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Tiden er inde til at forsvare præsidenten, overvinde kuppet,
overvinde Det britiske Imperium og gå ind i en totalt ny og fremgangsrig, skøn fremtid.
LaRouche PAC Internationale Webcast, 8. dec., 2017.

Tiden er inde til at forsvare præsidenten, overvinde kuppet,
overvinde Det britiske Imperium og gå ind i en totalt ny og fremgangsrig, skøn fremtid.
LaRouche PAC Internationale Webcast, 8. dec., 2017.

»Tiden er inde til at forsvare præsidenten, overvinde kuppet, overvinde Det britiske Imperium og gå ind i en totalt ny og fremgangsrig, skøn fremtid. Jeg mener, dette er et vidunderligt perspektiv.« (Citat af Helga Zepp-LaRouche.)

Vært Matthew Ogden: God aften. Det er 8. december, 2017; jeg er Matthew Ogden, og dette er vores fredags-webcast med en strategisk oversigt fra larouchepac.com.

Jeg vil straks lægge ud med en meddelelse, som nogle af vore seere måske så i går, fra Kesha Rogers; nemlig, at hun opstiller som uafhængig kandidat til USA’s Kongres, for en plads i Texas’ 9. Kongresdistrikt. Mange af jer kender Kesha fra hendes tidligere kampagner for føderalt embede. Hun har to gange tidligere stillet op som demokratisk kandidat, både i 2010 og i 2012, hvor hun stillede op til USA’s Repræsentanternes Hus. Dernæst stillede hun op som kandidat til USA’s Senat i 2014. I denne kampagne fik hun stemmer nok til at fremtvinge en anden valgrunde (mellem de to kandidater, der får flest stemmer). Alle disse tre kampagner for føderalt embede tiltrak national, og faktisk international, opmærksomhed, pga. den valgplatform, på baggrund af hvilken Kesha dristigt kørte sin kampagne.

For nylig har Kesha været omtalt i en video fra New York Times, om orkanen Harveys ødelæggelse i Houston, Texas, og som på tragisk vis kostede Keshas far og stedmor livet. Hun har nu registreret som kandidat til USA’s Repræsentanternes Hus, hvor hun igen opstiller i Texas’ 9. Kongresdistrikt som uafhængig kandidat. Jeg vil nu afspille Keshas video, som hun optog ved Udenrigsministeriet, efter at have indgivet sit kandidatur med det nødvendige papirarbejde. Kesha Rogers:


Her følger engelsk udskrift af Keshas video og resten af webcastet:

KESHA ROGERS:  Good afternoon everyone.  This is
Kesha Rogers, and I’m here to announce some very exciting news to
you.  I have just filed here in Austin, Texas with the Secretary
of State for an independent candidacy for the House of
Representatives District 9 for the US House of Representatives.
I look forward to bringing more news and information concerning
this campaign that I’m launching at a very timely and needed
circumstance as we find ourselves with a void of leadership in
the country.  Where the discussion of real economic policies,
real solutions for the country are being avoided and you have
much grandstanding going on by political media [inaud; 02:57] and
Congressional representatives.
But what is clear is that there is a shift going on in the
world that’s ready for economic development and cooperation, and
I’m ready to lead the fight in the United States.  Many of your
recognize my campaigns from before, of providing real solutions
to the American people.  So, as I said, I wanted to just bring
that information, that bit of news to you, that I will be running
an independent candidacy for the 9th Congressional District from
the state of Texas for the US House of Representatives.  So, look
forward to more breaking developments around the campaign.  Thank

OGDEN:  Kesha Rogers said in that video announcement, and what
has in fact been the reality over the last few months, is that
there is, indeed, a shift going on in the world in the direction
of economic development.  Of course, led by the initiatives from
China, the Belt and Road Initiative and the New Silk Road.  That
is absolutely the paradigm shift which the United States must
join, and we need leadership that will bring us into that
Now, there’s one thing to note about this announcement by
Kesha Rogers, who made saving NASA and the US manned space
program, the restoration of the US space program, a central
feature of all of her Federal election campaigns.  This
announcement by Kesha Rogers came on the 45th anniversary of the
Apollo Moon landing; that occurred December 7, 1972.  This was
the last time that human beings walked on the surface of the
Moon.  The last living astronaut of that Apollo 17 mission,
Harrison Schmitt, gave an interview which was published also
yesterday, to the {Albuquerque Journal}, in which he outlined the
tragedy of the decision that was taken in the aftermath of the
assassination of John F Kennedy to abandon the US commitment to
the manned space program.  To make the next step after the hugely
Apollo missions to the Moon, the logical next step would have
been a permanent settlement on the Moon and manned missions to
Mars.  What Harrison Schmitt said is that the decision that was
made by the Johnson administration to cut NASA’s budget, and
especially to cut back on the Saturn V class program, the Saturn
V rocket program, the heavy lift rockets; in effect killing the
US space program and preventing us from taking those next steps.
The permanent settlement on the Moon, and the landing of a man or
a woman on Mars; both of which, he said, could have already been
accomplished in the last 45 years.  So, the article in the
{Albuquerque Journal} began by saying the following, and I think
this was right to the point.  It said, “A settlement on the Moon;
mankind well on its way to Mars.  A potential clean power source
so powerful that about 200 pounds could provide electricity to a
major city for a year.  New Mexico astronaut Harrison Jack
Schmitt says that these are a few of the possibilities that might
well have been a reality by now, had the administration of
President Lyndon Johnson not decided to limit production of the
massive Saturn V rockets that carried Apollo astronauts —
including Schmitt — to the Moon.”  The article quotes Harrison
Schmitt, and I’d like to put that quote on the screen [Fig. 1] here.  He says, “We really gave up on deep space exploration.
Had things gone differently, we could be much farther along now
than we are today.  No question, we would have had a settlement
on the Moon, and would seriously have a program going to Mars if
not already there.”
Then, Harrison Schmitt pointed out in the interview the
importance of mining resources on the Moon which are not readily
available here on Earth; most notably, Helium-3.  He said, “Those
are resources derived from the solar wind and particles of the
Sun.  One of those, Helium-3, isn’t readily available on Earth,
but is embedded in the lunar soil.  It is a nearly ideal fuel for
fusion power.  If we had it here on Earth, I’m convinced we would
be using it right now.”  He went on to say, “It doesn’t produce
neutrons, but it does produce alpha particles and protons; and
those can be converted directly to electricity without any waste
products.  We would have a plentiful, clean power source.  It’s
still there, and it’s not going anywhere.  Two hundred and twenty
pounds of Helium-3 would provide the power necessary to serve
Dallas for a year.”
Then later, the article actually points out that China is
already working on plans to mine Helium-3 on the lunar surface.
Then it concludes by saying the following:  “Schmitt believes
that the current administration” — the Trump administration —
“is committed to continuing construction of a large rocket for a
space launch system.  He said that this new spacecraft, which is
larger and much more powerful than the original Apollo capsules,
is ‘built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone
before.’|”  Then it ends by quoting Harrison Schmitt, saying that
another benefit of America having this large rocket system is,
“Settlements off the Earth can be very important philosophically
into the future.  It is one way in which the human species can
perpetuate itself against the very remote possibility of a very
large asteroid impact on the Earth.”
So, this is an extraordinary interview with Harrison
Schmitt, talking about the kinds of manned missions to the Moon,
lunar settlements, manned missions to Mars, Helium-3 mining on
the Moon, fusion power here on Earth, and the idea that we have
to protect mankind against the possibility of an asteroid impact
here on planet Earth.  So, I think that’s a very clear statement
of exactly the sort of vision which is needed right now.  And it
really requires the type of political leadership that you heard
from Kesha Rogers to make that happen.  Absolutely, those are a
number of the things that the LaRouche Movement has been focusing
on and calling for, really for decades; going all the way back to
Lyndon LaRouche’s initiative back in the 1980s around his
nationally televised video “A Woman on Mars”, and all of the
crash programs for fusion and space exploration that the LaRouche
Movement has led for decades.
With everything else that we reported on in the recent
period in terms of the New Silk Road and the mega-projects which
have been initiated by China, the same really is true of space.
In that article, they did point out that China has already taken
the initiative to begin a program for exploring the mining of
Helium-3 on the Moon, and really some breakthrough projects in
terms of lunar exploration.  The article that I pointed out, that
article cites the fact that the future is being led by China.
And you can really look at space exploration, I think, as the
fourth facet of this Belt and Road Initiative.  We focus mainly
on the aspects here on Earth.  We can look at the rail
connections over land, that’s the One Belt, One Road.  We can
look at the Maritime Silk Road via sea, we’ve even discussed the
idea of the Silk Road on Ice for the development and exploration
of the Arctic.  But look at the fourth aspect here, and you can
see that China is also leading the way.  The Interplanetary Silk
Road in Space you could call it, for the development of cislunar
space — that’s the space between the Earth and the Moon — not
just low-Earth orbit where the ISS [International Space Station] is right now, but the other aspects of this cislunar space.  The
settlement and development of the lunar surface, which includes
this Helium-3 mining; and the manned exploration of Mars and
In fact, this was said really beautifully in an interview
with a former astronaut from Romania, which was published in
Xinhua this week.  This is Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu; he was the
first man in space from that country, from Romania.  He said the
following.  This is the interview [Fig. 2] “China Values
Cooperation in the Aerospace Industry”.  This is the quote:
“After the Belt and Road Initiative, I think China has a Galactic
Initiative in mind.  China has invited all developing countries
to conduct experiments on its space station, planned to operate
in orbit in 2022.  In 2022, China will have its own space
station, and it is currently encouraging the developing countries
to take part in space programs for the benefit of mankind.”
So, that’s a beautiful quotation.  He says, “After the Belt
and Road Initiative, I think China has a Galactic Initiative in
mind.”  And indeed, the Chinese have just announced that they are
actively planning the next steps of their lunar exploration
program.  This will follow the robotic missions to the Moon that
are being launched over the next two years.  There are various
possibilities that are being discussed in terms of a permanent
lunar research station to be built by the Chinese.  Either
unmanned with robots carrying out scientific research and
technical experiments on the surface of the Moon, or a manned
permanent research station there on the lunar surface.
A Chinese space science professor by the name of Joao
Weixing from Beijing University was quoted in an article by the
{Global Times} saying the following:  “By constructing lunar
research stations, we can carry out lunar explorations which
would be much larger in scale and richer in content than are
possible with short-term forays.  Such a station could slash the
cost of returning rock samples to the Earth.  It would enhance
lunar geology studies,” he said, “and would have better energy
efficiency than lunar rovers, as the station can deploy a much
bigger solar power generator.”  So, in other words, the lunar
rovers could be stationed at that station, and could go out on
exploration missions, but then come back to recharge; leading to
a much more permanent presence there for research purposes and
exploration on the surface of the Moon.  So, with the
construction of that lunar station, obviously that would require
a heavy lift rocket, similar to those Saturn V class heavy lift
rockets which carried the Apollo astronauts to the Moon almost 50
years ago.  But indeed, China already has a rocket of that
magnitude under development.  In the meantime, China is moving
right along with its other lunar programs, the Chang’e V mission,
which would bring back lunar samples from the Moon, from the
Earth-facing side of the Moon.  And also, a Chang’e 4 mission
which is still in operation and on board, which will land on the
completely unexplored far side of the Moon, which has never been
done before.
So, those two missions by China are already in motion, and
may be launched as soon as next year.  Then close on the heels of
those two missions, there are reports that there a number of
other very significant missions by China that are on the books,
to investigate the geological structure and the mineral
composition of the Moon’s South Pole which has never been
explored before; and to return samples from the Moon’s polar
region.  So, extremely ambitious and extremely important lunar
research missions.  That’s exactly what we would have already
been doing over the last 45 years, Harrison Schmitt said, if we
had not abandoned the commitments that the United States had
under the Apollo Project.
Now, not coincidentally, the LaRouche Political Action
Committee has just announced the pending publication of a new
pamphlet, which is a revival and a further exploration of the
immediate necessity of the implementation of Lyndon LaRouche’s
Four Economic Laws.  And the final of those four economic laws is
to adopt a fusion-driver crash program; which really encapsulates
the subsuming principle from which the other three of those four
laws flow:  1.  Reorganizing this bankrupt financial system with
an immediate Glass-Steagall reform.  2.  The creation of a
Hamiltonian national bank.  3.  The issuance of massive amounts
of Federal credit to swiftly upshift the productive powers of the
US labor force.
But all of those are towards the goal of achieving a giant
leap in the technological platform of our economy as a whole, by
means of this fusion-driver crash program.  That’s the fourth law
as Lyndon LaRouche stipulated it in those Four Laws in his
original 2014 document.  As he states in the conclusion of that
document, and I’m going to put the quote right here up on the
screen [Fig. 3].  This is Lyndon LaRouche’s description of what
the ultimate goal of this program is.
“Man is mankind’s only true measure of the history of our
Solar System and what reposes within it.  That is the same thing
as the most honored meaning and endless achievement of the human
species now within nearby solar space, heading upwards to mastery
over the Sun and its Solar System; the one discovered uniquely as
a matter of fact, by Johannes Kepler.  A fusion economy is the
presently urgent next step and standard for man’s gains of power
within the Solar System and later, beyond.”
So again, that’s Lyndon LaRouche in his June 10, 2014
document, “Four Laws To Save the United States Now”.  And that is
the subsuming principle behind the entirety of that integral
document, that Four Laws vision in terms of what must be done to
immediately mobilize an economic recovery and a dramatic
transformation in the economy of the United States.  Now, since
LaRouche published that document, there have been extraordinary
breakthroughs in terms of the commitment to exactly that kind of
vision that’s coming out of China.  That is this New Paradigm
that we continue to discuss, with these mega projects and the
development of these completely undeveloped parts of the planet.
That’s coupled together with what I just demonstrated as China’s
commitment to a lunar and extra-terrestrial exploration for their
space program there.
Now, what Kesha Rogers stated in that video announcement,
and what she has consistently stood for in her campaigns for
Federal office, is exactly that kind of vision.  We see the
continued campaign to bring the United States into this New Silk
Road; and there have been major advancements along those lines
just even over the last few weeks.  Including with President
Trump’s recent “state visit-plus” to meet with President Xi
Jinping, and their very important personal relationship and this
new era of cooperation in US-China relations.
Now, I should state that 50 days from now, President Trump
will be delivering his first State of the Union address to the
Joint Session of Congress.  It’s been announced that this State
of the Union will take place on January 30th; this will be
President Trump addressing both the House of Representatives and
the US Senate, in addition to the other representatives of the
branches of government — the Supreme Court and the Cabinet.
This will be his first speech to this full Congressional body
since his Joint Address which he delivered in February of this
Now, I think it’s worthwhile to go back and recall a few
aspects of that speech that President Trump made.  Both in terms
of demonstrating what his commitment was when he first came into
office, which he in large measure has retained this commitment,
despite the kind of ongoing, 24-hour around-the-clock attacks on
his Presidency.  But also as sort of a measuring rod against
which we should hold up this next 50 days, as we now initiate
this countdown to the first State of the Union address on January
30th, and recommit ourselves to the implementation of this Four
Laws, Hamiltonian economic program that the LaRouche Political
Action Committee has been leading the fight on over the last
So, let’s recall a few aspects of President Trump’s speech
in February of this year to the Joint Session of Congress.  In
that speech, he said the following — and I’ll put the quotes up
on the screen here [Fig. 4]:  “In nine years, the United States
will celebrate the 250th anniversary of our founding.  250 years
since the day we declared our independence.  It will be one of
the great milestones in the history of the world.  But what will
America look like as we reach our 250th year?  What kind of
country will we leave for our children?  I will not allow the
mistakes of recent decades past to define the course of our
future.”  Then he listed a series of promises [Fig. 5].  He said,
“Dying industries will come roaring back to life.  Crumbling
infrastructure will be replaced with new roads, bridges, tunnels,
airports, and railways gleaming across our very, very beautiful
land.  Our terrible drug epidemic will slow down and ultimately
stop.  And our neglected inner cities will see a rebirth of hope,
safety, and opportunity.”
Now, to accomplish these goals, President Trump referenced a
few key aspects of what he would later identify, correctly, as
the American System of economics.  He quoted Abraham Lincoln,
stating the following.  President Trump said [Fig. 6] “I believe
strongly in free trade.  But it also has to be fair trade.  It’s
been a long time since we had fair trade.  The first Republican
President, Abraham Lincoln, warned that ‘The abandonment of the
protective policy by the American government will produce want
and ruin among our people.’  Lincoln was right, and it’s time we
heeded his advice and his words.”  Then later in the speech,
President Trump cited Dwight D Eisenhower [Fig. 7]. He said,
“Another Republican President, Dwight D Eisenhower, initiated the
last truly great national infrastructure program — the building
the interstate highway system.  The time has come for a new
program of national rebuilding.  America has spent approximately
$6 trillion in the Middle East.  All the while, our
infrastructure at home is crumbling.  With this $6 trillion, we
could have rebuilt our country twice, and maybe even three times.
To launch our national rebuilding, I will be asking Congress to
approve legislation that produces a $1 trillion investment in
infrastructure of the United States, creating millions of new
Then later in the speech, he returned to his theme of the
coming 250th anniversary of the founding of our country with the
Declaration of Independence [Fig. 8].  He said, “On our 100th
anniversary in 1876, citizens from across our nation came to
Philadelphia to celebrate America’s Centennial.  At that
celebration, the country’s builders and artists and inventors
showed off their wonderful creations.  Imagine the wonders our
country could know in America’s 250th year.  Think of the marvels
we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people.
Cures to the illnesses that have always plagued us are not too
much to hope.  American footprints on distant worlds are not too
big a dream.  This is our vision.  This is our mission.
“But we can only get there together.  We are one people with
one destiny.  The time for small thinking is over.  The time for
trivial fights is behind us.  We just need the courage to share
the dreams that fill our hearts.  The bravery to express the
hopes that stir our souls.  And the confidence to turn those
hopes and those dreams into action.  I am asking all members of
Congress to join me in dreaming big and bold and daring things
for our country.  I am asking everyone watching tonight to seize
this moment.  Believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and
believe once more in America.”
Now, that was February of this year.  Again, we have 50 days
until the State of the Union address.  But I think that for any
{honest} member of Congress, or political-minded citizen of this
country, this is the yardstick according to which President Trump
and President Trump’s actions should be measured.  Has he
accomplished these stated objectives for the good of the people
of the United States?  Granted, those are very ambitious and
beautifully stated visions for what the United States could
accomplish over the coming eight, nine years until our 250th
anniversary celebration.  Indeed, over the last several months,
President Trump has repeatedly returned to some of those stated
missions and has clearly retained his commitment to that kind of
bold vision for the United States.  But indeed, we have yet to
see an significant action along the lines of the central core
aspect of what he called for in that speech to Congress, which
was the $1 trillion infrastructure investment.
Now, this must come not in the form of public-private
partnerships or PPPs, or any of those kinds of ill-conceived
concepts; but must come in the form — as we’ve repeatedly made
clear — of a Hamiltonian national infrastructure bank.  This was
stipulated as such in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws.  The
necessary precursor to that is absolutely the restoration of
Glass-Steagall.  We are on the cusp of what could possibly be
another massive trans-Atlantic financial crisis.  So in
anticipation of that, we must immediately erect that kind of
Glass-Steagall firewall.  But, an infrastructure bank, or a
national bank of the form that Alexander Hamilton created, could
then secure these massive amounts of Federal credit flows for the
rapid increase of the productive powers of our labor force;
exactly what is spelled out there in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws
That’s not to say that the kinds of joint investments that
President Trump secured from China, as in the case of the $87
billion in investment in the state of West Virginia; that’s not
to say that that’s not significant.  Of course, that very much is
significant.  But that comes nowhere near the $1 trillion plus
that’s necessary in terms of this massive Hamiltonian Federal
credit investment in the infrastructure of the United States.
But what should be said, and this directly goes to the core of
what we must be telling members of Congress, including those
Democrats such as Al Green from the 9th District of Texas who
would rather spend their time introducing completely unfounded
articles of impeachment against this President.  These articles
of impeachment, by the way, failed miserably; notably the day
right before Kesha Rogers announced her candidacy to run in Al
Green’s district.  These members of Congress should be ashamed
that instead of getting to work, accomplishing jointly in
collaboration — Republicans, Democrats beyond these party
factions.  Instead of getting to work accomplishing these goals
that were set out by President Trump in this speech 10 months
ago, they have spent the majority of their time engaged in
partisan politics and getting swept up in this political hit-job
or witch hunt against President Trump around the so-called
“Russia-gate” collusion.
We have a 50-day countdown, and we should seek to make very
rapid progress in securing these very specific goals that are
contained in the Four Economic Laws of Lyndon LaRouche, between
now and the State of the Union address on January 30th.  And
indeed, this is the context for Kesha Rogers’ announcement for
her candidacy for the US Congress.
Now, this is what should be being discussed on the morning
talk shows, in the editorial pages of the leading national
newspapers and magazine covers. But rather, what are you hearing,
day in and day out?  Russia-gate, collusion, Mueller
investigation, etc., etc.  How much coverage did this ill-fated
impeachment resolution receive, despite the fact that the
majority of the House of Representatives voted against it,
including two-thirds of the Democratic Caucus.  And in spite of
the fact that a CBS poll has just put out that nearly 50% of all
Americans are very clear that this Russia-gate investigation is
100% politically motivated; it has nothing to do with justice.
But what are you hearing about?  Al Green’s grandstanding speech
was played over and over again on Wednesday.  That’s what you’re
hearing about.
What are you not hearing about?  Well, what’s not being
reported is the fact that the entire Mueller apparatus is coming
apart at the seams.  This entire thing is taking on water; and as
the {Wall Street Journal} rightly but uniquely stated in a signed
editorial earlier this week titled “Mueller’s Credibility
Problem; the Special Prosecutor Is Stonewalling Congress and
Protecting the FBI”.  This editorial is the notable exception to
the rest of the propaganda and hype out there from these national
news outlets.  But this is the quote from the {Wall Street
Journal} [Fig. 7].  It says, “The public has a right to know
whether the Steele dossier inspired the Comey probe, and whether
it led to intrusive government eavesdropping.”  Then they say
that they doubt “that Mr. Mueller’s ability to conduct a fair and
credible probe of the FBI’s considerable part in the Russia-Trump
drama.”  This of course is with regards to the bombshell
revelation that has come out about the now-fired FBI agent Peter
Strzok; who was not only responsible for changing the language in
the Clinton prosecution announcement, which led to her being
taken completely off the hook.  But also was central in the
operation to set up General Flynn.  It’s come out through his
text messages and his emails to his mistress, that he was 100%
virulently politically biased against President Trump and in
favor of Hillary Clinton.  But also, it’s not only him; it’s the
entirety practically of this Mueller team, which is hopelessly
biased and conflicted when it comes to their anti-Trump politics.
This was elaborated in detail by Representative Justin Amash
during the hearings yesterday in Congress; also by Representative
Jim Jordan.
Then, as the {Wall Street Journal} goes on to say, “The
latest news supports our view that Mr. Mueller is too conflicted
to investigate the FBI, and should step down in favor of someone
more credible.  The investigation would surely continue, though
perhaps with someone who doesn’t think his job includes
protecting the FBI and Mr. Comey from answering questions about
their role in the 2016 elections.”  So, this should really serve
to demonstrate, along with all the other initiatives that are not
being reported but are steadily proceeding in the US Congress by
Senator Chuck Grassley and others, this should serve to
demonstrate how effective the LaRouche PAC campaign to expose
this entire coup network has been.  With the special
investigation dossier, the “Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal
Assassin”, that special report which came out from LaRouche PAC;
this is now going into its second printing.  This has penetrated
the very highest levels of the US Congress and those who are
involved in this investigation on both sides.
So, this is the fight of our lives in terms of the battle
which is now raging over the heart and soul of the US Presidency
and what policy the United States will adopt.  I think if we
juxtapose these two channels, in terms of on the one side, this
ongoing daily ghost of Russia-gate McCarthyism-style propaganda
that you’re being inundated with.  But then on the other side,
this clearly inspired commitment of this reinvigoration of the
vision of the United States.  What Kesha Rogers stands for, and
what she has now initiated in terms of her campaign for US
Congress once again; and then also what is coming from abroad in
terms of the initiatives from China and elsewhere, in terms of
this One Belt, One Road initiative.  And then, as was
characterized, a Galactic Initiative that China has now
undertaken.  This is what Harrison Schmitt is calling for us to
rejoin now 45 years after the shutting down of the Apollo
mission.  The last man to walk on the Moon, 45 years ago today.
So, let me end this broadcast with the words of Helga
Zepp-LaRouche.  She said, during a discussion earlier this week
with associates the following:  “Countries which do not cooperate
with the Belt and Road Initiative are going to be sidelined to
the detriment of their populations.”  She said that this tectonic
shift which is now underway globally with the collapse of the old
trans-Atlantic financial system of speculation and short-term
profit, she said the collapse of that system and then the
tectonic shift which is occurring with the rapid rise of the new
system, this Belt and Road Initiative, we’re seeing an
unbelievable dynamic which is now going on.  She said, as we
covered extensively, “There are conferences every single day from
all across the world; be it South America, Africa, Europe, Asia.
There are more countries, more forces, more businesses and
industries now joining this New Paradigm.  The recent statement
by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,” she said, “that Japan
will cooperate with the Belt and Road Initiative is extremely
important.”  She said, “Countries which do not cooperate, indeed,
are going to be sidelined and left in the dust of history.”  She
said that “The Chinese policy, contrary to what you’re being fed
in the Western media, is not a policy geopolitically against any
nation.  Nor is it somehow a conflict between the United States
and other countries.”  She said “This is a question of joining
the future, joining this vision for an absolutely fantastic
perspective of ‘win-win’ cooperation and development for the
entire world.”
So, she said, “Our campaign must be focused on Lyndon
LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws; on LaRouche’s economics.  On the
United States joining the New Silk Road; on US space cooperation
with other countries.  And I think,” she said, “this is a perfect
moment to turn all of the United States towards an optimistic
campaign.  This can become the absolutely decisive turning force
for the whole United States.  Now is the time to defend the
President, to defeat the coup, to defeat the British Empire, and
go into a completely new and prosperous, beautiful future.  I
think this is a wonderful perspective,” she said.
So, with that as our final word, I’d like to thank you for
joining us here in our broadcast today.  There are going to be
rapid developments that occur over the coming days and weeks, and
we implore you to continue to stay tuned to larouchepac.com.  To
keep your eyes out for the second printing of this dossier on the
Mueller coup apparatus, and to also keep your eyes out for the
coming publication of a new pamphlet on Lyndon LaRouche’s Four
Economic Laws.   We enter now a 50-day countdown between now and
the State of the Union address, and I think we have our work cut
out for us.  So, thank you again for tuning in, and please stay
tuned to larouchepac.com.

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