mobilized their production of masks, of ventilators, hospital beds and so forth — but they didn’t do it! Instead, they kept repeating for weeks and weeks, “no, masks are absolutely of no use.” German Health Minister Jens Spahn said, “oh, the virus will never come to Germany.” He kept repeating that into February, saying, the German health system is perfectly prepared for any eventualities, but they really did not take it seriously, until March, when the whole thing erupted with a speed which left everybody breathless. And then, they kept say, you don’t need masks. And they did not say, you do need masks, you do need mass testing, let’s produce everything which is necessary, but they kept adjusting to the line about what was medically necessary to what their meager resources were. And that is a fact. You can say that for all European countries, and it’s still going on, to a certain extent, now.

So, I think that the attack on China is the most foolish, most immoral, and lying operation, because if there is one country which did succeed, at least for now — because it’s a pandemic, you never know what will happen down the road — but they were able to contain and stamp out the virus in the hotbeds of Hubei Province and the city of Wuhan. And rather than thinking, maybe it was the centralized government system which China has, which was the reason why they were able to react so quickly, gear up the production of the entire country; and maybe it was the extreme liberalism of the West which was the reason why it was not possible, maybe one should think that the liberal/neo-liberal system has some inherent flaws, and rather than discussing that, they go into this deflection and attack China.

I think it’s very dangerous, and it’s very stupid. And I think it should stop, and people should really not be led by the nose by these lying mass media, which have nothing to do with journalism: They’re really the forefront of the intelligence community, trying to feed propaganda in order to further their aims. But it has nothing to do with honest journalism, at all.

SCHLANGER: And it’s very dangerous that this propaganda is being backed up by military maneuvers. The so-called “elephant walk” which just took place in Guam. Maybe you can say something about that.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yeah! I think this is not the time to show military potency, in a macho kind of behavior. Because, I agree fully in this point, with UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres, who called for a ceasefire of all military action, to concentrate everything on fighting the pandemic. I fully agree that there should be a complete end to all sanctions against all the countries which are targetted by sanctions right now, because it does prevent these countries from fighting against the pandemic effectively. But I think, especially such military operations, like this “elephant walk” in Guam, which is essentially an exercise, rehearsing a mass takeoff of fighter jets, of bombers, of drones, helicopters, just the whole arsenal, in a show of force. Obviously, Guam, what is the obvious target? It’s China. Also, the continuous bellicose talk of NATO, that NATO has to be prepared for everything, even in the middle of this pandemic, it’s just stupid! It should stop.

I think the military should be used for a positive purpose right now: Whatever capacity they have in terms of Corps of Engineers, they should be employed — in part, they’re doing it already, in the United States, where it’s very useful, where they help the supply of medical goods, they help the disinfecting of apartments where people have died — these are useful jobs and they should be encouraged. The U.S. Army did that in Northern Italy, when there were too many corpses for the medical authorities in Italy to take care of it. So there is a useful role for the army in this situation.

But this is an absolute sign that if we don’t change the attitude right now, stop geopolitics and start to think about the common aims of mankind: This is the level we have to have. And there must be a retooling of a lot of this production: Why should we waste, and even President Trump talked about it a little while ago, where he said, he wants to enter discussions with Putin and Xi Jinping, because there is this incredible waste of huge military budgets. And in a world of such needs, why can we not retool all of this military production, and produce the kinds of things which are necessary? And the people who have made such an enormous amount of money off the military-industrial complex, up to this point — don’t they have enough? I mean, they have already multi-billions! So, I mean, there is a limit to all of this, and we are at a point where the common good of people, of many people in the world, of billions of people has to come first place.

And this is what will be the subject of our upcoming conference of the Schiller Institute, and I ask all of you to register for this conference [https://action.larouchepac.com/20200425_national_conference], and help to spread the news that it’s taking place, because the change of the paradigm will be the main subject of this conference. And it will be an extremely important intervention into this present crisis, with the aim to change the parameters, and establish a completely different paradigm.

SCHLANGER: And this will be an online conference, April 25-26. You need to pre-register, but you can find a registration form on the Schiller Institute website [https://schillerinstitute.nationbuilder.com/20200425_national_conference].

And Helga, finally, in terms of our mobilization, you’ve also been behind the drafting of a global health, almost a bill of materials call, which is also available on the website [https://schillerinstitute.com/blog/2020/04/11/larouches-apollo-mission-to-defeat-the-global-pandemic-build-a-world-health-system-now/]. What should people do with that?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Yeah, as a matter of fact, we should put the link underneath this webcast, and I would ask people to read it, and if you agree — it’s basically a call, what needs to be done in terms of this health system in every country, what kinds of materials must be produced, how to go about it. If you agree with that approach, then I would ask you to distribute this “‘Apollo Program’ for a New World Health System,” as widely as you can, in social media, among your friends and colleagues, and help us in this mobilization. Because I think, as this Dark Age aspect that I mentioned in the beginning will become clearer — and unfortunately, I’m 100% certain that we will see much more horrible pictures in the next weeks and months — and the need to change the system, the entire system, will become clearer and clearer. So the more people are fighting for this world health system, the better the hope is that we can get it accomplished in time, and that we save many, many millions of people from dying. So, join this mobilization, distribute this call, join the Schiller Institute conference, and become active with us, because this is an existential question for all of humanity. And we need to reach a completely different paradigm of thinking, where war and geopolitics have to be put in the garbage heap of history, and we have to go for a new Renaissance of humanist thinking, of dialogue of civilizations, of cooperation instead of confrontation, and this is a worthwhile fight I’m asking you to join.

SCHLANGER: Well, Helga, I think you’ve made it very clear, and people should study what you’ve said on this, look at the material we’re putting out, and join us.

So, until next week, we’ll see you then.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: Till next week. And stay healthy!

At vende nedbrydningen af selve samfundets struktur

Den 16. april (EIRNS) – I løbet af de sidste 15 dage, siden 1. april, er det samlede antal mennesker der er smittet med coronavirus fordoblet, steget fra 1 million den 1. april til over 2 millioner i dag. I disse to uger seksdobledes de amerikanske dødsfald som følge af COVID-19, fra 5.100 den 1. april til over 30.000 i dag, den 16. april.

I de sidste dage af marts meddelte den amerikanske finansminister, Steven Mnuchin, at centralbanken ville kanalisere mindst 4 billioner dollars til at redde det bankerotte transatlantiske finanssystem på skatteydernes regning. Denne redningspakke er allerede en størrelsesorden større end den katastrofale redningspakke til det finansielle system i 2008 – og en størrelsesorden farligere og skørere. I 2008 blev den amerikanske Kongres afpresset til at revidere deres oprindelige afvisning af TARP-hjælpepakken, da Wall Street og City of London fortalte dem, at hvis de ikke godkendte det, ville det efterfølgende kaos kræve en undtagelsestilstand.

Hvilken pistol-mod-panden-taktik bruger det britiske imperium denne gang for at få deres vilje? Hvordan har de for eksempel ”oversvømmet zonen” omkring præsident Donald Trump? – som den tidligere britiske ambassadør i Washington tidligere så malerisk har udtrykt det.

I løbet af de samme to første uger i april har briterne og deres amerikanske kriminelle kumpaner kraftigt optrappet deres fremstød for at udløse krig mellem USA og Kina – netop de to nationer hvis nære samarbejde er nødvendigt for at tackle COVID-19-pandemien og til hurtigt opbygge et verdenssundhedssystem, som Helga Zepp-LaRouche har opfordret til.

Tidligere væmmelig retorik og tilskyndelse til handelskrig er eskaleret til åbne anklager – der som sædvanlig har deres oprindelse i britiske efterretningstjenester og derefter siver ned til deres amerikanske kolleger og godtroende neokonservative i Trumps følge – at Kina ikke alene skabte det dødbringende coronavirus i et laboratorium i Wuhan, men at de måske endda har inficeret deres egen befolkning for derefter bevidst at slippe det løs som biologisk krigsførelse mod USA og Vesten.

I løbet af disse to uger er der også opstået et nyt træk ved den dødbringende dobbeltkrise med COVID-19-pandemien og sammenbruddet af det transatlantiske finanssystem: institutionelt sammenbrud og kaos kan ses overalt i hele verden. Fødevare- og andre optøjer er begyndt i Sydafrika, Indien og andre steder; folk i Europa og USA fortvivler over ikke at kunne finde nogen rationel løsning på krisen og skælder i stedet ud over de vedtagne nedluknings-foranstaltninger; og regeringer og multinationale institutioner viser sig ikke at være den opgave voksen, som planeten står overfor.

Vi er vidne til nedbrydningen af selve samfundets struktur – et sammenbrud, der kun kan vendes på samme måde, som den gyldne renæssance løftede menneskeheden ud af truslen om udryddelse under ‘Den Sorte Død’.

LaRouche-bevægelsen og dens venner og allierede mobiliserer internationalt til Schiller Instituttets kommende konference den 25.-26. april, der er indkaldt for at tage fat på og løse denne eksistentielle krise foran os. Det gør vi motiveret af den vedvarende ide om menneskets værdighed, der er nedfældet i de følgende linjer skrevet af Lyndon LaRouche i juni 1976, fra slutningen af hans essay, “Latter, Musik og Kreativitet”:

”Der er en syg verden, der skal genopbygges. I denne verden – der er karakteriseret ved de modbydelige lingvistiske sprogfolk – plages vi af flokke af humørløse, ukreative, nævenyttige lømler, der bedst kan beskrives kort og godt som en undertrykkende grå farve, der tenderer imod en ildevarslende gul. Ellers er den generelle befolkning psykologisk duknakket med en byrde af voksende frygt – frygt, hvis nøjagtige karakter og former disse personer foretrækker ikke at kende – hver især trasker miserabelt fra det ene velkendte, grå sted til det næste, ‘og på bedste beskub forsøger at tage sig af sit eget personlige forehavende’. I mellemtiden vokser stormene… Der er storme af udbrudte og truende regionale krige, og overordnet truslen om generel kombineret atom-, biologisk og kemisk krigsførelse på verdensplan. I mellemtiden breder syge rotter sig, og de dødbringende nye bølger af ødelæggende epidemier spreder sig mod mennesker, dyr og plantevækst.

Vi må ryste dette af os, og opbygge verden, da det står så umiddelbart og forunderligt i vor magt at gøre det. Vi må i mellemtiden vække videnskaben, feje affaldet væk, og ellers blive en generation som fremtiden vil se tilbage på med varm stolthed over forfædrene. Mens vi gør dette, må vi le en hjertelig latter, latter hovedsagelig på grund af spændingen, som vi med rette får ud af vores bedrifter. Lad der være musik til.”

Pressemeddelelse: Anti-Kina-hysteri er meget farligt, og meget dumt

15. april (EIRNS) – Dette er en pressemeddelelse fra Schiller Instituttet:

I dag offentliggjorde Schiller Instituttets grundlægger og formand, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, følgende erklæring angående den modbydelige anti-Kina-kampagne, som udbredes i Vesten, specielt i USA. Det er et uddrag fra hendes internationale webcast den 15. april 2020.:

Jeg mener, at denne anti-Kina-kampagne kommer fra en dybtliggende geopolitisk opfattelse af, at Kinas opstigning nødvendigvis betyder en tilbagegang for USA, og Vesten generelt. Kina har på intet tidspunkt truet med at erstatte USA som den førende magt. De har tilbudt et samarbejde på grundlag af et ”win-win”-samarbejde. De har tilbudt USA et særligt stormagtsforhold. Og det er en fuldstændig absurd idé, at man skulle kunne forhindre et land med 1,4 milliarder mennesker, som har besluttet, at det ønsker at gå frem ad fremskridtets videnskabelige og teknologiske vej – og har bevist at denne metode fungerer ved at løfte 850 millioner mennesker ud af fattigdom, og dernæst er begyndt at tilbyde fordelene ved en sådan tilgang til andre gennem Bælte-ogVejinitiativet – at man kan stoppe dette på nogen anden måde end med atomkrig! Og det er åbenbart, desværre, hvad nogle personer er villige til at sysle med.

Kina er ikke en aggressiv magt. Men de truer idéen om en enpolet verdensorden, som nogle neokonservative og britiske grupperinger har forsøgt at gennemtvinge i perioden efter Sovjetunionens fald, gennem interventionskrige. Bush-administrationen, og dernæst Obama, førte alle disse interventionskrige, ved brug af idéerne om regimeskifte og farvede revolutioner, og det har skabt den krise vi nu har i Sydvestasien, samt flygtningekrisen.

Men idéen om at man bliver nødt til at stoppe Kinas opstigning er meget farlig. Og vi ser lige nu, at denne kampagne bliver anført af den britiske efterretningstjeneste. Efter at Præsident Trump, desværre, annullerede USA’s støtte til Verdenssundhedsorganisationen (WHO), ved at bebrejde dem for at være ansvarlige for mange dødsfald, fordi de misinformerede USA – jeg ønsker ikke engang at kommentere dette, fordi det faktuelt simpelthen ikke er korrekt – da trådte den tidligere chef for MI6 i går faktisk frem og sagde, at Trump ikke skulle have fokuseret på WHO, men på Kina. Og Henry Jackson-Selskabet, som er 100 % neokonservativ og en af de værste reaktionære institutioner man kan forestille sig, fremlagde et forslag om, at Vesten burde sagsøge Kina, således at Kina ville være nødsaget til at betale for alle omkostninger, som hidrører fra pandemien!

Det faktum at den tyske frokostavis, Bildzeitung, i dag bringer denne ide på side 2, med hele historien, hvor de citerer Henry Jackson-Selskabet, med en lang liste af foreslåede regninger – hvad var omkostningerne for taxachauffører, hotelejere – i alt 20 kategorier – som Kina burde betale? Og efter i går, hvor de på side 3 havde Pompeo opføre en liste over alle argumenterne mod Kina – det er det endelige bevis for, at denne frokostavis, Bild, er en del af Integrity Initiative, den britiske efterretningsoperation, som kontrollerer den vestlige presse. Officielt eller ej, det er jeg ligeglad med – men de spreder i realiteten propaganda for det britiske imperium. De har lige bevist dette i de sidste par dage, hvis et sådant bevis stadig var nødvendigt.

Men de forsøger at opildne befolkningen mod Kina, og det er faktuelt, absolut forkert! Jeg vil bare lige citere et par tal, fordi når de siger, at Kina ”skjulte” information om virusset, er det faktuelt forkert:

• De første tilfælde af en ny, ukendt sygdom blev registreret i Wuhan den 23. december, 2019.

• Dernæst, 30. december, rapporterede de om et mistænksomt antal af mennesker, som havde fået lungebetændelse.

• Dernæst, 3. januar, fremlagde den Kinesiske Nationale Sundhedskommission retningslinjer for, hvordan disse tilfælde burde håndteres.

• Og allerede den 4. januar kontaktede det medicinske personale i Wuhan deres amerikanske kolleger samt WHO og informerede dem om dette.

• Dernæst, kun tre dage senere, 7. januar, var videnskabsfolk i medicinalbranchen i stand til, for første gang, at isolere coronavirussets genetiske kode. Den ekstraordinære hastighed hvormed de succesfuldt isolerede den nye genetiske kode blev lovprist af hele det internationale medicinske samfund.

Så, jeg tror, at det er en rekord. Jeg husker dette, fordi vi fulgte det nøje, da det skete.

Allerede på dette tidspunkt, i betragtning af det faktum at man kendte til SARS og MERS fra tidligere, kunne vestlige regeringer absolut have påbegyndt fremstillingen af masker, respiratorer, hospitalssenge, og så videre; men det gjorde de ikke! I stedet, blev de uge efter uge ved med at gentage: ”Nej, masker er til ingen verdens nytte.” Den tyske sundhedsminister Jens Spahn sagde: ”Åh, virusset vil aldrig komme til Tyskland”. Han fortsatte med at gentage dette helt ind i februar, og sagde at det tyske sundhedsvæsen var perfekt forberedt til alle eventualiteter. De tog det virkelig ikke seriøst, helt indtil marts, da hele situationen brød ud med en hastighed, som efterlod alle målløse. Og selv på dette tidspunkt blev de ved med at sige, at man ikke havde brug for masker. De sagde ikke: Vi har brug for masker, vi har brug for massetestninger, lad os producere alt, som er nødvendigt. I stedet blev de ved med at justere kravene for hvad der var nødvendigt, til hvad deres magre ressourcer var. Og det er et faktum. Det kan siges om alle europæiske lande, og det fortsætter stadig, til en vis grad, nu.

Så jeg mener, at angrebet på Kina er den mest tåbelige, mest amoralske løgnagtige operation, for hvis der er et land, som havde succes, i det mindste indtil videre – fordi det er en pandemi, ved man aldrig hvad der sker fremover – men de var i stand til at kontrollere og uskadeliggøre virusset i kriseområderne i Hubei-provinsen og i byen Wuhan. Og i stedet for at tænke: måske var det centraliserede system, som Kina har, grunden til, at de kunne agere så hurtigt, og øge produktionen i hele landet; og måske var det vestens ekstreme liberalisme, som var grunden til, at dette ikke var muligt; måske kunne det tænkes, at det liberale/neoliberale system har nogle iboende mangler. I stedet for at diskutere dette, foretager man denne afvigelse og angriber Kina.

Jeg mener det er meget farligt, og at det er meget dumt. Og jeg synes, at det skal stoppe, og folk skulle virkelig ikke lade sig tages ved næsen af disse løgnagtige massemedier, som intet har at gøre med journalistik. De er virkelig kun efterretningstjenesternes fortrop, der forsøger at sprede propaganda for at fremme sine mål. Men det har intet med ærlig journalistik at gøre, overhovedet.

POLITISK ORIENTERING den 16. april 2020
Vi kan besejre COVID-19 og derefter den finansielle og økonomiske krise

Med formand Tom Gillesberg




Dronningen viser, i lighed med Mette Fredriksen, lederskab under coronakrisen.

Danskerne forstod alvoren.

Flokimmunitet er blevet taget af bordet.

Nu kan der åbnes op, men hvor meget?

Vi behøver massiv testning for at have overblik. Det har endnu fundet sted. Vi skal også teste for antistoffer. Vi må kende fjenden og nedkæmpe COVID-19.

Europa er delt mellem de, der startede for sent, og de, der startede hurtigt.

Åbn ikke for hurtigt:



Behold social distancering


Økonomisk krise:

Corona var tuen, der fik læsset til at vælte.

Lyndon LaRouche advarede, men man vil ikke lytte.

USA: Total nedsmeltning af økonomien.

Hvad med huslejer og boliglån?

Nu redder USA’s centralbank Federal Reserve finansverden og bankerne — ikke den fysiske økonomi. De køber alt, inkl. junkbonds.

Løsningen er Lyndon LaRouche fire økonomiske love + bekæmpelse af COVID-19.

Under 2008-krisen forslog Lyndon LaRouche Homeowners and Bank Protection Act. (kun sparekasse-type banker)

Trump må blive en Roosevelt. Er det muligt? Vi mobiliserer.


Vi må samarbejde med Kina for at yde massiv hjælp imod COVID-19 til de fattige lande.

COVID-19 kan ikke vindes medmindre fattigdom bekæmpes.

Bælte og Vej-Initiativet må igang igen for at opbygge infrastruktur.

Europa må på banen.


Vi har brug for et paradigmeskifte:

Fra malthusianisme til LaRouches fysisk-økonomi.

Nu har vi chancen for at skabe en ny retfærdig økonomisk verdensorden, som sætter menneskene først.

Videnskabeligt og teknologisk fremskridt.

Den største renæssance i historien.


Vær med.

Tilmeld dig vores internationale internet-konference den 25.-26. april, som begynder lørdag den 25. april kl. 16. 

LaRouches ‘Apollo-mission’ for at overvinde den globale pandemi:
Byg et verdenssundhedssystem nu!

Den 9. april (EIRNS) – Det følgende er Schiller Instituttets internationale erklæring om, hvordan den globale pandemi overvindes. Introduktionen er på dansk, og resten er på engelsk.

Den 10. april 2020 – På det tidspunkt hvor denne presserende opfordring til at oprette et verdenssundhedssystem blev skrevet, havde verden mere end 1,5 millioner bekræftede tilfælde af COVID-19, og antallet af dødsfald, der tilskrives pandemien, var over 80.000. Denne sygdom, der først ramte mennesker i december eller november 2019, har inden for få måneder spredt sig til næsten alle nationer i verden med en voldsom tilvækst i befolkninger, som ikke tager stærke foranstaltninger for at standse dens fremskridt. Dødeligheden blandt de smittede vurderes at være en størrelsesorden større end den for sæsonbestemt influenza. På det tidspunkt, hvor man læser denne opfordring til handling, vil tallene være større, muligvis meget, meget større.

Overvindelse af denne dødbringende virus kræver øjeblikkelig, koordineret global handling: intensive folkesundhedsforanstaltninger, herunder omfattende test og isolering af dem der konstateres smittede; en kraftig stigning i tilgængeligheden af sundhedsfaciliteter og udstyr; betydelige investeringer og ressourcer, der afsættes til at finde helbredelsesmetoder og en vaccine; store tiltag i sanitetsforanstaltninger, især i mindre udviklede nationer; og en ende på den historisk unødvendige mangel på udvikling – og ligefrem plyndring – i verden. Denne globale pandemi kræver i særdeleshed en global reaktion, da reservoirer af virusset i enhver del af verden kunne forårsage genopblussen i årevis.

Det kræver et verdenssundhedssystem, der dækker alle dele af planeten.

Centralt for en sådan global reaktion er koordineringen af USA, Kina, Rusland og Indien, en alliance af de fire magter, åben for alle planetens nationer. Lederne for disse fire nationer skulle holde et topmøde så hurtigt som muligt for at udarbejde fælles tilgange til at imødekomme verdens enorme sundhedsmæssige, materielle og infrastrukturelle behov, som et første skridt hen imod at skabe et helt nyt paradigme til erstatning for det gamle bankerotte system. Der findes ingen anden måde, intet mindre, der rent faktisk vil kunne besejre pandemien.

Selvom det i øjeblikket er COVID-19, der påfører menneskeheden en katastrofe, er det kun en af mange, som verden er modtagelig for på grund af den fejlslagne internationale orden igennem de sidste 50 år, især den dødbringende udplyndring af udviklingslandene. Solpletter kunne slå de fleste af verdens elledningsnet ud – hvorfor er man ikke blevet beskyttet imod dette, selv i de såkaldt ”udviklede” lande? En hidtil uopdaget asteroide eller komet kunne ødelægge et helt kontinent – hvorfor har vi ikke udviklet noget forsvar mod denne trussel? Der er 800 millioner mennesker på planeten, som mangler tilstrækkelig føde – hvorfor er dette blevet tolereret? En græshoppeplage truer i øjeblikket liv og levebrød for et tocifret antal millioner mennesker. En anden sygdom kan bryde ud når som helst – hvorfor har vi ikke bedre forsvar mod vira?

Verdenssamfundet må udvikle robusthed for succesfuld overlevelse på lang sigt, ikke kun på kort sigt, mens man håber på, at der ikke indtræffer usædvanlige begivenheder, men ved at forberede reel tryghed og sikkerhed. Dette kan ikke forekomme under det nyliberale økonomiske paradigme, der nu svigter. Det kan ikke forekomme under et regime med bankredninger og et syn på økonomiske værdier som hellige. Dette system, med sin spekulative boble på 1,8 billarder $ er nu fuldstændigt bankerot og må gennemgå en proces med konkursbehandling, der for længst er specificeret af den amerikanske økonom Lyndon H. LaRouche, tillige med det samtidige krav om at opbygge et nyt hamiltonisk kreditsystem, nationalt og internationalt, for at bringe menneskeheden tilbage på sporet af videnskabsdreven fysisk-økonomisk udvikling. Den langsigtede succesrige overlevelse og blomstring af den menneskelige art kræver et globalt system, der anerkender den guddommelige gnist af potentiel genialitet hos hvert individ, og som søger at fremme dette potentiale gennem økonomisk, kulturel og videnskabelig udvikling.

Nedenfor påtager vi opgaven med nærmere at skitsere det nødvendige verdenssundhedssystem ved at stille og besvare to spørgsmål:


  1. Hvad er årsagen til denne, den muligvis værste krise som menneskeheden nogensinde har stået overfor?
  2. 2) Hvad er det fulde sæt af foranstaltninger, der på alle fronter skulle træffes, både i USA og globalt, for at overvinde pandemien?


Vi begynder ikke med at opliste alle flaskehalse og mangler og forsøge at arbejde nedenfra. Vi starter i stedet med at finde ud af, hvad der kræves: Vi må bruge denne eksistentielle krise til endelig at få bugt med underudviklingen af store dele af menneskeheden, en tilstand, som ikke er værdig for menneskeslægten. Derefter fastsætter vi de fysisk-økonomiske betingelser for at opnå hvert trin undervejs, inklusive materialeregninger og krav til arbejdskraft, som defineret ud fra et industriteknisk standpunkt. Vi vender derefter tilbage til flaskehalsene og finder ud af, hvordan vi gennembryder dem, til planlagt tidspunkt eller tidligere. Vi vil opdage at vi, for at følge denne bane, vil være på en ilmarch, der kræver konstante teknologiske gennembrud; vi vil opdage, at vi er i det videnskabelige domæne af fysisk økonomi, hvor Lyndon LaRouches arbejde er vores eneste guide og køreplan.

Vi vil også erfare, at en sådan tilgang kræver fuldt internationalt samarbejde, især mellem USA og Kina, for at nå disse fælles mål for menneskeheden. Enhver der ville modsætte sig et sådant samarbejde burde, politisk set, klassificeres i samme slægt og art som coronavirusset selv.

Det var med denne fremgangsmåde, at Franklin D. Roosevelt mobiliserede nationen til at besejre fascismen under 2. verdenskrig. Sådan vendte NASA-ingeniører den truende Apollo 13-katastrofe til en succes. Og i vores nuværende bestræbelser på at overvinde coronavirusset over hele planeten, er fiasko heller ikke her en mulighed.


Resten af rapporten på engelsk:

This Is a Crisis Fifty Years in the Making

The coronavirus was not caused by a Chinese proclivity to feast on bats. Nor was it cooked up in a secret military lab in the United Kingdom or the United States (although Prince Philip’s public promotion of his desire to return as a virus to help reduce the planet’s population, gives pause for thought). It was caused by an underlying physical-economic process that has been underway for at least a half century. In fact, Lyndon LaRouche forecast the current pandemic nearly 50 years ago, first in 1971 in his public warning about the end of the Bretton Woods system; and then repeatedly beginning in 1974 testimony before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee where he warned of the danger of an impending biological holocaust, due to misguided economic policies.

In a 1985 document titled “The Role of Economic Science in Projecting Pandemics as a Feature of Advanced Stages of Economic Breakdown,” LaRouche explained that the actual cause of pandemics and similar phenomena is when society’s Potential Relative Population Density (PRPD) — the physical-economic power of a society to maintain a rising population at improved standards of living and longevity — drops below the actual population.

“Sustainable economic (and population) growth, is measured as an (ideally) constant rate of increase of the potential relative population-density of that society. This is the measure of the average potential for growth of the society as a whole, and is also the absolute measure of per capita productivity of labor in that society.” LaRouche explained that achieving a rising PRPD requires that the economy produce “free energy” above the “energy of the system,” and he specified:

“In economic processes, the ‘energy of the system’ is represented by the interdependency among three ‘market-baskets’ of consumption. Each of these ‘market-baskets,’ corresponds to a minimum value, required to maintain the economic process at a constant level of negentropic potential. These three are: 1) The ‘market-basket’ of households’ consumption, per capita; 2) The ‘market-basket’ of producers’ goods; 3) The ‘market-basket of ‘basic economic infrastructure: energy production and distribution, water management, transportation, etc.”

When do pandemics erupt?

“The ‘ideal’ case, at which economies are to be examined for economically-determined eruption of pandemics, is the case for which the potential relative population-density falls below the level of the existing population… [such as] the instance in which the average consumption is determined by a fall of potential relative population-density, below the level of requirements for the existing population.”

But there is also the case, LaRouche emphasizes, where “the differential rates of distribution of the households’ ‘goods market-basket’ falls below the level of ‘energy of the system’ for a large part of the population. We are most concerned with the effects on health, as the nutritional throughput per capita falls below some relative biological minimum, and also the effect of collapse of sanitation and other relevant aspects of basic economic infrastructure upon the conditions of an undernourished population… [In this case], the undernourished population might become a breeding-culture for eruption of epidemic and pandemic disease,..”

That is precisely what has occurred during the last 50 years of deadly looting of Third World populations, especially Africa, through the policies of the City of London, Wall Street, and of course the International Monetary Fund.

The full impact of such policies, LaRouche concluded, can only be understood by locating man’s development (or what Vladimir Vernadsky referred to as the noösphere) within the total biosphere.

“Society is an integral part of the biosphere, both the biosphere as a whole, and regionally… Rather than viewing a deep fall of the potential relative population-density, as merely a fall in the relative value for the society as such; let us examine this as a fall in the relative level of the biosphere including that society… This must tend to be adjusted, by increasing the role of relatively lower forms of life… [which] ‘consume’ human and other higher-level forms of life as ‘fuel’ for their own proliferation… In that variant, human and animal pandemics, and sylvatics, must tend to resurge, and evolve, under certain kinds of ‘shock’ to the biosphere caused by extreme concentration of fall of population-potential.”

Current Global Inventory


The world as a whole possesses a current inventory of 18.63 million hospital beds. This constitutes a tremendous deficit, rendering country after country incapable of defeating the novel coronavirus. To consider the needed level of beds, consider the United States 1946 Hill–Burton Act, which set a standard of 4.5 hospital beds per 1,000 people, per county, in order to ensure the health and well-being of the population. Current levels are 2.8 for the United States, 0.7 for South Asia, 0.7 for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries, and 0.5 for Nigeria, which is one-fifth of the population of sub-Saharan Africa.

To meet the standard of 4.5 beds per 1000 people, the world would have to increase its hospital bed inventory to 35 million beds, nearly double the current level. This would require the construction of 35,200 new modern hospitals, especially in Africa, Ibero-America, and Asia, where the new beds would be immediately put to necessary use.

Beds themselves do not save lives. Medical staff are required, and acute cases demand additional equipment, such as ventilators.


The total global inventory of ventilators is hard to determine, but there are certain figures that point to the problems of dealing with COVID-19 in impoverished nations lacking health infrastructure. The United States has a total of about 170,000 ventilators for its 330 million people, which is about 5000 ventilators for every million people. Germany has about 25,000 ventilators for its 83 million people, about 3000 ventilators per million — the highest per capita level in Europe.

The picture in Africa, however, is absolutely devastating. According to Time, there are 500 ventilators for the 200 million people of Nigeria, which comes out to 2.5 ventilators for every million people — about 2000 times less than the United States on a per capita basis. In Sudan, there are 1.9 ventilators for every million people. The Central African Republic (population nearly 5 million) has a total of three ventilators, and Liberia, with a population of 4.7 million people, has none.

Estimates by the Brookings Institution and the Financial Times are that India has approximately 20,000 ventilators, which would be 15 ventilators for every million people.

For the entire world to be at the United States per capita level of ventilators would require a global inventory of 40 million.

Current Understanding of COVID-19

COVID-19 attacks the body in at least two ways. First, it has effects very much like the flu as it multiplies within the body. Fevers, body aches, headaches, and fatigue are common, as well as a cough, especially a dry cough. The cough is due to a specific characteristic of the virus: its targeting of lung cells and the immune system response it elicits. At the time of writing, it is believed that in many patients reaching the second stage of the disease, ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), the body itself is attacking the lung cells as a “storm” of cytokines trigger an escalating response against the virus and cells infected with it, as well as healthy cells.

The death rate for those afflicted with the disease ranges from 0.5% to over 5% and depends on the physiology of the individual and the capacity of their local healthcare system. It is also uncertain, due to low testing rates. The percentage of infected persons requiring hospitalization ranges from 10% to 30%.

It is possible to target the following areas of disease transmission and morbidity: reducing the transmission rate through social distancing, hygiene, masks, and business closures; reducing the infection rate through vaccinations; treating the virus itself with antiviral medications; and preventing the acute respiratory distress syndrome that the virus causes in acute cases. These methods will be discussed in greater detail below.

Africa: A Case Study

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 1.1 billion people, 14% of the total population of the planet. Due to their colonial past and present, the nations of the region suffer extreme poverty, lack of electricity, and slum conditions in its urban centers, at anywhere from 2–5 times the average global rate. Sub-Saharan Africa has:

14% of the world’s population

60% of the world’s extreme poor

70% of those worldwide lacking access to electricity

20% of urban dwellers worldwide living in slums.

World China Sub-Saharan Africa Nigeria Haiti
Total Population (billions, 2020) 7.8 1.4 1.1 0.2 0.011
Population in Extreme Poverty 9% 0% 41% 47% 80%
Lack Access to Electricity (%, 2017) 11% 0% 55% 46% 56%
Urban population in slums* (%, 2014) 30% 25% 55% 50% 74%

Data Source: World Bank, which defines a slum* as a housing unit lacking one or more of the following: running water, adequate sanitation, sufficient living area, or durability of housing.

This is a part of the human race where the potential relative population-density has clearly plunged way below the actual population, courtesy of the genocidal policies of the British Empire and their Wall Street sidekicks.

Consider also the case of Haiti, by far the poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean, with conditions similar to those of the most immiserated African nations. Haiti has a population of 11.1 million. Health experts have estimated that the COVID-19 pandemic could claim about 800,000 lives in Haiti — over 7% of the population.

Nigeria, with about a fifth of Sub-Saharan Africa’s total population, has key poverty and related indicators that are typical for the whole region. The problems that Nigeria faces in combating the coronavirus are emblematic of not only Africa, but the entire Third World.

In the developing sector in general, including countries like Nigeria, large percentages of their populations live in inhuman squalor. The majority of their workforces are in the “informal economy,” surviving from day to day on street activities that range from the gray to the black economy. In many cases, up to 70–80% of their workforce is part of the informal economy. “Sheltering in place” or locking down without work means literal starvation for very large numbers of people, as well as certain infection with COVID-19 in the slums where they live. Wash your hands repeatedly? This is a cruel joke to the millions and millions of Africans, Asians, Latin Americans and others who do not even have running water.

So how should the pandemic be addressed in such nations?

1) There must be a totally centralized national approach, in many countries centered on the military, which is often the only institution capable of organizing and carrying out such an approach. In many cases, for good or bad, they are also the only remaining national institution still standing, and with popular credibility.

2) The population, especially in the cities, has to be fully tested and segregated into two broad groups: Group A, who do not have COVID-19; and Group B, those who tested positive, even if they are asymptomatic. The health care and other public officials conscripted to perform the tests must be supplied with advanced testing equipment in sufficient supply, along with adequate PPEs and other protection.

3) “Group B” must be immediately quarantined in separate housing units, whether hotels, converted office buildings, sports and convention centers, or quickly constructed new modular housing units. Those new facilities must have work and recreational facilities in situ, for those well enough to use them, as well as necessary staffing of skilled personnel, including nurses and doctors. Those health professionals will also have to be quarantined, so as to not infect their own families and friends.

4) Sick and very sick patients must be hospitalized. New hospitals have to be built with sufficient beds to handle the patient load, and dedicated exclusively to COVID-19 cases. Adequate staffing by doctors and nurses has to be organized, including by nationally conscripting them.

5) “Group A” must be quickly formed into education and work brigades, both in industry and agriculture, much like FDR’s CCC project in the Great Depression in the United States. They must produce food, housing and clothing sufficient to feed themselves, as well as “Group B.” This will require a return to national food self sufficiency, which in turn will necessitate the importation of the capital inputs for modern agriculture — such as fertilizer, pesticides, tractors and irrigation. The local workforce must also start building the housing, hospitals, and other required infrastructure to get the job done. This will require on-the-job training and large-scale transfer of modern technologies

What China is already doing in Africa with the construction of new rail lines and other infrastructure is exemplary. The extension of the World Land-Bridge into Africa is essential, and will benefit enormously from in-depth cooperation between China and the United States in particular, as well as other countries.

But more must immediately be done by the world community to address the African situation, as we elaborate at the conclusion of this report.

Defeating the Pandemic, Part II: Public Health Measures

Health Care for Serious Cases


The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (University of Washington School of Medicine) estimates, as of April 8, that a peak of approximately 100,000 hospital beds, 20,000 ICU beds, and over 16,000 ventilators will be required, based on current rates of spread and medical care. According to a survey by the American Hospital Association, in 2018 there were just shy of 800,000 staffed beds in U.S. community hospitals, and around 70,000–80,000 adult ICU beds. Since these beds are not typically empty, just waiting for patients to need them, the large number of beds does not mean that there will not be shortages, especially local shortages, as the number of hospitalized patients reaches its peak.

The current level of total hospital beds in the United States, in its broadest measure, is 2.8 per 1,000 people, barely one-third the 1970 level of 7.9 beds. On the basis of “community hospital beds,” which most of the population uses, there are only 2.4 beds per 1,000 people.

Consider the power, water, sanitation, and transportation requirements of hospitals. Using the United States as a case study, an additional 575,000 beds would be required to bring the national average to 4.5 per 1,000 people. According to a 2007 report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the largest 3,040 hospitals, with approximately 915,000 beds (at the time of the study), used about 458 trillion BTUs of energy per year: 194 trillion BTUs in the form of electricity (57 billion kWh) and the remainder in the form of natural gas, district heating, and fuel oil.

Using this figure, hospitals with an additional 575,000 beds would require about 36 billion kWh of electricity per year. That translates into power plants supplying 5,000 MW at an 80% capacity factor. This would be the equivalent of five large nuclear reactors or two Grand Coulee Dams (running at average capacity). And that doesn’t even take into account the natural gas requirements!

In the same report, EIA estimated that these 3,040 large hospitals used 133 billion gallons of water per year. Hospitals with an additional 575,000 beds would require an additional 84 billion gallons per year. For a sense of perspective, the world’s largest proposed desalination plant, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, would provide about 100 billion gallons of desalinated water per year.

To bring online another 15 to 20 million hospital beds — to bring the world hospital bed count to the Hill–Burton level of 35 million hospital beds — would require about 100,000 MW of generating capacity, as could be supplied by 100 large nuclear power plants or nearly 2,000 small scale modular nuclear plants. Global water requirements for these new hospitals would require about 4 trillion gallons annually, which is about half the volume of water contained by the Three Gorges Dam.

Hospital beds aren’t much good without doctors and nurses. The current crisis is seeing retired health care workers coming back to work, and there are cases of medical schools offering early graduation for students in their final year if they are willing to immediately go to work as doctors. As virus hotspots move around the world, healthcare providers able to travel should be encouraged to work in other regions and countries.


Using influenza pandemic scenarios considered in a 2005 planning study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there could be several million hospitalizations in the United States, with up to a million or more patients requiring ICU treatment and half a million requiring mechanical ventilators. Projecting from these figures to the present world population, 10 million people could require ventilators, with an estimated 1 million each in Africa, Latin America, and India.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used at health care facilities to prevent patients from transmitting disease to health care workers or other patients. This includes gloves, respirators and masks, face visors, goggles, gowns, hair coverings, and full-body suits. Without the high-quality filtration afforded by a N95 (or equivalent) certified mask, workers are put at serious risk of catching the disease themselves. Shortages are causing enormous price increases and tensions among nations seeking to produce or to import equipment from those nations that manufacture it.

An industrial gear-up is required to ensure that adequate supplies of PPE are available.

The physical layout of a hospital or other care facility can have an enormous impact on the quantity of PPE required. In a healthcare setting that includes only confirmed COVID-19 cases, care need not be taken to avoid transmitting the disease from one patient to another, and health care workers can wear protective equipment through an entire shift. But if nurses must attend to patients of mixed COVID-19 status, best practices mandate that they equip themselves with PPE before entering a COVID-19 patient room, and then dispose of the equipment immediately upon leaving, to avoid carrying the virus to the uninfected patients they will next be visiting. With this setup, ten sets of PPE could be consumed per day per patient room. Thus, health care facility arrangements that separate COVID from non-COVID patients can permit significant savings of PPE. Accurately separating these patients requires testing.


A properly fitted N95 respirator protects the wearer from 95% of particles over 0.3 microns in size. While the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus itself is smaller than this size, the virions do not float around entirely on their own and are effectively blocked by N95 respirator masks.

A 2015 study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health, examining three scenarios of demand, estimated that if 20–30% of the U.S. population were to become ill, some 4 billion N95 respirator masks would be required. Extrapolating this figure to the world’s population, the global requirements would be on the order of 100 billion N95 masks for the duration of the outbreak: some 15 billion in Africa, 10 billion in Latin America, and 20 billion in India.

Rapid Point-of-Care Testing

Developments in testing technology now allow for thousands of tests to be processed per day by a single piece of equipment in a dedicated laboratory (high-throughput) as well as for rapid test results at the point of care. The development by Abbott Laboratories of a portable testing unit capable of delivering a positive result in as little as 5 minutes or a negative result within a quarter hour greatly speeds the process of processing patients presenting with possible COVID symptoms, allowing them to be sent to the appropriate COVID-only or non-COVID facility or hospital wing.

Health Care for Mild or Asymptomatic Cases

Isolation accommodations

Everyone confirmed to have the novel coronavirus should have the opportunity to be isolated from their neighbors, roommates, and families. This means that asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic individuals must be offered free room and board accommodations in facilities designed to keep them isolated and healthy. Hotels — which have occupancy rates in the single digits — could be repurposed to this effect, with adequate PPE supplies and training for a reduced hospital staff. The types of shelter arrangements provided following natural disasters would also be appropriate for these individuals.

This was the approach taken in Wuhan, in which every positive confirmed case was isolated under medical supervision, whether in a hospital, gymnasium, or hotel. Mild and asymptomatic cases could then socialize and engage in group exercise classes — far better for their mental health than hiding in a room at home, fearful of infecting their loved ones! Two negative nucleic acid tests for the virus, taken 24 hours apart, were required before people could leave the isolation facilities. This form of isolation, going beyond staying (and infecting) at home, helped drive Wuhan’s eventual victory over the virus.

In fact, China’s achievement in Wuhan remains the most successful model to date for combating the coronavirus.

Mass testing

Since anywhere from one-quarter to one-half of those infected with the coronavirus display extremely mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, it is impossible to rely on symptoms to locate all cases of the disease. Large-scale community testing — emphatically including for those without symptoms — will make it possible to isolate cases in an effective and targeted way and make contact-tracing more manageable. South Korea tested one in 170 people and used this knowledge to trace contacts, alert residents via text messages of nearby cases and hotspots, and reduce the spread of the disease.

The large-scale shutdowns currently used to crush the spread of the coronavirus do carry a toll, both economic and social. While these shutdowns are appropriate given a relatively low level of testing, truly large-scale testing will make it possible to make intelligent decisions about lifting restrictions.

To test the world at the South Korea level of one in 170, would require 45 million tests. But many people will require more than one test: Examples include a person who has tested negative but who has had recent potential exposure or a person in an isolation facility who is being tested to make sure it is safe to discharge them. To perform 60 million tests (factoring in some people being tested multiple times) at current worldwide testing rates would take the better part of a year.

The nasal swab tests most widely used at present operate by detecting components of the virus’s genome. These are referred to as PCR tests, named for the polymerase chain reaction process by which the genetic material is multiplied by 1,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 times to allow it to be detected.

Another kind of test would use blood, rather than swabs, and would detect, instead of the virus itself, antibodies produced by the body to fight the disease. These antibodies are present in people who were once infected but have since recovered. A virus test would come back negative, but an antibody test would be positive. With these tests, it will be possible to identify potential blood plasma donors (for convalescent blood serum therapy) and identify people who are no longer infected and likely to be immune. If further research reveals that the immunity enjoyed by those who have recovered is long-lasting, perhaps such people could be allowed to return to work, or be recruited to serve in the community as coordinators of meal deliveries, workers in isolation facilities for mild cases, etc.

Yet another form of testing could use samples of untreated sewage to detect the general presence and prevalence of the virus in a community.

Treatments and Vaccines

Pharmaceutical interventions can save lives and reduce disease in several ways. Vaccines “teach” the immune system about a pathogen, allowing it to immediately fight it when encountered in the future. Antiviral medications can target the virus itself, by preventing its entry into cells or its replication. Antibodies, derived from the blood of recovered patients or produced in a laboratory, can help the immune system fight the virus. Combating cytokine storms is a fourth approach, which could reduce the deadly respiratory effects of the virus, while not fighting the virus itself.

Readers eager to learn more can visit the accompanying information page “Pharmaceutical Interventions to Defeat COVID-19.”


Vaccines are used in advance to protect people from contracting a disease, by “priming the pump” of the immune system to get practice in defeating something that is similar to the pathogen but does not itself cause harm. People who are vaccinated against a disease are able to quickly fight it off if they come in contact with it, since their bodies are already prepared to do so.

The first phase of research is to establish the safety of the new vaccine. Researchers must make sure that the vaccine doesn’t itself cause problems. If study results are promising, the next phases of study will determine the effectiveness of the vaccine. Then manufacturing capabilities must be developed to produce the specific treatment. These multiple stages are the reason that a timespan of 12-18 months is given for vaccine development and production.

Antiviral Medications

Once the virus has taken hold in the body, treatments can prevent it from entering cells, prevent it from replicating, or target it for destruction by the immune system.

Several already existing medications are undergoing testing:

  • Avigan (favilavir / favipiravir) — an anti-influenza drug developed by Fujifilm in Japan, it is now included in China’s treatment plan and is being studied in several countries, including the United States, China, and Japan.
  • Remdesivir — undergoing trials in several nations, this drug was originally developed to combat Ebola by Gilead Sciences in the U.S., a company with significant experience treating other viral infections.
  • Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and chloroquine — originally used to treat malaria, these drugs have been used for auto-immune disorders as well. Trials are underway around the world, and many hospitals are already using hydroxychloroquine for their COVID-19 patients. Hundreds of millions of tablets are being produced even as its effectiveness is being studied.

Antibodies are structures created by the human immune system, which attach to pathogens, deactivating them, preventing their entry into cells, or marking them for destruction by the immune system. They can be created in the laboratory by using yeast, mice, or other animals as “factories.” At least a dozen groups are working on developing antibodies against the coronavirus.

Plasma of Recovered Patients

When someone recovers from the coronavirus, their blood continues to contain antibodies created by their own immune system to defeat the virus. Their donated blood can be transfused into severely ill patients to help their bodies fight the disease. U.S. hospital use of this technique began in the last weekend in March, and appeals on social media are now recruiting recovered COVID-19 survivors to donate their blood to help others.

Preventing Lung Problems

There are some drugs that do not target the virus itself, but seek to reduce the death rate and symptoms of COVID-19.

An advanced stage of the disease, in which severe and life-threatening respiratory problems develop, is associated with an excessive response by the body’s own immune system, in which the patient’s body damages healthy lung cells in addition to those harboring the virus. Two antibody drugs already approved for other conditions — Kevzara (sarilumab) and Actemra (tocilizumab) — are being studied and used to reduce this excessive immune system activity. Entirely new antibodies are also being developed for this purpose.

Steroids can be used to reduce the immune auto-response, although they have the side effect of weakening the immune system. They are also becoming widely used by physicians.

Social Stability

Society must maintain stability, and people who are ill must be able to follow public health measures.

Sick leave, unemployment benefits, basic income stipend payments

It is impossible to require people to remain at home if they rely on their daily work to supply their necessities of life. It is impossible to require homeless people to remain at home.

Employees must be provided with sick leave time to allow them to quarantine themselves to arrest the spread of the virus. Loans and grants must be made to businesses to allow them to continue to pay employees unable to work. Unemployment protection should be expanded to include those in nontraditional employment situations. To protect those who work informally and could not be expected to benefit from such programs, direct assistance in the form of basic income payments and the supply of necessities such as food and basic supplies is required. It is important that the isolation facilities for positive cases include people without homes, and that food and other necessities be included to allow everyone to isolate safely.

Moratorium on foreclosures, evictions, and utility shutoffs

Basic income to ensure the necessities of life will not be sufficient to pay mortgages, rent, utilities and car payments. A moratorium on foreclosures, evictions and utility shutoffs (including internet and telephones) must be implemented during the time of lockdown, and payments on mortgages and personal loans should be made optional. Businesses negatively affected by these policies will be able to apply for aid.

Securing financial system stability

The world’s financial system, particularly that in the trans-Atlantic world, includes quadrillions of dollars in financial instruments that can never be settled. There should be no general attempt to maintain the values of financial markets. The financial collapse now occurring may have been triggered by the coronavirus, but the conditions for the blow-out have been laid by decades of disastrous policies. As Lyndon LaRouche expressed concisely with his triple-curve image, the physical productivity of many so-called “western” nations (including the United States) has decreased in per capita terms over the last several decades, in a way that accelerated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, while financialization has increased at a rapid and accelerating rate.

The required summit of the leaders of the United States, Russia, China, and India must take up the need for an orderly bankruptcy-style reorganization of the financial markets, to set the stage for banking to play a useful role in financing a global economic and health gear-up.

Social Distancing / Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

Closing of non-essential businesses

People whose daily work is not truly essential for the functioning of society should stay home. Financial and logistical arrangements required to support their livelihood must be implemented.


Everyone should wear masks when they are among other people (which should be kept to an absolute minimum). This will provide the wearers themselves some protection against infection and reduce the potential for wearers to spread the disease. They also reduce face-touching. Read why here. (Note that the CDC now does recommend wearing masks.)

Hand washing / sanitation

Frequent hand washing with soap can help reduce the spread of coronavirus, as does the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

But there are over three-quarters of a billion people on this globe without access to improved water. Two and a half billion people lack access to improved sanitation infrastructure. The costs to health and well-being are staggering. According to a fact sheet issued by the CDC, citing research published in the Lancet, every year 800,000 children under five years of age die from diarrheal diseases. Lack of sanitation and of water for drinking and hygiene contributes to 88% of deaths from diarrheal diseases worldwide.

Urging a community without sanitary facilities to practice frequent handwashing is both insulting and foolish. A crash program to develop sanitary facilities must be implemented, supplemented with the provision of hand sanitizer for hygiene purposes.

Contact Tracing

In the United States, the NSA’s intimate knowledge of the whereabouts of everyone with a cellphone can be put to good use! As one example, it could be used to provide text alerts to people who have been in the vicinity of someone who later tests positive. This approach was used in South Korea to help people get a better sense of their risk of exposure, and is part of the relative success that nation has seen in reducing the spread of coronavirus.

Travel Restrictions

When testing is performed at a high enough level to give a sense of the different incidence of the virus in different areas, travel restrictions may be sensible to prevent its spread from areas with significant community transmission. This may make more sense as the first wave of the pandemic is crushed.

Defeating the Pandemic, Part III: Industry, Infrastructure, and Political Requirements

Providing the health measures in Chapter 1 will require major investments into manufacturing and into basic economic infrastructure. Here in Part III, we take up the physical, economic, scientific, and political changes needed to make these measures possible on a global scale. The inexcusable condition of the world, in which poverty still exists in the year 2020, must be remedied. This is eminently possible, as China’s experience in eliminating poverty over the past four decades has shown.


The platforms of physical improvements we make to our surroundings provide the human species with a synthetic, nurturing environment far superior to the “natural” environment we share with the apes. By controlling water flows, draining swamps, irrigating fields, building canals, railroads and roadways, developing water and wastewater systems, creating electrical and communication grids, and improving the flora and fauna, the human species has a unique power to make this Earth a garden. This infrastructure includes such soft infrastructure as an educated and culturally uplifted populace. Much of the investment into eliminating poverty will be of the form of basic economic infrastructure. And the current coronavirus pandemic points to the particularly urgent need of health infrastructure. But can a hospital be built where there are no roads or electricity? What are the requirements for the provision of health services?

Production Requirements

Medical equipment

Numerous companies have expressed interest in retooling for the production of ventilators, from automakers to aerospace companies. The list includes:

  • Automakers General Motors (which will work with Ventec Life Systems to produce 10,000 units a week), Ford Motor Company (which has committed, with General Electric, to produce 50,000 by July 4), McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover, and the VW Group.
  • Aerospace companies such as Brazil-based Embraer, Europe-based Rolls Royce and Airbus, and the American firm SpaceX.

Current producers are ramping up production:

  • Philips is doubling production to 2,000 per week, and Getinge will increase production to 3,750 per week. Drager, Vyaire, and the Smiths Group are all working to produce additional ventilators for governments.

If all goes according to projection, the companies listed above would supply at least 300,000 ventilators by July. An April 9 Politico article reports that estimated demand solely from the United States and several Western European nations was for one million ventilators; the world’s needs will be higher.


3M intends to double its international production to 2 billion N95 respirators over the next year, and is presently producing about 100 million respirators per month.

Honeywell Industries has upgraded a facility in Rhode Island and is revamping its aerospace facility in Phoenix as part of their overall increase in production to 120 million per year.

Required Global Policy Changes

International Collaboration

The coronavirus pandemic now afflicting the world is only one of the deadly viruses we face. The financial virus chiefly centered in the City of London and in Wall Street has proven to be no less deadly over the past decades. The cultural virus infecting the addled minds of foolish politicians still fighting the Cold War threatens to wreck the potential for precisely the kind of collaboration required to defeat the other viruses.

A summit discussion involving President Donald Trump, President Vladimir Putin, President Xi Jinping, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is urgently required to achieve the cooperation needed in the short term to address the menacing health crisis. Such a summit is also the means by which, according to Lyndon LaRouche, a new and just economic system can be put into place globally.

The world must join forces as a single humanity to stop the impending mass-death in Africa, in particular, as the coronavirus spreads. Brigades of engineers, medics, and other skilled personnel from scores of nations must be mobilized, deployed and coordinated under the United Nations and African Union, and with full respect for the sovereignty of all nations. Building health and sanitation infrastructure, assisting in supplying necessary medical and protective equipment, and assisting with administration of health systems are among the urgent jobs at hand.

African nations must also be granted an immediate cancellation of their foreign debts; the world must choose life over debt.

Similarly, all sanctions, armed conflict, border disputes and the like must stop internationally. Much better to use those resources for the common battle of mankind against the coronavirus.

A Paradigm Shift

Lyndon LaRouche warned nearly fifty years ago that President Nixon’s August 15, 1971 takedown of the Bretton Woods system would lead to devastating economic effects that would result, in the end, in fascism. This is seen today in, among other places, the green outlook whereby people supposedly concerned about the world’s future act to deny energy development to the world, condemning millions to early deaths. Some few years later, in 1974 and 1975, LaRouche warned that worsening economic conditions would create the conditions for the rapid spread of diseases, including new diseases, threatening a biological holocaust. While it may seem that China and major developed countries are bringing the current pandemic under some form of control, what will the next months bring to the developing world if there is not a radical and sudden change?

To create an economy resilient in the face of such crises as the emergence of new diseases, requires enormous investments in basic economic infrastructure, as well as a reconceptualization of economics.

Lyndon LaRouche was adamant that economics is not about money, or about values that could be expressed in monetary terms. Rather, the secret of economic growth is the ability of the creative human mind to discover and develop new physical principles that expand the capabilities of the human species. As a rough measure of the value of a discovery, or of a cultural outlook, Lyndon LaRouche used the metric of increase of potential relative population density — a measure of what the population density could be, relative to the quality of land and improvements made to it. That is, how many people could be supported, per square kilometer, on the basis of a certain repertoire of discoveries, technologies, and culture? And what sort of culture could act to increase that value? That is the location of economic value.

In one of his last policy papers, Lyndon LaRouche demanded the immediate implementation of four laws that he said were necessary for the United States. They are needed for the world as well. First, a banking reform based on principles of the 1933 Glass–Steagall law, to deny speculative investment the protection of government while ensuring commercial banking could play its useful role. Second, national banking arrangements whereby governments can make long-term credit available for physical economic purposes, rather than for financial stability as has been the practice of the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. Third, metrics for the application of the needed credit, based not on financial gain but on physical economic growth. Fourth, the new discoveries needed for human growth over the next fifty to a hundred years: nuclear fusion, space research, and fundamental breakthroughs in biology, to name three powerful examples.

By unlocking the true economic potential of our current repertoire of scientific discoveries and the potential to further expand it, poverty and hunger can be entirely eliminated within a generation, or even within a decade. Nuclear fusion power will change our relationship to energy, water, and resources. Fusion-powered rockets will keep us safe from any asteroids threatening to careen into our planet. Biological advancements will cure disease and allow for the rapid eradication of newly emerging threats. And, most importantly, the fear of large-scale international conflict can be overcome as we come to realize our common aims, here on Earth, and beyond!


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Sådan kan vi åbne Danmark op igen uden at risikere, at COVID-19 får overtaget
Udtalelse af Schiller Instituttets formand Tom Gillesberg den 30. marts 2020

Gennem nedlukningen af Danmark har man forhindret en overbelastning af sundhedssystemet. Det er fantastisk at man har kunnet reducere smittespredningen fra 2.6 til 2.0. Men hvad sker der, når man lukker op igen? Så kan man hurtigt komme i fare for italienske tilstande.

Kan man blot vente på at vi får “flokimmunitet” i Danmark? Er det så galt?

Det kan meget vel være, at den reelle dødeligheden for COVID-19 er ikke 3,6 % som de nuværende tal indikerer men “blot” 0,3 % – 1,0 %, da der typisk er et stort mørketal i tallet blandt de, der er konstateret smittede med COVID-19. Netop derfor behøver man massiv testning både for COVID-19 og antistoffer imod COVID-19 for at få et bedre overblik over hvem, der er smittede, og hvem, der har været smittet.

Med hensyn til, om man skal bekæmpe COVID-19 og leve i en vedvarende kamp med den, indtil vi har en vaccine  (som jeg mener), eller blot vente på en fremtidig flokimmunitet, står man tilbage med de uhyggelige tal. Hvis man ønsker at opnå en flokimmunitet for COVID-19 skal omkring 60 % af befolkningen have haft COVID-19. Det kræver at 60 % af 5,8 mio. danskere skal have COVID-19 = 3,5 mio. mennesker. Deraf skal 15 % sandsynligvis indlægges, så det bliver det 522.000 indlæggelser. 5 % skal sandsynligvis på intensiv, så det bliver det 174.000 intensivpatienter. Dør 1.0 % af de smittede er det 35.000 døde mennesker. Dør “kun” 0,3 % er det “kun” 10.500 mennesker, der mister livet.

Så længe det blot er tal, så virker 0,3-1,0 % som småting. Når det er menneskeliv, så er sådanne tab uacceptable, når vi har en mulighed for at reducere dem. Derfor var nedlukningen en god beslutning og derfor skal vi følge op med Operation virus ud af skindpelsen, så vi kan lukke Danmark mest muligt op uden at ende med italienske tilstande.

Vi skal åbne op, men uden at risikere italienske tilstande. Derfor må strategien ændres til at teste, teste og teste 50.000-100.000 om dagen. Teste både for COVID-19 og for antistoffer der viser, at man har haft virussen, for at finde syge, og smittede uden symptomer, for at kunne kortlægge og bryde smittekæderne og gøre det muligt at åbne Danmark, uden at virusset begynde at smitte for mange.

Det er godt at Kina sender værnemidler men vi skal også, og kan også, producere det vi mangler selv.

Forskellen mellem Danmark og Sverige bliver tydelig. Takket være Mette Frederiksens lederskab kan vi klare skærene mens Sverige er på vej imod en katastrofe der bliver tydeligere dag for dag.

Corona på verdensturné: Italien, Spanien, Frankrig og det nye epicentrum USA

EU i opløsning

USA og verdenskrisen

Global finansiel og økonomisk nedsmeltning

USA epicenter for den økonomiske nedsmeltning med massiv arbejdsløshed og massive finansielle hjælpeprogrammer. Man kan ikke både redde finansverdenen og menneskene. Red mennesker frem for det syge finanssystem.

Der er løsninger: iværksæt det nye økonomisk paradigme som Lyndon LaRouche og Schiller Instituttet længe har arbejdet for. Brug Lyndon LaRouches fire økonomisk love fra 2014.

Trump har lige forslået et infrastrukturprogram på 2 billion dollar. Men skal det lykkes må han lytte til Schiller Instituttet og LaRouche-folkene.

Meld dig til Schiller Instituttets internationale internetkonference den 25.-26. april her.

Verden behøver et topmøde mellem Trump, Putin og Xi Jinping for at etablere en ny verdensorden og et nyt økonomisk system. Ikke grøn dagsorden med anti-menneskelige  nedskæringer, men et nyt retfærdigt økonomisk system i LaRouches ånd.

Bliv aktiv. Kontakt os.

Operation virus ud af skindpelsen:
Sådan kan vi åbne Danmark op igen uden at risikere, at COVID-19 får overtaget
Udtalelse af Schiller Instituttets formand Tom Gillesberg den 30. marts 2020

Mette Fredriksen og den danske regering har udvist forbilledligt lederskab i håndtering af den nuværende sundhedskrise og fik Danmark hurtigt lukket ned, da det var klart, at der forekom udbredt smittespredning i Danmark. Den danske befolkning har reageret godt på lederskabet og det ser ud til, at vi har formået at sænke smittespredningen fra omkring 2,8 nye smittede per smittet til omkring 2,0. Det lyder af lidt, men det er ufatteligt godt gået og har købt os ekstra tid. Med en smitterate på 2,8 vil antallet af nye smittede på 6 uger være 1350 gange større. 1.000 smittede bliver altså til 1,35 mio. Med en smitterate reduceret til 2,0 vil antallet af nye smittede efter 6 uger være 128 større. 1.000 smittede bliver altså i stedet til 128.000 nye smittede over de 6 uger. Dermed har vi købt kritisk tid til at undgå, at vi får katastrofale tilstande, som dem vi har set i sundhedsvæsenet i Italien her i Danmark.

Dette var det erklærede mål for nedlukningen af Danmark, så det ser ud til at blive succesfuldt, men det rejser et ligeså stort problem: Hvornår kan vi genåbne Danmark uden at se en eksplosiv udvikling i antallet smittede af COVID-19?

Studiet fra Imperial College i London (Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand), der blandt andet fik den britiske regering til at lukke Storbritanien ned og overbeviste den amerikanske regering om alvoren i COVID-19-epidemien, kommer frem til, at en nedlukning er nødvendig for at undgå en katastrofe, men slår samtidigt fast, at man må forvente en kraftig opblomstring af epidemien, så snart man går tilbage til det normale liv, og smittespredningen dermed bliver større. Rapporten konkluderer, at det er sandsynligt, at man det meste af tiden frem til udviklingen af en eventuel vaccine, som man forventer kommer på banen om tidligst 12-18 måneder, eller til at så stor en del af befolkningen har været smittet (ca. 60 %) til at give en flokimmunitet i befolkningen, må fastholde en nedlukning af samfundet med blot enkelte åbne perioder ind imellem, hvor man så lukker ned igen, når epidemien begynder at vokse for kraftigt.

En sådan hel eller delvis nedlukning af Danmark i op til 12-18 måneder vil være katastrofal for det danske samfund og den danske økonomi. Derfor må vi introducere andre redskaber, der kan give os nye fordele i kampen mod COVID-19 end blot af satse på udviklingen af flokimmunitet eller udviklingen af en vaccine om 12-18 måneder. Et sådant redskab, der har vist sig effektivt andre steder, er en aggressiv opsporing og isolering af COVID-19-smittede, som bl.a. i Kina og Sydkorea har gjort at man har kunnet holde epidemien i skak. Vi vil selvfølgelig ikke kopiere deres metoder til fulde, da vores samfund fungerer anderledes, men benytte erfaringerne og indsætte dem i en dansk sammenhæng. Samtidig er et ekstra vigtigt redskab på trapperne, der om få dage vil gøre det muligt, at finde ud af, om en person har været smittet med COVID-19. Det kan give os flere fordele både med at bekæmpe smitten her, og holde Danmark åbent mest muligt – uden at risikere et sammenbrud af det danske sundhedsvæsen og unødigt mange døde blandt den danske befolkning – og samtidigt hjælpe i den globale kamp imod COVID-19.

Vi skal bruge det pusterum, som vi har fået gennem den effektive nedlukning af Danmark, til hurtigst muligt af få et så komplet overblik over udbredelsen af smitten her i landet og få identificeret og isoleret flest muligt COVID-19 smittede. Vi skal have gang i den form for effektiv smittesporing, der ophørte, da man lukkede Danmark ned og sundhedsstyrelsen erklærede, at inddæmning nu var umulig. Alt, hvad vi ved, om hvem, der er er smittet eller har været smittet og om, hvordan og hvornår de blev smittet, er nemlig guld værd i bekæmpelsen af epidemien. Og i at sikre, at vi kan holde Danmark mest muligt åbent.

Det største problem med COVID-19 er nemlig, at den spreder sig vældigt effektivt fra menneske til menneske og at mange smittede, ikke udviser kraftige symptomer eller bliver meget syge, men alligevel kan bringe sygdommen videre “under radaren”. Som når det gælder isbjerge, så ser man kun en meget lille del af det egentlige problem. Det betyder, at sygdommen sandsynligvis kom til Danmark langt inden, at vi fik den såkaldt første smittede (TV2-medarbejderen) den 27. februar.

I løbet af de seneste dage har man fundet ud af, hvordan vi hurtigere og lettere kan teste sekret fra mulige smittede for COVID-19. Inden for de næste dage, vil vi også kunne teste blodprøver for anti-stoffer til COVID-19, og dermed kunne fastlægge, om en person har været smittet med COVID-19. At vide, at man har haft COVID-19 og har overlevet, er en god information at have, da man i så fald (medmindre vi ser nye mutationer af COVID-19) ikke længere kan blive smittet og heller ikke risikerer at kunne smitte andre. Men det er også en vigtig information at have for at kunne fastlægge, hvor og hvornår den enkelte blev smittet. Det giver overblik over, hvordan epidemien har udviklet sig og hvordan den fremadrettet vil udvikle sig. Vi skal så vidt som muligt have et billede over samtlige smittekæder i Danmark. Det kræver massiv testning og en kortlægning af COVID-19’s liv og virke i Danmark.

Operation “Fjern virus fra skindpelsen”

Vi skal have kortlagt COVID-19 i Danmark, så vi kan holde epidemien stangen, og det kræver (udover den indsats, der ydes på de danske hospitaler) en massiv testindsats fremadrettet:

  1. Alle, der udviser selv svage symptomer på COVID-19, skal omgående testes og i tilfælde af COVID-19-smitte sættes i hjemmekarantæne indtil 48 timer efter, at de betragtes som symtomfri og raske. Forløbet afsluttes med en yderligere blodprøve, der viser, at de har nok anti-stoffer imod COVID-19 til, at de ikke længere at kan huse sygdommen. Mens sygdommen står på skal patienten indsende daglige rapporter til sundhedsmyndighederne over, hvordan man har det, sygdommens udvikling, symptomer etc. Dette er vigtigt, ikke blot for at overvåge den enkelte patient og i tide kunne yde nødvendig hjælp til behandling af sygdommen, men også for at få et langt bedre overblik over sygdomsforløbet og dens symptomer til fremtid smittesporing og sygdomsbekæmpelse. Alle familiemedlemmer og andre tætte kontakter skal testes (både for COVID-19 og evt. også for anti-stoffer) og på lignende vis selvovervåges, for at sikre, at de ikke også er smittede. Dette fortsætter i en karantæneperiode, som afsluttes med yderlig en test. Der laves samtidig klassisk smittesporing for at finde alle mulige smittekontakter den/de syge har haft, dels for at finde personen/personer de er blevet smittet af, men også de personer, som de muligvis har smittet. Hjemmekarantæne og daglig indrapportering kræves af dem, som vurderes at være mulige smittede.
  2. Alle, der mener, at de eventuelt har været smittet, skal så hurtigt som muligt testes for anti-stoffer imod COVID-19, for at finde ud af, om de har haft sygdommen. Hvis disse tests i dag sendes ud af landet, som en del af det internationale forskningssamarbejde, skal dette arbejde så vidt, det er muligt, hjemtages for en hurtige informationsstrøm (mens vi selvfølgelig samtidig fortsat vidensdeler med vore forskningspartnere). Finder vi personer, der har været smittede med COVID-19, så starter smittesporing for at finde ud af, hvor og hvornår de blev smittet, og hvem de eventuelt selv har smittet. Selv om dette i mange tilfælde involverer personer, der ikke længere er smittede, så er det vigtig information for at etablere smittekæder og finde mange af de smittekæder, der indtil nu er gået under radaren. Det vil også hjælpe i arbejdet med at fastlægge forskellige typer af COVID-19, forskellige smittemønstre, symptomer og evt. også senere differentieret behandling.
  3. Der forskes flittigt i udvikling af behandlingsmetoder, mange gange med brug af allerede godkendte lægemidler eller en kombination af dem, til at lindre og evt. også forkorte sygdomsforløbet hos indlagte patienter. Der skal forberedes en hurtig implementering af nye modaliteter i takt med at der er lovende resultater fra forskningen.


At lave dette arbejde med testning og smittesporing er ganske omfattende, men vil i stor udstrækning ikke overlappe med de ressourcer, der kræves i kampen imod COVID-19 på hospitalerne. Det er andre ressourcer, der skal mobiliseres fra samfundet, borgere og virksomheder for at sikre, at vi så hurtigt som muligt kan lukke Danmark op og holde Danmark åbent mest muligt indtil COVID-19 er besejret. Samtidigt vil det bibringe vigtige data om COVID-19, der hjælper ikke blot Danmark, men hele verden i kampen imod COVID-19.

Ressourcer, der skal bringes i spil for at kunne håndtere denne indsats, inklusive 50-100.000 testninger per dag, involverer bl.a.:

1) Der skal oprettes en lang række teststeder (bl.a. drive-in-teststeder), hvor folk kan få taget sekret fra de nedre luftveje til COVID-19-test. Dette skal fungere med personale, der ikke må tages fra den normale behandlingsindsats på hospitalerne. Eventuelt med personer, der allerede har haft COVID-19.

2) Der skal oprettes kapacitet til at behandle 50-100.000 COVID-19 prøver om dagen. Kapaciteten kan findes på eksisterende laboratorier på universiteter og lignende, men også, hvis de bliver spurgt, på danske virksomheder, som nok gerne vil bidrage med testkapacitet, som Novo Nordisk har valgt at gøre det. Vi har mange medicinalvirksomheder i Danmark, og de fleste vil ikke takke nej, hvis de bliver bedt om at hjælpe til. Det forberedes selvfølgelig at kunne tage og behandle endnu flere tests, hvis det skulle blive nødvendigt.

3) Der oprettes et lignende beredskab til at tage blodprøver for at konstatere anti-stoffer imod COVID-19, hvis det nuværende system ikke er i stand til at håndtere den øgede volumen. Der oprettes flere enheder til hurtigt at omsætte blodprøver for anti-stoffer til COVID-19 til brugbare testresultater.

4) Der skal oprettes en del enheder til smittekortlægning og smittesporing. Samtidig skal der være enheder til at håndtere alle de data, som man får ind fra testresultater, daglige tilbagemeldinger fra COVID-19-smittede, folk i karantæne etc. Det vil være langt større mængder af data, end man har været vant til, og det kræver evt. en oprustning på databehandlingssiden. Danske virksomheder med ekspertviden på området vil sandsynligvis med glæde bistå med at udvikle de nødvendige digitale værktøjer i ekspresfart, hvis de bliver bedt om det.

5) Med hensyn til hjælpemidler til testindsatsen og værnemidler til personalet på alle COVID-19-områder, der evt. er mangel på i dag, osv. så vil de af dem, som man ikke kan anskaffe hurtigt på markedet til rimelige priser, sandsynligvis kunne fremskaffes fra, eller produceres af danske virksomheder, hvis man blot beder dem om det. Lokaliser evt. flaskehalse og find ud af, hvem i Danmark, der vil kunne hjælpe. Hvis man spørger om hjælp, så vil man blive positivt overrasket over, hvor mange, der blot venter på at kunne hjælpe til.


Udover at være en uvurderlig hjælp i at inddæmme COVID-19 så meget som muligt, så vil brugen af udbredt testning og smittesporing give os de nødvendige redskaber til at forstå og håndtere sundhedskrisen langt bedre. Vi vil gennem det langt bedre overblik over COVID-19 og dens aktiviteter bedre kunne forhindre en kraftig opblomstring af epidemien på et senere tidspunkt, og gennem den tætte overvågning vide, hvornår vi eventuelt må lukke dele af Danmark ned igen, for at få kontrollen over COVID-19 tilbage.

Alle disse tiltage er ikke gratis, men den samlede indsatspakke er billigere end blot en enkelt dags nedlukning af Danmark. Samtidig kan man også håbe, at de store mængder indsamlede data gør os i stand til bedre at forstå COVID-19, og dermed kunne bekæmpe COVID-19 langt mere effektivt både i Danmark og globalt indtil vi forhåbentligt snart kan endegyldigt besejre COVID-19 og få vores normale samfundsfunktioner tilbage.

For Schiller Instituttets forslag til de nødvendige økonomiske og finansielle tiltag i forbindelsen med COVID-19 se andre artikler og videoer på vores hjemmeside.

International ungdomsopkald med Helga Zepp-LaRouches tirsdag 31. marts kl. 16-18 dansk tid via Zoom

Verden er i en alvorlig krise, som er uhørt, uden sidestykke. De gode nyheder er, at eftersom situationen er resultatet af de sidste årtiers forfærdelige politik, vil det være umuligt at “vende tilbage til normal praksis”. Helga Zepp-LaRouche har opfordret unge mennesker til at tage lederskab på dette tidspunkt med store forandringer, for at bekæmpe de to dødelige virusser som nu truer menneskeheden – coronavirus-pandemien og nedsmeltningen af det globale finanssystem.

Vi må komme ud af denne krise med et helt nyt paradigme for fredelig sameksistens mellem nationer og et nyt økonomisk system baseret på samarbejde om fremskridt for hele menneskeheden. Som det bliver mere og mere graverende med coronavirus-pandemien, vil det blive en hasteprioritet at bygge et moderne globalt sundhedssystem for at sikre retten til liv for alle mennesker på jorden.

Videokonferencen er en mulighed for unge mennesker at tale med Helga Zepp-LaRouche og tilslutte sig kampen for dette nye paradigme.

Efter indledende bemærkninger af Helga, vil repræsentanter fra hver nation give en 2 til 4 minutter lang rapport om deres organisering, og en spørgerunde vil herefter følge.


31. marts kl. 16-18, dansk tid


Voom video konference

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