The Oasis Plan: LaRouche’s Vision for Peace and Economic Development
in Southwest Asia (Middle East),
with English transcript

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The Oasis Plan:
LaRouche’s Vision for Southwest Asia

Released February 11, 2024 by the LaRouche Organization at this permanent link.

(The video is currently on the Rumble platform, but will move to the LaRouche Organization’s YouTube channel on February 17 or 18.)

Cease-fire now!

The whole world is witness to the horrors being inflicted upon the Palestinian people, shared with us every day in video form. But the destruction continues, actively supported by the United States and a diminishing number of other countries. Humanity’s moral fitness to survive is being tested. The horror show must end, starting with an immediate, unconditional ceasefire.

At the time we are recording, South Africa’s action against Israel for genocide at the International Court of Justice will be heard in just a few days.

Peace is possible, but it is not the peace of a return to October 6! Before the Hamas invasion of October 7, the Palestinian people and the whole region popularly known as the Middle East were living in a terrible reality, as a cauldron of conflict deliberately maintained for geopolitical aims, an unsustainable and unjust tension.

The solution requires the recognition of a Palestinian state, in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 242, which was unanimously adopted by the Security Council in 1967. This is the first step towards a long-term solution, such as the two-state solution supported by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

The solution though, is not local, is not regional; it has to be international today. China has proposed an international peace conference to develop a lasting vision for realizing Palestinian-Israeli and Arab-Israeli peace.

The mistakes that led to the lost chance of the 1993 Oslo agreement must not be repeated. Security guarantees for all parties in the region must be agreed upon. And this includes finding solutions for the potentially explosive situations elsewhere, in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan, all products of decades of dangerous geopolitics.

The Oasis Plan, proposed by Lyndon LaRouche

But without economic development, without a viable and meaningful path of progress into the future, political agreements in themselves are unsustainable. The people of the region must know that their children will enjoy a better future, a better life. Peace through economic development is the only successful basis for a lasting, just peace in the region. This is what Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin came to realize — there is no purely military basis for peace or security; development is essential.

A template for peace through economic development already exists, in the form of the LaRouche program of building a World Land-Bridge, today exemplified by China’s Belt and Road Initiative joined by more than 150 nations, including all the neighbors of Palestine and Israel. The World Land-Bridge is not only a specific plan for growth; it is a rejection of anti-growth hegemonism in the form of neo-colonialism and green Malthusianism.

A strong economic reconstruction and development plan is needed for a viable Palestinian state, in particular.

Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) laid it out 30 years ago. [Lyndon LaRouche was an American economist and statesman who founded the LaRouche political movement, which includes the Schiller Institute.]

It is called the Oasis Plan.

Immediately after the 1993 signing of the Oslo Accord in the White House by Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Lyndon LaRouche and his associates urged those parties and the international community to implement economic development projects to sustain, to advance the peace process. LaRouche and his associates developed the Oasis Plan, which included both certain economic aspects of Annex IV of the 1993 Oslo Accord — which was called the “Protocol on Israeli–Palestinian Cooperation Concerning Regional Development Programs” — plus it called for additional crucial water and power and other projects that LaRouche had noted were needed in the mid-1970s.

The Oasis Plan focused primarily on addressing the greatest barrier to development in the region — the shortage of fresh water — through the construction of a network of desalination plants that could turn the plentiful seawater into freshwater. And these plants would not only be on the Mediterranean coast; they would be built along two new canals: one connecting the Red Sea with the Dead Sea, and another connecting the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean. To be clear, these new canals or aqueducts are not for cargo shipping, as an alternative to the Suez Canal — their purpose is to transport water. Because of the low elevation of the Dead Sea, which is more than 400 meters below sea level, the flowing water could also provide hydropower electricity along the way, which could help to power the desalination plants and development more generally. The plants could also be powered by the large quantities of natural gas off the shores of Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. But most importantly, the Oasis Plan calls for going beyond hydropower and chemical fuels altogether, through the construction of nuclear power complexes along these canals and on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, to produce plentiful electricity and to desalinate seawater to green the vast deserts of the region and to power an industrialization process in Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt.

The use of nuclear power for energy would liberate the region’s hydrocarbon resources to be used chemically, to produce industrial materials through intermediate petrochemical products.

The nuclear powered complexes could use inherently safe pebble-bed high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, of the type just brought into operation in Shidao Bay, China.

The new man-made rivers created by desalination will tremendously expand the potential for agro-industrial development across the region, making the deserts — and the economies — bloom!

LaRouche explained the necessity of developing new sources of water in a 1994 speech. LaRouche:

 “One cannot meet the indices of water consumption for a modern population, for both the Palestinian and Israeli populations, under present conditions. There is a conflict over water because the Israelis have, frankly, been using their conquests to take water from everybody. It’s one of the conflicts with Syria on the Golan Heights issue. It involves, in Lebanon, the Litani River, and things of that sort.”

The power and water development have to be accompanied by a network of transportation infrastructure upgrading the physical connectivity between all the nations of the region, turning a region of conflict, a barrier to connectivity, into a hub of interaction, into a crossroads.

A highway connecting the West Bank with the Gaza Strip, linking the Palestinian state, is an absolutely essential feature of this network.

Regional highways and rail networks will allow the entire area to operate from a higher economic platform.

LaRouche also proposed an expansion of the Suez Canal, with industrial zones on both sides, a task that has been accomplished by Egypt in recent years.

LaRouche argued since 1975 that this region, which is the crossroads of civilization and  located geographically between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean and between Europe, Asia, and Africa, has a unique position as an industrial and logistics hub. Oil and natural gas will be feedstocks for industrial production of plastics, paints, and many other useful materials, rather than being exported as a raw material, to be used primarily for simple combustion.

The upgrading of connectivity to enable higher levels of development has been a key feature of the 2013 China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative.

Using this region as a land-bridge between continents, with the major powers like the U.S., China, Russia, and the EU contributing to its development, will stabilize the area and, along the way, help cement the better relations among the superpowers that will have been necessary to bring it into being.

Scientific, technological, and cultural cooperation and exchanges are key elements in the transformative process the Oasis Plan represents.

By cooperating to fight the desert, rather than each other, the people of the region will better be able to recognize the humanity in each other, the common capability of human beings to discover principles of nature and to transform our relationship to the environment around us. There are no human animals.

So, how will we pay for all this, and who’s paying?


Part of the funding will come from financial aid, made more possible by beating swords into plowshares, by converting the industrial and research capabilities of the military-financial complex into productive uses, as detailed in a study by EIR.

Apart from international aid, $100 billion in credit can be realized, over a decade, for the reconstruction of Palestinian areas and the full building out of the Oasis Plan infrastructure. This can be organized through development banks associated with BRICS-plus nations, including the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia; the New Development Bank headquartered in China; and other national development banks of the Southwest Asia region. The sovereign wealth funds of the major regional BRICS-plus nations can help capitalize these development banks for this purpose. The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have sovereign wealth funds holding some $4 trillion worth of capital. This has traditionally been placed in financial, banking or real estate assets of the bankrupt trans-Atlantic system. Now, these countries are looking for more productive investments instead, in Eurasia and Africa.   

This investment can be concessionary development loans from these banks — for example of 20 years duration with interest rates of 2% and an initial grace period of 5 years if necessary.

The debt service payments on these development loans, at least if they’re made in the immediate future, would have to be made by the State of Israel, as the state currently occupying and taxing the entire area of Israel and Palestine today. The United States, and perhaps other nations, as determined at an international peace and development conference, should be the guarantor for these debt service payments.

The organization of the reconstruction work and building of the Oasis Plan infrastructures can be organized under authority of the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions Military Logistics Unit, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees in Palestine, and any other authorities that are required.

These arrangements should all be formally agreed upon by the nations involved in the framework of an international peace conference on Israel and Palestine, which must urgently be organized. International commitments to development, both through these particular projects and as a paradigm, must be made.

A peace vision

Achieving peace in Southwest Asia, not only between Israelis and Palestinians, but among all the countries of the entire region, will mark a new epoch in human history, as a region known for conflict transforms into one of connectivity, standing at the crossroads of three continents.

The Oasis Plan is not some distant aspiration of what can be achieved years in the future after the peace. It is only through a paradigm of international relations supporting this approach, that peace is even possible!

An end to the killing, a ceasefire is urgently needed now. But just as urgently is needed a vision for durable peace that will, at long last, shape a peaceful and prosperous destiny for the region.

Every minute the war continues brings more death, more bitterness, more difficulty in achieving shared prosperity. It must end now!

Justice for those who have died, those who have been injured, those who have suffered, demands that the awful violence awaken the conscience and intellect of the international community, not simply to say “never again” but to end, forever, the geopolitical paradigm that is the origin of most conflict in the world today. The Oasis Plan cannot today be implemented as a purely regional plan — a new security and development architecture is required globally.

The voices of the Global South are becoming stronger and more confident. Moral authority, now and in the future, depends on how we act today.

LaRouche wrote in 1978:

“The only human thing is to give the lives and suffering of the dead meaning, not merely by establishing peace in the Middle East, but by establishing the basis for peace which gives fulfillment to the lives of the present and future generations of the Palestinians and other Arabs, and thus purpose and fulfillment to the sacred lives of the dead.”

This applies to Israelis as well.

How about you? Will you act to give meaning to the lives of those who have perished? Will you be a voice for peace and development?


I’d like to thank you for watching. To learn more about the Oasis Plan and for ways to support The LaRouche Organization’s efforts to make it a reality, follow the link here and in the video description. And if you haven’t already subscribed and turned on notifications, be sure to do that to stay up to date on the progress of this vision.

Skriv under for at støtte Oase-planen:

Ude og hjemme: Den eneste gennemførlige strategi for undgåelse af krig er hurtig økonomisk udvikling

Den 14. januar (EIRNS) – Pave Paul VI havde ret, da han i sin rundskrivelse ‘Populorum Progressio’ fra 1967 skrev: ”Udvikling er det nye navn for fred”.

Den systemiske sammenbrudskrise i hele det transatlantiske økonomiske system, som Lyndon LaRouche advarede om helt tilbage i 1971, er nu i fuld gang og bringer USA og verden til randen af fascistiske politikker, både økonomisk og politisk, nøjagtig som LaRouche forudså ville ske, hvis hans politik for global økonomisk udvikling ikke blev vedtaget.

I Europa er den vanvittige politik, styret fra London, for afvikling af atomkraft og kuldioxid nået til det punkt, hvor den truer eksistensen af hele kontinentets elnet. Hvis Tyskland får lov til at fortsætte, vil det i år nedlægge tre af sine sidste seks atomkraftværker og reducere landets elforsyning med chokerende 6-7%, uden anden grund end forsætlig afindustrialisering og malthusiansk affolkning.

I Kina er USA’s afgående udenrigsminister, Mike Pompeo, kommet inden for en millimeter til at anerkende Taiwan som en suveræn nation, hvilket forsætligt ville overskride Kinas røde linje og sandsynligvis udløse en åben militær reaktion.

I Rusland tikker uret ned til 5. februar 2021, hvor den nye START-traktat mellem USA og Rusland udløber, hvilket ville efterlade verden med, siger og skriver, nul våbenkontrolaftaler mellem de to supermagter, på et tidspunkt med skarpe og voksende spændinger.

Og i USA har angrebet på ‘Capitol’ den 6. januar – en moderne orkestreret provokation i stil med ‘Rigsdagsbranden’ – åbnet sluseportene for at rive præsidentskabet som institutionen og forfatningen i stykker, i særdeleshed ytringsfriheden, og tilskyndelse til jakobinsk vold (både venstre- og højreorienteret), hvilken er beregnet på at nedbryde nationen – det britiske imperiums mangeårige feberagtige drøm. Rapporterne om planlagt vold på indsættelsesdagen den 20. januar, både i Washington, D.C. og i mange delstats-hovedstæder over hele landet, truer med at optrappe krisen til et helt nyt niveau.

Præsident Trumps gentagne fordømmelse af angrebet på Capitol, hvor han distancerer sig selv og hans bevægelse fra ”den pøbelagtige vold” og siger, at “jeg opfordrer til at der ikke må være nogen vold”, er prisværdigt – men det er på ingen måde tilstrækkeligt til at besejre den globale strategi fra det britiske imperium, City of London og Wall Street.

”Det er meget tydeligt, at USA befinder sig i en dyb, dyb polarisering”, sagde Schiller Instituttets præsident, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, i sin ugentlige webcast den 13. januar. ”Nogle mennesker taler endda om faren for en borgerkrig. Jeg vil ikke forudsige det ene eller det andet, men det står meget klart, at hvis ikke man finder en måde at overvinde denne nuværende ekstreme polarisering, kan man ikke gå ind til det og sige: ‘Vi vil bekæmpe dette til døden.’ Dette kan kun føre til en fuldstændig tragedie eller føre til en situation som i Weimar-Tyskland, hvor nationalsocialisterne og bolsjevikkerne kæmpede frem og tilbage i slutfasen; og vi ved hvordan dette sluttede”.

Zepp-LaRouche fortsatte: ”Hvad jeg mener der må gøres, er en helt anden tilgang. Det er idéen om ‘modsætningernes sammenfald’, der blev udviklet af Nicholas Cusanus; forestillingen om at det menneskelige sind kan definere et niveau for løsninger, der ligger på et højere plan end der, hvor konflikten opstod. Hvad det konkret betyder i en situation som denne er, at folk fra alle sektorer af det politiske spektrum skulle arbejde sammen for at løse de virkelige problemer, som hungersnød, som pandemi, og derved give unge mennesker et perspektiv”.

Zepp-LaRouche henviste derefter til den tænkning og organiserende tilgang fra ledere som Mahatma Gandhi og Martin Luther King, som personligt blev stærkt inspireret af Gandhi:
”Jeg tror, at en sådan fornuftens stemme, som eksempelvis Martin Luther King, hvis fødselsdag vi fejrer om få dage, bør introduceres i den stærkt polariserede amerikanske situation. Jeg tror, at vi er nødt til at introducere et sådan element af samarbejde om at løse problemer og genopbygge USA. Vi er virkelig nødt til at give et perspektiv til de ganske almindelige mennesker, der har mistet håbet om den amerikanske drøm, hvis de nogensinde har haft det. Og jeg tror, at det kun kan gøres ved at bevæge relationer mellem nationer til et helt andet paradigme… Verden har desperat behov for et nyt paradigme, et ‘New Bretton Woods-system, som min afdøde mand havde udarbejdet i mange årtier. Og jeg tror, det er denne tænkning af Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, og Lyndon LaRouche, som nu er nødvendig”.

Hun konkluderede: ”Jeg synes, at dette er et meget alvorligt øjeblik i amerikansk historie, det er et alvorligt øjeblik for hele verden. Men jeg tror, at der er nok af kræfter med god vilje rundt om i verden til, at vi forhåbentlig kan sætte en alliance og et partnerskab sammen for at redde civilisationen, for det er hvad der i virkeligheden står på spil”.

Schiller Instituttets videokonference
PANEL III d. 6. sept. video og engelsk afskrift:
Bælte- og Vejinitiativet bliver til Verdenslandbroen & Franklin D. Roosevelts uafsluttede projekt:

1. Dennis Small (USA), latin-amerikansk redaktør, EIR

2. Dr. Natalia Vitrenko (Ukraine), præsident for Progressive Socialist Party, tidligere parlamentsmedlem og præsidentkandidat

3. Michele Geraci (Italien), tidligere minister for økonomisk udvikling

4. Hassan Daud Butt (Pakistan), tidligere projektdirektør, CPEC; Administrerende direktør for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Board of Investment & Trade

5. Marcelo Muñoz (Spanien), grundlægger og præsident emeritus for Cátedra China, dekan for spanske forretningsmænd i Kina

6. Dr. Björn Peters (Tyskland), fysiker, iværksætter og politisk rådgiver inden for energi, bæredygtighed og råvarer

7. Spørgsmål og svar, del 1

8. Dr. Joycelyn Elders (USA), tidligere chef for USA’s sundhedsvæsen m.m.

9. Marlette Kyssama-Nsona (Republikken Congo), farmaceutisk kemiker, politisk leder af Panafrican League UMOJA og specialist i folkesundhedsspørgsmål

10. Spørgsmål og svar, del 2

Den Nye Silkevej går fremad; tiden er ved at
løbe ud for Europa og USA – skal gå med nu

Leder fra LaRouchePAC, 20. juni, 2018 – I dag trak præsident Trump tæppet væk under sine krigsfremmende fjender, der brugte falske billeder og hysteriske beretninger om illegale immigranters børn, der blev »revet fra deres mødres bryst« på grænsen, ved at udstede en ordre om, at familier skal tilbageholdes samlet snarere end at anvende separate faciliteter til børnene. De forrykte historier i medierne 24 timer i døgnet og de beskidte tirader fra Hollywood-»berømtheder« havde til hensigt at aflede opmærksomheden fra Trumps rolle i de historiske begivenheder med at bringe fred til Korea, og fra afsløringen af FBI’s forbrydelser i »Få ram på Trump«-kampagnen, orkestreret af britisk efterretning.

De samme personer, der kræver krig mod Syrien, militærkonfrontation mod Rusland og Kina og en legalisering af narko i USA, der således vil fremme narkohandlernes kontrol over nationerne i Mellem- og Sydamerika – de narkohandlere, som immigranterne flygter fra; dette er de samme personer, der nu afspiller bånd med grædende spædbørn og udlægger fotografier af børn i bure – som om de ikke var ligeglade – med det formål at dæmonisere Trump.

Den skriftlige rapport og Justitsministeriets generalinspektør Michael Horowitz’ forklaring for Kongressen mandag og tirsdag bekræftede, selv om det var begrænset til hans resultater af efterforskningen af Hillary Clintons e-mails, at fyringen af den tidligere FBI-direktør James Comey var fuldt ud berettiget – hvilket udsletter Muellers »forhindring af rettens gang«-fidus mod præsidenten – samtidig med, at det ligeledes tydeligt viser den ekstreme partiskhed hos Peter Strzok, der kørte FBI’s Russiagate-efterforskning og var udpeget til at være med i Muellers heksejagtteam, bliver en primær faktor i den fortsatte efterforskning af Comeys og Muellers Russiagate-svindel. Andre FBI-folk med en lignende partiskhed blev ligeledes identificeret, men endnu ikke nævnt ved navn.

Disse afsløringer har allerede befriet Trump til endelig at arrangere et fuldskala-topmøde med den russiske præsident Vladimir Putin, som sandsynligvis vil finde sted i juli. Dette skaber rædsel hos briterne, som indser, at Trump og Putin, der handler sammen, næsten med sikkerhed vil finde en måde, hvorpå krigen i Syrien kan afsluttes, og potentielt gøre dette til basis for en bredere løsning til de andre, katastrofale kriser i hele Sydvestasien. De er trods alt alle som én anstiftet af den samme kilde – de britiske imperieherrer, der etablerede Sykes-Picot, sponsorerede det saudiske kongedømme, etablerede en permanent tilstand af krig mellem jøder og araber i Palæstina og anstiftede de folkemorderiske krige i Irak, Libyen, Syrien og Yemen, hvor de støttede jihadistiske terroristbevægelser imod sekulære regeringer.

Trump er fast besluttet på at afslutte politikken for regimeskifte, blive venner med Rusland og Kina og trække amerikanske styrker ud af Syrien, Sydkorea og andre steder, hvor det amerikanske militær har fungeret som håndlangere for britisk imperiepolitik. Sammen med Putin kan et sådant nyt, strategisk paradigme officielt etableres.

Men den økonomiske ødelæggelse, som doktrinen om »permanent krigsførelse« under Tony Blair, George Bush og Barack Obama har efterladt, må også løses, hvis fred skal opnås. Helga Zepp-LaRouche har krævet, at EU-topmødet ved månedens slutning inviterer Kina og ledere fra afrikanske nationer til at deltage, for at ændre dagsordenen til det presserende nødvendige punkt, at de vestlige nationer tilslutter sig Kina i den Nye Silkevej for at genopbygge de krigshærgede nationer i Sydvestasien og skabe moderne, agro-industrielle nationer i hele Afrika. Dette er den eneste løsning på den flygtningekrise, der er i færd med at rive Europa itu, lyder det fra Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

LaRouchePAC’s Kesha Rogers, som stiller op i Texas som uafhængig kandidat til Kongressen, støttede Zepp-LaRouches appel og tilføjede sin egen om at anvende den samme, enkle sandhed på immigrationsproblemet i USA – at afslutte legaliseringen af narkotiske midler og narko og gå sammen med Kina i udviklingen af Mellem- og Sydamerika, både, fordi det er den eneste måde, hvorpå strømmen af mennesker, der flygter fra terror og fattigdom i deres hjemland, kan stoppes, men også, fordi det ganske enkelt er det rigtige og moralske at gøre for menneskehedens fremtid.

Foto: Præsident Trump kort tid før han underskrev en eksekutiv ordre om at holde familier samlet ved grænsen. 20. juni, 2018.  (Fox News Screengrab)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche:
Der skrives nu historie i Asien!
EU-topmødet må følge Singapores eksempel!

EU-samarbejde med Kinas Nye Silkevejsinitiativ for udvikling af Afrika bør gøres til det eneste punkt på dagsordenen, og Xi Jinping eller Wang Yi bør inviteres til at deltage, såvel som også nogle afrikanske statsledere, der allerede samarbejder med Kina.

Hvis EU-topmødet, repræsentanten for den kinesiske regering og de afrikanske repræsentanter dernæst i en fælleserklæring udtaler en forpligtelse til at gå i gang med et fælles, forceret program for et panafrikansk infrastruktur- og udviklingsprogram og lover alle unge mennesker i Afrika, at kontinentet vil overvinde fattigdom på kort tid, ville en sådan erklæring, pga. Kinas deltagelse, have den største troværdighed i Afrika og ville ændre dynamikken i alle landene mod et utvetydigt håb for fremtiden og ville således omgående bevirke en ændring i migrantkrisen. Det ville også udfri EU af dens nuværende legitimitetskrise og give de europæiske nationer en mission, der ville placere Europas enhed på et storslået, nyt niveau.

Vil Europas stats- og regeringsledere være i stand til at følge Trumps og Kim Jong-uns eksempel?

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Helga Zepp-LaRouche:
Trump og hans eurasiske allierede
udmanøvrerer det døende Britiske Imperium

Leder fra LaRouchePAC, 14. juni, 2018 – Denne lederartikel er taget fra dagens ugentlige strategiske webcast med Schiller Instituttets stifter og præsident, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, og som reflekterer over den forgangne uges historiske møder – Trump-Kim-topmødet og SCO-topmødet – og som, sammen med det interne kollaps af G7 og G7-topmødet, demonstrerer det gamle paradigmes død og fremkomsten af det nye.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Jeg er faktisk temmelig glad over at kunne fortælle jer, at to norske parlamentsmedlemmer har foreslået at tildele Nobels Fredspris til præsident Trump. Dette finder jeg særdeles passende, i modsætning til den Nobels Fredspris, som blev tildelt Obama for absolut ingenting, tværtimod. Denne udvikling, hvor Nordkorea og USA finder en måde, hvorpå de fuldstændig kan transformere en gammel, fjendtlig relation til en relation for samarbejde og en lysende fremtid, mener jeg, virkelig er en fantastisk udvikling. Jeg ved, at alle mainstream-medierne i Vesten er ved at få et apoplektisk anfald over dette, men ser man på det, mener jeg, det er absolut lovende.

For det første, de fakta, I alle er bekendt med: De aftalte en total atomafrustning af Nordkorea til gengæld for udsigten til at gøre Nordkorea til et fremgangsrigt og velstående land.

Jeg finder det meget interessant, at Det Hvide Hus, med Trump og det Nationale Sikkerhedsråd, producerede en fire minutter lang video[1], hvor de to valgmuligheder for Nordkorea blev fremstillet: Den ene mulighed er den gamle status og krig, eller i stedet at få en total modernisering af landet, med moderne jernbaner – de viste endda et kørende, kinesisk maglev-tog (magnetisk svævetog) og folk, der var fremgangsrige og produktive. Dette var virkelig godt, for denne video viser præcist, hvad der vil ske …

Jeg så hele hans pressekonference[2], og jeg må sige, at jeg vil råde alle vore seere til også at se den. For man hører så meget om, at Trump er dit eller dat; og den måde, han opførte sig på, på denne lange pressekonference, hvor han afparerede den mest typiske, gammeldags tankegang og spørgsmål fra hovedsageligt amerikanske journalister og ikke lod sig provokere … han sagde ganske enkelt, at han var fortrøstningsfuld med hensyn til, at denne proces var på en god kurs.

Det var meget vigtigt, at han også annoncerede, at USA ville stoppe det, han kaldte »krigsspillene«, de amerikansk-sydkoreanske militærmanøvrer, og dette er naturligvis psykologisk meget vigtigt for nordkoreanerne, for, hvis man hele tiden har disse krigsspil på ens dørtærskel, så skaber det en permanent, psykologisk terror.

Folk, der endnu ikke har dannet sig en vurdering af, hvordan de skal se på dette, bør blot tage i betragtning, at det sydkoreanske folk var totalt entusiastisk. De gik glade rundt i gaderne. [Den sydkoreanske] Præsident Moon [Jae-in], der så live-streamingen fra konferencen i Singapore, klappede flere gange. Husk den tyske genforening, der fandt sted for nu snart 29 år siden; folk i Tyskland husker nok den totale jubel og glæde hos familier, der ikke har set hinanden i rigtig mange år, kramme hinanden; venner, der omfavner hinanden og kysser hinanden. Og det var en fryd!

At den tyske genforening ikke kun frembragte glæde bagefter, havde at gøre med det overordnede, geostrategiske miljø: I ved, med Bush og Thatcher og Mitterand, der alle var ekstremt fjendtlige over for processen med tysk genforening, og derfor blev de østtyske stater praktisk talt økonomisk afmonteret, i det store og hele. Men omstændighederne, miljøet, i Nordkorea er selvfølgelig totalt anderledes.

Så jeg vil gerne sige, at jeg er meget forhåbningsfuld med hensyn til, at denne proces vil lykkes, af den meget simple grund, at den finder sted i en fuldstændig anden, strategisk sammenhæng, nemlig med Bælte & Vej Initiativet, integrationen af Bælte & Vej Initiativet med den Eurasiske Økonomiske Union og denne form for økonomiske udviklingsplaner, som Rusland også talte om, og som Kina sagde, de ville bidrage til, og ligeledes sammen med USA overtage sikkerhedsgarantier for Nordkorea; disse økonomiske planer finder sted i sammenhæng med planen om at udvikle Ruslands Fjernøsten for at integrere det med hele Asien, og som blev diskuteret på det Østlige Økonomiske Forum i Vladivostok sidste september, og det blev ligeledes diskuteret i den inter-koreanske dialog i april mellem de to præsidenter for de to Korea’er.

Jeg mener, Trump har fuldstændig ret: Han sagde, at fortiden ikke behøver bestemme fremtiden. Reel forandring er mulig. Dette er en virkelig god udvikling, og alle nejsigerne skal bare gå hjem og tænke sig om …

Jeg mener, at denne ånd er klart fremherskende i Asien. Det var ligeledes den kinesiske udenrigsminister Wang Yis udtrykkelige anskuelse efter SCO-topmødet i Qingdao, Kina. Dette topmøde var en ekstraordinær milepæl, hvor Wang Yi bagefter sagde, at SCO repræsenterer 3,1 mia. mennesker og allerede nu er et fuldstændig nyt system for internationale relationer, opbygget på gensidig tillid, samarbejde, venskab og fælles mål, og det er en ny model, der lader tilbage og transcenderer den gamle, geopolitiske orden, Kold Krig, ekskluderende klubber og civilisationernes sammenstød – alt dette lades tilbage, og en ny æra med samarbejde er blevet etableret.

Dette var meget smukt, for topmødet med den indledende banket blev åbnet af præsident Xi Jinping med reference til Konfutse. Han sagde, at Qingdao er i Shandong-provinsen, som er Konfutses hjemegn og hjemstedet for konfucianisme, og at Konfutse bør stå som vejleder for Shanghai Samarbejdsorganisationens fremtid.

Jeg mener, at Xi Jinping er en filosof, og sæt blot dette i modsætning til – kan I forestille jer, at nogen som helst europæisk leder ville åbne et EU-topmøde med ordene, »vi bør have ånden fra Platon, eller fra Shakespeare eller Schiller, som vejleder for den Europæiske Union«? Intet er mere umuligt at forestille sig end det, på nuværende tidspunkt.

Så fremtiden ligger i Asien. Den form for samarbejde og faste beslutning om at skabe en bedre verden for alle mennesker, der lever på denne planet, bliver netop nu virkeliggjort i Asien.

Det er en virkelig god ting, at præsident Trump afgjort hjælper det bedste, han kan, for at denne orden skal lykkes, på trods af handelsspændingerne og på trods af de resterende problemer, der stadig eksisterer. Jeg er fuldstændig fortrøstningsfuld med hensyn til, at ånden og dynamikken i dette nye fænomen, disse nye kræfter, som Wang Yi talte om – han sagde, at der er nye kræfter i arbejde, som gør alt dette muligt – og jeg mener, dette er vor tids dynamik, vor tids tendens. Og det er en god ting. Det er vidunderligt, og alle, der elsker menneskeheden, og som elsker fred, bør være absolut glade.

Se hele Zepp-LaRouches webcast, inkl. engelsk udskrift. 




12. juni, 2018: Den Nye Silkevejsånd lyser i al sin pragt

Leder fra LaRouchePAC, 12. juni, 2018 – Denne dag vil gå over i historien, ikke alene på grund af den ekstraordinære bedrift i Korea, der blev skabt af Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, Moon Jae-in, Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe og Vladimir Putin, men også, fordi den »Nye Silkevejsånd« har taget endnu et gigantskridt fremad for virkeliggørelsen af fred og udvikling for hele verden.

Den fælles erklæring, som blev underskrevet og offentliggjort af formand Kim og præsident Trump, kan læses nedenstående. Den siger utvetydigt, at den nye relation mellem USA og D.P.R.K. »vil bidrage til fred og fremgang for Koreahalvøen, og for verden«. I en pressekonference efter topmødet, talte præsident Trump på en dyb måde om den transformation, der finder sted i verden som helhed. Han begyndte: »Jeg står foran jer som repræsentant for USA for at give jer et budskab om håb og vision, og et budskab om fred«. Han sagde, at det succesfulde topmøde beviste, at »reel forandring er muligt«; at »fortiden ikke behøver definere fremtiden«; at »enhver kan skabe krig, men kun de modigste kan skabe fred«. Han konkluderede, korrekt, at »Det er et meget stort øjeblik i verdenshistorien«.

Det bliver opfattet i hele verden, at denne historiske begivenhed i Singapore, og det på lignende vis transformerende møde i Shanghai Samarbejdsorganisationen (SCO), der fandt sted i weekenden 9.-10. juni i Qingdao, står i skarp kontrast til kaosset på G7-mødet i Quebec, hvor Trump udtalte, at Putin burde sidde med ved bordet, hvis der skulle opnås noget som helst af betydning. Trump fik fuld opbakning fra den nyvalgte italienske premierminister Giuseppe Conte, alt imens Shinzo Abe ligeledes nægter at gå med i de verbale angreb mod Rusland og arbejder tæt sammen med præsident Putin omkring fælles udviklingsprojekter. Det, der er tilbage af G7 – Frankrig, Tyskland, Canada og UK – kunne ende med at blive G4, hvis de ikke bryder ud af Det britiske Imperiums desperate bestræbelse på at opretholde opsplitningen af verden i Øst og Vest.

Der skabes historie i Asien, og ikke i Vestens affældige økonomier og kulturelle forfald. Trumps anerkendelse af Kina og Rusland reflekterer hans erkendelse af, at, med samarbejde, kan store forandringer skabes for en forbedring for menneskeheden som helhed, og at USA selv kun kan genrejses til sin tidligere storhed ved at blive en del af den Nye Silkevejsånd, som Helga Zepp-LaRouche har udlagt det. Denne ånd er smitsom og inspirerer kulturel optimisme og står i skarp kontrast til den kulturelle pessimisme, der i stigende grad har inficeret Europa og USA i løbet af de seneste halvtreds år.

Efter at have set Trumps pressekonference i Singapore, kom fr. LaRouche med den iagttagelse, at Trump havde nægtet at lade sig provokere af de hysteriske, vestlige krigsmager-medier, men snarere demonstrerede en fuldstændig tillid til, at det nye paradigme for fred gennem udvikling var både muligt og nødvendigt. Det er, hvad Lyndon LaRouche og denne bevægelse har kæmpet for i løbet af de seneste halvtreds år. Det er en tid for historiske transformationer, et faseskifte i de kvalitative egenskaber af menneskehedens udvikling, i hvilken det enkelte individs handlinger kan forandre verden. Man bør ikke stå og se til fra sidelinjen. Folk bør, på en ligefrem måde, få at vide, at de skal gå med i LaRouche-bevægelsen med det formål at bringe den Nye Silkevejsånd til hele menneskeheden.

Foto: Præsident Donald J. Trump med Nordkoreas leder Kim Jong-un. 12. juni, 2018. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Silkevejsånden er smittefarlig!
Hovedtale af Helga Zepp-
LaRouche, Schiller Instituttets
konference i New York,
9. juni, 2018: Dona Nobis Pacem
– Giv os fred, gennem
økonomisk udvikling

Jeg er faktisk meget optimistisk med hensyn til situationen. Jeg mener, der absolut er en mulighed for, at vi i den nærmeste fremtid vil se fremkomsten af et fuldstændig Nyt Paradigme for civilisation. For allerede på nuværende tidspunkt samles flertallet af nationer omkring ideen om, at der findes én menneskehed, og som tilhører en højere orden end nationale interesser og end selv geopolitisk konfrontation. Aldrig før har modsigelsen mellem og åbenheden i kampen mellem det Nye Paradigme og det gamle paradigme været mere åbenlys end netop nu. Denne konference blev oprindelig planlagt for at fremskynde denne proces …


Download (PDF, Unknown)


Øvrige talere på Panel I:

Jason Ross, medforfatter af rapporten “Forlæng den Nye Silkevej til Vestasien og Afrika; En vision for en økonomisk renæssance”.

Dr. Xu Wenhong, vicegeneralsekretær for Bælte & Vej-studier, det Kinesiske Akademi for Samfundsvidenskaber, Ét Bælte, én Vej-initiativet.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, første permanente vicerepræsentant for den Russiske føderation til FN.



Denne tid med epokegørende
transformation skriger på
Lyndon LaRouches ideer

Leder fra LaRouchePAC, 10. juni, 2018 – For strategisk klarhed – og også for din fornøjelses skyld – så se lige på verden i øjeblikket gennem Det britiske Imperiums øjne. I løbet af sidste uge fandt følgende begivenheder sted, som indikerede, at Det britiske Imperiums værste mareridt er ved at tage form:

  • Præsident Trump – der tydeligvis føler sig stærk, med Robert Muellers Russiagate-operation, der hastigt går til bunds og i stedet forvandles til et »Spygate«, der afslører mange af Storbritanniens hovedaktiver på deres vej til fængsel – har annonceret, at han vil mødes med den russiske præsident Putin, muligvis i Wien.
  • Præsident Trump væltede G7-skakbrættet og sagde, han ville have Putin tilbage i møderne, for »vi søger fred i verden. Vi søger ikke at spille spil«.
  • Italiens nye premierminister Giuseppe Conte sekunderede Trumps krav om, at Rusland atter skulle være med i G8. Trump meddelte, at han snart ville mødes med Conte i Det Hvide Hus.
  • Conte overlevede Det britiske Imperiums statskupforsøg i Italien og tiltrådte embedet med tale om bankopdeling, dvs., Glass-Steagall. Det sidste, Det britiske Imperium ønsker, er, at Conte skal diskutere dette med Trump.
  • Den kinesiske præsident Xi Jinping organiserede hele topmødet med Shanghai Samarbejdsorganisationen (SCO) omkring Konfucius’ universelle ideer[1], for at skabe en »verden, der har varig fred, universel tryghed og fælles fremgang«.
  • Spændinger mellem Indien og Kina mindskes med deres diskussioner om fælles, økonomisk fremgang og sikkerhedsspørgsmål – på trods af, at Storbritannien gør alt, det kan, for at drive en kile ind mellem dem. Selv Indien og Pakistan vil deltage i fælles militærøvelser for første gang nogensinde, under SCO’s sponsorskab.

Set gennem Det britiske Imperiums øjne, er summen af alt dette virkelig deres værste mareridt. Firemagts-aftalen mellem Kina, Rusland, Indien og USA, som Lyndon LaRouche længe har stillet krav om som den nødvendige, hovedstrategiske alliance for at lukke Det britiske Imperium ned én gang for alle, er hastigt ved at tage form.

Schiller Instituttets præsident Helga Zepp-LaRouche trak i sin hovedtale til Schiller Instituttets konference »Dona Nobis Pacem – Giv os fred, gennem økonomisk udvikling«, som blev afholdt i New York City 9. juni, betydningen af det nuværende øjebliks epokegørende transformation frem:

»Jeg er faktisk meget optimistisk med hensyn til situationen. Jeg mener, der absolut er en mulighed for, at vi i den nærmeste fremtid vil se fremkomsten af et fuldstændig Nyt Paradigme for civilisation. For allerede på nuværende tidspunkt samles flertallet af nationer omkring ideen om, at der findes én menneskehed, som tilhører en højere orden end nationale interesser og end selv geopolitisk konfrontation. Aldrig før har modsigelsen mellem og åbenheden i kampen mellem det Nye Paradigme og det gamle paradigme været mere åbenlys end netop nu. …

Man har en ny model for win-win-samarbejde, for at agere i den andens interesse, med respekt for det andets lands suverænitet, ikkeindblanding, respekt for det andet lands anderledes samfundssystem og for ideen om at blive forenet omkring ideen om den ene menneskeheds højere formål. Det er den politik, der er et resultat af Kinas Nye Silkevejspolitik, som nu har ligget på bordet i næsten fem år, og som har udviklet den mest utrolige dynamik nogensinde. Det er historiens største infrastrukturprojekt, og det står allerede klart, at dette vil definere de nye regler i verden. …

Dette er faktisk min mands, Lyndon LaRouches, vision; han krævede allerede i 2007, at de tre lande – Rusland, Kina og Indien – absolut må arbejde sammen for at imødegå den onde indflydelse fra Det britiske Imperium, som det fandtes på det tidspunkt. I 2009 krævede han, på Rhodos-forummet for Dialog mellem Civilisationer, at den eneste måde, hvorpå verden ville komme ud af denne nuværende tilstand, ville være en firemagtsaftale mellem USA, Rusland, Kina og Indien. …

Den Nye Silkevej må opbygges på basis af alle traditioners mest fundamentale ontologiske, epistemologiske og metafysiske begreber. For Kina betyder det, det konfucianske princip om selvfuldkommengørelse og livslang læring og karakterens forædling, og om harmoni midt i forskelligheder. For Indien betyder dette, det vediske begreb om, hvordan den kosmiske orden må angive reglerne for det politiske liv på Jorden. …

Den europæiske civilisation, af hvilken Amerika er en del, har meget at bidrage med mht. sine egne, humanistiske traditioner. Et af de mest betydningsfulde begreber om dette er den nye tankegang, der blev introduceret af Nicolaus Cusanus (Nikolaus von Kues) i det 15. århundrede – coincidentia oppositorum; modsætningernes sammenfald, hvilket betyder, at menneskelig skabeevne og det menneskelige intellekt er i stand til at skabe en højere orden, i hvilken alle forskelligheder forsvinder. …

Men en tid med en sådan epokegørende transformation er også den bedste tid for ideernes betydning.

Jeg kan blot sige, at de ideer, som kommer fra min mand, Lyndon LaRouche, der har arbejdet for denne form for koncepter for en ny, retfærdig, økonomisk verdensorden i mere end et halvt århundrede, ja, nok nærmere i 75 år, eller endda længere endnu; men disse ideer har nu vundet indflydelse … De mange, mange videnskabelige ideer, han genoplivede, mht. 2.500 års europæisk civilisation: Mange af disse ting bliver nu til virkelighed, fordi vi har nogle magtfulde lande, der rent faktisk virkeliggør dem og arbejder i denne retning.

Så ideernes magt er absolut afgørende, og vi har den store lykke, at, alt imens jeg ikke vil bagatellisere de farer, der stadig eksisterer; ligeledes er den mulige fare for en stor krig slet ikke fjernet; men jeg vil gerne have, at folk har en optimistisk følelse af, at vi, ikke alene i vores levetid, men i en meget nær fremtid, kan opleve en fuldstændig anden verden, hvis vi bliver aktive og vi kæmper for det.«

Foto: Præsident Donald J. Trump taler med sine lederkolleger, Canadas premierminister Justin Trudeau, Frankrigs præsident Emmanuel Macron, Japans premierminister Shinzo Abe og U.K.’s premierminister Theresa May, under arbejdsfrokosten på G7-topmødet i Canada.

[1] Se: »Harmonien mellem konfuciansk og vestlig filosofi.« Af EIR’s Kina- og Konfucius-ekspert, Mike Billington.

Macron taler på vegne af Imperiet
– Hører Trump efter?

Leder fra LaRouchePAC, 25. april, 2018 – Hvis man troede på, at præsident Trump accepterede den franske præsident Emmanuel Macrons fantasmer for den samlede amerikanske Kongres i dag, så ville man acceptere, at Trump skulle være rede til at underkaste nationen Det britiske Imperiums kollapsende, gamle paradigme. Macron, der tydeligvis talte for Imperiet (som franskmændene plejer at gøre) opførte sig, som om Trump havde aftalt med ham, at USA skulle forblive i Syrien som en besættelsesmagt; at Trump snart ville vende USA tilbage til den fascistiske, grønne Paris-aftale om afindustrialisering af verden for at »redde planeten«[1] og at, når Trump taler om »fake news«, mener han russerne.

Pardon, Monsieur, men det britiske kupforsøg mod vores præsident er endnu ikke lykkedes; faktisk er det i store vanskeligheder, med MI6-agent Christopher Steele og hans amerikanske medskyldige i Obamas efterretningssamfund og i Obamas Udenrigsministerium, der selv står over for retsforfølgelse for kriminelle handlinger. Medlem af Repræsentanternes Hus for Californien, Devin Nunes, har, med sit formandsskab for Husets Efterretningskomites efterforskning af anklagerne bag Russiagate-fupnummeret, fastslået, at »der ikke var nogen officiel efterretning, der blev brugt til at indlede denne efterforskning«. Det var snarere alt sammen britiske løgne, der blev bragt til torvs i massemedierne som »fake news« – som Trump korrekt har fremført og gentagent fordømt.

Monsieur Macron fik, desværre, en heltemodtagelse af de korrupte medlemmer af USA’s Kongres, der stod op og applauderede og højlydt jublede, da Macron sagde, at menneskeheden var i færd med at ødelægge denne planet; at CO2 ødelagde ethvert håb for vore børnebørn; at »der er ikke nogen Planet B«, og at »vi må arbejde sammen for at gøre planeten stor igen«. Prins Philip kunne ikke have sagt det mere diabolsk.

[1] Se Introduktion til EIR’s Rapport: »Skræmmekampagne om global opvarmning er befolkningsreduktion – ikke videnskab!« Inkl. oversigt og links til de artikler, der er oversat til dansk. En forhåndsvisning som pdf er tilgængelig.

Men Trump har hidtil ikke kapituleret over for dem, der truer ham, og som forlanger, at han opgiver sine løfter til det amerikanske folk, der skaffede ham valgsejren. Trump lægger skylden for »fake news« på USA’s og UK’s pressehorer, ikke Rusland. Han hævder, at udvikling er vigtigere end klimaforandringens falske videnskab. Han insisterer på, at USA må blive venner med Rusland. Han annoncerede ligeledes tirsdag, at han sender sit økonomiske team til Kina, hvor »vi har en virkelig god mulighed for at indgå en aftale« med Xi Jinping, som er »en fantastisk fyr og én af mine venner«.

Det er præcis dette, som briterne og deres aktiver i USA, såvel som i Frankrig, er desperate for at forhindre. Der er et potentiale for, at der i USA og Europa skabes en massebevægelse imod den imperiale krigspolitik, der drives frem af britiske løgne. Folk reflekterer nu over Tony Blairs eventyr for børn om masseødelæggelsesvåben i Irak, som lancerede de seneste 15 års blodbad og ødelæggelser i hele Mellemøsten, og som atter drev skabelsen af udstrakte terroristnetværk med grobund i de befolkninger, der var mål for denne destruktion, og ligeledes var det, der drev millioner af desperate flygtninge, som således bragte kaos i Europa. En tysk, parlamentarisk komite fastslog 20. april, at det britiskanstiftede missilangreb mod Syrien var »en overtrædelse af folkeretten«, selv om den ynkelige kansler Angela Merkel kaldte det for »nødvendigt og passende«. Verden må i sandhed sige »aldrig mere« til det britiske imperie-krigsparti.

Verden må ligeledes sige »ja« til den Nye Silkevej som det eneste alternativ til diktater fra ’the lords’ fra finanscentrene i City of London og Wall Street, som ikke vil sky noget middel for at redde deres bankerotte system for storstilet spekulation og ditto svindel. De er helt villige til at løbe risikoen for en global krig for at forhindre USA i at gå sammen med Kina og 140 andre nationer, der nu ser en vej ud af nedskæringer og krig gennem det Nye Paradigme, der udtrykkes gennem Kinas Bælte & Vej Initiativ. Den indiske premierminister Narendra Modi rejser til Kina i denne uge med den hensigt at bringe Indien ind i et samarbejde med Kina og Rusland i det globale udviklingsalternativ. Hvis præsident Trump bringer USA ind i et fuldt og helt samarbejde i den Nye Silkevej, ville dette komplettere »firemagtsalliancen«, som Lyndon LaRouche længe har promoveret som den kraft, der er nødvendig for at gøre en ende på Det britiske Imperium.

Ved at forene Øst og Vest, kan vi for altid afskaffe imperiepolitikken med sin »del og hersk«, og menneskeracen kan gå fremefter med opbygningen af en fremtid for menneskehedens fælles mål. Der er intet valg, og dette er et dyrebart mulighedens øjeblik, vi ikke må forpasse.

Foto: Præsident Trump og præsident Macron fra Frankrig,. 24. april, 2018.  (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

»En dialog om tre præsidentskaber:
Bøj universets moralske bue mod retfærdighed«
Hovedtale af Helga Zepp-LaRouche på
Schiller Institut Konference i New York, 7. april, 2018
(Video og engelsk udskrift)


Den amerikanske præsident Donald Trump, den kinesiske præsident Xi Jinping og den russiske præsident Vladimir Putin kunne, i løbet af de næste par måneder, sammen træffe en række af de absolut vigtigste beslutninger, som ville indvirke på menneskeheden, siden renæssancen i det 15. århundrede. Den mulige løsning på Korea-spørgsmålet er blot et enkelt eksempel. De rette beslutninger, truffet af disse tre nationer og deres allierede i de næste par uger, kunne, i den nærmeste fremtid, begynde at fjerne fattigdom, kolonialisme og krig fra planeten. Løsningerne for at fjerne dette tredobbelte onde ligger både i stjernerne og i os selv.

Britiske imperiekræfter har midlertidigt mistet kontrollen over den svigtende transatlantiske, geopolitiske proces. Nu forsøger de at genvinde fordelen. Ligesom med den britiske efterretningsagent Christopher Steeles Russiagate-svindel, er det nu svindlen med »Rusland forgiftede Sergei Skripal og hans datter«, der efter planen skal drive en kile ind mellem præsident Trump og Vladimir Putin. Hvis denne bestræbelse lykkes, vil alt det arbejde, der er udført af Devin Nunes’ Husets Efterretningskomite og andre, for at afsløre den korrupte rolle, som FBI, Justitsministeriet, Udenrigsministeriet og andre har spillet i det britiskkørte kup imod det amerikanske præsidentskab i 2016, have været forgæves.

Evindelig krig, som de amerikanske administrationer Bush 41, Bush 43 og Obama var fortalere for, kan nu erstattes med en ny økonomisk platform og en ny kulturel platform.

Lørdag, 7. april, er Schiller Instituttets stifter Helga Zepp-LaRouche hovedtaler på denne konference, der skal samle amerikanerne omkring dette optimistiske perspektiv. En vedtagelse af de økonomiske forholdsregler og standpunkter, der kendes som LaRouches Fire Love[1] samtidig med en accept af det stående, kinesiske forslag [om USA’s deltagelse i den Nye Silkevej] ville give grundlaget for at skabe en hurtig forøgelse i amerikansk, produktiv beskæftigelse, levestandarder og uddannelse af ungdommen i USA.

Grundlaget for en dialog mellem de »tre store« præsidentskaber er indeholdt i et dokument af Lyndon LaRouche fra marts, 1984, med titlen, »Udkast til aftalememorandum mellem USA og U.S.S.R.«[2]

Indledningen lyder således:

»Det politiske fundament for varig fred må være: a) Alle nationalstaters ubetingede suverænitet, og b) Samarbejde mellem suveræne nationalstater med det formål at fremme ubegrænsede muligheder for at blive delagtig i fordelene ved teknologisk fremskridt, til gensidig fordel for enhver nationalstat, og alle nationalstater.

Det mest afgørende aspekt ved en aktuel implementering af en sådan politik for varig fred er en dybtgående ændring i de monetære, økonomiske og politiske relationer mellem de dominerende magter og de relativt underordnede nationer, som ofte klassificeres som »udviklingslande«. Med mindre de uligheder, der stadig dvæler i kølvandet på moderne kolonialisme, gradvist afhjælpes, kan der ikke være nogen varig fred på denne planet.«

Sidstnævnte tema vil blive behandlet på mødet 7. april i en præsentation af Jason Ross, medforfatter af Schiller Instituttets Specialrapport, »Forlæng den Nye Silkevej til Vestasien og Afrika: En vision for en økonomisk renæssance«.[3] Med en befolkning på størrelse med Indiens og med den yngste befolkning i noget kontinent i verden, ville Afrikas fysisk-økonomiske udvikling gennem fælles arbejde, udført af USA sammen med Kina, gøre de gamle koloniregimers racister tavse for altid. Verdens to største økonomier kunne, ved hjælp af Sun Yat-sens og Abraham Lincolns »Tre principper for folket«[4], udgøre spydspidsen for en anti-koloniudvikling og fjerne den fattigdom, som er udløser af racisme og krig.

Her følger engelsk udskrift af Helga Zepp-LaRouches tale:


 Schiller Institute Conference with Helga Zepp-LaRouche
        New York City, April 7, 2018



DIANE SARE: Good afternoon.  I’m Diane Sare with the
Schiller Institute here in Manhattan and at the conference
called “The Dialogue of Three Presidencies:  Bending the Arc of
the Moral Universe toward Justice.”
Fifty years ago this year, our nation suffered two major
assassinations:  The first, on April 4th, 1968, was that of
Martin Luther King, Jr.,[5] who was gunned down while he was
participating in organizing for a sanitation workers’ strike in
Memphis, Tennessee; then, on June 6th, Robert Kennedy — the
second Kennedy to be assassinated — who was likely on a
trajectory to become the President of the United States.  I think
it’s very important to reflect on that change in the United
States 50 years ago.  I was very struck a few weeks ago, having
heard about a speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping, where he
spoke in China of the Century of Humiliation.  Starting in 1840,
the Opium Wars against China, which were absolutely devastating
and destructive, run by the British Empire — which is still the
enemy of civilization today; to the Japanese occupation in the
1940s, under which 35 million or more people died.  What
President Xi said to these young people is that, in effect, we
have to take this as a source of strength; that our sacred honor
is that we will never allow ourselves to be humiliated in such a
way again.  And that we will never impose such humiliation upon
any other human being.
So, I was reflecting on the last 50 years in this country,
what we have tolerated.  And before I came here today, I was
reading a little bit from Martin Luther King’s book about the
process leading into his leadership of what became the Montgomery
Bus Boycott.  He described that the unity of the people —
because people may know, it wasn’t just that Rosa Parks refused
to move to the back of the bus and got arrested and somehow there
were demonstrations.  People went on for nearly a year, refusing
to ride the bus.  That meant that people with the postal service
were organizing all these elaborate carpools; and people in their
60s and 70s were walking 12 miles a day to not take the bus.  And
I was thinking to myself, how many Americans today would be
prepared to walk 12 miles a day until we got the Manhattan subway
system fixed, for example?  Or until we found out who actually
was behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks?  Or until the torture of
people, which is completely degrading to man as in the image of
God?  How many Americans would be prepared to do that kind of
hard work over an extended time?  I began to think that this is
the — when Lyndon LaRouche a few years ago, we did a series of
memorial concerts on the 15th anniversary of 9/11; and he talked
about the humiliation of Americans not having done anything.  I
thought that’s kind of an odd term; what does he mean
“humiliation”?  When I was reading what Dr. King had to say this
morning, I thought, “Well, of course.  We should be humiliated.”
In a sense, we should be ashamed that we have allowed our nation
to be in the shape that it is, and not have acted sooner.  If we
would take this opportunity this year, to come to that conclusion
firmly as strongly as Xi Jinping means it in China, then there is
absolutely nothing that can stop us.
The person whom I am about to introduce, has been a very
important leader for 40+ years, 50+ years, in that fight.  It is
a very challenging world right now.  The American people clearly
rejected a continuation of British imperial perpetual war and
Wall Street bail-out policies when they rejected the election of
Hillary Clinton.  Because President Trump represents an
opportunity, as this conference is called “Three Presidencies:
Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping.”  Because there is a potential
represented by this administration to end the long reign of the
evil British Empire; everything is going a bit crazy.  I heard
this morning, apparently there was a car that plowed into a crowd
in Muenster, Germany, killing several people and injuring many
others, today while we’re here.  In the United States, we are
bombarded; the American news media is violent in its coverage,
because what it does to you is, it causes whipsaw.  You’re
reading one thing one day, another thing the other day. President
Trump says he wants to get the troops out of Syria; and then we
hear, “The White House says the troops must remain in Syria.”
Well, who is the White House?  It’s apparently not the same thing
as President Trump.  So, this causes a great deal of confusion
and anxiety among the American people.
Mrs. LaRouche, who not only is the founder and chairwoman of
the international Schiller Institute, is also a brilliant writer
and scholar.  She is an expert on Nicholas of Cusa, who wrote a
very important paper called “The Coincidence of Opposites.”  So,
I am confident that her address to us here today, will help all
of us to make sense of the situation and give us an idea of how
we can conduct ourselves to end this 50 years of humiliation in
the United States.  So, with that, I’d like to introduce Helga

HELGA ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I want to say “Hello” to you, and I’m
very happy to talk to you, at least via video, so I can share
with you my ideas.
I think in the recent weeks, many people in many countries
have been very distraught about the so-called Skripal affair.
This was the assassination attempt, the poison gas attack on the
former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. Immediately,
the Theresa May government accused Russia that they did it.  I
think that this particular situation has demonstrated in a way we
have not seen it ever, what is the role of the British Empire,
the British government, British policies in the present
escalation against Russia, and in a certain sense against China.
This affair was immediately made an issue of NATO, of the
European Union.  Many EU members immediately declared
unconditional solidarity with Theresa May, and they agreed on the
formulation that there is no other plausible explanation than
Russia did it.  I think this reaction is very telling, because it
shows on the one side, the degree of British control in NATO, and
in part in the European Union.  Fortunately, about half of the
European Union members did not agree.  But it also demonstrated
the incredible Orwellian character of the present Western
democracies of the so-called “liberal” Western system.  Because
the idea that you immediately abandon the principle that {in
dubio pro reo}, that the innocence is relevant until proven
guilty; that this was abandoned and that truth was replaced by a
consensus among countries.  If that is the principle of
international policy, then we are all in very bad shape.
The immediate danger is naturally that this thing is not
just leading to mass expulsions of diplomats.  The United States
expelled 60 diplomats; the British expelled a similar number, and
Germany four.  Altogether, I think 23 diplomats in the other
European countries.  But obviously, this has the implication of
leading to a broader escalation of confrontation with Russia and
possibly even war; because this is a prewar propaganda.  If you
look at the timing of this affair, first of all the two Skripals
fortunately seem to be in much better condition.  That raises a
whole bunch of questions because if it was Novichok nerve gas,
then the question is, how did the British have so quickly an
antidote that they are now happily surviving?  Or, maybe it was
not Novichok.  How could they come so quickly to the conclusion
that it was Russia, when Scotland Yard said it would take several
weeks to find out what really was the nerve gas agent used in
this attack.
The timing was at a point where, in the United States, the
whole focus of Congressional investigations of the House
Intelligence Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, similar
committees in the Senate, was about the role of the British
Empire in the Russia-gate affair, or the Trump-gate, or the
Mueller-gate, depending on how you want to call it.  The focus of
several committees started to really put into the limelight the
role of Christopher Steele, the so-called “former” MI6 agent, the
role of the British government, the collusion not with Russia but
with the British in the whole attempt to make a coup against
President Trump.  So, that was very convenient, because all of a
sudden, it was the Russia issue again.  May, in these days, you
could always say that the days of Theresa May seemed to be
numbered; because she was in such an unstable position.
Now, cui bono?  Who has the motive?  In whose interest
would be such an affair?  Well, Russia really has no motive; why
would this occur just weeks before the Presidential election in
Russia?  Would Putin really want to have such notoriety just
before the election, and just before the World Soccer World Cup?
So, also Russia would have had many opportunities to kill
Skripal; he was, for many years, in a Russian jail, he lived for
many years in Great Britain without any problem.  Nevertheless,
despite that, Merkel and Macron, half of the EU immediately came
out saying, “No, it is the only plausible explanation that it was
Russia.”  Boris Johnson gave an interview to a German radio
called Deutsche Welle, where he said that he had absolute
scientific proof from the scientists of the Porton Down
laboratory, who had definitely said that they had 100 % proof that
it was Russia.  In the meantime, the scientists refused to
provide the after-the-fact evidence, and the head of the lab, Mr.
Aitkenhead, said that they could identify that it was Novichok;
but that they absolutely could not identify the source of the
origin of this poison gas.  This was a very lamentable situation,
so the Foreign Office immediately deleted the tweet in which this
was stated; which now has Boris Johnson’s stand there as a liar.
That does not prevent the Theresa May government from continuing
to push the lie that Russia did it.
Many officials in Russia — Foreign Minister [Sergey] Lavrov; Foreign
Ministry spokeswoman [Maria] Zakharova, the head of foreign intelligence
[Sergey] Naryshkin — the all pointed to the fact that the {cui bono} and
the likelihood, and who has the capacity and motive, actually
points to British intelligence.  This whole operation — and this
was pointed out by many experts and commentators — this
absolutely parallels what the British did in the Iraq case in
2003; where also MI6 produced a dossier supposedly proving that
Saddam Hussein was in the possession of weapons of mass
destruction which could reach every city within 45 minutes around
the globe.  That Saddam Hussein supposedly had absolute
connections with al-Qaeda; which was a blatant lie, because
Saddam Hussein used to throw al-Qaeda people into jail and other
things.  But this was then used as a pretext.  So, Colin Powell
gave the famous speech in the United Nations motivating U.S.
participation in the Iraq War.  Then, the war against Iraq
occurred, with many hundreds of thousands of people losing their
lives as a result.
This is what some people in Russia in the meantime have
called “Goebbels” propaganda.  Why is there such a demonization
of Russia?  Why is there a demonization of President Putin coming
essentially from the same people who are also demonizing
President Trump and President Xi Jinping?  This is the same
foolishness which already led to the Second World War and which
could easily trigger a Third World War.  There is the danger that
these war-mongers are repeating the same methodological mistake,
stupidity, which led to two world wars.
What is behind that is a mixture of desperation because the
financial powers of the City of London and their Wall Street
backers and collaborators see clearly that their system is
failing.  Obviously, they have a complete fear that this would go
with a complete loss of their political and financial power.  But
it is also an obsession that their schemes will function, and if
they just have enough containment and escalation then their
system will be proven superior.  They are confronted with their
system not succeeding, but failing; they don’t have the intended
unipolar world, but they are confronted with the emergence of a
completely New Paradigm in the world.
If you want to understand why Russia is such a focus of
Russophobia right now, you have to take the situation back to the
end of the Soviet Union.  Because in the United States, at a
point when the Soviet Union started to disintegrate and there
would have actually been the possibility for a peace order for
the 21st Century, you had in the United States the consolidation
of the neo-cons.  They revived the American Century doctrine,
which originally was formulated by Walter Lippmann in 1943, when
he published a book with that name which then became the entire
basis for the post-war order; the legitimacy of NATO, the whole
Cold War.  It was the idea to revive that with the project for a
new American Century and the idea that you would replace the two
superpower system with an unipolar world based on the
Anglo-American special relationship, and a neo-liberal monetarist
system.  This was essentially a continuation of the idea that you
would control the developing countries, keep them in relative
backwardness, and deregulate the financial system in order to
bring back the power of Wall Street and the City of London, and
basically control the world that way.
In 1989, when the German reunification happened, this was
actually combined with the promise that NATO would never expand
eastward.  You have to remember that the Soviet Union agreed to
the dissolution of the GDR and German reunification without the
use of force.  You could say, in light of the history of the
Second World War, where the Soviet Union had suffered tremendous
losses of life and naturally had a very terrible memory of Nazi
Germany that it was extremely generous of the Soviet Union to
agree to that.  The promise was clearly given not to expand NATO
eastward; this was emphasized many times by the former American
ambassador in Moscow at that time, John Matlock.  In the recent
publications of the archives from George Washington University,
it was also clear that this was, indeed, a promise made.
In 1990, the General Secretary of NATO at that time, Manfred
Wörner, made a speech in Brussels which is worth remembering.  He
at that time said, “The goal for the next decade is the creation
of a European security structure, including the Soviet Union and
the states of the Warsaw Pact,” and that the Soviet Union would
play an important role in the construction of such a security
system, and that he would understand the wish of the Soviet Union
not to be excluded from Europe.  “The West cannot answer to the
erosion of the Warsaw Pact with a weakening or dissolution of
[NATO]”; and therefore, “the only answer is the creation of a
security framework which includes both alliances” and which
includes the “Soviet Union into a cooperating Europe….  The
very fact that we are ready not to deploy NATO troops beyond the
territory of the Federal Republic [of Germany] gives the Soviet
Union firm security guarantees,” Wörner said.
This is all proven by these new documents which have been
published that the West obviously, or the neo-cons and their
British partners, were clearly promoting a different policy and
making fake promises.  On the surface, the offer to the Soviet
Union continued.  Still in 1994, President Clinton said the NATO
expansion is not anti-Russian; it means inclusion instead of
exclusion.  But then, things became more dramatic.  In 1999,
there was the famous Tony Blair speech in Chicago, which was the
definite elimination of whatever relic of the Peace of Westphalia
system existed; and by that, also the elimination of the
principles of the UN Charter — namely, guaranteeing the
sovereignty of every country.  This was clearly a foreshadowing
of what Blair did later in 2003 with the Iraq War.  What replaced
the idea of respect for the sovereignty of countries was the idea
of “humanitarian” interventions.  Naturally, then in 2001 with
the September 11th attack, which was a complete assault on all
civil liberties and civil rights which had been fought for, for
decades.  And it imposed an international regime with the pretext
of the war against terrorism.
What followed then was regime change, color revolution.  You
had the Orange Revolution in 2004 in Ukraine; you had the Rose
Revolution in Georgia.  In the meantime, both the Russian and
Chinese militaries respectively stated that they regarded color
revolution as an absolute total form of warfare.  Naturally, the
Maidan coup against the Ukraine government belongs in this chain.
Also, already in 2002, the United States abandoned
unilaterally the ABM [Anti-Ballistic Missile] Treaty, and
proceeded to build up a global ABM system, which Russia had said
at the very beginning, they could not tolerate the Phase 3 and
Phase 4 of it to be implemented, because it would completely
undermine the strategic stability and therefore be a threat to
the security interests of Russia.
In the 16 years of Bush, Jr. and Obama, these
interventionist wars continued.  Bush declared the “Axis of
Evil,” and the various wars in the Middle East and northern
Africa started to eliminate governments which were not agreeable
to this idea of a unipolar world.  The world was slowly and
steadily going to more Hell, more refugee crises, more misery;
millions of people dying in the Middle East and northern Africa.
Then, in 2013, the world suddenly changed for the better.
President Xi Jinping announced a new model of international
relationships in Kazakhstan — the New Silk Road.  In the
tradition of the ancient Silk Road, which was an incredible
exchange not only of goods, technologies, cultures, ideas, but
also laid the foundation of a dialogue among nations; this New
Silk Road took on a development which is unprecedented I think in
all of history.  In the last 4.5 years, this new Spirit of the
New Silk Road started to catch on, so that by now, more than 140
countries are cooperating in Asia, in Latin America, in Africa,
even in Europe, with the New Silk Road.  You have a tremendous
sense of optimism in Latin America, where practically all Latin
American countries are now building and planning to build
bi-oceanic projects; bi-oceanic railway between Brazil and Peru,
bi-oceanic tunnels between Argentina and Chile, and many other
projects.  So, the Spirit of the New Silk Road has definitely
caught on in the Caribbean and Latin American countries.  It is
for sure the case in the Asian countries, and many corridors are
being built.  Africa has completely changed with the building of
railways from Djibouti to Addis Ababa; all along the eastern
African countries, the western African countries.  If you look at
the map of Chinese investments in railway systems and industry
parks and hydropower in many other agricultural projects, there
is a completely new spirit and self confidence among the Africa
nations that they can now overcome poverty and under-development
for the first time, in the near future.  Even in Europe, where
the EU has been absolutely blocking any cooperation, the New Silk
Road Spirit has absolutely caught on.  You have the 16+1 Eastern
and Central European countries; you have the Balkan countries.
Italy is now engaged together with China in a major project
called Transaqua, which will change the lives of 12 African
nations and bring industrialization into the heart of Africa. But
also, Portugal and Spain want to be the hubs not only for the
western end of the Eurasian part of the New Silk Road, but to be
also a hub for the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries in
Africa and Asia and Latin America.  So, the New Silk Road Spirit
is absolutely on the agenda.  Also in Switzerland, in Austria,
and even in Holland, Belgium, and some of the Scandinavian
This is based on the idea of a win-win cooperation of
respect for the sovereignty of the other country and respect for
the other social system.  This has been an incredible
development.  It’s already 12 times larger than the Marshall Plan
was, but the amazing thing is that for 4.5 years where this
project is now progressing, the Western mainstream media and
Western politicians have virtually ignored it; they have not
reported it, and only in the recent period have they suddenly
realized this is unstoppable.  What is now occurring is a flood
of attacks from the main think tanks, saying this is just an
authoritarian effort by the Chinese to replace the Anglo-American
imperialism with a Chinese one, and they want to take over the
world.  It was quite a sudden change in the coverage and in the
A similar shock happened when they realized that Russia was
absolutely not a regional power as Obama had told, but that
basically it was about to become, under the leadership of
President Putin, a major power again.  So therefore, when Trump
suddenly won the election, the same apparatus which is now behind
the Skripal affair — British intelligence in collusion with the
intelligence heads of the Obama administration — started a
policy of a coup against President Trump.  There was an article
in January 2017 by the British paper {The Spectator}, which said
that President Trump would be gotten out of the White House
either through a coup, impeachment, or an assassination attempt.
That was obviously the policy which these people followed, and
the aim clearly was to prevent President Trump — who had
promised in the election campaign to improve relations with
Russia and bring it back on a stable and good basis — to prevent
Trump from doing it by saying, “If you dare to speak to President
Putin, that just proves you are a Russian agent.”  It took indeed
until the G-20 meeting in Hamburg last year, before Putin and
Trump had a personal meeting and actually hit it off very well.
Also, between President Trump and President Xi Jinping,
contrary to what Trump had said in the election campaign where he
was actually on a quite strong China-bashing mode, he received
President Xi Jinping in April last year at his private residence
in Mar-a-Lago.  And they established a very good positive
relationship between the two of them.  Then, when President Trump
went to Beijing for a visit in October last year, President Xi
Jinping returned this and gave Trump what they called a “state
visit plus.”  President Xi Jinping had the Forbidden City closed
down to visitors for an entire day, and gave a huge long history
lecture on Chinese history to President Trump and his wife.  They
established and deepened their relationship.
In the meantime, also Russia and China established the
deepest strategic partnership in their history.  Putin gave a
speech on March 3, 2018 to the Federal Assembly, where he
announced new weapons systems; basically, a long-range missile
which does not follow the ballistic curve, but is highly
maneuverable. Then also, a nuclear-powered cruise missile which
the West absolutely does not have, and a nuclear-powered
underwater drone which is quicker than above-water ships, and
laser weapons.  This combination of these and other weapons means
that all of sudden, the entire global ABM system the United
States had proceeded to build is obsolete.  President Putin said,
well, the West refused to even respond to all the offers made by
Russia since 2002; but now, they have to respond.  It is quite
amazing that, except the demand of four American ambassadors,
they have not yet responded.  Western media tended to belittle
these new weapons systems, or ignore them for the most part.
[Chinese Foreign Minister] Wang Yi and the Chinese Defense
Minister Wei Fenghe just attended the very large 7th Moscow
International Security Conference, which was attended by 900
guests and 700 media.  Wang Yi said that Russia can pursue its
own interests and play a larger role in the international and
regional stages.  The Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said he
came in order to send a signal to Washington that the
Russian-Chinese alliance is absolutely the strongest and that
there is a very close cooperation between the Russian and the
Chinese armed forces.
All of these things have to be seen as a dynamic process,
where we are now on the verge also of a full-fledged trade war.
Admittedly, the trade deficit of the United States with China is
untenable; but when President Trump said that he wants to impose
tariffs first on $60 billion trade deficit, and then on another
$100 billion trade deficit, this was met by an unusually sharp
response from the Chinese.  Global Times wrote yesterday that
China will not submit to the U.S. trade intimidation; that China
is prepared to react with a full list of their own tariffs on
American imports; that the trade war will cause pain for China,
but the Chinese society will rally and unite around the
government and the Party; and that they will also present a
detailed plan to respond, and then the Americans would have to
choose if they back their President in doing so, or if they hold
him accountable for the consequences.  China Daily even
mentioned that the Chinese countermeasures could include the
dumping of U.S. Treasuries, of which they have $1.4 trillion as
All of this comes at a moment where, at any moment, we could
have a new financial crash much worse than that of 2008, because
all the central banks did absolutely nothing to remove the root
causes of the crisis of 2008.  They just did quantitative easing,
zero interest rates, and naturally many corporations took that
gratis money to buy back their own stocks so that their stock
exchange values would go up, but the corporate debt would
increase.  Now, as the Federal Reserve is trying to increase the
interest rate, the blow-out of these corporate debt situations
could trigger a complete systemic collapse.  That is just one of
the many facets of this crisis.
An insider in the banking system, a well-placed one, told us
very recently that there is actually the possibility that some of
the financial forces could even deliberately trigger a crash
which they know is inevitable to come, as a deliberate plan to
pull the rug out from underneath President Trump; to bring back
the neo-cons, and that way to solve the problem which they could
not solve with the failed Russia-gate attempt. One thing is very
clear.  If that would happen and the neo-cons would get fully
back in the United States, World War III is as good as secure and
In the middle of this Skripal affair, President Trump and
President Putin telephoned; and President Trump absolutely
refused to send out tweets on this affair or otherwise join in
the present Russia bashing.
I want to make the strong point that there is a solution to
all of the problems I just mentioned.  That is, that there are
many possibilities.  For example, when Presidents Trump and Putin
will have a summit in the near future, they could discuss this.
Also, the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang had recently pointed
to the fact that there is actually another way to solve the trade
deficit; namely, by massively increasing the trade.  President Xi
Jinping has offered to the whole world, including all the
European nations and the United States, that they should
cooperate with the Belt and Road Initiative.  China could decide
and choose not to dump U.S. Treasuries as a punishment for the
U.S. trade measures, but they could invest the $1.4 trillion in
U.S. Treasuries in infrastructure in the United States.  Diane
mentioned the Manhattan subway system in her remarks, and if you
look at the infrastructure — not only in Manhattan, but in all
of the United States — the condition of the highways, the
absolute absence of a fast train system; it is very clear that
the United States urgently needs investment in infrastructure.
President Trump had promised in the election campaign that he
would invest $1 trillion in infrastructure build-up; but so far,
he has not been able to find any financing, because the private
investors want an 11 % to 12 % return and a complete return of
their capital within 10 years.  Which means it is not possible to
finance it through private investment.  The neo-cons in the
Senate and in the Congress do not want to spend it in the Federal
budget.  The idea to distribute it to the regional and state
governments is just not practical.
So, if on the other side, China, which has a fantastic fast
train system of I think 25,000 km of fast train, and is planning
to connect every major Chinese city with a fast train system and
build 40,000 km of fast train systems by 2020; China could help
to build such a fast train system in the United States and
connect every major city with a fast train system going 350 mph
and in that way, completely transform the infrastructure of the
United States.  This would help not only to overcome the trade
deficit, but it would open the way for joint ventures between the
United States and China in third countries.  In Latin America
where, contrary to what former Secretary of State Tillerson had
said, China is not trying to build an imperial system in Latin
America.  But China and the United States could join hands in
building up the industries of the Southern Hemisphere.  Also, the
same could happen in Asian countries along the Belt and Road; and
also naturally in Africa.  It could happen in the reconstruction
and economic build-up of the war-torn region of Southwest Asia,
and naturally of Africa in general.
This could even include Great Britain eventually, if they
change their government and if they get their crimes cleared up
which they clearly have committed.  But it would mean absolutely
the necessity to reform the financial system of the United States
and Western Europe.
My husband, Lyndon LaRouche, has already developed several
years ago a package which together would absolutely remedy the
situation.  It would mean that the United States should go back
to a Hamiltonian banking policy, to a banking system in the
tradition of Alexander Hamilton; including the Glass-Steagall
banking separation of Franklin D Roosevelt.  Then, have a
national bank, a credit system, then have a crash program for
thermonuclear fusion and joint space cooperation with other
countries in order to increase the productivity of the economy in
a qualitative way.
What people really don’t realize, or most people don’t
realize, is that the present Chinese model of economy and the
early U.S. republic model are very similar.  They’re based on
Hamiltonian principles.  In China, they have now made a huge
effort to eliminate the speculative area, to forbid Chinese
investors abroad to invest in speculation.  It is very clear that
China, even if they don’t call it way, is actually very close to
the American System.  And it is no coincidence that the most
popular economist in China is Friedrich List, the German
economist who was sort of the predecessor to Henry C. Carey, and
who wrote important writings about the different between the
British and the American systems.  Germany also has a tradition
of that; namely, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, the Credit
Bank for Reconstruction, which was based on the Roosevelt
Reconstruction Finance Corporation and was the basis for the
German economic miracle in the post-war reconstruction.  So, also
in Europe, you have some relevance and memory of this system.
Now after Xi Jinping had announced the New Silk Road, the
Schiller Institute and our organization published a study which
we had worked on for 26 years with the name “The New Silk Road
Becomes the World Land-Bridge,” which is actually the absolute
blueprint and outline for an international economic cooperation
of all nations overcoming geopolitics.
Now just imagine if we could mobilize the American people to
exert pressure on President Trump and give him backing, and he
would accept the offer of Xi Jinping to cooperate with the New
Silk Road in this way and also the European countries would
eventually recognize — most of them are doing it already — but
even the remaining ones would recognize that the cooperation with
Russia, with China and the other nations who already have jointed
the Belt and Road initiative–that this would be much more in
their self-interest, than the present course of the British
confrontation with Russia and with China.
If such an international economic cooperation could be
realized, it would also be the realistic basis for a global
security architecture which would include among others also
Russia and China.  It would then require that we do exactly what
Xi Jinping has said many times, that mankind needs to move in a
new phase of international cooperation, what he calls the “shared
community of the future of mankind” or a “community of destiny,”
then we could start to focus on the real problems, the common
aims of mankind.  We could build a system to make nuclear weapons
obsolete, a new form of the SDI, what my husband had proposed, in
the end of the 1970s and then it was in the works for several
years; and then on March 23, 1983, President Regan had announced
the SDI as a way for both superpowers to cooperate to make
nuclear weapons obsolete. I think in light of the present danger
of a new arms race and the already-existing arms race and the
danger that this gets out of control, we need such an approach as
a new SDI; and also a new SDE [Strategic Defense of the Earth],
because the planet as a whole is threatened by dangers from
space, from asteroids, from comets, which could really extinguish
life on this Earth.
We should instead concentrate on the common aims of
mankind–the alleviation of poverty, the creation of a living
standard for a decent life for every human being on this planet,
and a system of earthquake precursors and joint space research
and travel.  We should concentrate on space colonization as the
necessary and possible next phase of the evolution of the human
species. I think that if we combine that with a dialogue of
cultures where each nation would emphasize and revive the best
traditions of its own culture, and then have a dialogue among all
of these nations and cultures, we could absolutely create the
basis for a new Renaissance.
Skeptics would say that this is completely unrealistic.  But
I’m saying that the fact that you have these three
Presidents–President Putin, who is obviously recognized and
loved by the Russian people, and has just been reelected with an
overwhelming majority; with Xi Jinping, who is an exceptional
leader who obviously is equally loved by the Chinese population,
and basically they decided to eliminate the limits to his term in
office so that he can guide China in these very, very important
coming years; and President Trump, who is absolutely not what the
media are making out of him, but who has shown again and again
that he has outflanked a pretty difficult factional situation in
his own party, and naturally with a Congress and a Senate which
are very obstructive for the most part.  I think that if the
three Presidents join hands and do what they clearly did very
successfully so far, in the attempt to solve the crisis of the
Korean Peninsula, I absolutely think this is a realistic option.
However, we should not sit on our hands, but we should
really get into an international mobilization to propose this
agenda, and do everything in our means to make it possible.  It
is the life of civilization which depends on it.
Thank you. [Applause]

SARE:  Thank you. We can now take questions from the
audience here. Please say your name, and if you represent an
institution or a press agency, please state what you’re
representing as well.

Q:  I would like to ask you a question on behalf of Weiwei
TV. As you may know, President Donald Trump has already
instituted trade policies on China and China made a serious
response.  So I would like to know how you see the relationship
between the United States and China? And what direction do you
think this relationship is going to?  Thank you.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think that we have a very serious danger,
because if it comes to this trade war, as I mentioned, you have
already a collapsing financial system of the trans-Atlantic
region.  And a trade war could easily be one of the elements
triggering a complete meltdown of the financial system and that
would obviously be much worse for the West than for China, which
has taken certain measures to eliminate speculation and put the
whole Chinese economy on a solid ground.  Nevertheless, the
consequences of a financial crash would be potentially extremely
dangerous.  As I said, if the neo-cons would come back and Trump
would be ousted in this context, we would be back to Hell in no
On the other side, the trade war has not yet started.  So
far, it’s just lists, and there is room to put on the agenda a
different proposal.  I think Prime Minister Li Keqiang already
pointed to it, to increase the trade in joint ventures in third
countries.  I think that the more people talk about this idea of
U.S. investments in infrastructure and, for example, Xi Jinping
could reiterate the proposal for the United States to join the
Belt and Road Initiative, I think the trade war can still be
avoided. But it does need determined action.
And I think that the possibility exists simply because the
relationship between Xi Jinping and Trump has so far lasted over
a year, and they have telephoned around many crises; and
basically the Korea situation is on a very good course.  There
will be a summit between [Shinzo] Abe and Trump, who also wants
to play a positive role.  There will be a meeting between Putin
and Trump, hopefully very soon; and Kim Jong-Un and Trump. So I
think there is a diplomatic framework where many initiatives can
be made, and I think the New Silk Road is definitely the answer
to solve all of these problems.

Q:  Hello.  I think what you have said today is just
enlightening.  My name is Alan S.  I’m a screenwriter and
producer of a World War I mini-series, called “The 42nd Rainbow
Division.”  I think history is our greatest weapon and if we
start actually thinking back to what Russia actually did, for not
only World War II, but also World War I.  We would have lost both
world wars. And actually the United States wouldn’t have even
been in World War I, because we would have lost it before we even
got in.  They were a huge ally.
I think history needs to be taught to the young and that’s
why I’m doing this series, is because the younger generations
don’t realize that Russia has been an ally. And now we’re
vilifying Russia and making them into a villain when it should be
the opposite.  How do we actually teach this to the young?  The
younger generations are our hope and they’re our future.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think we need to change the narrative of
the neo-cons. Because when the Ukraine crisis started to develop,
President Putin said if it would not have been Ukraine, they
would have found another way to escalate the confrontation with
Russia. And I think that this is absolutely the case.
I think to change the narrative of the Ukraine, because this
is really when the total escalation against Putin as the demon
started, is a very urgent matter because right now President
Poroshenko has announced that he wants to basically have a
military solution for the east Ukraine, which could easily
provoke a war with Russia.
I think the narrative has to be replaced by the truth.  The
truth is that Victoria Nuland bragged that she and the State
Department spent $5 billion in building up NGOs to cause regime
change in Ukraine.  The former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt–even he
admitted that the Ukraine crisis started with the EU expansion
summit of Maastricht in 1992, when the eastward expansion of the
EU was decided, and the crisis was triggered when the EU wanted
to have the association of Ukraine (basically at the end of 2013,
which was the point when President Yanukovych decided he couldn’t
do it because it would have given NATO access to the Black Sea;
it would have flooded Russia with EU products.  This then
triggered the Maidan, which was immediately supported by these
NGOs financed by Nuland and the West, supported by neo-Nazis
which were then causing the violence, and finally the coup in
February 2014, imposing a fascist government as a reaction to
that. And the threat to forbid the Russian language, the people
in the Crimea decided to hold a referendum and they voted to be
part of Russia, so Crimea was not annexed, but it was a vote for
self-determination of the Crimean people.
I’m telling you all of this because part of the demonization
of Putin, is the Ukraine story and what he supposedly did with
Crimea, and all of this is not true.  I think we have to really
make an effort, to maybe produce many more movies and maybe we
can work together to this effect because we have documented many
of these wrong narratives and we must make them known. Because if
the mass media are just portraying this idea that Russia is about
to do everything, and behind every —  it is worse than the
McCarthy period and people are just hyped up which can only be
characterized as a prewar propaganda. Because why do you build up
an enemy image, because you want to make war against this nation.
This is a mortal danger in which the whole world is. And I think
this Skripal affair–the fact that it backfired, the fact that
the British were caught lying, is really also a chance.
I would suggest that we work together on making more movies.
We have already put out a lot of them, but I think we need and
call upon all of you to help to distribute them, and make them
known to as many young, middle-aged, and old people as we can.

Q:  Mrs. LaRouche.  Thank you very much for your speech.  I
think everyone here–we’re very pleased to hear what you said. My
name is Amber J. I’m political activist right now working with
several groups for supporting Trump and also for the midterm
election.  And also, I’m working for fighting for
Chinese-American minority civil rights kind of thing.
I have a question — I believe everybody came to this
conference understands your speech and understands the principle
of three countries cooperating with each other.  But there are
some Trump supporters, they stand for Trump because Trump is
starting a trade war right now.  How would you persuade those
Trump supporters to understand this win-win cooperation between
these three countries, to maximize the effort for these three
countries to cooperate together?
And also I believe a while ago, I heard India and Japan and
probably the U.S.A. talking about starting another kind of
international cooperation in terms of the infrastructure.  That
is the kind of thing similar to the Silk Road, the One Belt, One
Road.  How would you like to define that, or could you say about
something about it?  Thank you.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think this is again another narrative
which needs to be replaced by truth. And that is, what is
actually the Chinese policy?  Part of this problem is that for a
long period of time the Western media and certain political
circles in the United States have also painted a very negative
picture about China.  I think Chinese-Americans, and you yourself
could help to correct that.
I must say, my image of China is incredibly positive;

because I was there for the first time in 1971.  This was in the
Cultural Revolution.  And this was an unbelievable experience
because at that time, the country was completely distraught.
People there were unhappy.  The Red Guards took people out of
their homes in the night.  They painted all the cultural
buildings, the Summer Palace and other places in Beijing, with
red paint.
Anyway, I’m just reporting that to say that when I returned
to China after 25 years, in 1996, already with the idea of the
Eurasian Land-Bridge, the idea of the New Silk Road, where I
attended a major conference on that subject in Beijing as a
speaker, the country had already been completely transformed as a
result of the policies of Deng Xiaoping.
But if you now go to China, it is unbelievable.  The country
is prosperous; there is a large well-to-do middle class.  People
are optimistic about the future.  They have an absolute vision, a
self-confidence about China, about eliminating poverty by 2020.
President Xi Jinping has a hands-on policy, going to the
villages, talking to individuals; finding out what measures must
be taken to eliminate poverty.
It’s just such an incredibly optimistic situation–where
also, culturally, China is pursuing the revival of Confucianism.
Xi Jinping personally has made a big emphasis that Confucian
philosophy is being taught on all levels of society.
I think that if people, especially in the Chinese-American
community would amplify our efforts to show the real, true
picture of China, I think the Trump supporters would absolutely
understand, that it {is} in the best interest for the United
States and China to cooperate.  If you think about it, if the two
largest economies in the world cannot cooperate, the danger of
world war is very big.
Many people have talked about the Thucydides trap.  This
refers to the rivalry between ancient Athens and Sparta, which
led to the Peloponnesian War, and the final disappearance of
Classical, ancient Greece.  If there would be a Thucydides trap
between the United States and China; if the United States would
react to the rise of China by a military confrontation, the world
as a whole would not survive it.
China has (especially the Chinese ambassador in Washington,
Cui Tiankai stressed that it is not the intention to replace the
U.S. as the strongest power, but to have a special great power
relationship, where both of them respect the sovereignty of the
other, respect the different social system of the other, and then
join hands and cooperate in all strategic matters.
I think there must be a very big mobilization where the
image of China in the United States is being straightened out,
because once people know the beauty of Chinese culture, the
optimism of the Chinese population, everything will change.
It is right now that the United States has a big moral and
cultural crisis.  You have for the first time the life-expectancy
going down.  For two years in a row, you have the life-expectancy
of all categories of life in the United States shrinking.  If
there is any parameter for a collapsing economy, it is the
life-expectancy. And that is naturally due to the new opium
epidemic, the rate of suicides because of depression, alcoholism,
and the terrible culture of death, which expresses itself in the
youth culture, violence of the video games, in the whole
entertainment industry, which is contributing to these many
school shootings.
You do have a cultural problem.  And I think you have to go
back to the philosophy of Benjamin Franklin, the founder and
father of America, who used to be a complete Confucian
philosopher.  He recognized the wonderful aspects of the moral
philosophy of Confucius and modeled his own moral system on the
basis of Confucius.  There are many parallels.  You have the
Confucius tradition with Benjamin Franklin, and in China, you
have the American System of Alexander Hamilton in the early phase
of the American republic, and now, in the Chinese model.  And you
have many similarities which, once you see, you can see that
there are universal principles uniting these two countries, which
are much more deep and much more important than the superficial
I would say the best thing one can do to intervene in this
situation is, we have proposed the project for the China
investment in infrastructure.  This has been picked up by a
Chinese professor recently, John Gong.  It has been covered by
CGTN TV.  There is a very famous Trump supporter in California,
who just made a similar proposal.  I think that has to be talked
up. I think we have to talk up the idea of overcoming the danger
of a trade war, by putting instead on the table Chinese
investment in infrastructure, U.S. and China joining in joint
ventures in third countries, and start a real cultural dialogue,
so that the two people start to know each other and know the best
of each other. And that way we can overcome this crisis.

SARE:  Helga, I have a question which I think is related.
You may want to say more.  It comes from Sr. Pat C., of the
Dominican Sisters of Peace who is also a member of the alto
section of the Schiller Institute chorus.
She writes, “In your view, what concrete actions now will
help catalyze the transition from a competition of nations to
cooperation and mutual respect?”
I think you largely have addressed that, but there may be
more that you want to say.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think that the knowledge about the
incredible dynamic of the Belt and Road Initiative, once people
know that, it changes there view.  For example, take the case of
Austria.  Austria is a small country, but they want to take a
leading role in becoming a hub for the New Silk Road.  They just
had a conference planning to broaden the gauge of the railway
from Vienna all the way to Moscow, so that they can be better
integrated in the container trains and similar things.  All the
Balkan countries are completely on board.  The Eastern European
countries, the Central European countries are all planning to be
hubs and bridges.
The excitement in Africa– I mean, if people would know,
there is a completely different spirit!  No longer do the
Africans want to be receivers of donations.  They want to be
treated as equal partners. They want to have investments, and the
spirit of the New Silk Road has absolutely changed the
self-esteem and self-confidence of all the African leaders and
many of the people.
Just take this case of the Transaqua project.  Transaqua is
a project which was originally proposed by Bonifica, an Italian
engineering firm, already more than 30 years ago. And the
Schiller Institute and the LaRouche movement were campaigning for
that for decades, because it is one of the key projects for the
entire continent.  What it would essentially mean is that you
would take about 3-4% of the water from the tributaries of the
Congo River, at a 500 meter height, and then by gravitation, you
can bring this water through a system of canals all the way to
Lake Chad, which is now dried out to less than 10% of its
original volume.  This affects the live immediately of 40 million
people in the Lake Chad Basin.  When you bring this water back
into Lake Chad, not only do you fill up this lake again, and
create large volumes of water for irrigation for agriculture; you
also create an inland shipping system for 12 countries in the
heart of Africa; you create hydropower; you create a system of
industry parks, of industrialization. So you bring in the
industrialization in the middle of Africa, and that with all the
other infrastructure projects, will mean Africa has a future.
By the year 2040, there will be 2 billion people living in
Africa, and they need these jobs, they need education, they need
the kinds of projects, so that people are no longer marching
through the Sahara and dying of thirst, which is happening now
more than people even dying in the Mediterranean–it’s just not
being reported.  These young people would instead help in the
building up of the African continent.
This is such a fantastic development, and if the Americans
would know about it — I mean, I’m only talking about the tip of
the iceberg — but if people would see the sheer volume of change
and the magnitude of change which is already happening, they
would become absolutely optimistic and change their view, and
recognize that in the history of mankind, geopolitics is
something that absolutely has to be overcome, if we are supposed
to survive as a human species.  In the age of thermonuclear
weapons, if you do not overcome geopolitics, we are going to be
the destruction of our own species; and nobody in their right
mind can really want that because even those warmongers, who are
pushing it, would be eliminated themselves, too.
I think that the moment has absolutely arrived.  If we go
into a mass advertising campaign, a mass education campaign,
about the existence of this New Paradigm, I think it can
absolutely inspire the Americans and make the change which is
necessary in the short term.

Q: Hi, I am an American citizen and a Confucian, I believe
in Confucianism.  I’m an independent scholar of language and
civilization.  I was an instructor of Chinese at Harvard
University, in the Department of Eastern Language and
I have the same idea as you that America needs to join
China’s One Belt and One Road plan.  I grew up 10 years ago,
during the age of reform of China. I worked as at the FESCO, the
Foreign Enterprise Service Corporation.  I think more than 20
years ago, many American, European and Japanese companies
invested in China, and gave us was a better economy, and I think
it was very important.
Now, I think in the 21st century, China’s economy is much
improved.  It’s time to bring China’s investments into America
and to help America’s economy.  That’s why in 2016, I was for
Donald Trump.  I want to work with American people; I want to be
the bridge to connect China and America, to bring China’s
investment into America, to best help America’s economy.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Very good!  So many you can join with the
Schiller Institute to help us, to get this message out widely.
Because you know, already now the states which are doing large
business with China, see the advantage.  When President Donald
Trump was in China last November, he had with him delegations
from several states — West Virginia, Alaska, and some others.
And in the case of West Virginia, he brought back trade deals
and investment deals worth $83 billion!  And the governor of West
Virginia is completely optimistic that this will give back hope
to all the people in West Virginia.
And there are many projects, for example, one very exciting
idea is that Beijing, and the region of Hebei province and
Tianjin, this is a region of about 130 million people, and there
is a now a huge project whereby this region will be changed,
where the heavy industry, which still has some environmental
problems, causing smog and pollution is now being outsourced into
Hebei province and modernized; a new city is being built, I think
its name is Xiong’an, which is in the middle between Beijing,
Tianjin and Hebei, and it’s completely modernized.  Beijing on
the other side, will have lots of research and development, which
is much cleaner for the environment, and all of this is supposed
to be connected through an infra-urban modern transport system,
including modern maglev.  And the recent “Two Sessions”
conference and the National People’s Congress in China, the party
discussed building a new maglev system of 600 kph speed, for the
connection between the cities, and an inter-urban slow maglev
system of 160 kph.
This is very good for urban transportation, because the
beauty of the maglev system is that it accelerates immediately:
You are in a few seconds at full speed, with the slow maglev
you’re only going 160 kph, which is enough for inner city
transport; and they want to connect this entire region with this
modern transport system, so that essentially no job will be more
than 20 minutes away from the home of the working person.  So you
save all this commuting time.
And my idea is that this model of the Tianjin-Hebei-Beijing
region could be a model for the modernization of New York, New
Jersey, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Midwest, and you actually
do something like that inside the United States.  And I think
President Trump is a developer; he knows about infrastructure,
and I think we just have to make sure that the Trump supporters
know about these plans, and that we create an environment where
this is actually intersecting the present crisis and danger of a
trade war.
If you move quickly enough, and get the Trump voters all
inspired with this idea, I think we can do a miracle. And I
definitely believe in miracles, as long as we do them ourselves.

Q: [follow-up] Thank you very much.  I totally agree with
you.  I believe that to bring China’s investment and enterprise
is more important in the trade market.  And secondly, I was a
professional Chinese instructor:  I want to educate more
Americans and Chinese people to understand each other, and make a
friendship to develop together.

Q: I’m José V.: I’m here from New York City.  Earlier you
touched upon the youth culture and the culture of death, and I
was hoping you could touch more upon that, because in my
experience — and I’m only 19 myself, too — but from what I see
of people around me, but also my nephew who will be turning 15
this year, I see he’s more interested in violent video games and
yelling into the microphone to imaginary people who aren’t there,
and spending a lot of money on things that will never really help
him out in life: for example, he brought a $300 belt buckle,
because it said somebody’s name on it, I think it’s Gucci. He’s
more interested in reading violent comic books that display gore
and showing people’s insides — I don’t have to go into that, you
know about that.
My question is, how do we overcome this violence?  How do we
overcome this culture of death, and how do we overcome this
culture of violence?  And more importantly, how do we stop
getting young people wanting to escape from reality by taking
drugs and whatnot?  So that’s my question.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think what we need for that is a mass
movement for development.  Because, first of all, I studied this
question some years ago, when we had some guests and the children
who came with the guests asked me if I knew about Pokémon, and
naturally I had never heard about Pokémon.  And they said:  Oh,
it’s beautiful, it’s violent, it’s fighting.  So I was so shocked,

I started to look into it, and I discovered Pokémon as a sort of

introduction drug to video games, and then naturally, the
evolution, where these video games come from.
Well, they were developed by the military in the postwar
period, because people had recognized in the Second World War,
only 15% of the soldiers were ready to shoot the enemy, because
human beings have a sort of natural barrier inside them, which
they don’t want to overcome, and when they kill somebody it goes
against that.  So many people have a healthy block, — or had a
healthy block. So the military developed these quickly changing
targets, like in target practice, not having just one target but
having many, and they change and move, so that you would learn to
shoot quickly — shooting, shooting, one shot after the other —
in order to train people to overcome the normal adrenalin shock
which happens if you shoot at another person; if you are not
brainwashed, then you have an adrenalin reaction and you start
shaking and so on.  So they wanted to get away from this, by
having these video simulations, where people would learn to
shoot, to increase the killer ratio of the soldiers.
So this is the basis for these video games which then became
commercial.  And while, in the military, and obviously it’s a
terrible thing in the military also, but at least you have an
officer, you have some guidance, you have military discipline;
but when these video games, which have become more insane over
the decades, if they are accessible to young children, and these
young children have not had any kind of an inoculation through a
humanist education, through the recognition of beauty in
Classical culture, through moral guidelines given to them by
their parents, but where you have a culture where everything is
allowed, everything goes — movies become more violent, more
perverse, more pornographic; even snuff movies, where killing is
being filmed, or at least the illusion that people are killed is
being filmed, this is really deadly stuff!  This destroys the
cognition of anybody, but especially of young people.
And when young people, then, children, pupils, students,
become autistic because they are only living in their social
media, and have completely lost the ability to relate to each
other, this is the death of a culture.  And I think this is
what’s happening in the United States.  You would not have these
unbelievable numbers of mass school shootings:  Like after
Columbine in 1999, there were 38 mass shootings. And after the
Parkland shooting, you had 50 alarms in the schools per day,
where pupils would see another pupil having a weapon, or having
crazy messages.
Now, obviously, this brings us to the question of, who is
promoting this?  President Trump had a meeting in the White
House, where he met with the pupils of the school in Parkland,
and the producers of these videos.  So obviously, President Trump
is aware of it, and I think we have to strengthen his resolve to
move against it.  And it happens to be that the Parkland
incident, in particular, was also the work of the FBI, because
they established a system which is run by some uneducated call
center, and so, many of the hints which were clearly given
before, were missed.  And it now turns out that in the Orlando
case, the father of the shooter was a longtime FBI informant.  So
there is a lot of these things to be pursued.
But I think the key thing is a mass movement for
development.  Because, if young people have no hope for the
future, and have no perspective, because it’s now the common view
that the coming generations will be worse off than the present
one — this is the first time ever this has happened; because
it used to be a moral standard for families, for everybody, that
you work so that your children will have a better life than
yourself.  And this has been abandoned for the first time.  So
what will young people have as a perspective?  Well, they have no
future.  And that is a huge difference!  And I can assure you,
I have seen it in all cases: There is a gigantic difference
between the optimism of the youth in China, and the pessimism of
the young people and the population in general in the United
States, and in countries like Germany, for example.
So the absence of a vision, where the future of a nation, of
the world will be, is what is feeding this kind of culture of
death, because then it doesn’t matter, life doesn’t matter, life
is worth nothing, whether you shoot somebody or not it makes no
big difference.
So I think a mass movement for the kind of economic
development which we were talking about before, is an absolute
ingredient, so that people have a reason to study, to develop
their minds, to develop their cognitive powers, to be productive.
If you have the feeling that you can be an astronaut, that you
can be a scientist in the realm of a thermonuclear fusion
economy; that you will travel to the Moon Village in your
lifetime, you have a motivation to study!  And I think without
such a motivation, it is very, very difficult.
So I would not look at it as a separate issue:  I would look
at it as an integral question to the whole discussion we are
having here.

Q: Thank you for your work, today, and throughout all your
I’m Father Richard D., Franciscan Servants of God’s Grace.
My question to you, is we know that the President has written a
book showing that his way of dealing with a problem is to take an
{extreme} view, so he has room to compromise, to come back to
what he actually wants.  Do you believe he’s doing this with the
international trade situation?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE: I don’t know; it may be.  Because I think
President Trump has said of himself many times, that he knows how
to make deals, that he would get better agreements that most
other people.  And it may very well be that such an idea exists,
that he makes big announcements of tariffs and so forth, and then
in reality, he’s negotiating and has his ambassador and other
people, trade negotiators, making such a discussion.
I don’t know.  I find it a little bit risky, because I saw
some Chinese articles where they said that some people may think
that they can get a better result this way, but that China will
not be intimidated into making compromises and basically will
answer back.
I don’t know.  I think it is not necessary.  I think this
particular idea that you make a huge attack, and then you go for
something less, is still, in my view, — and as you probably have
realized, I’m very positive about the potential of President
Trump; I’ve stuck my neck out a year ago, when I said that if
Trump is able to put the relationship with Russia and China on a
positive basis, he will go into history as one of the greatest
American Presidents, and I stuck my neck out.  And I’m repeating
this, here.  So, as you can see, I’m very optimistic and positive
that it could happen.
But I also think that this particular style of negotiation
is very dangerous, especially in an environment which is fraught
with dangers as I touched upon in my earlier remarks.  A much
better way, in my view, would be to just say, “We want the United
States and China to work together on a New Paradigm.” There is
already the Belt and Road Initiative. The United States could
have some program, they could call it the American Silk Road, or
the American FDR Revival, or the American Founding Fathers
Celebration, if they don’t want to be part of something which
already has been put out by China, it doesn’t matter, as long as
the content of the policy is the same on.
And I think the potential for things to grow into a higher
level of reason — I mean, here we are talking about the one
humanity.  I mean, I think the spiritual dimension, if you want,
has to be brought into this matter, because man is different from
all creatures, because we are gifted by God with creative reason.
And you don’t have to be a Christian, you can be a Confucian
philosopher, you can be a Buddhist, you can be just a good
person, to understand that we have reached a point in human
history, where we either recognize that we are all part of the one
humanity, or we will not make it as a species.
Since Diane mentioned earlier Nicholas of Cusa, I can only
say, that Nicholas developed a way of thinking which  — she
mentioned in the Docta Ignorantia, the “coincidence of
opposites,” which is the idea that because we are capable of
creative reason, we can think the One as having a higher quality
and a higher power than the Many: The one humanity being first,
and then the many nations being also important, but being not in
contradiction to the progress and wellbeing of the one humanity.
So I think if we understand that it is really the question
of addressing that in us, which makes us human, the creative
potential, then I think we can just find a way of shaping a New
Paradigm where mankind is defined from a common future, how do we
want to be existing as a human species, in 100 years from now, in
1,000 years from now, or even in 10,000 years from now?  Because
we can think the future!  No dog, no donkey, not goose can
think the future.  If you tell a dog, “Let’s have a walk
tomorrow,” the dog will hear the word “walk,” which the dog
probably knows, and jump to the door and wag its tail, and be
happy.  But if you say “tomorrow,” it doesn’t mean anything to
the dog!
But I think we need to raise the level of our communication,
and just really do our duty as a human species, and prolong our
existence indefinitely, by working together.

Q: My name is J.  I’m the author of two books, Evidence Not
, and Spread Real Love.  I want to thank Mrs.
LaRouche; I want to thank this organization.  You’re some fine
people.  As I travel around America, I see many things:  I just
had to buy a new car, because the one I had had over 205,000
miles on it; and the one before that had 186,000 miles on it. But
I’m going around the countryside, and other countries, also,
spreading, putting this literature out for so many years.  And
I’m impacted with this organization.  It has some very find,
smart brains, that are sitting here in this auditorium today, and
I just thank God for you.
And when we come to a situation like we have today, I want
to know how we can go forward?  How we can promote civilization?
How we can carry on?  But if we have learned anything from our
history, we have to look back and look at our history, and look
at our results.  We have something that’s so profound here
today; we don’t get this kind of information on the TV no more. I
used to watch so much news, but now, they say the news is not
absolutely real! They say something about “fake” — I heard that
over and over again, so I turned my television off from the news.
And when I can come and get this type of real information, in a
setting like this, it makes one want to go forward.
So I’m here to help anyway I can.  I’ll put another 100 and
some thousands miles on the car I just bought, to get this
information out to the people, because if you don’t get it, the
news is not going to give it to you correctly, the way it should
be given.  So, I’m just thanking each one, and all of you that’s
working — just as I am;  Matt Guice, I’ve been working with him
since the ’90s; Lynne Speed and Dennis Speed, I’ve been working
with these people since the early ’90s.  And I’m so proud.
One thing, let me say, I think the reverend right before me,
a religious man — I sit in a church now, and I’m the only deacon
there!  Why is this?  Look where we’re going?  Why is that? We’re
reforming, we’re conforming, we’re complying to every situation
that’s not good.  And I think we have some real strength here,
and we can do some great things.  The main thing is, keep going
forward.  Thank you.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Well, I think people have to be courageous,
because the paradigm shift which occurred in the United States,
which you, Diane, referenced in the beginning, which really
started with the murder of John F. Kennedy and then the murder of
Martin Luther King, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy, you
know, we had several years ago, a Mozart Requiem performance in
Vienna, in the suburbs of Washington, and also in the Boston
Cathedral, commemorating the paradigm shift which has occurred in
the last 50 years of America, where, the fact that the Kennedy
murder, and also the murder of Martin Luther King, was really not
avenged — or,  not avenged, but not even investigated, and the
real culprits made known and punished, which has led to people
becoming depressed.  I said many times, the Americans almost have
become like the Germans, because if you ask a German person to do
something, 99 % of the people say “Oh, you can’t do anything,
anyway,” so people are really depressed, and feel that they are
powerless in the face of what is happening.
And that has happened to America as a result of these
unclarified murders.  And since we have this event today, because
of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther
King, I think it’s a very good moment in history, to say, we will
not allow the murderers of King to be successful in eliminating
the hope which he represented.  I mean, Martin Luther King was
murdered at a moment when he had started to pick up many of the
same issues which are now being, in reality, changed by China.
Because he had started not only to take up the question of
economic justice inside the United States, but also he had
started to take on the question of jobs and overcoming poverty in
developing countries.  And that is what China is doing, exactly
today. And in the same way as the Schiller Institute has been
campaigning for, and LaRouche and his movement have been working
for, for almost half a century, is now becoming a reality.
So there is reason for optimism.  And I think that the best
thing we can do in a moment like this, thinking about the memory
of Martin Luther King, is to say, we will pick up the torch, we
will not allow the American people to be passive and desperate
and ignorant and all of these things, but we will all turn into
active members of the Schiller Institute, help to spread the
message; make the Schiller Institute a Renaissance movement, a
moment fighting not only for the economic buildup of the United
States, but also for a cultural Renaissance.  I think the two
things absolutely have to go together.
So I would encourage all of you to absolutely work with us,
because I think the solution to all of these problems are
absolutely within reach.

SARE:  As the next person is coming up I would just tell
everybody, during the break you will have the opportunity to do
exactly what Mrs. LaRouche has said, which is to become a member
of the Schiller Institute at our literature table.  And to
purchase copies of these very important, world-changing reports:
This is the one she mentioned, “The New Silk Road Becomes the
World Land-Bridge,”  which we produced right after Xi Jinping
announced it. And this report, of which Jason Ross is a coauthor
on “Extending the New Silk Road to West Asia and Africa: A Vision
of an Economic Renaissance.”

Q:  Hi, I’m Donald C.  My quick question is about the
liberals.  How are they teaching curriculums to our kids, and
they’re not giving them the chance to learn the right stuff, and
they’re just forcing the kids what their beliefs are?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Yes, that is a big problem, because it
started with John Dewey, to basically develop this liberal
pragmatic idea of education.  And unfortunately, you have
generations of people who have gone through different phases of
such elimination of Classical literature, of natural science, so
it is a real problem.  And I would think that the best way to
proceed on that, is if you look at the kind of materials which we
present in the present [What Is the New Paradigm?] class series,
which you can find on the LaRouche PAC site, and you can register
to be part of it, this is the kind of curriculum which was
developed especially with the ideas of my husband, Mr. LaRouche,
who did an incredible job, because he revived the best traditions
of the 2,500 years of European civilization, the traditions in
science which were the source of qualitative progress, the great
Classical arts; and this is something which is not taught in
American schools, for the most part.
And I think we have to form, basically, educated people, who
then hopefully, we can influence this present administration to
change that.  I think President Trump has repeatedly shown, at
least for certain areas, an understanding; he talked about the
American System of economy; he talked about Lincoln and Carey, he
talked about Hamilton. So in the economic field there is
definitely something there, which we can build on.  I think there
are many other people are equally concerned about the condition
of the school system.  But I think the best thing is that you
register for these classes []. And
if you haven’t already done it, you can also watch some of the
previous classes in the series.[6]  Get yourself absolutely a firm
grip on universal history, of the great advances in science and
culture, and then, you know, basically help us to organize
Because it will come from many places.  There are many
people are realizing that at this point it is the scientists, the
engineers and such people, who will be much more important in the
shaping of things, than many politicians who are part of a party
system and partisan, and therefore, don’t really regard these
issues are the important ones.
But the best advice I can give you right now, is if you join
with our efforts, we find ways to address all of these issues,
and build a growing movement to demand such a change.

Q: Thank you very much.  Your comments were very insightful.
I believe in the paradigm where the United States, Russia and
China, essentially a triumvirate is essentially going to lead the
world, hopefully forward and out of the morass that we’ve been
in. Especially over the prior eight years before this current
President came into office.
The question, I want to ask is, what do you perceive would be
the case — because I don’t believe this economy in this country
would have lasted another year, under the current policies.  We
would have had a significant economic drop which would have led
to, since this country’s GDP is 25 % of the world’s, would have
had a worldwide, negative impact.  Having said that, what do you
perceive would be the consequences in this country, or the for
that matter the world, on the movement forward that has occurred,
if President Trump did not have the position he has?  He may be
President, but he may have a weakened political system, in the
sense of a House and the Senate: Would we be able to move
forward?  And what would be the consequences, and under what
conditions could we move forward?  Could this economy continue to
grow if he can’t implement his policies?  What would be the
international consequences of that, from your perspective?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think the strongest situation is Trump’s
relation with his voters.  That despite all of the attacks by the
FBI, by the British, by the heads of the intelligence services
from the Obama administration, — I mean, he had a pretty tough
environment, and nevertheless, he goes back to his voters, he
holds a rally, and the support for him is actually growing in the
polls.  So I think that that is for sure, a very strong point
which we should build on, because if we keep strengthening that,
and if we keep informing the Trump voters on all the issues we
are discussing here, that can actually help to outdo the Congress
and the Senate.
And since there is a midterm election, there is actually a
very good moment to do that.  I mean, the danger is naturally
that Trump could be convinced that to take an anti-China stance
would help him in the midterm election.  I mean, I’m not sure;
I’m not close enough to the situation to make a judgment on that.
But I think the strong point is, Trump is close to his
voters, the voters still recognize what a change he means, and I
think that we need to have a mass mobilization — I think there
is no shortcut from that; because the danger is very acute. What
I said in my initial remarks, when we talk to some really
well-placed figure in Europe, who said that there is a discussion
to pull the rug out from under Trump with a new financial crash,
and if you think that this is a conspiracy theory — well, maybe
before the Skripal case, you also thought that such things are
conspiracies, but we have just seen a classic example of how you
can manipulate a whole international community of nations to go
into an attack on Russia, based on a lie!  So these things do
happen and they can happen.
Now, there are also many warnings.  Just today, I think some
representative of the firm of Guggenheim put out a warning on
this corporate debt question that a financial crash can happen
at any moment.  And basically, you have the European banking
system, the Italian banks are in terrible shape, you have a
policy where the trigger point of a collapse of the financial
system is many-fold.  It’s also like a minefield where it’s not
clear which mine will trigger the explosion, but once it happens,
you could have a systemic blowout, much worse than that of 2008.
Because the central banks have done absolutely zero, to eliminate
the root causes of the crash of 2008.  They have, instead, used
the so-called tools and instruments — namely quantitative
easing, negative interest rate, money pumping — but this has
reached the point where now the Fed is forced, or think they are
forced, to increase the interest rate, because a negative
interest rate is very bad for the real economy, it’s bad for the
savings of the people, it’s bad for life insurance, it’s bad for
real investment; and the hyperinflationary consequence of such
money-pumping is already visible on the horizon in the form of
the totally overvalued stock market, in the form of real estate
prices, in the form of many other such phenomena.  So the Fed
needs to increase the interest rate, but that is already bringing
the immediate potential for a new crash.
If that happens, I think we are in {real} trouble: So our
whole point, is we need the implementation of Glass-Steagall, and
the Four Laws developed by Lyndon LaRouche, before the crash
happens.  I think this is also a subject — there are these four
dialogues which have been established between President Xi
Jinping and Trump; one of them concerns the dialogue on economic
matters; China has put a lot of emphasis on the dangers to the
international financial system, at the G20 meeting in Hangzhou
[in 2016] and on other occasions.  So I think that this question
needs to be urgently addressed, also between the United States
and China in these negotiations.
And then, if you put the whole package together, the Four
Laws — Glass-Steagall, a National Bank, a credit system in the
tradition of Hamilton, a crash program for the increase in the
productivity of the labor force, and then joining hands in the
Belt and Road Initiative — all of these measures together are a
very, very practical and realistic way to overcome these dangers.
But it is very urgent, because we are sitting on a powder keg,
and I think it can be done, but we need a lot of people of good
will to become active with us.

SARE:  Helga, we’re just about up on time. We have two more
questions.  Do you want to take both, or one, or?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Well, maybe both together, and then I’ll
answer both.

Q: Hi Mrs. LaRouche.  My question to you is, is that right
after the shooting at Parkland, [Broward County] Sheriff Israel
was all over the news speaking about going to all members of
Congress to use the Baker Act, to detain and profile people that
have experienced some sort of depression.  And that’s of great
concern to me, because there are many people who have experienced
that, and I feel this country is becoming more like Germany back
in World War II.  So I’m kind of scared, and I’d like to know,
what’s your opinion on it?  Thank you.

SARE:  OK, next question.

Q:  Hello, my name is Steve S.  I would just like to ask,
how much of a role do you think that psychological warfare plays
in everything that’s going on?  And how can we counter it?  Are
there people out there who specialize in psychological warfare? I
hear people talk about history being erased; you know, the
projection of violence through videos and commercials and that
So, a lot of people are very confused, as well as myself,
even when you find something that you believe in sometimes, it’s
presented in a way that you accept it in the beginning, and then
it comes out to be a lie. And right now, clearly, lie is just
pounding on the truth.  I mean, you have one truth, but you have
so many lies that it seems too overwhelming to survive.

SARE: Thank you.

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  I think the concerns that both of you
expressed is very real.  I mean, it is the fact that the West is
already living in a police-state.  Just take the recent example
of the Facebook firm, Cambridge Analytica — they sold data on 50
million people for commercial purposes, for election manipulation
and who knows for what else?  If you go on the internet and you
go on any website, you immediately have the advertisement for the
next years of your life of whatever you looked at.
So we are already in a completely surveillance state, where
the NSA and the British equivalent, the GCHQ, are monitoring
everything — your phone, your smart TV, your laptop — it’s
omnipresent.  And obviously this needs to be reversed.
In the time when I was growing up, being a young person, we
had a big concern about data protection.  It was a civil right to
make sure that your privacy was protected.  All of this has gone
out of the window!  And also, naturally, the big change came on
September 11th.  Because September 11th was the pretext for a lot
of the elimination of civil rights which used to be a
constitutional right up to that moment.
And therefore, I think the inquiry of what really happened
on September 11th, is still one of the big tasks to be solved,
because it led to police-state measures inside the United States.
It led to a similar kind of change internationally. And right
now, you have the ongoing trial of the families of the victims of
the World Trade Center suing the government of Saudi Arabia for
their role in the September 11th attacks.  And the Saudi
government tried to appeal against the lawsuit, and a court in
New York overruled that, so the court case can go ahead.
Now, this goes very slowly, but this is a very important
aspect; because eventually, we have to go back to a
constitutional state.  So you are quite right to be concerned,
because there is a lot of this going on.
Again, I think there is no shortcut:  We need more people
taking an active role, and force the coming Congress to pass laws
to protect the rights of the people again. This is absolutely
possible.  The whole argument, for example, that you cannot
control these things, or not control the internet, is absolutely
not true:  You can block certain things, you can prevent things,
you can make laws which prohibit the profiling; you can make laws
which it a criminal act to do all of these things you are worried
about.  So it’s not a self-evident development.
But I think it does require that more people become state
citizens:  A state citizen, I would define a somebody who takes
responsibility not only for his life, his family, his country,
but for the outcome of human history.  And I think to be such a
world historical individual in a moment like that, where the
options are so rich, and so beautiful that there is no reason to
despair, but it is really the individual decision, to be part of
the solution which can and will make the difference. [applause]

SARE:  Thank you.  That was very beautiful and appropriate.
Do you wish to say anything else to us?

ZEPP-LAROUCHE:  Well, just be happy, and be productive, and
feisty, and courageous, and then you can do everything you plan
to do.

SARE: Thank you very much! [applause]



[2] Kan læses på engelsk her:  Dansk oversættelse er undervejs.

[3] Læs en dansk introduktion til rapporten af de to forfattere, Jason Ross og Husein Askary, her:

[4] Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg-tale: » – and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth«.

[5] Martin Luther Kings berømte tale ’I have been to the mountain top’ fra 3. April, 1968, kan læses her:

[6] Se lektionerne i dansk oversættelse her:

»Europa må ende fattigdom for sine 120
millioner fattige frem til år 2020« og
»For en afslutning af krigen og den
humanitære krise i Yemen«.
Vedtaget på Schiller Instituttets
internationale konference, 25.-26. nov., 2017

I den Europæiske Union lever omkring 120 millioner mennesker under fattigdomsgrænsen, ifølge vore egne kriterier, der karakteriserer leveomkostningerne. I betragtning af, at Europa stadig er et økonomisk kraftcenter, er der ingen acceptabel grund til, at Europa ikke også skulle kunne løfte disse 120 millioner mennesker ud af fattigdom frem til år 2020. Den bedste måde, hvorpå dette kan opnås, er ved, at EU og alle europæiske nationer tager imod Kinas tilbud om samarbejde med Kina om Bælte & Vej Initiativet på en »win-win«-basis.

RESOLUTION: »Europa må ende fattigdom for sine 120 millioner fattige frem til år 2020«

Resolution vedtaget på Schiller Instituttets internationale konference i Bad Soden, 26. nov. 2017.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Hvis der ikke er flere spørgsmål, vil jeg gerne oplæse mit forslag til denne resolution, som jeg gerne vil have, I vedtager – eller én af dem.

På denne konference, der havde titlen, »At opfylde menneskehedens drøm«, drøftede vi den utrolige transformation i verden, der er blevet katalyseret af det kinesiske initiativ for den Nye Silkevej; Bælte & Vej Initiativet, der skaber optimisme i Asien, Afrika, Latinamerika, flere og flere stater i Europa og, efter præsident Trumps statsbesøg til Kina, i flere stater i USA.

Bælte & Vej Initiativet har det konkrete perspektiv for, hvordan fattigdom og underudvikling kan overvindes gennem investering i infrastruktur, industri og landbrug, baseret på videnskabelig og teknologisk fremskridt. Den kinesiske regering, der i løbet af de seneste 30 år har løftet 700 millioner mennesker ud af fattigdom, har nu bekendtgjort målet om at løfte de tilbageværende 42 millioner mennesker, der lever i fattigdom, ud af denne tilstand og skabe en anstændig levestandard for hele den kinesiske befolkning frem til år 2020.

I den Europæiske Union lever omkring 120 millioner mennesker under fattigdomsgrænsen, ifølge vore egne kriterier, der karakteriserer leveomkostningerne. I betragtning af, at Europa stadig er et økonomisk kraftcenter, er der ingen acceptabel grund til, at Europa ikke også skulle kunne løfte disse 120 millioner mennesker ud af fattigdom frem til år 2020. Den bedste måde, hvorpå dette kan opnås, er ved, at EU og alle europæiske nationer tager imod Kinas tilbud om samarbejde med Kina om Bælte & Vej Initiativet på en »win-win«-basis.

Vi, deltagerne på Schiller Instituttets konference, opfordrer alle folkevalgte personer til at tilslutte sig denne appel til de europæiske regeringer. Skulle vi i Europa ikke være stolte nok til at sige, at, hvis kineserne kan gøre dette, så kan vi også? [applaus]


RESOLUTION: »For en afslutning af krigen og den humanitære krise i Yemen«

  1. nov., 2017 – Deltagerne på Schiller Instituttets internationale konference i Bad Soden, Tyskland, vedtog enstemmigt følgende resolution om krigen i Yemen:

»I betragtning af den dokumenterede kendsgerning, at krigen mod Yemen, der er blevet ført af den saudiskledede koalition siden marts 2015, har været årsag til en humanitær krise uden sidestykke i dette land som resultat af bombardement af landets infrastruktur og den totale blokade til lands, til vands og i luften, der er gennemført, kræver deltagerne på Schiller Instituttets internationale konference i Bad Soden, Tyskland, den 25.-26. nov., 2017:

  1. En øjeblikkelig våbenstilstand mellem alle parterne;
  2. Ophævelse af blokaderne mod landet, især mod havnen i Hodeida og den internationale lufthavn i Sana’a, og som muliggør omgående humanitærhjælp til landet;
  3. En tilbagevenden til den nationale forsoningsproces og dialog, som var i gang, men som blev afbrudt af krigen. (Denne forhandlingsproces må føres under FN-regi og udelukkende mellem nationale, yemenitiske grupperinger uden indblanding fra regionale eller globale magter, men sponsoreret af Rusland, Kina og USA som garanter for gennemførelse af det sluttelige resultat af dialogen.) Formålet med sådanne forhandlinger er at finde en politisk løsning på krisen i Yemen.
  4. At hjælpe Yemen med en hurtig og storstilet genopbygningsproces, der fokuserer på infrastrukturprojekter for at genvinde nationens levebrød og Yemens integration i Bælte & Vej Initiativet.«

Xi Jinping afslutter KKP-Kongressen;
formaner til at opbygge ’et bedre liv’ og
en ’stadig mere lovende fremtid’

25. okt., 2017 – Den fulde ordlyd af præsident Xi Jinpings afslutningstale på Kinas Kommunistiske Partis 19. Nationalkongres i går aftes er endnu ikke tilgængelig på engelsk, men de uddrag, som Xinhua og andre medier har rapporteret, gør det klart, at Xi kommunikerede den samme følelse af fremtidsorienteret optimisme og mission for Kina med skabelse af »lykke« og »skønhed« for nationen og for verden, som karakteriserede hans hovedtale:

KKP har ledet nationen, sagde Xi, »i én gang for alle at afslutte den elendige skæbne, som var det gamle Kina, der var blevet tyranniseret af udenlandske aggressorer efter Opiumskrigen i 1840, og med totalt at træde ud af fattigdom og svaghed … Folkets forhåbninger om at leve et bedre liv må altid være fokus for vore bestræbelser …«

»I dag lever mere end 1,3 mia. kinesere i jubel og værdighed. Vort land … stråler af enorm dynamik. Vores kinesiske civilisation lyser af varig pragt og glamour. Vort parti udviser stærkt, fast og levende lederskab. Vores socialistiske system demonstrerer stor styrke og vitalitet. Det kinesiske folk og den kinesiske nation omfavner fremragende udsigter … Vi er så meget desto mere stolte og har selvtillid, når vi lever i en sådan stor æra, og vi føler også ansvaret hvile tungt på os. Vi må havet modet og beslutsomheden til at bygge på de kinesiske kommunisters lederskab generation efter generation, skabe nye præstationer, der passer sig for denne store epoke og skride fremad mod en stadig mere lovende fremtid.«

Foto: Xi Jinping på KKP’s 19. Nationalkongres.

Steve Bannon mobiliserer økonomisk
krigsførelse mod Kina, mens LaRouche
mobiliserer Vesten til at redde sig selv ved at
tilslutte sig »den Nye Silkevejsånd«

Leder fra LaRouche PAC, USA, 1. oktober, 2017 – Steve Bannon, præsident Trumps nyligt fratrådte assistent, er febrilsk i færd med at mobilisere støtte til sin plan om at drive USA ind i en geopolitisk, imperial, økonomisk krig mod Kina – dvs., for at sabotere Trumps erklærede hensigt om at arbejde tæt sammen med Kina om at genopbygge den smuldrende, amerikanske infrastruktur og potentielt bringe USA ind i den Nye Silkevejsproces for infrastrukturbyggeri i hele verden. En forsidehistorie om Bannon i Bloombergs Businessweek fra 28. sept. forklarer hans hensigter i en artikel med titlen: »Bannon er tilbage og har Kina på sigtekornet«, med underoverskriften: »Fra Birmingham til Beijing anfører den tidligere Trump-strateg sin egen bevægelse og advarer nu om den påtvungne teknologioverførsel af amerikansk innovation til Kina – og samarbejder med Henry Kissinger«.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche talte via video til lørdagens LaRouche PAC Manhattan Project Borgermøde i New York City den 30. sept. og identificerede her den fare, som denne Bannon-operation repræsenterer. Hun påpegede Obama/Hillary-netværkerne og deres neokonservative kammerater på den Republikanske side, der er helliget til at stoppe Trumps bestræbelse på at arbejde tæt sammen med Rusland og Kina, og som nu får tilslutning fra »Bannon-faktoren, der forsøger at bearbejde Trump for at forsøge at sætte ham op mod Kina. Jeg mener, dette er strategisk, og vi må absolut gå imod dette, for kendskabet til, eller opfattelsen af, hvad det er, Kina rent faktisk gør i Vesten, er absolut fejlagtigt.«

Den kendsgerning, at Kina nu foretager enorme spring inden for snart sagt alle områder af videnskab, teknologi og industri, betvivles ikke længere af briterne og kredsene på Wall Street. Men, snarere end at se på den fantastiske transformation af den kinesiske økonomi som en mulighed for samarbejde om at genindføre vækst i de vestlige økonomier og i verden generelt, så beskriver de det som en eksistentiel trussel mod deres unipolære magt og mod deres evne til at afstive deres bankerotte finanssystem gennem yderligere nedskæringspolitikker og udplyndring af realøkonomien her og i hele verden.

Intetsteds bliver dette mere tydeligt end i Puerto Rico. Den løgnagtige mainstreampresse kører grelle overskrifter om, at Trump ignorerer befolkningen i Puerto Rico, på trods af den igangværende massive militære og civile mobilisering for at genskabe den ødelagte ø og dens befolkning – en mobilisering, der af Puerto Ricos guvernør og af øens repræsentant i den amerikanske Kongres er blevet behørigt rost. Sandheden om Obama-administrationens og hans Wall Street-sponsorers overlagte ødelæggelse af denne plagede ø kan ikke længere undertrykkes. Det var Obama, der sidste år underskrev den lov, der gav et håndplukket panel magten til at overtage Puerto Ricos finanspolitik fra deres valgte regering og indføre dødbringende nedskæringspolitik mod deres hospitaler, el-nettet og mere endnu og efterlade dem praktisk talt hjælpeløse, stedt over for orkanen – og at sætte statsgældens fordringer (det meste af den illegitim) foran menneskers behov. Præsident Trumps henvisning til statsgældskrisen i Puerto Rico, som eksisterede længe før orkanen, reflekterer hans voksende erkendelse i løbet af den seneste uge af, at den private sektor intet har gjort, og intet vil gøre, for at adressere hverken den aktuelle krise, eller de underliggende årsager.

LaRouches Fire Love til at redde USA – og verden.

I sidste uge besluttede Trump, at den indledende oprydning i Puerto Rico ville blive dækket 100 % af USA’s regering, og den næste dag annoncerede han så, at hans $1 billion store infrastrukturplan ikke længere ville involvere den private sektor – den såkaldte PPP-model – men ville blive 100 % finansieret af den nationale regering og lokalregeringer. Dette stiller naturligvis det spørgsmål, hvor den nationale regering og lokalregeringerne skal få midlerne fra – et spørgsmål, der kun kan besvares gennem fremgangsmåden med LaRouches Fire Love, der genindfører et kreditsystem i Hamiltons tradition til erstatning af det nu bankerotte, britiske, monetære system, der i løbet af de seneste 50 år i stigende grad har overtaget både USA og de europæiske nationer.

Fr. Zepp-LaRouche adresserede i sine bemærkninger lørdag denne civilisationskrise ud fra det positive perspektiv, der har udgjort baggrunden for hendes og hendes mand Lyndon LaRouches politikker i det seneste halve århundrede, og som hun kaldte »den Nye Silkevejsånd«. »Og denne Silkevejsånd er magtfuld!«, sagde hun. »Det er noget, som jeg mener, kan indsprøjtes i alle andre lande.«

Hun henviste til den vanskelige tid, da LaRouche og flere af hans medarbejdere blev fængslet af Bush-familien – gennemtvunget af samme Robert Mueller og hans korrupte kohorter, der nu kører et kupforsøg mod præsident Trump – og tilføjede:

»Det, der holdt mig oppe hele tiden, var det faktum, at jeg vidste, at det, vi gør, er en politik, der er baseret på Universets fysiske love; at det, vi gør med at promovere videnskabeligt og teknologisk fremskridt og med at have et billede af mennesket, der er i overensstemmelse med Universets skabende kræfter, og at vore modstandere går imod naturlig lov (Universets lov), og derfor kan de ikke vinde.

Man må således udvikle et perspektiv, der ikke er bundet af, og ikke er påvirket af ens daglige omgivelser og ens daglige oplevelser, men at man må oplyse sin vision omkring noget andet: man må have en idé om, hvor menneskeheden skal befinde sig om 100 år fra i dag. Man bør have en idé om, hvad Universets fysiske love går ud på, og hvorfor ens modstandere ikke er andet end stakkels påståelige idioter, der ikke kan vinde.

Jeg mener, at, hvis man tager et internationalt aspekt som ens udgangspunkt, vil man være i en langt bedre position til at være en amerikansk patriot, fordi man først er en verdensborger, og man er derfor under påvirkning af undertrykkende omgivelser, og det er sådan, jeg har gjort det – og jeg kan forsikre jer for, at det virker.«   

Foto: Steve Bannon taler på 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) i National Harbor, Maryland.         

EIR-magasinet udgiver dossier:
Bob Mueller – ’Umoralsk juridisk morder’;
Bryd forræderflokken; Ban vejen for
den Nye Silkevejsæra
Læs EIR’s eksklusive dossier her

Leder fra LaRouche PAC, USA, 27. sept., 2017 – I dag udgav EIR sit ugemagasin (dateret 29. sept.) med dossieret »Robert Mueller er en umoralsk juridisk morder: Han vil udføre sit job, hvis I giver ham lov«. Dossieret, der er på 26 sider, fremlægger Robert Swan Mueller III’s identitet og rolle mht. mangeårige, beskidte operationer imod nationen, imod den patriotiske statsmand Lyndon LaRouche, imod ofrene for 11. september og deres familier, og imod andre. Denne rapport – der cirkuleres via LaRouchePAC’s netværk, er ammunition for at bryde det neo-britiske imperium én gang for alle, for at bane vejen for, at det transatlantiske område kan tilslutte sig den Nye Silkevejsæra for udvikling.

Det faktum, at sådanne stinkende operatører som Mueller så længe har kunnet fortsætte med deres beskidte arbejde, skyldes ikke manglende »information« som sådan i offentligheden – selv om befolkningen berøves viden. Det reflekterer i stedet mindcontrol-operationer for at aflede og demoralisere folk ind i konstruerede klagepunkter, såsom at fordømme Christopher Columbus som en ’undertrykker’.

Denne kulturelle degradering udføres med overlæg af fornægterne af renæssancen med det formål at kunne udføre faktisk fysiske forbrydelser mod menneskeheden. De fremmer en politistatsdynamik for at afskrække alle fra at vove at gøre indsigelse, eller blot stille spørgsmålstegn ved det, der foregår. Men vi kan knække ryggen på disse forræderiske operationer.

En impuls, der er til fordel for dette udbrud, kommer fra det menneskelige ønske om at redde liv og bygge en fremtid, og som man ser hos ofrene og redningsfolkene midt i oversvømmelserne og murbrokkerne efter de udbredte katastrofer, der har ramt de amerikanske lande. Som Mexicos præsident Enrique Pena Nieto sagde i en tale til nationen i går aftes, »Jeg ved, mange af jer føler frygt og ængstelse, men lad mig sige til jer, at vi vil give særlig opmærksomhed til opgaven, at beskytte befolkningen … Min første prioritet er at beskytte jeres og jeres familiers liv … Vi vil fortsat vise, at vi er mennesker, der ikke opgiver over for modgang og er rede til at gå fremad.«

Puerto Rico og De caribiske Øer befinder sig stadig i en nødredningsfase; dernæst følger fasen for opbygning af en økonomi, som vil kræve logistik på militærniveau. Florida, Texas og de andre stater, plus Mexico, står over for en enorm genopbygning, og ny opbygning.

Denne virkelighed rejser spørgsmålet om kredit – hvor skal midlerne komme fra? Svaret blev givet, før katastrofen, af Lyndon LaRouche i hans »Fire Love« fra 2014, om bankpraksis, kredit og videnskabelig og økonomisk opbygning. Katastrofernes virkelighed beviser nu LaRouches pointe; vi er menneskelige. Vi kan skabe kredit. Vi kan bygge og skabe fremskridt.

Et glimt af denne erkendelse kom i går på et møde i Det Hvide Hus om infrastruktur og ’skattereform’. Ifølge deltagere i denne tværpolitiske samling, sagde præsident Trump, at statslig finansiering, og ikke PPP-finasiering (Public Private Partnership), er vejen ad hvilken for at genoplive byggeri af infrastruktur. Statslig finansiering – plus finansiering fra delstaterne og lokalsamfundet – kan betyde, at man må forlade sig på skatteindtægter og mere gældsætning, men statslige partnerskaber med private interesser »er bestemt ikke en ’magisk kugle’, der løser alle nationens infrastrukturproblemer«, iflg. en embedsmand fra Det Hvide Hus, der deltog i mødet. »Vi vil«, sagde han, »fortsat tage alle brugbare muligheder i betragtning.« Trump talte i særdeleshed for en »langvarig« støtte til Puerto Rico. Hvordan man skal gennemføre dette perspektiv – både kortvarigt og langvarigt – forklares i LaRouches Nødhandleplan, som blev udstedt den 31. august, midt i orkanen Harvey.

Ud over de umiddelbare nødhjælpsoperationer i Puerto Rico må vi også »se længere end til horisonten«, som general Joseph Dunford, formand for generalstabscheferne, udtrykte det, da han talte om militærets igangværende rolle i Caribien. Dette var Dunfords svar på specifikke spørgsmål om militærets nødhjælpslogistik under en høring i Senatet i går.

Men tiden er for længst overskredet til at se endnu højere og bredere: den Nye Silkevej i de amerikanske kontinenter er lige netop ’over horisonten’!

Foto: Præsident George W. Bush taler for medierne under et besøg i FBI’s Hovedkvarter med direktør Robert Mueller, venstre, og USA’s justitsminister John Ashcroft. 25. sept., 2001.  (Photo US National Archives)

Læs det eksklusive dossier her:

Helga Zepp-LaRouche til Xinhua:
’Bælte & Vej Initiativ’ er en opskrift for fred

Leder fra LaRouche PAC, 24. sept. 2017: Kinas officielle nyhedstjeneste Xinhuas tysksprogede tjeneste udgav det følgende interview med Helga Zepp-LaRouche den 17. september.

Berlin, 17. sept. – Kinas »Bælte & Vej Initiativ« kan fremme verdensfred og mindske geopolitisk rivalisering langs sin rute, sagde Helga Zepp-LaRouche, stifteren af den tyske tænketank, Schiller Instituttet, søndag.

»Mange af nutidens verdenskriser har deres rod i manglen på økonomisk udvikling. Økonomisk udvikling er i dag et synonym for fred, og det kinesiske ’Bælte & Vej Initiativ’ tilbyder dem udvikling«, sagde fr. LaRouche under et interview med Xinhua.

Hun bemærkede, at den kinesiske regerings initiativ overordnet set gør menneskehedens interesse som helhed til en prioritet, der kommer før nationale og regionale interesser. Hun sagde, at, hvis ledende globale kræfter som Rusland og Tyskland aktivt kan gå med i disse bestræbelser, vil det løse mange af de eksisterende problemer.

»Det er en opskrift for fred, udvikling og overvindelse af fattigdom«, sagde hun.

Ifølge statistikkerne beløber Kinas direkte investeringer i lande langs »Bælte & Vej Initiativet« til mere end $60 mia. hen over de seneste fire år, mens kinesiske foretagender har etableret 56 zoner for økonomisk samarbejde og handelssamarbejde i flere end 20 lande, som har genereret næsten $1,1 mia. i skatteindtægter og skabt 180.000 arbejdspladser.

Schiller Instituttet, en international »bank« for politiske og økonomiske ideer, der har hovedkvarter i Tyskland, har udgivet en rapport, der beskriver den Nye Silkevej som en landbro og forudser, at der ikke er nogen grænser for dette kinesiske initiativ og at det kunne opkoble alle fem kontinenter til hinanden og gøre det muligt for dem at samarbejde inden for et »win-win«-perspektiv, sagde fr. LaRouche.

I en diskussion om det forestående parlamentsvalg i Tyskland den 24. september sagde fr. LaRouche, at de konkurrerende partier, som Tysklands Kristelig-Demokratiske Union (CDU) under ledelse af kansler Angela Merkel, og Socialdemokraterne (SPD) under ledelse af tidligere medlem af Europaparlamentet Martin Schulz, ikke havde gjort deres standpunkt klart om udsigten til samarbejde med Kina. Fr. LaRouche, der leder et mindre parti ved navn Borgerrettighedsbevægelsen Solidaritet (Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität; BüSo), opfordrede det nye, tyske politiske establishment til yderligere at engagere sig i »Bælte & Vej Initiativet«.

Selv om valgresultatet »er temmelig givet, og Merkel sandsynligvis vil blive genvalgt som kansler«, foreslog fr. LaRouche, at en ny regering fokuserer mere på, hvad Kina har tilbudt, og vil tilbyde.

»De østeuropæiske lande, Balkan-landene, Italien, Spanien, Schweiz og Østrig handler allerede med mere entusiasme end den nuværende tyske regering … folk vil indse, at samarbejde med Kina er i deres fundamentale interesse, især inden for industrien«, sagde hun.

Foto: Helga Zepp-LaRouche under den tyske valgkampagne.

Helga Zepp LaRouche opfordrer tyskerne:
Smid ikke jeres stemme ud på partier, der
ikke har menneskehedens interesse på sinde

16. sept., 2017 – Selv om der finder tektoniske forandringer sted i verden i dag, ville man aldrig gætte det ud fra de temaer, som de store partier i Tyskland rejser i opløbet til forbundsdagsvalget den 24. sept. En slående undtagelse til denne fornægtelse af virkeligheden er Borgerrettighedsbevægelsen Solidaritets (BüSo) kampagne, med Helga Zepp-LaRouche som formand, under sloganet, »Tyskland må tilslutte sig den Nye Silkevej«. Valget finder sted søndag, den 24. sept.

I en appel til vælgerne, udstedt den 15. sept., identificerer Zepp-LaRouche klart mulighederne. De kan »smide deres stemmer ud« ved at vælge et parti, der har støttet den nuværende verdensorden med sine interventionskrige – og den flygtningekrise, disse krige har skabt – og det voksende svælg mellem rig og fattig, skriver hun, og som ikke er lykkedes med at rette op på de fejltagelser, der førte til finanskrisen i 2008, og som har ført til et endnu mere dramatisk finanssammenbrud i dag.

Men, advarer Zepp-LaRouche, de vil også spilde deres stemmer, hvis de vælger et parti, der kritiserer de etablerede partier, men ikke tilbyder en løsning.

Alternativt »kan De vælge et parti, der ikke alene har en vision for en bedre fremtid for menneskeheden, men også har organiseret kræfter i hele verden og etableret relationer, der kan få denne vision til at blive til virkelighed – Borgerretsbevægelsen Solidaritet (BüSo)«.

I sin appel henviser Zepp-LaRouche til BüSos årtier lange kamp for en retfærdig, økonomisk verdensorden, som senere blev sat på verdensdagsordenen af Kinas Nye Silkevej, eller Bælte & Vej Initiativet.

»BüSo er forpligtet over for at bringe Tyskland fuldt og helt ind i et samarbejde med dette initiativ, og til, sammen med Kina, Rusland og andre lande, at udvikle økonomisk de lande, der er blevet ødelagt af de nytteløse krige i Mellemøsten og Afrika.«

Samarbejdet i den Nye Silkevej ville ikke alene være med til at løse flygtningekrisen, fortsætter Helga Zepp-LaRouche, men er også i den tyske Mittelstands interesse, eftersom det ville skabe mange produktive jobs og mindske arbejdsløshed, især for unge mennesker.

Desuden er »en ny, retfærdig, økonomisk verdensorden den eneste måde at sikre varig verdensfred« i en tidsalder med atomar krigsførelse.

Helga talte polemisk til vælgerne og sagde, at, hvis de hidtil kun har hørt misinformation eller bagvaskelse om BüSo, skyldes det, at det transatlantiske establishment er »stiv af skræk over, at perspektivet om den Nye Silkevej er meget mere attraktivt end status quo«.

Måden, hvorpå mainstreammedierne har behandlet BüSo i denne kampagne – og derudover enhver, der udfordrer EU-bureaukratiet eller Wall Streets og City of Londons interesser – rejser mange tvivl, bemærker Zepp-LaRouche, om, hvor meget pressefrihed, demokrati og menneskerettigheder, der egentlig »er tilladt i vores land«.

Efter en gennemgang af hovedpunkterne i BüSos program, konkluderer Helga Zepp-LaRouche:

»Jeres stemme tæller. Smid den ikke ud, men investér den i fremtiden. Stem på BüSo.«     

Foto: Helga Zepp-LaRouche taler til en vælgermødeforsamling. I baggrunden BüSos valgplakat, med det eurasiske udsnit af Verdenslandbroen og maglevtog, og BüSos valgslogan, »Tysklands fremtid er den Nye Silkevej«.  

Genopbygning af Syrien klar til start.
EIR’s Stockholmskorrespondent Ulf
Sandmark rapporterer om genåbningen af
Damaskus Internationale Handelsmesse

EIR deltog i et møde på premierministerens kontor, hvor repræsentanter for mange af den gamle Silkevejs nationer fornyede deres forpligtende engagement til at samarbejde med Syrien – et virkelig historisk øjeblik. Den syriske premierminister Imad Khamis modtog med et stort smil sin personlige kopi af EIR’s specialrapport. Efterfølgende mødtes Sandmark med ministeren for turisme, ingeniør Besher Yazji, og med generaldirektør for Syrian Investment Agency, dr. Inas al-Omawi, samt med andre højtplacerede regeringsfolk. En særlig donation fra en meget fremtrædende, svensk EIR-abonnent, bestående af 15 kopier af Verdenslandbro-rapporten på arabisk til universiteterne i Damaskus og Aleppo, blev overgivet til præsident for Damaskus Universitet, prof. dr. M. Hassan al-Kurdi. I alt blev 40 kopier bragt til Syrien.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Foto: Alle ødelagte boligblokke, der sås i krigszoner i Damaskus, som tidligere var besat af væbnede oprørere, var ved at blive repareret.

BRIKS-topmøde peger på løsningen

Leder fra LaRouche PAC, 3. september, 2017 – En verden, der trues af den aktuelle fare for atomkrig, som det for nyligt blev understreget af Nordkoreas sjette atomvåbentest i denne weekend, og med økonomisk ødelæggelse, frembragt af, at man har forsømt at investere i nødvendige fremskridt inden for infrastruktur og videnskab, som i Texas og på hele den Mexicanske Golfkyst, ville gøre klogt i at koncentrere sig om BRIKS-topmødet, der er begyndt i Xiamen, Kina, og som finder sted 3.-5. sept.

Kinas præsident Xi Jinping, der er vært for topmødet, erklærede, at »fred og udvikling«, og ikke »konflikt og konfrontation«, er den politik, planeten har brug for. Han påpegede de »voksende finansielle risici«, der konfronterer verden under det nuværende system, og opfordrede i stedet til, at »vi forfølger en innovationsdrevet udvikling«. For at opnå dette, holdt han Kinas Bælte & Vej Initiativ frem som eksempel og angreb sladderen om, at det blot skulle være endnu en geopolitisk plan for dominans:

»Lad mig udtrykke dette klart: Bælte & Vej Initiativet er ikke et instrument, der skal fremme nogen som helst geopolitisk dagsorden, men er derimod en platform for praktisk samarbejde. Det er ikke en plan for ulandshjælp, men derimod et initiativ for indbyrdes forbunden udvikling, der kræver ekstensiv rådslagning, fælles bidrag og fælles fordele. Jeg er overbevist om, at Bælte & Vej Initiativet vil udgøre en ny platform for, at alle lande kan opnå win-win-samarbejde.«

Og, for denne verdens Thomas Tvivlere, har vi Kinas fænomenale og igangværende præstation med at løfte over 700 millioner af sin egen befolkning ud af fattigdom, og landets indsats for at gøre det samme i planetens mest udfordrende og forarmede områder – Afrika, Haiti osv.

Rusland under Vladimir Putin er helt enig i forpligtelsen til denne Xi Jinpings win-win-politik – samt til den underliggende idé om menneskets kreativitet, der driver den fremad. I en dialog den 1. sept. med flere end 1 million unge russere i klasseværelser i 24 regioner i hele landet, fastlog Putin pointen med veltalenhed og enkelhed:

»Dit mål er ikke bare at lave noget nyt. Det er selvindlysende. Det vil faktisk blive noget nyt, baseret på, hvad der tidligere er skabt. Dit mål er at tage et skridt fremad … I, som nu begynder på et nyt liv, må lægge jer dette på sinde, være opmærksom på det og ikke kun gøre det bedre end forudgående generationer, men gøre det bedre på et nyt niveau … For at vi kan bevare vores suverænitet og gøre livet for vort folk og de fremtidige generationer, jeres børn og børnebørn, bedre end i dag, er det bydende nødvendigt at gøre kvalitativt nye fremskridt.«

Der er således en grund til, at Lyndon LaRouche bliver ved med at påpege den globale lederskabsrolle, som i dag præsteres af Rusland og Kina, og behovet for, at USA bliver helt integreret i Bælte & Vej Initiativet. Præcis, som der også er en grund til, at Det britiske Imperium er fast besluttet på at gøre netop disse to nationer til mål for udslettelse, og ligeledes på at gøre Trump-administrationen i Washington til mål for ødelæggelse, for at Trump ikke skal leve op til sin forpligtelse om at forbedre båndene til, og samarbejde med, Kina og Rusland. For den idé, som Putin forelagde for disse millioner af unge russere, er selve den hjørnesten, på hvilken selve USA blev grundlagt.

Foto: BRIKS-ledermøde i det udvidede regi. (

Omfattende artikel om Bælte & Vej:
»Mod en økonomi for fred«

Fredag, 1. september, 2017 – Peter Koenig, en økonom, der skriver for diverse aviser og blogs, inklusive flere russiske pressemedier, udlagde torsdag en lang artikel i Information Clearing House med titlen, »Beijings Bælte & Vej Initiativ, mod en økonomi for fred?« (Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, Towards an Economy of Peace?). Han indleder med spørgsmålet, »Hvorfor bryder freden ikke ud, når det overvældende flertal af verdens befolkning ikke ønsker krig?« Idet han påpeger de »12 – 15 mio. mennesker, der er dræbt siden 11. september«, lægger han hele skylden på »den ene slyngelstat, verden er underkastet – USA«. Desværre udelader han briternes rolle og lægger hele skylden på »grådighed« alene, snarere end på ondets rod, Imperium og geopolitik. Men han adresserer den psykologiske faktor og stiller spørgsmålet, »Hvorfor kan vi ikke kaste denne frygt overbord for en lille smule mod – og finde tilbage til menneskelig solidaritet imod dette grusomme overgreb – det værste nogensinde, siden det Romerske Imperium, og sandsynligvis længere tilbage.«

Hans løsning rammer plet: Den Nye Silkevej. »Der er et nyt, økonomisk paradigme, der venter i kulisserne, som tilbydes af Kina og Rusland; en økonomi for fred. En økonomi, der støttes af arbejdsstyrken, af byggeri, af forskning, uddannelse, af kultur og af guld. Ingen vilkårlig økonomi – en økonomi med lige rettigheder og lige fordele for alle deltagere; en økonomi, der ikke er baseret på krig, i total modsætning til den vestlige, ågerkarle-rentesøgende, ødelæggende økonomi. Hvem ville ikke være tiltrukket af denne nye model for Fredsøkonomi?«

Han beskriver Xi Jinpings Bælte & Vej Initiativ som det »muligvis største og mest vidtrækkende, økonomiske ekspansionsinitiativ i moderne historie. Det er (hvad der svarer til) en multibilliondollar bestræbelse, der bogstavelig talt kunne række århundreder frem i tiden og skabe ny infrastruktur, beskæftigelse, handel, indkomst, nye teknologier, uddannelse – paletten er nærmest uendelig – for mange områder, der stadig i vid udstrækning er berøvet menneskelig velfærd«. Han citerer Chas Freeman[1], der kalder projektet for »den potentielt mest transformerende ingeniørmæssige indsats i menneskets historie«.

Han bemærker modstanden i Bruxelles, »som er bange for at miste deres kontrol over Grækenland – et NATO-land«.

Han tilføjer, at AIIB, og BRIKS’ NDB (Nye Udviklingsbank), er integreret i Bælte & Vej. »Disse nye finansinitiativer bliver en alvorlig udfordring for den vestlige, monetære klike og en torn i øjet på Washingtons bestræbelse på at opnå dollarens overherredømme.«

Foto: Peter Koenig.

[1] Chefoversætter under Nixons besøg i Kina i 1972; tidl. amerikansk ambassadør til Saudi-Arabien 1989-1992.

Bring USA ind i det Nye Paradigme, Nu!
Af Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Jeg er meget glad for at tale for jer, for dette giver mig lejlighed til understrege for mit eget perspektiv, hvorfor jeg mener, at dette er det mest dramatiske øjeblik i historien, i vores levetid. Hvis dette går den rigtige vej, kunne vi være i et fuldstændig nyt paradigme, i en ny form for relationer mellem nationer på meget kort tid. Og, hvis det går den forkerte vej, ville vi meget hurtigt være tilbage i en kurs for konfrontation med Rusland og Kina, som vi havde med den tidligere administration. Og, i betragtning af alle krisepunkterne og situationens drama, kunne det føre til Tredje Verdenskrig og civilisationens udslettelse.

Så imellem disse to muligheder kunne spændingen ikke være større, og det sted, hvor denne kamp udkæmpes, er selvfølgelig USA.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Lad være med at sluge den inducerede
pessimisme – Den nye økonomiske
verdensorden er allerede på plads

Leder fra LaRouche PAC, 6. juni, 2017 – Til amerikanere og europæere, der døgnet rundt, og alle ugens syv dage, udsættes for en spærreild af rapporter om globale katastrofer, om Trump, der står over for afsættelse ved rigsretssag, om verden, der snart brænder op pga. global opvarmning og flere og flere ’fake news’ – falske nyheder – og ’fake’ videnskab og bevidst fremkaldt pessimisme – kom videre i teksten! Verden har forandret sig.

Momentum i vor samtids historie defineres af den enorme sejr for menneskeheden, der blev konsolideret på Bælte & Vej Forum for Internationalt Samarbejde den 14.-15. maj i Kina, efterfulgt af Skt. Petersborg Internationale Økonomiske Forum den 1.-3. juni, i Rusland.

Disse fora gik langt videre end til at fremlægge en håbefuld vision om en fjern fremtid, men fremlagde også en kortlægning af den transformation af hele planeten, der har fundet sted i løbet af de seneste par år gennem processen med den Nye Silkevej samtidig med, at man har opnået et forpligtende engagement på vegne af det store flertal af den menneskelige race, for at fortsætte denne udvikling i et forhøjet tempo.

USA var deltager i denne proces, med præsident Trump, der sendte en seniordelegeret til Beijing, og med 300 førende industrifolk, der deltog i Skt. Petersborg. Helga Zepp-LaRouches deltagelse på Bælte & Vej Forum, og på fora og i presseinterviews i hele Kina i to uger efter BVF-begivenheden, demonstrerede anerkendelsen i Kina af, at hun og hendes mand, Lyndon LaRouche, tilbage i 1990’erne havde initieret processen med at erstatte den Kolde Krig med udviklingsprojekter, der fysisk og kulturelt forbinder nationer, ligesom den oprindelige Silkevej havde gjort det i fortiden.

I dag talte Helga Zepp-LaRouche til de amerikanske medlemmer af LaRouche-organisationen om det presserende nødvendige i at løfte befolkningen ud af det kontrollerede miljø, som er skabt af de desintegrerende politiske partier, de neokonservative og de mislykkede massemedier. Er infrastrukturen i din by ved at smuldre, som den er i New York City? Stil dig selv spørgsmålet: Hvad ville Kina gøre? Inden for et eller to år ville Kina erstatte forfaldet med nye højhastighedsjernbaner, svævetogs- (maglev-) undergrundsbaner, produktion af elektricitet ved hjælp af kernekraft og nye faciliteter til uddannelses- og sundhedssektor. Og, med initiativet for Bælte & Vej, sammen med de udviklingsbanker, de har skabt, bringer Kina denne proces til resten af verden – inklusive (hvis vi accepterer) til USA.

Dette er, hvad Franklin Roosevelt og John F. Kennedy ville have gjort. Dette er, hvad LaRouche, meget detaljeret, har foreslået hen over de seneste 50 år, siden Kennedy blev dræbt af dem, der foragtede hans vision og videnskabelige optimisme. I dag gennemgik Zepp-LaRouche, hvordan denne organisation har udarbejdet udstrakte udviklingsprojekter for Afrika, for Latinamerika, for det Indiske Hav/Stillehavsbækkenet og for Nordamerika, og ligeledes for en tilbagevenden til Hamiltons, Lincolns og Roosevelts politikker for udstedelse af statskreditter, der ville fremme sådanne store projekter. Men dette er præcis de forslag, der i dag bliver implementeret under Kinas og Ruslands lederskab!

Der er ingen tid at spilde med hensyn til at vække den amerikanske befolkning og de europæiske befolkninger til at gå med i det nye paradigme, der står lige foran dem, men som er skjult af den løgnagtige presse, og af deres egen frygt og pessimisme. Hidtil har præsident Trump nægtet at bøje sig for den nye ’McCarthy-isme’, som er orkestreret af briterne og deres aktiver i USA, og som tror, at befolkningen er blevet så »fordummet«, at den vil acceptere den absurditet, at et venskab med Rusland og Kina er en forbrydelse mod amerikansk frihed og demokrati.

Det vil ikke virke. LaRouche-organisationen er, med løsningerne på hånden, strategisk placeret til at bryde igennem moradset for at bringe USA og Europa fuldt og helt ind i den Nye Silkevej, for at genindføre Glass/Steagall-bankopdelingslov og statsbankpraksis i Hamiltons tradition, og for at gå sammen med resten af verden i forceringen af den menneskelige videns fremskudte grænser og skabe en fremtid, der er menneskeheden værdig, her på Jorden, og i vore fremtidige kolonier i rummet.

Er fred i Mellemøsten endelig muligt?

Leder Fra LaRouche PAC, 24. maj, 2017 – Præsident Trumps historiske besøg til de hellige steder for de tre religioner af Bogen (Den jødiske Bibel, den kristne Bibel og Koranen, -red.), sluttede i dag i Vatikanet. Udskrifter fra både Vatikanet og Det Hvide Hus rapporterer, at samarbejde omkring fred i Mellemøsten var det centrale diskussionsemne – »fremme af fred i verden gennem politisk forhandling og dialog mellem religioner«, som Vatikanet udtrykte det.

Forskellen mellem den aktuelle situation og så alle de mislykkede bestræbelser under tidligere præsidenter er den kendsgerning, at den britiske opsplitning af verden i Øst og Vest, den »frie verden vs. gudløs kommunisme«, skabt af briterne efter præsident Franklin Roosevelts død, er i færd med at blive smadret af samarbejdet mellem Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin og Xi Jinping. Den israelsk-palæstinensiske konflikt har tjent som den primære styrekabine for denne opdeling af verden, og det samme har Nordkorea i Asien. I begge tilfælde ville briterne og deres naive fjolser i USA og Europa træffe alle tænkelige forholdsregler for at forhindre, at der kommer en løsning på disse betændte kriser, på trods af den kendsgerning, at deres eksistens var grobund for et terroristkaos og konstant truede med at blive gnisten til udbruddet af atomkrig.

Nu er en ny, økonomisk verdensorden på plads, hvilket demonstreredes af det succesrige Bælt & Vej Forum for Internationalt Samarbejde i Beijing, den 14.-15. maj. Alt imens Kina og Rusland var hoveddrivkraft bag denne proces, så sendte præsident Trump en højtplaceret repræsentant, skabte en »Bælt & Vej Komite for USA« for at følge op på forummet samt inviterede Kina til at deltage i planlægning og byggeri af den desperat nødvendige genopbygning af den smuldrende, amerikanske infrastruktur.

Med præsident Trump, der har kurs mod Bruxelles på torsdag til et NATO-møde (de anti-russiske fanatikere holder vejret i forventning om, hvad Trump vil sige), så fremlagde den russiske forsvarsminister Sergei Shoigu i dag et ekstremt positivt syn på det amerikansk-russiske samarbejde i krigen mod terror i Syrien.

»Vi taler med dem ’på alle tider af døgnet’«, sagde Shoigu om det amerikanske militær, »både nat og dag, og vi mødes ved forskellige lejligheder«. Chefen for den amerikanske generalstab, general Dunford, beskrev i sidste uge det tætte samarbejde med russerne og syrerne, selv om amerikansk lov forbyder egentlige fælles militære deployeringer.

Dette er det nye, globale miljø, baseret på samarbejde, i hvilket præsident Trump opfordrer Islam, Jødedom og Kristendom til at komme sammen for fred. Med hensyn til terrorisme sagde Trump søndag i Riyadh, ved et møde med ledere fra næsten 50 islamiske nationer, at det ikke er en konflikt mellem religioner, men mellem godt og ondt.

I samme ånd bryder muligheden for fred ud på Koreahalvøen. Den nyligt valgte præsident for Sydkorea, Moon Jae-in, promoverer åbenlyst en genindførelse af ’Solskinspolitikken’ for økonomisk samarbejde med Nordkorea, både for fælles udvikling og for at etablere den nødvendige tillid for en aftale for at afslutte Nordkoreas atomprogram, til gengæld for en fredsaftale og løfte om ikke-aggression fra USA.

Præsident Moons udsending til Rusland, Song Young-gil, holdt dybtgående diskussioner med Ruslands minister for udvikling i Fjernøsten, Alexander Galushka, i sidste uge. Song sagde til det sydkoreanske nyhedsbureau, Yonhap: »Minister Galushka foreslog, at det trilaterale samarbejde mellem Syd- og Nordkorea og Rusland, og som har befundet sig i et dødvande pga. atomspørgsmålene, nu fremsættes af hver nation, og det gik jeg ind på.« Dette har været kernen i Lyndon LaRouches forslag mht. Korea i de seneste tyve år. Ligesom tilfældet er i Mellemøsten, så er den Nye Silkevej også her den platform, på hvilken fred endelig kan etableres.

Kinas ambassadør til FN, Liu Jieyi, sagde ved Sikkerhedsrådets møde om Nordkorea tirsdag, at »der er intet til hinder for en dialog i den aktuelle situation – det kræver politisk vilje.«

»Alle skridt fremad i Koreakrisen er sket gennem dialog«, sagde han – og han kunne have tilføjet, at alle skridt fremad blev saboteret af krigspartierne i Vesten, først Bush og Cheney og dernæst Barack Obama.

Disse geopolitiske spil kan og må lægges i graven for evigt, og Imperiets ild må slukkes. Tiden er inde.

Foto: USA’s præsident Donald Trump havde udstrakte drøftelser med Pave Frans under en privat audiens i Vatikanet, 24. maj, 2017. Her beundrer han med fr. Trump Michelangelos store vægmaleri, Dommedag, i det Sixtinske Kapel i Vatikanet.

Den Nye Silkevej – ’En proces for fred’

Leder fra LaRouche PAC, 23. maj, 2017 – Den amerikanske præsident Donald Trump, der nu er i Italien, mødtes tidligere i dag i Betlehem med den palæstinensiske leder Mahmood Abbas, hvor de talte om, hvad der ligger forude. Trump udtrykte håb om, at Amerika kan hjælpe. Han sagde: »Hvis israelerne og palæstinenserne kan skabe fred, vil det indlede en fredsproces i hele Mellemøsten … [det] ville være en fantastisk præstation«.

Det er i realiteten den Nye Silkevej – Verdenslandbroen – som udgør midlet til at opnå denne dramatiske præstation, allevegne, i ’fredsprocessen’, selv i de mest belejrede, forladte lande. Dette aspekt tages nu op, sammen med den virkelige betydning af »økonomi«, i efterfølgende diskussioner mange steder, om det historiske Bælt & Vej Forum for Internationalt Samarbejde, der fandt sted den 14.-15. maj. For eksempel kommer dagens South China Morning Post med den iagttagelse, at Japan og Kina nu med held kan komme sammen og samarbejde om Bælt & Vej-initiativet (BVI).

Helga Zepp-LaRouche fastslog udtrykkeligt denne pointe i sin fremlæggelse for BVI-forummet i Beijing i sidste uge. Hun fremlagde, hvordan BVI også må forlænges til hele det sydvestasiatiske område, som Kina allerede har foreslået; og ligeledes forlænges som en »Storslået udviklingsplan for hele Afrika«.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche og hendes mand, Lyndon LaRouche, har i årtier promoveret dette fredsprincip internationalt, for eksempel i to, internationale konferencer i 1988 og i bogen, »Udvikling er et andet navn for Fred«.

Vi befinder os i øjeblikket i kampens hede for at vinde sejr for dette koncept her i USA, hvor amerikanere ellers bliver bombarderet med propaganda og sorte, eller ’hemmelige’, operationer, der går ud på at sværte og dæmonisere Trump, dæmonisere Rusland og Kina, dæmonisere »store projekter« og dæmonisere selve livet. Kilden til alt dette er Det britiske Imperium i sine dødskvaler, der har mobiliseret i et forsøg på at bringe USA’s præsident, og USA med ham, til fald. Et nyt, dræbende anslag af videoklip, der angriber Rusland, blev i dag skabt af en høring i Husets Udvalgskomite om Efterretning, om russiske »aktive forholdsregler« mod valgene i USA i 2016.

Det er værd at gentage rådene om disse beskidte operationer fra senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), et seniorkongresmedlem og formand for Senatets Retsudvalg. Han sagde den 10. maj, da han af Fox News blev spurgt, hvad han mente om sammenligningen mellem Trumps fyring af FBI-direktør James Comey og så Nixon, der blev taget for Watergate. Grassley sagde, »Mit budskab er, Skråt op, og gå videre«.

Vi har en forfærdelig masse, vi skal gøre. Den geografiske vision for udviklingen af de amerikanske kontinenter blev fremlagt i sidste uge af Zepp-LaRouche i hendes fremlæggelse i Beijing. »Når vi ser på verdenskortet, så er USA ikke kun et land, der er omgivet af to oceaner og to naboer, men et land, der kan blive en central del af en infrastrukturkorridor, der forbinder sydspidsen af Latinamerika gennem Central- og Sydamerika med det eurasiske transportsystem, via en tunnel under Beringstrædet.«

En del af dette nordamerikanske billede, der har brug for omgående opmærksomhed, er New York City, hvis transportinfrastruktur er ved at bryde sammen, i hele metropolområdet – det største på kontinentet – men især i Manhattan. New Yorks guvernør sendte den 21. maj et brev til præsident Trump, hvor han bad om hjælp fra staten. I alle transportenhederne – Amtraks passagertog, Penn Station, LaGuardia Lufthavn, Metrosystemet – sker der ulykker, aflysninger og dysfunktion. Lyndon LaRouche har kommissioneret dannelsen af en aktionskomite, der skal fremlægge, hvad der må gøres, og »lave krigshyl« om det. Opstille et program; få internationalt input. »Det er fysisk muligt at gøre det.«

Præsident John F. Kennedy, der fejrer sin 100-års fødselsdag den 29. maj, rejste hyppigt princippet om fred gennem udvikling. Den 1. marts, 1961, da han underskrev sin Eksekutive Ordre, der oprettede Fredskorpset (Peace Corps), talte han om amerikanere, der var villige »til at ofre deres energi og tid og arbejde for sagen for verdensfred og menneskehedens fremskridt«. Han sagde, amerikanere »mere fuldt ud må udøve deres ansvar i den store, fælles sag for global udvikling«.

Foto: Præsident Donald Trump mødtes med præsident for det palæstinensiske selvstyre, Mahmood Abbas, i Betlehem den 23. maj, 2017.  

Tidligere fransk premierminister Raffarin vil lede
fransk delegation til Bælt & Vej Forum i Beijing,
»et fredeligt projekt for global udvikling«

9. maj, 2017 (Nouvelle Solidarité) – I et interview til Xinhua den 5. maj udtaler tidligere franske premierminister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, der nu er formand for Senatskomiteen for Udenrigsanliggender, at han vil anføre den franske delegation til Bælt & Vej Forum i Beijing de 14.-15. maj. Raffarin, der er meget positiv over for Kina, blev valgt til at deltage i det højt profilerede Forum, fordi indsættelsen af Frankrigs nye præsident, Emmanuel Macron, finder sted samme weekend.

Til de kinesiske medier fremlægger Raffarin Bælt & Vej-initiativet som »et fredeligt projekt for global udvikling«.

»Jeg forventer, at, med dette store topmøde«, hvor 28 stats- og regeringschefer og flere end 100 nationer og internationale organisationer er repræsenteret, »vil hele verden lære om dette projekt, som involverer ikke alene Centralasien, men også Vest- og Østasien, såvel som Europa og endda Afrika. Jeg så meget gerne en global mobilisering.«

»Verden er meget farlig, og jeg er meget bekymret over USA’s uforudsigelighed i betragtning af det, der foregår i Syrien og Irak … I denne farlige verden har Kina projekter og strategier, det søger multilateralisme, forsvarer FN og UNESCO og bidrager derved til fred i en farlig verden.

I dag befinder vi os i en international situation, hvor vore amerikanske allierede er særligt uforudsigelige. Det er vanskeligt at have et venskab midt i uforudsigelighed«, beklagede han. »Vi har således visionen om en verden, der er i færd med at rejse en ny ramme og en ny organisation; Bælt & Vej-initiativet er rammen for en ny verden, en verden, som er en storalliance mellem Europa og Asien med en storslået åbning over for Afrika, og der vil blive en ny, geopolitisk fordeling«, sagde han.

Med dette initiativ bidrager Kina til det meste af verdens forbundethed – konnektivitet – og til at »skabe links, relationer og udvikling«. Man kan kun bekæmpe krig gennem udvikling, gennem at deltage i udviklingen af verden, sagde han, og fortsatte: »Frankrig og Kina har den samme fredelige vision af verden; vi er lande, der ønsker fred i verden for at få udvikling.«

Raffarin sagde, at den store udfordring for internationalt win-win-samarbejde er kampen mod protektionisme og overdreven nationalisme. I stedet for at lukke grænser, må vi gennemføre et win-win-samarbejde og fremme fred gennem udvikling i verden. Raffarin bemærkede den manglende viden om Bælt & Vej-initiativet i Vesten og opfordrede til, at man forfulgte »promoveringen af, kommunikation om og forklaringen på emnet, og udbreder viden om, at dette storslåede initiativ involverer hele Europas fremtid«.

Med hensyn til de fransk-kinesiske relationer sagde Raffarin, at de to folkeslag stod hinanden nær, og at landene var forbundet gennem et holdbart venskab.

»Siden general de Gaulle har vi altid sikret, at den fransk-kinesiske relation fortsat bestod uanset politiske partier, og det igangværende præsidentvalg ville ikke spille nogen rolle mht. en forværring af disse relationer. Vi ønsker gode relationer, og der er konsensus om dette spørgsmål«, konkluderede han.

Foto: Jean-Pierre Raffarin, fransk politiker og premierminister 2002-05.