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Spygate; Det, man giver ud,
kommer tilbage i samme mål;
Erynjerne i arbejde.
LaRouchePAC Internationale
Webcast, 25. maj, 2018.

Spygate; Det, man giver ud,
kommer tilbage i samme mål;
Erynjerne i arbejde.
LaRouchePAC Internationale
Webcast, 25. maj, 2018.


I historiens løb kan man, om end det er sjældent, undertiden se en meget stærk kraft, som man kunne kalde poetisk retfærdighed, være virksom. I denne uge har vi set, at begivenhederne har udviklet sig på en måde, som meget vel kunne nå op på niveauet for poetisk retfærdighed.

Engelsk udskrift:


MATTHEW OGDEN:  Good afternoon.  It’s May 25, 2018.  My name
is Matthew Ogden, and you’re joining us for our weekly Friday
evening broadcast from larouchepac.com.
Sometimes in the course of history, if even rarely, one can
see at work a very powerful force of what could be called poetic
justice.  This week, we’ve seen a turn of events which very well
could be seen as rising to the level of poetic justice.  As the
title of our webcast here today reads, “Spygate: What Goes
Around, Comes Around.  The Erinyes Are at Work!”  Now revelations
have come out that the FBI and other Obama-era intelligence and
law enforcement had colluded with British intelligence to embed
an informant — or a spy as President Trump has characterized it
— inside the Donald Trump for President campaign in 2016.  When
news of this dramatic story first broke last Friday, a week ago
today, President Trump issued the following tweet: “Wow! Word
seems coming out that the Obama FBI spied on the Trump campaign
with an embedded informant, Andrew McCarthy says.  There’s
probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential
informant in the campaign.  If so, this is bigger than
Watergate.”  Then President Trump followed that up with another
tweet the following day, saying “Reports are that there was
indeed at least one FBI representative implanted for political
purposes into my campaign for President.  It took place very
early on and long before the phony Russia hoax became a hot fake
news story.  If true, all time biggest political scandal.”  Now,
in fact, it is now coming out that these reports are, indeed,
true; and that this very well could be, as President Trump
characterized it, one of the biggest political scandals in recent
history, and yes, indeed, even bigger than Watergate.
Earlier this week, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in reviewing this
swiftly developing story, had the following remarks to say.  She
said: “If you look at how this thing has turned, it started as
one thing — Russia-gate — and now, it has become Spygate.  I
think the Erinyes are already at work.”  Now this, of course, is
a reference to the ancient Greek mythological figures also known
as the Furies; famously depicted in the poem by the poet
Friedrich Schiller — “The Cranes of Ibykus” — as the force of
nemesis.  The almost supernatural enforcers of a higher order of
justice.  In his letters, Friedrich Schiller discussed the
figures of the Erinyes, and he described them in this way:
“There is not in the Greek mythology a more terrible, and at the
same time more hideous picture, than the Furies, or the Erinyes;
quitting the infernal regions to throw themselves in the pursuit
of a criminal.  They are shown to us brandishing torches in their
hands, and chasing their prey without peace or truce, from
country to country until at last, the anger of justice being
appeased, they engulf themselves in the abyss of the infernal
regions.”  So Schiller invoked this idea of the Erinyes, this
force of nemesis, this force of poetic justice which is serving a
higher order of justice.  When justice among men is not served,
this higher order of justice intervenes, if you will.  In his
poetry, as in the case of “The Cranes of Ibykus”, Schiller
invoked this mythological figure in order to be the vehicle for
this idea of a higher order of justice.  He did so in a different
way in his play “William Tell”, in which he evoked the American
revolutionary idea of natural law and the inalienable rights of
man; which he said in that play are “as indestructible as the
stars themselves.”
Now, this was the idea which built the American republic.
This is in the blood of the American people.  I think as the
truth of what has occurred in the course of this scandal, that
President Trump has correctly identified as potentially “bigger
than Watergate”; as the truth of this comes out — including the
role of the British, who of course we declared our independence
from during that American Revolution.  This will get into the
blood of the American people, and will get under their skin in a
way where you will see the awakening of this kind of justified
fury, and a call that we must take our Constitution and our
republic back.
In her webcast yesterday, Thursday this week, Helga
Zepp-LaRouche exactly what we’re seeing now.  She brought up this
series of tweets that President Trump has issued and has
continued to issue in the days following, and indeed, said that
this is a scandal which is beyond the magnitude that we’ve seen
in recent years.  She predicted that if this continues in the
direction that it has, we will indeed see the mask falling away,
and the exposure of exactly what kind of criminality has occurred
in the course of this entire Russia-gate hoax.  So, let me play
for you a clip from what Helga LaRouche had to say in her webcast


:  Yes.  As a matter of fact, if
you look at the recent tweets by President Trump, they are quite
to the point, namely that he said the “Russiagate” turned into
“Spygate,” that there was absolutely no proof of a collusion with
Russia, but that all the people involved in the coup, basically,
that they created a spider web of collusion between the heads of
the intelligence agencies of the Obama administration with
British intelligence, and that there was ongoing effort, even
before any investigation officially started, by British
intelligence figures to connect with all kinds of persons in the
Trump election team, to try to somehow involve them in some kind
of a connection with some Russians.  And all of this is coming
out now.
So there was long before the Trump election victory, or even
the nomination, the clear effort by British intelligence to lay
leads, to create paper trails to manufacture and orchestrate the
situation, whereby the so-called “collusion” with Russia was
supposed to be hung on the Trump campaign, and Trump himself.
And this is all now coming out.
This is now subject to public discussions.  For example, on
Monday, President Trump met with several intelligence heads — I
think it was [FBI head] Wray and Rosenstein from the Department
of Justice in the White House.  And today, as a follow-up of
that, Chief of Staff John Kelly is meeting with the CIA, the FBI,
the Department of Justice, together with congressmen — for
example, Congressman Nunes, Senator Grassley — and they’re now
having access to all the documents, including the memorandum of
Mueller, the memo defining the scope of Mueller’s investigation.
This will all now be made available to the investigative
committees in the Congress.  And obviously, this is all criminal
violations of law and the Constitution, so this is big!
I think Trump may absolutely be right when he says that this
may become the biggest scandal in the history of America. And
what is now clear, is that there was a task force involving an
institutional group of people, who orchestrated all of this, in
an election campaign, and Trump said, what was done against
Bernie Sanders also was done on a much larger scale against him.
When all of this comes out, I think the world will really be
a different place; and I think if President Trump is freed of
this spider web, I think you will see, he will be in a much
better position to carry through with his intentions than you
have seen it so far.

OGDEN:  Now, as Helga mentioned, there have been a number of
meetings over the course of this week with the heads of these
agencies and leaders on these Congressional committees.  This was
initiated by President Trump on Sunday, when he issued a tweet
which read as follows: “I hereby demand, and will do so tomorrow
on Monday, that the Department of Justice look into whether or
not the FBI, DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump campaign for
political purposes.  If any such demands or requests were made by
people within the Obama administration.”  Now, this was
immediately responded to by Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan,
who himself very well may be implicated in this investigation.
So, he issued his own tweet, hysterically demanding that the
Congressional leadership shut down any investigation.  This is
what he said: “Senator McConnell and Senator[sic] Ryan:  If Mr.
Trump continues along this disastrous path, you will bear major
responsibility for the harm done to our democracy.  You do a
great disservice to our nation and Republican Party if you
continue to enable Mr. Trump’s self-serving actions.”  Trump
responded by tweeting a statement by Dan Bongino, who is a former
Secret Service agent and leading political commentator.  This is
what President Trump responded to John Brennan with: “John
Brennan is panicking.  He has disgraced himself.  He has
disgraced the country.  He has disgraced the entire intelligence
community.  He is the one man who is largely responsible for the
destruction of America’s faith in the intelligence community and
in some people at the top of the FBI.  Brennan started this
entire debacle about President Trump.  We know that Brennan had
detailed knowledge of the phony dossier.  He knows about the
dossier, he denies knowledge of the dossier.  He briefs the Gang
of Eight on the Hill about the dossier, which they then use to
start an investigation against Trump.  It is that simple.  This
guy is the genesis of this whole debacle.  This was a political
hit job, this was not an intelligence investigation.  Brennan has
disgraced himself.  He’s worried about staying out of jail.”
So clearly, these are very high stakes.  If you have this
image of the Erinyes, as Friedrich Schiller evoked this in the
famous poem “The Cranes of Ibykus”, the criminals who had
committed a crime, but there were no witnesses except for a flock
of cranes flying overhead, arrived at a festival.  The Furies, or
the Erinyes, came out and started their dance, their eerie dance.
At a certain point in this atmosphere of tension, the very same
cranes who had been the sole witnesses of this crime, fly
overhead; and the criminals themselves are induced to expose
themselves by pointing at the sky and saying to each other
loudly, “See!  See!  It is the cranes of Ibykus!”  That is the
evidence which then brings them to trial; so they implicated
themselves.  The hysteria that we’re seeing from these John
Brennans and others is rising to that poetic level of justice.
So, not only does it potentially go all the way to Brennan,
the very same day, less than an hour later, President Trump
issued the following tweet: “The Wall Street Journal asks ‘Where
in the world was Barack Obama?’ A very good question.”  The next
day, on Tuesday, Trump escalated even further.  He tweeted the
following: “If the person placed very early into my campaign
wasn’t a spy put there by the previous administration for
political purposes, how come such a seemingly massive amount of
money was paid for services rendered?  Many times higher than
normal.  Follow the money,” he said.  “The spy was there early in
the campaign, and yet never reported collusion with Russia
because there was no collusion.  He was only there to spy for
political reasons and help crooked Hillary win.  Just like they
did to Bernie Sanders, who got duped.”  Then on Wednesday, yet
another tweet:  “Look at how things have turned around on the
criminal deep state.  They go after phony collusion with Russia,
a made-up scam, and end up getting caught in a major spy scandal
the likes of which this country may never have seen before.  What
goes around, comes around.”  Then he said, “Spygate could be one
of the biggest political scandals in history.”  Then next, very
simply he tweeted “Witch hunt.”  Finally, yesterday, President
Trump said, “Clapper has now admitted that there was spying in my
campaign.  Large dollars were paid to the spy, far beyond normal.
Starting to look like one of the biggest political scandals in US
history.  Spygate.  A terrible thing.”
So, I think if you look at what Trump said here, “What goes
around, comes around.”  He said, “Look at how things have turned
around on the criminal deep state.  They go after phony collusion
with Russia,… and end up getting caught in a major spy scandal
the likes of which this country may never have seen before.”
This is, indeed, the force of poetic justice.  I think President
Trump’s expression “What goes around, comes around,” could be
taken as a very colloquial version of the expression of this
Erinyes principle, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has identified it.
Just this morning, not to be outdone, President Trump issued
two more tweets on this subject.  He said, “The Democrats are now
alluding to the concept that having an informant placed in an
opposing party’s campaign is different than having a spy, as
illegal as that may be.  But what about an informant who got paid
a fortune, and who sets up way earlier than the Russia hoax?  Can
anyone even imagine having spies placed in a competing campaign
by the people and party in absolute power for the sole purpose of
political advantage and gain?  And to think that the party in
question, even with the expenditure of far more money, lost.”  I
think this gets right at the root of how huge this scandal
potentially can turn out to be.  And it’s clear that this is a
total showdown, and President Trump is not pulling any punches at
this point.
What’s also becoming ever more clear, is the role that
British intelligence has played in this entire process.  As we’ve
documented over and over again, all roads lead to London in this
story, if you follow every single one of these threads.  We’ve
seen that time and time again.  We’ve reviewed the role on Monday
of Stephan Halper, the alleged informant, or one of the alleged
informants who was placed inside the Trump campaign, and his
connections to MI6 and to Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head
of MI6.  All of which overlaps completely with Christopher
Steele, the other so-called “ex-“British spy who fabricated the
entire “dodgy dossier”.  A number of members of Congress are
pursuing these leads in numerous ways.  Senator Grassley
continues to subpoena information about the role of Christopher
Steele.  The same thing is being done by Congressman Nunes and
others.  Then one in particular, is the actions that Senator Rand
Paul has taken over the last week and a half.  On May15th, in the
context of the hearings around the nomination of Gina Haspel to
be the new head of the CIA, Rand Paul wrote a letter to
then-nominee for the CIA Director, Gina Haspell, asking the
following questions:
“Dear Acting Director Gina Haspel,
“I write to ask you for clarification of some of the
practices of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), particularly
in relation to surveillance during the 2016 Presidential
election.  Please answer each question for each of the following
candidates: Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton; Bernie Sanders; John
Kasich; Ted Cruz; Marco Rubio; Jeb Bush; and Rand Paul.
“1.  Under what circumstances does the CIA trail, monitor,
or otherwise collect information on the communications and
movements of US Presidential candidates both domestically and
while they are travelling outside of the United States?…
“3.  Have you or anyone else at CIA ever cooperated with any
foreign intelligence service to surveil, monitor, or collect
information on candidate Trump during his travels outside the
United States in the preceding five years?  Specifically, was
candidate Trump ever under any surveillance or of interest to the
CIA during his previous visits in Europe?
“4.  Did the CIA or any other US government agency conduct
surveillance on, or engage in the collection of communications or
information about then-candidate Trump during his November 2016
visit to Great Britain?”
Now, Senator Paul knows the answer to those questions, as
numerous news reports have reported, indeed that was the case.
Here’s just an example.  This is an article that was in the
{Guardian} newspaper.  The title is “British Spies Were First to
Spot Trump Team’s Links with Russia”; subtitle “GCHQ is said to
have alerted US agencies after becoming aware of contacts in
2015.”  That’s just one of numerous news articles which report
that there are, indeed, multiple links between British
intelligence and the CIA in monitoring candidate Donald Trump.
This was the supposed information that Brennan used to put
together an inter-agency task force that you heard Helga mention
in that webcast clip, to launch a counter intelligence
investigation into Trump.  So-called counter intelligence.  What
Trump has identified as indeed actually just a political hit job.
However, when Senator Paul questioned Gina Haspel on this
question, she categorically denied it.  Rand Paul said in an
interview on Fox immediately after this interaction between
himself and Gina Haspel, “I’m still concerned about the reports
that Trump was surveilled.  She did deny that the CIA had
anything to do with British intelligence, and in the end she
actually said to me, and this is supposed to come in writing, she
says that there was no communication between British intelligence
and John Brennan giving them information about the Trump
campaign.  If that’s true, that contradicts a lot of news reports
that are out there.  I hope it’s true, and I hope she’ll actually
put it in writing.  But today she denied to me that there was
ever a meeting between British intelligence and John Brennan
where information about surveillance of the Trump campaign was
transferred.”  Then here’s a tweet quoting Rand Paul in his
interview on Fox:  “Gina Haspel is categorically denying that the
CIA got information from the British intelligence.  If what I’m
saying today is not her opinion, she needs to speak today and she
needs to say did British intelligence give information to John
Brennan.”  This is in the context of Senator Rand Paul also
pointing out the fact that Gina Haspel, in addition to the very
dark and murky history that she’s had in running black sites and
enhanced interrogation centers, and in defending that kind of
practice in the past, it also is very notable that Gina Haspel
was station chief for the CIA in London overlapping much of the
time that this entire Russia-gate story was developing.  So, the
trail remains very hot.
What I would like to do is just emphasize that all of this
has got to be seen in the context of the ongoing drive to
continue and protect at all costs the regime of geopolitics.
This is exactly what Obama was serving during his administration;
this is exactly what Hillary Clinton was attempting to become the
continuation of.  This is what the stay-behinds in these agencies
and also emphatically inside certain interests in British
intelligence are trying to maintain.  Which is this divide and
conquer regime in which there can be no peaceful dialogue or
collaboration between the great powers — the United States and
Russia, and also incidentally between the United States and
China.  This has been the over-arching geopolitical strategy
which is to drive a wedge between these powers in order to
maintain the power of British imperial interests.  This is
exactly what President Trump made very clear that he was out to
dismantle.  He was going to pursue peaceful dialogue and
collaboration between the United States and Russia, and
subsequently between the United States and China.  This remains
of critical importance, and the touch-and-go situation on the
Korean Peninsula is just an example of how crucial it is that
this process of collaboration and cooperation between the United
States, China, and Russia on cooling off these hot zones, these
conflict zones around the world which are threatening to explode
and be used as the ignition points for World War III.  It is {so}
crucial that this great powers relationship be allowed to
In her webcast, which we played a clip of earlier in this
broadcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche also emphasized again the
importance of clearing the air of this entire Russia-gate fraud
and getting it out of the way in order to create the conditions
where this crucial collaboration around resolving some of the
common challenges that are facing mankind, can occur between
these great powers.  As she has repeatedly over the past several
weeks, she emphasized the urgency of summoning a very urgent
summit between President Trump and President Putin.  This was put
on the table weeks ago, but it has been sidelined and it’s
unclear when this face-to-face meeting will be able to take
place.  A petition precisely to that effect has now begun to
circulate on the whitehouse.gov website, where these “We the
People” petitions are placed.  100,000 signatures are required
within 30 days, and then the White House has to officially
respond.  So, here’s the title of the petition: “President Donald
Trump Should Hold Early Summit with Russian President Vladimir
Putin.”  The text reads as follows:
“Ronald Reagan famously said: ‘A nuclear war cannot be won
and must never be fought. The only value in our two nations
possessing nuclear weapons is to make sure they will never be
used.’ Unfortunately, today a new Cold War between the US and
Russia again poses an existential threat to the people of both
nations and to the whole world. Therefore, we urge President
Trump to follow in the steps of Ronald Reagan and to start a
direct dialogue with President Putin in search of solid and
verified security arrangements. As President Trump said
repeatedly ‘only haters and fools’ do not understand that good
US-Russia relations are also good for America. By all indications
President Putin feels the same way for his country. A summit
should be arranged as soon as possible.”
So again, that petition is available on this We the People
website at the White House
trump-should-hold-early-summit-russian-president-vladimir-putin] and it’s circulating very widely and is picking up signatures as
we speak.
Now what I’d like to do is just play one more clip from
Helga LaRouche’s webcast yesterday where she addressed this
petition directly and put it in its necessary global strategic
context.  So, here’s Helga Zepp-LaRouche.


:  Yes:  there is actually a
petition on the website of the White House.  This was initiated
by the President of the American University in Moscow, Professor
Edward Lozansky, and Jim Jatras, and they call for an early
summit between President Trump and President Putin, by making
essentially the same point that we have been making for the last
several months, that, given the fact that President Trump is
still so much up against neo-cons in the Republican Party, he’s
really done a remarkable job under the circumstances, where you
have the entire intelligence apparatus not only of what they call
the “deep state,” which is really an incorrect characterization,
because the role of British intelligence {is} absolutely crucial
to understand what makes this Empire tick.
So, in order to cut through that, and given the fact that
the entire Russiagate operation was aimed to prevent a good
relationship between Russia and the United States, which Trump
all the time said would be a “good thing and not a bad thing,”
and he tries to do it; so the way to cut through this whole thing
would be to have this summit, which they talked about — Trump
and Putin on the telephone a couple of weeks ago, and do this as
quickly as possible.
So there is this petition, and I would call all of you who
are listening, or watching, to sign this petition that such an
early summit would take place.  Because I think it is an
absolutely important initiative, and if this petition has more
than 100,000 by June 30, then the White House will have to
respond to it, and will respond.
Otherwise, naturally, there are many, many things, and I
would again invite you, join us, join the Schiller Institute.
Make sure this webcast becomes more known and is being spread,
because we are in an urgent need for a political discourse: Where
should mankind go?  And how can we organize the world so that
it’s safe and beautiful for everybody to live in?

OGDEN:  Now let me just come back one more time to the
LaRouche PAC 2018 Campaign to Win the Future.  You can find more
information about this on https://action.larouchepac.com.  But of
course, this campaign has three facets.  One of them is to end
this Russia-gate coup against President Trump.  This is of
crucial importance, and as we can see, this is continuing to
develop and is in the process of very swiftly so that the
accusers have now become the accused.  This of course is in the
context of Pledge #2, which is that the United States should join
the New Paradigm which is already sweeping much of the globe.
This would entail joining, embracing the One Belt, One Road
policy that China’s President Xi Jinping has been championing all
around the world.  This great infrastructure and connectivity
development program.  This has emphatically already been joined
by Russia.  So, there you have Russia and China.  We also see
overtures between China and India recently.  So, these three
great powers are part of this emerging New Paradigm on the
planet.  That’s exactly what the United States has to join;
that’s the main reason why we have to end this entire Russia-gate
nonsense.  And third, and absolutely not least, is to immediately
implement Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws.  This is to
impose Glass-Steagall; we see the threat of an impending
financial meltdown which is escalating every single day in the
trans-Atlantic region.  We need preemptive Glass-Steagall in
order to erect a firewall between legitimate commercial banking
interests and this speculative global casino.  Number two, we
need to return to Alexander Hamilton’s national banking model
where you can use trillions of dollars in directed Federal credit
into great projects.  Which you would clearly — and this is the
third aspect of it — know with scientific certainty would
increase the productive powers of labor, the living standards,
and the productivity per square kilometer of the territory of the
United States and its people.  Then, last but not least, the
spear point of this entire thing is a science driver program in
order to immediately catapult the United States into the future.
Leapfrogging into technologies such as controlled nuclear fusion
power, and an expanded manned and unmanned exploration of nearby
space and deep space.
Now, some updates that we’ll have for you on the Monday show
go to some very dramatic developments in this regard that are
occurring in Europe.  We know that the newly-elected government
which has now been formed by the joint cooperation between the
Lega Nord party in Italy and the 5-Star movement party in Italy.
These two parties, which are so-called populist parties, have now
come together to create a government and to put in a prime
minister, but emphatically a finance minister who by all
indications, agrees with the facets that are in both of these
parties’ platforms.  Which are, one, to have a separation of
banking between investment and commercial banking; this would be
a Glass-Steagall type of model; and this is actually very
interestingly in violation of the EU constitution or the EU
agreement, which says that the only banking model which is
allowed by European Union nations is the so-called universal
banking model.  The one-stop shop where you have investment,
commercial, and insurance operations all conglomerated together.
Then the other aspect which was in both of these party
platforms is the idea of some sort of national credit bank in
Italy to be used to issue national investments into rebuilding
the infrastructure and other industrial capabilities inside
Italy.  So, this is a very interesting and developing situation,
and there’s a real showdown which is developing within Europe
around this matter.  That’s something that we’ll have many more
updates on for you on Monday.
But, taking it back to the United States, we should just
remember that President Trump himself, during the campaign,
advocated exactly those two ideas.  Number one, Glass-Steagall;
and number two, trillions in investment in infrastructure.  He
even invoked by name Alexander Hamilton and the American System.
So, that continues to be on the table, and it’s our job to
escalate the fight for Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws and the
entirety of that 2018 Campaign to Win the Future.  So, again,
visit https://action.larouchepac.com; you can become an active
volunteer in whatever means that implies for you.  Whether that
means participating directly in lobbying Congress, lobbying your
state legislator, collecting signatures, calling your local radio
station, being active on social media, getting out on the
streets, organizing house meetings, and so forth and so on.
Becoming part of a network of literature distribution.  All of
these aspects are of crucial significance as we put together this
national base campaign around the LaRouche PAC program.
So, we implore you; get active, and get active soon, because
this situation is developing very rapidly.  And it’s very clear
that, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has said, we can be optimistic
because we can see that ideas truly can move history, and the
world is in great need of our ideas.
Thank you very much, and please stay tuned to

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